AMVG European Union Trademark Information

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, an european community trademark registration was filed for AMVG by Umberto Marotta . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 018010582. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The AMVG trademark is filed in the category of Environmental Control Instrument Products (lighting, heating, cooling, cooking) , Houseware and Glass Products , Clothing Products , Hand Tool Products .
Word Mark: AMVG
Status Date:
Monday, May 6, 2019
Application Number: 018010582
Filing Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Registration Date: Thursday, May 2, 2019
Type of Mark: Word
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: Yes
Filing Language: Italy
Secondary Language: Not Available
Last Applicant/Owner:

Classification Information

Class Code: 011
Class Description: Environmental Control Instrument Products (lighting, heating, cooling, cooking)
Goods & Services: Wet scrubbers; Electrically heated clothing; Friction lighters for igniting gas; Candle lighters; Draught accelerators; Electric firelighters; Domestic gas lighters; Friction lighters for igniting Bunsen burners; Oven gas igniters; Grill lighters; Pyrophoric lighters, other than for smokers; Piezo lighters [other than for smokers]; Gas lighters; Igniters; Spray fittings [parts of shower installations]; Spray fittings [parts of sanitary installations]; Wall lights; Regulatory fittings for water pipes; Barbecue starters; Counterweight fittings for pendant lamps; Regulating and safety accessories for gas apparatus; Regulating and safety accessories for water apparatus; Regulating accessories for gas pipes and lines; Regulating and safety accessories for gas pipes; Regulating accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes; Waste fittings for sanitary ware; Safety fittings for water pipes; Safety fittings for gas pipes; Safety accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes; Valves [plumbing fittings]; Electric light fittings; Aerators for faucets [plumbing fittings]; Fittings for bidets; Bath fittings; Shower fittings; Fittings for flues; Kiln furniture; Fountain fittings; Indoor electrical lighting fixtures; Lighting fittings; Electrical lighting fixtures; Regulating and safety accessories for water and gas installations; Fittings for sanitary purposes; Lamp holders; Lavatory installations; Fluorescent lamp tubes; Sanitary water fittings; Fittings for basins; Wall lights (fittings for -) [other than switches]; Fittings for massage baths; Water softening units; Steam accumulators; Terminal water supply fittings; Heat accumulators; Surface aerators for ponds; Faucet aerators; Water-saving aerators for faucets; Barbecue smokers; Hot air ovens; Feeding apparatus for heating boilers; Louvres for light deflection; Stills; Gravimetric dry flow feeders for water treatment; Lamp mantles; Opaque casings for lights; Shower installations; Blast furnaces; Kiln boosters; High vacuum kilns; Hot blast furnaces [for industrial purposes]; Demisters; Heating rings; Ultra-violet apparatus for tanning the whole body; Apparatus for making foam while heating milk; Ultra-violet apparatus for tanning the face; Sprinkler apparatus [automatic] for use on golf courses; Sprinkler installations [automatic] for agricultural purposes; Sprinkler installations [automatic] for horticultural purposes; Hot water apparatus; Hair steamers for beauty salon use; Hot air apparatus; Infrared drying apparatus for the hair; Apparatus for filtering drinking water; Watering apparatus [automatic] for garden use; Appliances for water distribution [automatic]; Automatic ion exchange chromatography apparatus for industrial use; Automatic chromatography apparatus for industrial use; Settler apparatus for sewage; Touchless hand drying apparatus; Flat panel lighting apparatus; Film stage lighting apparatus; Electric indoor lighting installations; Cryogenic apparatus; Electric drying apparatus for household purposes; Indoor fluorescent lighting fixtures; Irrigation apparatus for horticultural use; Hydromassage bath apparatus; Stage lighting apparatus; Electric fiber lighting apparatus; Fiber optic illuminators; Gas operated apparatus for cooking; Deodorising apparatus for dispensing scents in motor vehicles; Microwave ovens [cooking apparatus]; Ignition apparatus for gas fires; Loading apparatus for furnaces; Aeration apparatus; Ventilating apparatus for vehicles; Air circulation apparatus; Burner control apparatus; Window air conditioning apparatus; Fluidised bed combustion apparatus; Air conditioning apparatus for ships; Swimming pool chlorinating apparatus; Air conditioning apparatus for commercial use; Air conditioning apparatus for industrial use; Locally induced air-conditioners [for industrial purposes]; Fans [air-conditioning]; Air conditioners for vehicles; Deep freezing apparatus; Apparatus for controlling temperature in central heating radiators [valves]; Mobile air conditioning apparatus; Apparatus for freezing foodstuffs; Pressure supervision apparatus [safety apparatus for water pipes]; Temperature responsive control apparatus [thermostatic valves] for central heating radiators; Steaming apparatus (Electric -) for cooking; Barbecue apparatus; Cooking appliances; Spits [cooking apparatus]; Electric domestic cooking appliances; Couscous cookers, electric; Deodorizing apparatus, not for personal use; Chromatography apparatus for industrial purposes; Air deodorizing apparatus; Deodorising apparatus; Settler apparatus for waste; Sewage purification apparatus; Membrane purifying apparatus for the purification of water; Settler apparatus for water; Desalination apparatus; Distillation apparatus for industrial use; Mobile drying apparatus [heat drying]; Aquarium filtration apparatus; Cutting table extraction installations; Water filtering apparatus; Air cleaning apparatus; Gas chromatography apparatus for industrial use; Electric lamps; Lighting apparatus for vehicles; Emergency lighting installations; Fluorescent lighting apparatus; Solar cell lighting apparatus; Lighting apparatus incorporating optical fibers; Ionization apparatus for the treatment of air or water; Ionization apparatus for the treatment of water; Outdoor lighting fittings; LED luminaires; Ionization apparatus for the treatment of air; Gas pre-heating apparatus for industrial use; Cooling apparatus for moulds; Cooling apparatus for liquids; Sprinkling devices [automatic], other than machines; Refrigerating apparatus; Regulating apparatus being parts for water pipes; Water regulating apparatus; Regulating apparatus for water apparatus; Regulating apparatus being parts for water apparatus; Regulating apparatus for gas pipe installations; Regulating apparatus for gas installations; Regulating apparatus being parts of oil burners; Regulating apparatus for gas pipes; Regulating apparatus being parts of gas burners; Hot air heat shrinking apparatus; Heating apparatus for containers; Temperature sensing apparatus [thermostatic valves] for central heating radiators; Catalytic combustion heating apparatus; Hot air heating apparatus; Heating apparatus for solid, liquid or gaseous fuels; Oil fired heaters; Heating apparatus for gaseous fuels; Heating apparatus for liquid fuels; Heating apparatus incorporating flues; Heating apparatus for solid fuels; Hot-water space heating apparatus [for industrial purposes]; Aquarium heaters; Mobile heating apparatus; Self regulating heaters in the form of flexible straps; Self regulating heaters in the form of straps; Gas space heaters; Heating apparatus for use in the home; Heating apparatus for furnaces; Heating apparatus for use in the treatment of waste material; Electric radiant heating apparatus; Electric space heaters; Combined heating and air conditioning apparatus; Heating apparatus for use in the treatment of metal; Space heaters; Space heating apparatus; Storage heaters; Water bed heaters; Electrical storage heaters; Propane vapour-fired vertically disposed cylindrical convection space heaters; Saunas (Apparatus for heating -); Heating and cooling apparatus for dispensing hot and cold beverages; Electric warmers to melt scented wax tarts; Solar energy powered heating installations; Steam heating apparatus; Gas operated apparatus for heating; Non-electric cooking heaters for household purposes; Heating apparatus for ponds; Heaters for vehicles; Hot water heaters; Pavement heating apparatus; Vacuum steam heating apparatus; Heating apparatus for oil; Underfloor heating apparatus; Pressure relief apparatus for use with gas installations; Pressure relief apparatus for use with water heaters; Swimming pool heaters; Space heating apparatus for industrial use; Sterilizers; Pressure relief apparatus forming part of water supply systems; Pressure supervision apparatus [safety apparatus for gas pipes]; Water treatment apparatus for water softening for domestic use; Water treatment apparatus for water softening; Industrial ventilation apparatus; Solar powered ventilation apparatus; Humidification apparatus for use with air conditioning apparatus; Ventilation [air-conditioning] installations and apparatus; Mobile ventilating apparatus; Dish disinfectant apparatus for industrial purposes; Ice dispensing apparatus; Refrigerating apparatus and machines; Water purifying apparatus and machines; Air purifying apparatus and machines; Domestic air conditioning installations; Drying apparatus and installations; Ice machines and apparatus; Heating apparatus and installations; Cooling appliances and installations; Refrigerating appliances and installations; Lighting apparatus and installations; Water softening apparatus and installations; Cooking apparatus and installations; Sous-vide cookers, electric; Decorative electric lighting apparatus; Sanitary apparatus and installations; Electric space heating apparatus for household use; Electric space cooling apparatus; Heating apparatus, electric; Electric shower apparatus; Japanese electric leg-warming apparatus for household purposes (electric kotatsu); Electric towel warmers; Waffle irons, electric; Electric egg cookers; Electric rice cookers; Electric popcorn making machines; Electric appliances for making yogurt; Electric rice steamer; Electrical cooking apparatus; Electric bath-water purifying apparatus for household purposes; Electric vegetable steamer; Electric bread cookers; Electric foot baths; Electric hand drying apparatus for washrooms; Electric space cooling apparatus [for household purposes]; Electric food steamer; Electric heaters; Electric beverage heaters; Electric water heating apparatus; Filter apparatus for water supply installations; Hand driers; Industrial heating apparatus; Hand drying apparatus incorporating impellers; Industrial rice cookers; Tanning apparatus [sun beds]; Water softening apparatus; Hand drying apparatus for washrooms; Hand drying apparatus incorporating blowers; Hot air bath fittings; Air-conditioning apparatus; Ice storage apparatus; Kilns; Gas cooking apparatus incorporating cooking grills; Liquid chromatography apparatus for industrial use; Egg cookers; Air cleaning apparatus for household purposes; Shower apparatus; Air heat recovery installations; Disinfectant apparatus for medical purposes; Disinfectant apparatus; Apparatus for dehydrating food waste; Distillation apparatus; Apparatus for descaling water; Popcorn makers; Apparatus for the supply of water for sanitary purposes; Drying apparatus for fodder and forage; Apparatus for controlling water supply; Foot spas; Fumigation apparatus, not for medical purposes; Water coolers; Beverage cooling apparatus; Air recirculating apparatus; Installations for heating beverages; Hot-air space heating apparatus [for industrial purposes]; Apparatus for heating foodstuffs; Gas recovery apparatus; Sun tanning appliances; Downlights; Water conditioning apparatus; Lighting apparatus; Harvest drying apparatus; Drinking water supply apparatus; Apparatus for dispensing chilled beverages; Animal feed drying apparatus; Chemical fiber drying apparatus; Desiccating apparatus; Air humidifying installations; Apparatus for decalcifying water; Whirlpool-jet apparatus; Apparatus for cooking out of doors; Water purifying apparatus; Industrial-water purifying apparatus; Tap-water purifying apparatus; Air purifying apparatus; Clean air cabinets (Air purification apparatus for -); Clean air booths (Air purification apparatus for -); Oil-scrubbing apparatus; Gas cleaners and purifiers; Vehicle-mounted air purifying apparatus; Water desalinating apparatus utilizing reverse osmosis; Water disinfection apparatus; Disinfectant apparatus for banknotes; Distillation apparatus not for scientific purposes; Appliances for water filtration [other than machines]; Water filtering apparatus for domestic use; Water filtering apparatus for industrial use; Airstream generating apparatus; Smoke generating apparatus for cooking; Heat generating apparatus; Aquarium sea water purifying apparatus; Steam generating apparatus; Ice machines; Air sterilising apparatus; Water sterilizers; Multicookers; Book sterilization apparatus; Dough proving apparatus; Apparatus for keeping hot drinks warm; Appliances for bathing the feet; Water intake apparatus; Flue gas cleaning apparatus; Ice makers; Raclette sets; Apparatus for heating milk; Domestic heating utensils; Immersion heaters; Glue-heating appliances; Tea warmers (Electric -); Hand held portable water purification apparatus; Coffee roasters; Malt roasters; Portable decontamination apparatus; Evaporators; Portable steam sterilizing apparatus; Dough retarding apparatus; Portable solder fume extractors; Portable solder fume absorbers; Cold air blowing apparatus; Drying apparatus for chemical processing; Thermoelectric apparatus for heating foodstuffs; Sterilising apparatus for medical use; Thermoelectric apparatus for heating beverages; Transportable instruments for processing water; Ultraviolet sterilization units [water treatment equipment]; Luminaires for security use; Reverse osmosis filtration units [water treatment equipment]; Apparatus for vapour producing installations; Water supply installations; Facial sauna apparatus; Water desalinating apparatus; Apparatus for drying; Air freezing apparatus; Steam cabinets for the treatment of clothing; Retarding cabinets for dough; Drier cabinets; Refrigerated food display apparatus; Heated cabinets for use in the food service industry; Refrigerated cabinets for the storage of food; Refrigerating cabinets; Refrigerated cabinets for the storage of drink; Heated cabinets for foodstuffs; Electrically heated clothing for protection against accident or injury; Water distributor armatures for heating; Cabinets for washing bedpans [parts of water supply installations]; Electric roasters; Proving cabinets for dough; Tumble dryers [heat dryers]; Sanitary ware made of stoneware; Sanitary installations; Sanitary ware made of porcelain; Electric shoe dryers for household purposes; Stainless steel sanitary ware; Automatic linen driers; Tumblers [heat dryers] for laundry use; Hair dryers; Laundry dryers, electric; Travel hair dryers; Electric laundry dryers for household purposes; Hand held hair dryers; Hand-held electric hair dryers; Portable electric warm air dryer; Electrical hair driers; Stationary hair dryers; Electric dish drying machines for household purposes; Electric shoe dryers; Electric hand dryers; Warm air dryers for use in drying hair; Hair dryers [for household purposes]; Hair driers for use in beauty salons; Warm air hand dryers; Electric hot air hand dryers; Electrically powered warm air face dryers; Dryers for the face using warm air; Gas laundry drying machines; Steam driers; Electric clothes drying machines for household use; Electric dryers for laundry use [heat drying]; Electric clothes dryers [heat drying]; Clothes dryers; Fume extractors; Chimney extractors; Extractors [ventilation or air conditioning]; Extractor fans; Stokers for use with commercial furnaces; Smoke release dampers; Steel degassing heating rods; Appliances for smoking foodstuffs; Stokers for use with industrial furnaces; Tanning apparatus [sun lamps]; Air treatment equipment; Sterilization, disinfection and decontamination equipment; Sauna apparatus; Sterilization autoclaves; Chemical processing equipment; Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning and purification equipment (ambient); Sterilisation autoclaves for medical use; Refrigerating and freezing equipment; Electrical autoclaves for use in sterilization; Autoclaves (not for medical use); Autoclaves, electric, for cooking; Thermal baths; Steam baths; Personal steambaths; Steam baths, saunas and spas; Sales counters [refrigerated]; Barbecues; Refrigerated food counters; Refrigerated counters; Gas fired broilers; Off-road light bars for vehicles; Air bars for use in dryers; Light bars; Bases adapted for the mounting of lamps; Bases for non-electric lamps; Chemiluminescent light sticks; Petrol burners; Lamp bases; Glow sticks; Alcohol burners; Incandescent burners; Bidets; Burners for lamps; Tub spouts; Portable bidets; Bioreactors for use in the treatment of wastewater; Fire ventilators for exhausting vapours; Cooking units; Bioreactors for use in the treatment of waste; Wall-mounted spouts for wash-hand basins; Wall-mounted spouts for sinks; Hydrants; Air inlets [vents] for vehicles; Wall-mounted spouts for baths; Wall-mounted spouts for bidets; Bushings being parts of sanitary installations; Spouts [plumbing fittings]; Air handlers; Water heaters for shower baths; Kettles; Electric egg boilers for household purposes; Kettles, electric; Tea kettles [electric]; Meat boilers; Water heaters and boilers; Electric hot-water bottles; Cool boxes, electric; Fire pits; Portable fire pits; Water filtration bottles sold empty; Portable gas burners; Burners; Gas burners; Gas burners for industrial purposes; Acetylene burners; Alcohol burners for laboratory use; Ring burners; Burners, boilers and heaters; Oil burners; Bunsen burners for laboratory use; Laboratory burners; Fixed compressed air burners; Fixed oxyacetylene burners; Fluidized bed combustion burners; Fixed flame hardening burners; Fixed acetylene air suction burners; Fixed after-heating burners; Fixed burners for use in fusion connections; Fixed pre-heating burners; Oxyhydrogen burners; Germicidal burners; Fixed heating burners; Burners for boilers; Burners for the combustion of gas in boiler units; Burners for heating installations; Fuel burners; Burners for the combustion of oil in boiler units; Burners for solid fuel; Burners for industrial use; Shower heads; Bath cubicles; Shower cubicles; Glazed shower cubicles; Tanning booths; Enclosures of metal for showers; Coffee machines, electric; Bath screens; Bathtub enclosures; Electrical coffee pots incorporating percolators; Turkish bath cabinets, portable; Gas boilers; Boilers; Gas boilers for the heating of swimming pools; Electric wireless coffeepots; Gas boilers [other than parts of machines]; Gas fired boilers for producing domestic hot water; Gas boilers for central heating; Gas boilers for water heating; Gas fired back boiler units for domestic hot water systems; Gas fired back boiler units for domestic central heating; Oil fired boilers; Steam boilers, other than parts of machines; Fluidized bed combustion boilers; Accumulation boilers; Heating boilers; Boilers, other than parts of machines; Domestic boilers; Electric central heating boiler systems; Electric boilers; Furnace boilers; Industrial boilers; Boilers being parts of central heating installations; Boilers for hot water supply installations; Boilers for use in heating systems; Boilers for central heating installations; Hot water boilers for beverage making; Hot water boilers; Laundry room boilers; Central heating boilers; Heating apparatus; Clean chambers [sanitary installations]; Socks, electrically heated; Socks (Electrically heated -) for medical purposes; Combustion chambers; Ionisation chambers; Decontamination chambers; Refrigerators; Molten metal filter chambers; Walk-in freezers; Domestic gas fires; Ethanol fireplaces; Fireplaces; Electric fires; Cast metal fireplaces; Electric candelabras; Flare stacks for use in the oil industry; LED candles; Electric candles; Scented electric candles; Flameless candles; Battery-operated electric candles; Flues; Flameless light-emitting diode candles; Flues for ventilating apparatus; Flues for heating apparatus; Flues incorporating extractors; Flues for heating boilers; Telescopic combination flues; Wine cellars, electric; Ionising guns for the treatment of air; Exhaust hoods [cooker hoods]; Kitchen blow torches; Range hoods; Hoods incorporating extractor fans; Extractor hoods for kitchens; Ventilation hoods; Extraction hoods for fodder driers; Extraction hoods for freezers; Ventilation hoods for laboratories; Vapour extractor hoods for kitchen stoves; Ventilation hoods for stoves; Vapour extraction hoods for fireplaces; Air extractor hoods for use with cookers; Oven ventilator hoods; Ventilating hoods for smoke; Hoods for air conditioning apparatus; Ventilating hoods for steam; Hoods for ventilating apparatus; Range hoods [extractor hoods, for household purposes]; Heated trollies for keeping food warm; Fume destructing hoods; Hostess trolly [heated]; Heating cartridges; Carbon for arc lamps; Water filtration jugs; Hood driers; Electric casseroles; Meat chests [refrigerated]; Flushing tanks; Filter boxes for water purification; Drawers for refrigerators; Warming drawers for kitchens; Heat trace cables; Luminous cables for lighting purposes; Taillights for vehicles; Bicycle reflectors for attachment to spokes; Electric heating cables; Refrigerating chambers; Nuclear power plant installations; Sluices [sanitary installations]; Furnace ash boxes; Sluices [sanitary installations] for use in hospitals; Fuel effect ceramics being parts and fittings for fires; Sluices [sterilizers]; Cylinders for the heating of water; Cyclones [air purifying apparatus]; Sluices [sterilizers] for use in hospitals; Toilets incorporating cisterns; Cisterns being sanitary apparatus; Cisterns; Sunlight collecting apparatus for heating purposes; Solar thermal collectors [heating]; Water cisterns; Evacuated heat pipe solar collectors [heat exchangers]; Rectification columns; Chromatography columns for industrial use; Scrubbing columns for the purification of gases; Extraction columns [other than laboratory apparatus]; Distillation columns; Neutralisation columns; Columns for physical separation of fractions; Columns for physical-chemical separation of fractions; Valves (temperature sensitive controls for automatically operating -) [parts of heating installations]; Valves (solenoid controls for automatically operating -) [parts of heating installations]; Filter-motor combinations for aquariums; Gas condensers, other than parts of machines; Air conditioning for data processing rooms; Window-mounting air-conditioners [for industrial purposes]; Refrigerant condensers; Air conditioning for use in transportation; Electric air conditioners; Chimney flues; Flues and installations for conveying exhaust gases; Room air conditioners; Pipes [parts of sanitary installations]; Portable air conditioners; Electric freezers for household use; Ice cream conservators; Electrical serving pots; Chest freezers; Freezers; Refrigerated containers [gas]; Refrigerating containers; Toilet seat lids; Seat lids [parts of sanitary installations]; Bottle coolers [apparatus]; Electric blankets; Toilet seats; Vent covers [parts of air conditioning installations]; Blankets, electric, not for medical purposes; Crowns [parts of kilns]; Stove burner covers; Sanitary covers for toilet seats; Electric strip heating units; Luminaires; Air curtains for ventilation; Residential heating units; Air curtains; Hot air curtains; Cryostats, other than for laboratory use; Gas cookers; Cooking stoves; Kitchen ranges [ovens]; Electric ranges; Electric egg steamers for household purposes; Cooling domes; Chemically activated heating pads, not for medical purposes; Heat pads for warming; Heating cushions, electric, not for medical purposes; Cushions (Heating -), non-electric, other than for medical purposes; Heating cushions not for medical purposes [electric or chemically activated]; Christmas tree ornaments for illumination [electric lights]; Electric warming pads, other than for medical use; Water purifiers for household purposes; Electric water purifiers for household purposes; Water purifiers for industrial use; Air purifiers; Air purifiers for automobiles; Air purgers for use with water distribution installations; Electric air purifiers; Household air cleaners; Air purgers for use with water supply installations; Industrial air purifiers; Gas scrubbers [parts of gas installations]; Smoke purifiers; Dehumidifiers; Air valves for steam heating installations; Industrial dehumidifiers; Electric dehumidifiers; Dehumidifiers for household use; Electric dispensers for room deodorants; Linear air diffusers; Electric dispensers for air fresheners; Air freshener plug-ins; Diffusers being parts of lighting installations; Light diffusers; Supply air diffusers; Food dehydrators; Light-emitting diodes [LED] lighting apparatus; Electric food dehydrators for household purposes; Disinfectant dispensers for toilets; Electric dehydrators; Food dehydrators, electric; Gas operated devices used in cooling; Accelerated ion devices [for treating the air]; Air inductor apparatus [air conditioning]; Anti-glare devices for vehicles [lamp fittings]; Air inductor apparatus [ventilation]; Anti-dazzle devices for automobiles [lamp fittings]; Hand drying apparatus incorporating fans; Lighting devices for showcases; Air distribution units; Pressure controllers [regulators] for gas pipes; Control devices [thermostatic valves] for heating installations; Residential air conditioning units; Pressure controllers [regulators] for water pipes; Electromagnetic induction cookers for industrial purposes; Electromagnetic induction cookers [for household purposes]; Air drying apparatus; Urinal sanitiser units; Plasma Lighting System [PLS] lighting; Computer controlled lighting apparatus; Lighting and lighting reflectors; Water sprinkling devices [automatic]; Agricultural irrigation units; Organic light emitting diodes (OLED) lighting devices; Portable evaporative air coolers; Regulating apparatus for gas apparatus; Launders for trapping impurities in molten metal; Gas regulators; Evaporative air cooling units; Heat regulating devices [valves] being parts of heating installations; Heaters for sink water; Flow restrictors for reverse osmosis water purification units; Installations for heating foodstuffs; Organic positive self-temperature control plane heaters; Damping apparatus [parts of fires]; Ultra-violet water sterilisation units for domestic use; Damping apparatus [parts of furnaces]; Pressure supervision apparatus [safety apparatus for water apparatus]; Pressure supervision apparatus [safety apparatus for gas apparatus]; Water treatment units for aerating and circulating water; Electrically-operated devices used in cooling; Tub overflows; Electric foot warmers [other than for medical use]; Gas operated devices used in boiling; Flotation apparatus [furnaces]; Gas operated devices used in drying; Electrically operated devices used in drying; Air cooling apparatus; Hand drying apparatus [heat drying]; Refrigerated beverage dispensing units [other than vending]; Air separation apparatus; Anti-fog heating devices; Hand rinse units; Steam heating apparatus [for industrial purposes]; Heating apparatus for defrosting vehicle windows; Humidifying apparatus, other than for medical use; Heat sinks for use in cooling apparatus; Defrosters for vehicles; Heat sinks for use in heating apparatus; Heat sinks for use in ventilating apparatus; Distillers [for chemical processing]; Water dispensers; Chilled purified water dispensers; Vacuum distillation apparatus for industrial use; Refrigerated dispensing units for beverages; Power showers; Catering urns; Showers; Shower baths; Showers for sale in kit form; Freestanding decontamination showers; Decontamination showers; Electric showers; Freestanding portable decontamination showers; Outdoor showers for bathing; Pre-assembled multifunction showers; Hand held showers; Spray handsets for showers; Portable showers; Shower sprayers [plumbing fittings]; Reverse osmosis elements for domestic use in reducing the salt content of water; Reverse osmosis elements for reducing the brackishness of water; Reverse osmosis elements for reducing the salt content of water; Disinfectant dispensers for washrooms; Reverse osmosis elements for industrial use in reducing the salt content of water; Fuel economisers; Electrical heating elements in the form of foil; Electrical heating elements in the form of cables; Tubular heating elements; Electrical heating elements; Cooling elements; Filter elements for the overflows of water supply tanks; Filter elements for the air vents of water supply tanks; Fuel burner elements for the catalytic combustion of fuel; Prefabricated furnace elements; Heating elements; Flexible heating elements for automobile seats; Fish-luring lights; Flat heating elements; Push-on sprays for use with bathroom faucets; Refrigerated merchandise display cases; Hot air blowers; Air dryers; Refrigerated compressed air dryers; Drying installations; Food dryers; Driers for refrigeration systems; Futon driers [for household purposes]; Cooling evaporators; Plywood drying machines; Evaporators [for chemical processing]; Lamp posts; Evaporators for air conditioners; Acetylene flares; Lights for automobiles; Running lights for boats; Headlights for automobiles; Bicycle lights; Headlamps for use on motor cycles; Head torches; Motorcycle lights; Lights for vehicles; Spotlights; Spot lights for use on vehicles; Diving lights; Vehicle headlights; Pilot lights for igniting gas fired apparatus; Flaming torches; Filaments for electric lamps; Strings of lights; Heat generating filaments; Heating filaments, electric; Strings of coloured lights for decorative purposes; Strings of coloured lights; Magnesium filaments for lighting; Dust cyclone filters; Pollen filtering apparatus; Dust filters; Color filters for lighting apparatus; Air filters for industrial installations; Air filters for household use; Air filters for industrial use; Adjustable coated baffle grease filters [parts of cooker hoods]; Water filters; Tea filters [machines]; Air filters; Electrostatic air filters; Air filters for use as dust extractors in industrial processes; Air filters for air conditioning units; Air filters for use as dust arrestants in industrial processes; Electric water purification filters for household purposes; Light filters [other than for medical or photographic use]; Sanitary drain armatures for drip pipelines; Sanitary drain armatures for showers; Sanitary drain armatures for basins; Sanitary drain armatures for baths; Sanitary drain armatures for bidets; Power filters for airconditioning; Electric coffee filters; Magnetic filters being parts of central heating apparatus; Magnetic filters being for use in central heating systems; Power filters for water purification [other than machines]; Electrostatic filters for water filtration; Household tap-water filters; Filters for drinking water; Filters for wastewater; Filters for use with lighting apparatus; Filters for use in aquariums; Filters for use with apparatus heating; Filters for use with apparatus for ventilating; Filters for sanitary water distribution apparatus; Filters for use with apparatus for water supply; Filters for gas extractors; Filters for ice making apparatus; Filters for exhaust extractors [parts of household or industrial installations]; Filters for fume extractors; Filters for air conditioning; Filters for air extractor hoods; Strainers for water lines; Filters for air purifiers; Filters for water purifiers; Grease filters [parts of extractor fans]; Filters for gases [household or industrial installations]; Filters for stage lighting; Filters for industrial installations; Water filters [installations] for agricultural purposes; Water treatment filters; Water filters for industrial purposes; Filters for waste gas purification; Filters for cleaning air; Air cleaning filters [parts of air cleaning machines or installations]; Filters for cleaning gases [parts of household or industrial installations]; Filters for use with lamps; Sink strainers [plumbing fittings]; Strainers for use with shower trays; Filters for use with swimming pools; Filters for refrigeration systems; Faucet filters [plumbing fittings]; Filters for ponds; Filters for use with torches; Filters for use with apparatus for steam generating; Filters for use with apparatus for air conditioning; Filters for use with apparatus for sanitary purposes; Filters for industrial and household use; Hot tub filters; Hearths; Fitted fabric covers for hot water bottles; Fitted fabric covers for electric toasters; Fitted fabric covers for garment steamer heads; Fountains; Decorative table-top water fountains; Decorative water fountains; Decorative fountains, sprinkler and irrigation systems; Chocolate fountains, electric; Ornamental fountains; Indoor fountains; Drinking fountains; Gas fired furnaces; Light sources [other than for photographic or medical use]; Induction furnaces; Furnaces, other than for laboratory use; Furnaces for decontaminating metals; Industrial furnaces; Electric furnaces; Founding furnaces; Cooking rings; Furnaces for gas recovery purposes; Kerosene stoves; Gas fires; Gas stoves employing flames in ribbon-like form; Gas stoves utilising flames in rotating form; Domestic gas cookers; Induction ranges; Cookers incorporating grills; Cookers having vitreous enamelled surfaces; Camping stoves; Oil cooking stoves [for household purposes]; Electric cooking stoves for household use; Domestic stoves; Stew-pots (Electric -); Gas and electric ranges; Electric ramen noodle cookers; Combined cooking stoves and gas containers; Ovens; Portable stoves; Chambered lid furnace; Chamber furnaces incorporating quenching tanks; Ovens utilising air frequency fields for cooking; Charcoal roasters for household purposes; Bogie hearth furnaces; Pot furnaces; Convection ovens; Electrically heated diffusion furnaces; Diffusion furnaces for industrial use; Gas ovens; Microwave ovens, not for experimental purposes; Induction ovens; Gas fired combined furnaces for use in the production of steel; Microwave ovens for domestic use; Microwave ovens for industrial purposes; Overlying bed ovens for bakeries; Microwave ovens for cooking; Passage furnaces; Soaking pit furnaces [for industrial purposes]; Soaking pit furnaces; Roller hearth furnaces; Furnaces for central heating; Rotary kilns [for industrial purposes]; Vacuum furnaces for precious metals; Vacuum ovens for the treatment of lenses; Crucible induction furnaces; Ovens utilising air frequency fields for drying purposes; Gas fired combined hearth-type and shaft furnaces for use steel production; Continuous furnaces for tempering adhesives; Continuous furnaces for tempering lacquers; Commercial ovens for baking food; Domestic ovens; Domestic cooking ovens; Table top ovens; Japanese kitchen furnaces (kamado); Kilns for sale in kit form; Dental ovens; Calcising kilns [for industrial purposes]; Incinerators; Bakers' ovens; Gas cooking ovens for household use; Commercial cooking ovens; Electric cooking ovens for household use; Baking ovens [for household purposes]; Drying ovens; Induction heated casting furnaces; Automatic hardening furnaces for components; Hardening furnaces for springs; Electrical hardening ovens for dental purposes; Homogenizing furnaces; Recuperative gas furnaces; Wire patenting furnaces; Air heating furnaces; Reheating gas furnaces; Industrial heating furnaces; Reheating furnaces; Continuous soldering furnaces; Thermal treatment furnaces; Sintering furnaces; Industrial ovens and furnaces (not for food or beverages); Electric ovens; Holding furnaces; Electric cooking ovens; Electrical preheating ovens for dental purposes; Electric furnaces [for industrial purposes]; Electric heat-treating furnaces; Electric furnaces for metallurgical purposes; Elevator furnaces; Industrial ovens; Fluidised bed incineration ovens; Smelting furnaces; Paternoster furnaces; Furnaces for use by dentists; Industrial cooking ovens; Graphite bar furnaces; Melting furnaces [for industrial purposes]; Home bread makers; Furnaces for recovering metals; Furnaces for recovering scrap metals; Accelerated ageing furnaces; Furnaces for the chemical industry and glassmaking industry; Ovens for the treatment of waste; Ovens for use in the electronics industry; Tool reheating furnaces; Furnaces for de-coating metals; Furnaces for de-coating scrap metals; Glass bending furnaces; Furnaces for decontaminating scrap metals; Furnaces for melting metals; Furnaces for melting scrap metals; Glass making furnaces; Waste disposal furnaces; Furnaces for use by dental technicians; Gas generating furnaces [for industrial purposes]; Pizza ovens; Furnaces for preheating charges; Tinning furnaces; Electric toaster ovens; Solar furnaces; Refractory furnaces; Furnaces for industrial use; Ovens (Shaped fittings for -); Septic tanks for industrial purposes; Septic tanks for household purposes; Wastewater treatment tanks for industrial purposes; Septic tanks; Carbonizing furnaces [for industrial purposes]; Deep fryers, electric; Air fryers; Frying machines; Industrial deep fryers; Freezer cabinets; Domestic deep fryers [electric]; Oil-free electric fryers; Gas refrigerators; Combinations of refrigerators and freezers; Domestic refrigerators; Ice-cooling refrigerators [for household purposes]; Cooling apparatus and appliances; Electric refrigerators; Electric refrigerators [for household purposes]; Cosmetic refrigerators; Beverage refrigerators for use in automobiles; Rice refrigerators; Kimchi refrigerators; Wine refrigerators; Portable refrigerators; Forges, portable; Toilets [water-closets]; Toilets adapted for use by the physically handicapped; Toilets with washing functions; Toilets with sterilizing functions; Toilets adapted for medical patients; Water closets incorporating douches; Toilets for incorporation in portable buildings; Toilets, portable; Sea toilets; Single lavatories being wall mounted; Toilet bowls; Gas lamps; Radiant fan heaters; Toilet tank balls; Ice cream makers; Acetylene generators; Ionic water generators; Gas heat generators; Microbubble generators for baths; Steam generators for use with steam baths; Steam generators for domestic use; Nuclear generators; Hot tub jets; Jet nozzles for warm air circulations in bubble baths; Water jets for use in hot tubs; Jets for bath apparatus; Whirlpool jets; Bath tub jets; Jets for hydrotherapy baths; Refrigerating boxes [gas]; Non-portable ice chests for household use; Electric fairy lights; Fairy lights for festive decoration; Domestic rotisseries [electric]; Fish roasters; Spits [parts of cooking apparatus]; Rotisseries; Roasting jacks; Lamp globes; Elbow bends (plastic -) for pipes [parts of sanitary installations]; Grates; Fire grates (Domestic -); Gas grills; Gas-powered griddles [cooking appliances]; Roasting apparatus; Charcoal grills; Electric broilers; Ventilation grilles being parts of extractor fans; Electric grills; Electric outdoor grills; Electric indoor grills; Meat broilers; Cooking grills; Furnace grates; Electric griddles [cooking appliances]; Electric rotisseries; Waste assemblies for basins; LED lighting assemblies for illuminated signs; Waste assemblies for baths; Bath linings; Lighting tracks [lighting apparatus]; Fire hydrants; Hibachis; Hydrants for water supply; Spa baths [vessels]; Infrared lamps; Architectural uplights for installation in the ground; Security lighting incorporating a heat activated sensor; Photocells (Security lighting operated by -); Security lighting; Aquarium lights; Security lighting incorporating a movement activated sensor; Lighting being for use with security systems; Garden lighting; Lighting for ponds; Display lighting; Vehicle lighting and lighting reflectors; Halogen luminaires; High intensity discharge luminaires; Security lighting incorporating an infra-red activated sensor; Decorative gas lighting; Lighting for display purposes; Ion exchange installations; Spray installations for the automatic watering of fields; Steam generating installations; Clothes drying installations [heat drying]; Automatic watering installations for pigs; Automatic watering installations for use in agriculture; Automatic watering installations for poultry; Ash conveyor installations, automatic; Automatic installations for making coffee; Automatic watering installations for plants; Automatic watering installations for cattle; Watering installations, automatic; Automatic watering apparatus for livestock; Central air conditioning installations for household purposes; Chemical installations for conditioning drinking water; Central air conditioning installations; Industrial drying installations; Lighting fixtures for household use; Outdoor electrical lighting fixtures; Fixed underwater lighting installations for swimming pools; Lighting installations for air vehicles; Pendant fluorescent lighting fixtures; Electrical discharge lighting fixtures; Incandescent lighting fixtures; HID [high-intensity discharge] stage lighting fixtures; LED lighting fixtures; HID [high-intensity discharge] architectural lighting fixtures; Electrical lighting fixtures for use in hazardous locations; Indoor fluorescent electrical lighting fittings; Architectural lighting fixtures; Halogen stage lighting fixtures; Halogen architectural lighting fixtures; Fiber optic lighting installations; Bathroom installations for sanitary purposes; Bath installations; Installations for airing; Nuclear cogeneration plants; Air-conditioning installations; Combustion installations for fossil fuels; Air conditioning installations for cars; Combustion installations for waste fuels; Air conditioning installations for agricultural use; Central type air conditioning apparatus; Central air-conditioning installations [for industrial purposes]; Air conditioning installations for household purposes; Air conditioning installations for industrial purposes; Water conduits installations; Refrigerating installations; Installations for de-humidifying; Industrial waste water purification plants; Purification installations for waste material; Installations for cooking; Desalination plants; Bathroom installations for water supply purposes; Water distribution installations; Installations for evaporating; Water filtering installations; Electric track lighting units; Flange light fittings; Combined lighting and ultraviolet apparatus; Installations for lighting christmas trees; Industrial lighting fixtures; Lighting fixtures for commercial use; Fiber optic lighting fixtures; LED lighting installations; Thermal incineration installations; Polymerisation installations; Air handling installations; Cooling installations for gas; Cooling installations; Cooling installations for tobacco; Cooling installations for freezing; Installations for the cooling of air; Industrial cooling installations; Installations for central heating; Heating installations incorporated in windows; Gas fuelled central heating installations; Heating installations [water]; Feed water heaters [for industrial purposes]; Forced air type horizontally disposed cylindrical space heaters; Sauna heaters; Gas fired heating installations; Heating installations; Industrial heating installations; Heating installations for industrial use; Gas fired space heating apparatus; Heating installations for fluids; Heating installations incorporated in glass; Heating installations for nitrate solutions; Heating and cooling systems for motor cars; Closed circuit heating installations; Under carpet heating installations; Forced air type portable horizontally disposed cylindrical space heaters; Heating installations for use with gaseous fuels; Room heaters; Forced air type portable horizontally disposed space heaters; Underfloor heating installations; Sterilizing installations; Waste fittings for basins; Waste fittings for baths; Heating systems for motor cars; Sewage disposal plants; Flushing apparatus for urinals; Wastewater treatment installations; Residential ventilating units; Ventilating installations; Ventilation [air-conditioning] installations for vehicles; Ventilation installations for kitchens; Cooling installations and machines; Sewerage installations; Automatic watering installations for use in gardening; Industrial installations for filtering liquids; Nuclear installations; Hot water installations; Installations for the burning off of gases; Water softening installations; Installations for the burning off of liquids; Installations for baking; Installations for deodorising the atmosphere; Sea water desalination plants; Shower bath installations; Drinking water supply installations; Air filtering installations; Massage bath installations; Bathroom installations; Installations for controlling the flow of gases; Air freezing installations; Cooling installations for fluids; Milk cooling installations; Air heating installations; Installations for heating swimming pools; Water conditioning installations; Installations for water treatment under osmotic process; Sewage treatment [purification] installations; Processing installations for fuel and nuclear moderating material; Wastewater purification units; Installations for street lighting; Water purification installations; Installations for air extraction; Lighting installations; Purification installations for sewage; Industrial air filter machines; Rainwater purification installations; Installations for indoor snowmaking; Oil purifying installations; Installations for the collection of gases; Water purification, desalination and conditioning installations; Installations for tempering; Fittings for the draining of water; Fixtures for incandescent light bulbs; Industrial treatment installations; Installations for cooling drinking water; Installations for the roasting of nuts; Installations for the roasting of cocoa; Installations for humidifying; Whirlpool spa bath installations; Sanitary and bathroom installations and plumbing fixtures; Powered sanitary installations; Mobile [portable] sanitary installations; Sanitary installations, water supply and sanitation equipment; Garbage incinerators for household purposes; Floor heating apparatus; Waste disposal incinerators; Light bulbs for directional signals for vehicles; Vortex inhibitors; Turn sign-board lamps for motor vehicles; Garbage incinerators for industrial purposes; Fireplace inserts; Fireplace inserts in the nature of solid fuel burners; Fireplace inserts in the nature of stoves; Industrial cooking installations; Gas purification installations; Water ionizers [for household purposes]; Temperature sensitive switches [thermostatic valves] for central heating radiators; Water ionizers; Ultra-violet irradiators; Shower units; Dampers for fires; Garden sprinklers [automatic]; Uplighters; Chandeliers; Garden showers; Cord pendants [light fittings]; Candle lamps; LED lamps; Dynamo lights for vehicles; Pedestal lamps; Solar lamps; Ultraviolet sun ray lamps, other than for medical use; Ultra-violet sun ray lamps for cosmetic purposes; Ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes; Discharge lamps; Luminous discharge lamps; Hangings for lamps; Vacuum lamps; Street lamps; Hanging ceiling lamps; Electric discharge lamps; Halogen lamps; Xenon arc lamps; Arc lamps; Arc lamps [lighting fixtures]; Oil lamps; Incandescent lamps for optical instruments; Infrared lamps, not for medical purposes; Infrared lamps for drying the hair; Incandescent lamps and their fittings; Mercury lamps; Solar powered lamps; Neon lamps for illumination; UV halogen metal vapour lamps; Halogen lamps for incorporation into electric cookers; Reflector lamps; Emergency lighting; Illuminant lamps for projectors; Laboratory lamps; Book lights; Outdoor lighting; Floor lamps; Desk lamps; Table lamps; Table lamp (Lampshades for -); Inspection lamps; Curing lamps, not for medical purposes; Projector lamps; High intensity search lights; Safety lamps; LED safety lamps; Safety lamps for underground use; Lamps for vehicle lighting; Lamps fitted with extendible supports; Electrical lamps for indoor lighting; Electric incandescent lamps; Flexible lamps; Electrical lamps for outdoor lighting; Fluorescent lamps with low ultra-violet light output; Fluorescent lamps; Fluorescent luminaires for stage lighting; Fluorescent luminaires for architectural lighting; Germicidal lamps; Germicidal lamps for purifying air; Light projectors; Aquarium lamps; Lamps for outdoor use; Curling lamps; Lamps for festive decoration; Lamps for christmas trees; Bedside lamps; Lamps; Nail lamps; Lamps for electrical installations; Plant grow lights; Washstand lamps; Miners' lamps; Lamps for tents; Studio lamps; Motor vehicle lamps; Lamps for motor land vehicles; Electric hand lamps [other than for photographic use]; Portable lamps [for illumination]; Portable search lamps; Sun lamps for tanning purposes; Stroboscopic lamps [light effects]; Strobe lights for discos; Halogen light bulbs; Lamp chimneys; Stroboscopic lamps [decorative]; Testing lamps for cars; Light bulbs, electric; Miniature light bulbs; Flourescent electric light bulbs; Lights, electric, for Christmas trees; Compact fluorescent light bulbs; LED light bulbs; Dashboard lamp bulbs; Lamps for directional signals of automobiles; Incandescent light bulbs; Direction indicator bulbs; Light bulbs for gas-discharge lamps; Electric torches; Flashlight bulbs; Tail lamp bulbs; Headlamp bulbs; Chinese lanterns; Lanterns; Candle lanterns; Camping lanterns; Standing paper lanterns [andon]; Freestanding paper lanterns; Portable paper lanterns (chochin); Japanese paper lanterns; Portable paper lanterns; Fresnel lanterns; Electric chinese lanterns; Chimneys for oil lamps; Lanterns made of ceramics; Lanterns for lighting; Wash-hand basins [parts of sanitary installations]; Sinks; Pedestal bathroom sinks; Shampoo basins for barbers' shop use; Bathroom sinks; Sink units [other than furniture]; Metal sinks; Basins being part of water supply installations; Bathroom basins [parts of sanitary installations]; Kitchen sinks; Wash fountains; Shampoo bowls; Industrial dishdrying machines; Stainless steel sink tops; Tanning beds; Operating levers for water closet cisterns; Ultra-violet sunbeds for cosmetic purposes; Flush levers [parts of toilets]; Temperature limiters [valves] for central heating radiators; Cistern levers; Temperature limiters for central heating radiators [thermostatic valves] incorporating bi-metallic discs; Lamp shades; Bicycle dynamo lights; Roof lights [lamps]; Temperature limiters for central heating radiators [thermostatic valves] incorporating expansion rods; Louvres for light control; Light emitting diode lights for automobiles; LED landscape lights; Penlights; Mood lights; Dome lights for furniture; Strip lights; Accent lights for indoor use; LED mood lights; Inspection lights; Registration plates (Illumination lights for -); Decorative lights; Reading lights; Decorative lighting for christmas trees; Map lights for vehicles; Running lights for land vehicles; Running lights for aircraft; Backup lights for land vehicles; Motion sensitive security lights; Christmas lights [other than candles]; Brake lights for vehicles; Directional lights for bicycles; Electric holiday lights; Klieg lights; Electric lights for festive decorations; Interior lights for refrigerators; Lights for track mounting; Lights for external installation; Map lights; Lights for gas-discharge lamps; Lights for music stands; Trailer lights; Boat trailer lights; LED underwater lights; Strobe lights [light effects]; Strobe lights [decorative]; Roadlights; Clothes drying apparatus [heat drying]; Automatic ice machines for refrigerators; Fabric steamers; Night lights [other than candles]; Electric night lights; Automatic bread-making machines for domestic use; Watering machines for agricultural purposes; Coffee percolators, electric; Combined ice cube making and dispensing machines; Kitchen machines (Gas -) for cooking; Electric coffee makers for household use; Electric coffee brewers; Refrigerating machines; Electric espresso machines; Pounded rice cake making machines, electric, for household purposes; Electric sandwich makers; Electric chocolate makers; Drying machines for agriculture; Electric tea makers; Dryers for the hands using a warm air drying stream; Sprinkler machines for use on golf courses; Expresso coffee machines; Appliances for cooking foodstuffs; Kebab cooking machines; Bread baking machines; Ice cube making machines; Bread-making machines; Kitchen machines (Electric -) for cooking; Domestic coffee percolators [electric]; LED light machines; Frying machines for food; Steam generators; Snow-making machines; Ice-cream making machines; Cotton candy making machines; Bread making machines for industrial purposes; Tea making machines; Sandwich makers [toasters]; Flush levers for toilets; Flusher handles [parts of sanitary installations]; Cistern lever handles; Toilet seat handles; Electric cooking pots for industrial purposes; Mechanisms for controlling fluid level in tanks [valves]; Ceramic briquettes for use in barbecue grills [non-flammable]; Faucet handles; Brackets for gas burners; Membranes for the filtration of water; Controlled mixers being parts of shower installations; Water mixing appliances; Shower mixing valves; Sink sprayers [plumbing fittings]; Basin mixers [taps]; Mixer taps [faucets]; Kitchen sink sprayers; Vanity units being wash hand basins; Vanity units incorporating basins [connected to the water supply]; Meat safes [refrigerated]; Electric surface heating tapes; Urinals being parts of sanitary installations; Luminous house numbers; Portable urinals for outdoor activities; Lighting ornaments [fittings]; Portable urinals for outdoor activities [sanitary installations]; Thermal oxidizers for industrial air pollution control; Lamp finials; Catalytic oxidizers for industrial air pollution control; Electric skillets; Chip pans (Electric -); Pans (Electric cooking -); Domestic frying pans [electric]; Dirt pans [parts of fires or furnaces]; Lighting panels; Air conditioning panels for use in walk-in coolers; Cooled panels for use with electrical furnaces; Mirror balls being lighting fittings; Non-metallic screens for shower trays; Shower panels; Fire grate fronts (Domestic -); Infrared heating panels; Firing grates for solid fuel; Shades for light sources; Shower screens; Fire grates (Domestic -) of metal; Walls for shower cubicles; Pasteurisers; Shower pans; Cast iron parts for pipes [parts of sanitary installations]; Chandelier pendants; Domestic autoclave pressure cookers [electric]; Pressure cooking saucepans, electric; Stockpots (Electric -); Electric cooking pots [for household purposes]; Fondues [cooking apparatus]; Steam cookers; Cooking hobs; Hot pots [electrically heated]; Electric cooktops; Inset cooking tops; Hobs; Freezing plates; Multiple cooking plates; Hot plates; Electric plate warmers; Hot plates for cooking; Electric hotplates; Electric panini makers; Hot plates [for household purposes]; Ceramic plates sold as parts of hobs; Ceramic plates sold as parts of stoves; Glass plates[parts of stoves]; Plates [parts of ovens]; Plates [parts of stoves]; Crepe cookers; Grill heating plates; Radiant ceiling plates; Electrically energized flask heaters for use in laboratories; Plate warmers; Heating plates; Inset hot plates; Shower platforms; Electric hostess trays; Electrical hot plates for food warming; Tajines, electric; Sink pedestals; Ceramic plates sold as parts of ovens; Pedestals for lavatories; Lava rocks for use in barbecue grills; Sauna rocks; Heat guns; Ceiling lights; Heat pumps; Heat pumps for energy processing; Sconces [electric light fixtures]; Lampshade holders; Heated towel drying rails; Sockets for electric lights; Shower doors; Electrically heated towel rails; Shower doors with a metal frame; Oil pre-heaters; Electrostatic precipitators for cleaning gases; Afterburners being parts of furnaces; Electrostatic precipitators for cleaning air; Shower doors with a non-metallic frame; Water outlets [faucets]; Tortilla presses, electric; Sanitisers; Sectional radiators; Searchlights; Search lights; Laser light projectors; Vehicle reflectors; Handheld spotlights; Propagators [electric]; Floodlights; Child safe protective covers for bathtub spouts; Fireplace fenders; Sanitary water conduit fittings; Flashlight pointers; Illuminated push-buttons; Radiant heaters; Gas fire radiants; Convectors [radiators]; Steam radiators for heating buildings; Infrared radiators; Heated towel rails; Radiators, electric; Electric radiators [not for motors and engines]; Electric radiators for heating buildings; Radiators [heating]; Radiators for central heating installations; Radiators [for industrial air-conditioning purposes]; Central heating radiators; Thermal radiators for the heating of buildings; Domestic radiators; Flat radiators for central heating installations; Ultra-violet radiators not for motors and engines; Cooling installations for water; Water coolers and heaters; Cooling installations for liquids; Nuclear reactors; Biological reactors for clarifying industrial effluents; Reactors being industrial chemical installations; Reactors for gas-gas reactions; Reactors for gas-solids reactions; Pressure vessels for sterilising; Electric heated urns; Cooling tanks for furnaces; Refrigerated shipping containers; Rice cookers; Heat regenerators; Recuperators for pre-heating combustion air in heating systems by the use of hot flue gas; Refrigerators, cooling apparatus and freezers for medical storage purposes; Electric wine coolers for household purposes; Electric wine coolers; Chimney blowers; Aquarium coolers; Refrigeration in the form of benches; Automatic temperature regulators [valves] for central heating radiators; Temperature regulators [thermostatic valves] for central heating radiators; Draught dampers for preventing the spread of fire; Dampers [heating]; Cryorefrigerators; Water pressure reducers [regulating accessories]; Water pressure reducers [safety accessories]; Lamp reflectors; Bicycle reflectors; Reflectors for light deflection; Reflectors for light control; Spot lights for household illumination; Under floor heating; Reflectors for wide area lighting fixtures; Kerosene heaters; Induction water heaters; Induction heaters; Halogen heaters; Water heaters [apparatus]; Air reheaters; USB-powered cup heaters; Electric immersion heaters; Thermal fluid heaters; Portable electric heaters; Industrial heaters; Instantaneous water heaters; Diesel fuel line heaters; Bottle heaters; Depilatory wax heaters; Forced air type horizontally disposed space heaters; Heaters for tents; Heaters for laboratory containers; USB-powered hand warmers; Heaters for temporary structures; Hot tub heaters; Heaters for high tensile structures; Crucible liners; Glass covers being fittings for lamps for sun lamps; Oven fittings made of fireclay; Electric radiant heaters [for household purposes]; Glass covers for lamps; Fitted liners for ovens; Fitted liners for hot tubs; Fitted liners for shower trays; Fittings, shaped, for furnaces; Bath linings, fitted; Linings for fire openings; Fitted covers for portable fireplaces; Anti-splash tap nozzles; Washers for water taps; Bath armatures for water control; Suspension rails [not electrified] for electrical lighting fixtures; Impellers [parts of air conditioning apparatus]; Bath taps; Heating armatures; Spigots; Shower taps; Basin pillar taps; Touchless taps; Bibcocks [plumbing fittings]; Automatic faucets; Water-saving faucets; Taps; Water faucet spout; Electrically controlled water faucets; Stop cocks being safety apparatus for gas apparatus; Water taps being parts of water supply installations; Water taps being parts of sanitary installations; Stop cocks being safety apparatus for water apparatus; Mixer taps for water pipes; Single-lever faucets for sinks; Mixer taps for the manual regulating of water temperature; Taps for bidets; Taps for pipes and pipelines; Taps for water pipes; Shower heads being parts of water supply installations; Pipe line cocks; Taps for the control of water flow; Electronically controlled self-closing shower-taps; Taps for water supply installations; Taps for sanitary installations; Pipe laying cocks; Taps for water supply; Stop cocks for regulating water; Taps for regulating water flow; Stop cocks for regulating gas; Taps for regulating gas flow; Taps for washstands; Single lavatories being inset; Single lavatories pressed from steel; Rollers for roller hearth furnaces; Single lavatories moulded from composite material; Water-saving toilets; Disposable sterilization pouches; Electric samovars; Footmuffs, electrically heated; Humidifiers; Refrigerated shelves; Drying shelves; Saunas; Facial saunas; Gas water heaters for household use; Shelves for refrigerators; Storage water heaters; Domestic baby food warmers [electric]; Water heaters for industrial use; Heaters, electric, for feeding bottles; Towel steamers for hair salons; Bathroom heaters; Towel steamers; Baby food warmers; Heaters for baths; Baby bottle warmers; Domestic baby bottle warmers [electric]; Bottle warmers; Electric beverage warmers; Electric bottle heaters; Water heaters; Circulators [water heaters]; Solar water heaters; Electric water heaters for preparing beverages; Gas fired water heaters; Heaters for heating irons; Bed warmers; Electric warming pans for beds; Handwarmers [other than clothing]; Electric foot warmers; Footwarmers, electric or non-electric; Electric footwarmers [for personal use]; Non-electric footwarmers; Towel steamers [for hairdressing purposes]; Domestic plate warmers; Electric food warmers; Japanese pocket warmers filled with fuel; Stoves; Pocket warmers; Hot water bottles; Warming pans; Warmers [not for medical use]; Hand warmers for personal use; Thermo-pots, electric; Heat exchangers [for chemical processing]; Heat exchangers, other than parts of machines; Heat exchangers for the removal of condensate; Heat exchangers for the temperature control of drinks being dispensed; Heat exchangers for the removal of exhaust gases; Shell heat exchangers; Heat exchangers for fireplaces; Heat exchangers for the removal of flue gases; Non-metallic screens for shower baths; Heat exchangers for central heating purposes; Isothermic cabinets; Shower bath screens (Metal -); Tub wastes; Screens for directing light; Screens for controlling light; Water flushing installations; Automatic flushing installations for urinals; Toilet seats with automatic sanitary cover replacement before use; Toilet stool units with a washing water squirter; Temperature sensors [thermostatic valves] for central heating radiators; Separators for removing condensation by refrigeration; Water purification tanks; Separators for scrubbing gas; Hot water cylinders; Separators for scrubbing air; Reactor vessels; Pressure water tanks; Waste water treatment tanks for household purposes; Waste water treatment tanks; Electrically heated hot water tanks; Toilet tanks; Heating rods; Coils being parts of heating installations; Coils for cooling; Coils being parts of distilling installations; Coils being parts of cooling installations; Coils [parts of distilling, heating or cooling installations]; Air control dampers; Coils for heating; Draught dampers for preventing the spread of gases; Draught regulators for preventing the spread of flames; Draught regulators for preventing the spread of smoke; Sliding plate smoke dampers; Sliding plate fire dampers; Decorative lighting sets; Decorative gas lighting sets; Draught dampers for inhibiting the spread of fire; Coarse strainers for water screening; Lighted disco balls; Sprinkler systems for irrigation; Sprinkler systems for lawn irrigation; Apparatus for ventilating; Hydroponic growing systems; Room deodorant dispensing systems; Water purifying units for producing potable water; Air freshener dispensing systems; Drip irrigation systems; Ice rink chiller systems; Cooling systems for motor cars; Radiant linear heating systems; Propane gas fired space heaters; Skin effect heating; Electric trace heating; Ballast water treatment systems; Electric room deodorizing units; HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning); Vehicle HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning); Air balancing dampers; Electrically powered air blowers for ventilation purposes; Electrically powered air blowers for air-conditioning purposes; Electrically powered blowers for dust extraction from the air; Fans [parts of air-conditioning installations]; Electrically powered blowers for ventilation; Shower roses; Overhead showers; Solaria being suntanning apparatus, not for medical purposes; Ice cream freezers; Solaria, other than for medical purposes; Self-luminous light sources; Light sources of electro luminescence; Burner caps for gas stoves; Full spectrum light sources; Ionising brushes for the treatment of air; Roasting spits [electric] for use with electricity; Roasting spits [electric] for use with barbecues; Roasting spits [electric] for use with gas; Roasting spits for cooking ovens; Roasting spits; Electrically heated roasting skewers; Doors for refrigerators; Sprinklers [automatic] for surface installation; Sprinklers [automatic] for underground installation; Sprinklers [automatic installations] for watering flowers and plants; Sprayers [automatic installations] for watering; Irrigation sprinklers; Faucet sprayers; Sprinkler machines for agricultural irrigation; Waffle irons; Sprinkler machines for horticultural irrigation; Ultrasonic sterilizers for household purposes; Steam sterilizers; Steam sterilizers for household use; Steam sterilizers for industrial use; Steam sterilizers for laboratory use; Steam sterilizers for medical use; Portable steam sterilizers; Steam sterilizers for floors; Air sterilizers; Air sterilizers for household purposes; Shoe sterilizers for household purposes; Sterilizers [not for medical purposes]; Milk sterilizers; Sterilisers for babies' feeding bottles; Sterilizers for laboratory use; Book sterilizers; Sterilizers for telephone receivers; Sterilisers for medical instruments; Sterilizers for toothbrushes; Sterilisers for dental instruments; Sterilizers for household use; Sterilizers for surgical instruments; Sterilizers for industrial use; Ultraviolet sterilizers; Sterilizers for medical use; Wicks adapted for oil stoves; LED light strips; Personal heating and drying implements; Hand sets being shower fittings; Thermal storage instruments [solar energy] for heating; Central heating apparatus; Lighting armatures; Transportable instruments for processing sewage; Coal stoves; Coal stoves [space heaters for household use]; Charcoal stoves; Simulated coal fires [domestic]; Gas stoves [space-heaters for household use]; Gas stoves; Slow-burning stoves [wood stoves for household use]; Wood burning stoves; Oil stoves; Stoves [heating apparatus]; Oil stoves [space heaters for household use]; Combined stoves; Simulated log fires [domestic]; Portable electric fires; Japanese charcoal heaters for household purposes use (hibachi); Space heaters for vehicles; Japanese charcoal cooking stoves for household purposes (shichirin); Solid fuel burning stoves; Stoves for heating; Stands adapted for cookers; Kiln furniture [supports]; Supports for kilns; Food warming stands [heated]; Supports adapted for use with solar heating tubes; Steam superheaters [for industrial purposes]; Electrically heated carpets; Heated carpets; Radiator caps; Plugs of metal for baths; Plugs of metal for showers; Plugs of metal for sinks; Wash basin stoppers; Toilet bowls and seats sold as a unit; Toilet bowls with integrated bidet water jets; Electrically-heated mugs; Electric broiling pans; Broiling pans; Fitted spa covers; Tea urns (Electric -); Spas [heated pools]; Ventilation terminals; Convector heaters; Electrical heating pads, other than for medical [treatment] use; Automatic temperature regulators for central heating radiators; Fan heaters; Water-saving showerheads; LED flashlights; Solar powered torches; Butane torches for kitchen use; Flashlights utilising electric rechargeable devices; Helmet lights; Portable hand lamps [for illumination]; Tobacco roasters; Roasters; Rechargeable torches; Electric roasters for industrial purposes; Fruit roasters; Vacuum distillation columns for industrial use; Mobile light towers; Water cooling towers; Refining towers for distillation; Evaporative cooling towers; Scrubbing towers for the purification of gases; Hot sandwich toasters; Electric coffee roasters; Electric toasters; Bread toasters; Electric sandwich toasters; Domestic bread toasters [electric]; Lighting transformers; Discharge tubes, electric, for lighting; Light discharge tubes; Waste pipes for sanitary installations; Flexible pipes being parts of shower plumbing installations; Flexible pipes being parts of sink plumbing installations; Waste pipes for bathtubs; Flexible pipes being parts of basin plumbing installations; Flexible pipes being parts of bath plumbing installations; Shower hoses for hand showers; Shower hoses; Luminous tubes for lighting; Flexible strip wound pipes of metal [parts of sanitary installations]; Corrugated pipes of metal [parts of sanitary installations]; Boiler pipes [tubes] for heating installations; Light tubes being parts of insect killing apparatus; Fluorescent lighting tubes; Hot air tunnels; Cooking tunnels; Hot air shrink tunnels; Damping nozzles [parts of fires]; Jet nozzles for generating massage currents in spa baths; Damping nozzles [parts of furnaces]; Irrigation spray nozzles; Drip irrigation emitters [irrigation fittings]; Anion generating humidifiers; Air humidifiers [water containers for central heating radiators]; Electric humidifiers; Industrial humidifiers; Humidifiers [other than for medical use]; Electric humidifiers for household use; Room humidifiers that contain water and are placed on central heating radiators; Room humidifiers [apparatus]; Humidifiers for central heating radiators; Humidifiers for musical instruments; Humidifiers [for household purposes]; USB-powered humidifiers for household use; Spray units being parts of water supply installations; Sink units; Battery powered incandescent emergency lighting units; Battery powered fluorescent emergency lighting units; Smoke curing units; Freezer storage units; Extractor units [ventilation]; Chlorinating units for water treatment; Window-mounted air conditioning units; Smoke baking units; Water purification units; Smoke cooking units; Water distilling units; Submerged combustion evaporation units; Smoke drying units; Air purifying units for commercial use; Heated polymerisation units for dental restoration compounds; Water filtering units; Light assemblies; Air purifying units for household use; Cooling apparatus; Chiller units being parts of water cooling installations; Commercial refrigeration units; Chemical sterilization units [water treatment equipment]; Heating units; Ultra-violet water sterilisation units for industrial use; Control units [thermostatic valves] for heating installations; Water conditioning units; Sterilization units for medical instruments; Cartridge filtration units [water treatment equipment]; Water filtering units for aquariums; Cooking utensils, electric; Ball cocks for toilet tanks; Float valves [ball cocks]; Ball valves; Steam valves; Valves as part of radiators; Valves being part of sanitary installations; Stop valves being safety apparatus for water apparatus; Stop valves being safety apparatus for gas apparatus; Stop valves for regulating gas; Stop valves for regulating water; Temperature control valves [parts of central heating radiators]; Valves (Level controlling -) being parts for sanitary installations; Radiator valves; Shower control valves [plumbing fittings]; Water regulating valves [safety accessories]; Water control valves for faucets; Water control valves; Level control valves; Water regulating valves [regulating accessories]; Temperature control valves [parts of water supply installations]; Water control valves [level controlling] in cisterns; Water control valves for water cisterns; Pressure relief valves [safety apparatus] for water apparatus; Tub control valves [plumbing fittings]; Control valves (Thermostatic -) for central heating radiators; Pressure relief valves [safety apparatus] for water pipes; Pressure relief valves [safety apparatus] for gas apparatus; Safety valves for water pipes; Pressure relief valves [safety apparatus] for gas pipes; Safety valves for gas apparatus; Safety valves for water apparatus; Safety valves for gas pipes; Dampers for furnaces; Dampers for ventilating installations; Mixing valves being part of sanitary installations; Manually-operated plumbing valves; Mixing valves [faucets] for sinks; Mixing valves [faucets]; Mixing valves [faucets] for basins; Valves being parts of sprinkler systems; Valves for air conditioners; Shower valves; Temperature control valves [parts of central heating installations]; Level controlling valves in tanks; Valves [faucets] being parts for sanitary installations; Thermostatic valves [parts of heating installations]; Radiator valves [thermostatic]; Food steamers, electric; Thermostatic valves; Wallpaper steamers; Steam facial apparatus [saunas]; Garment steamers; Steamers for chemical processing; Wash boilers; Bath tubs; Variable height baths for use by the physically handicapped; Side-entry baths for use by the physically handicapped; Sitz baths; Baths incorporating air jets; Baths incorporating apparatus for assisting entry into the bath; Bath tubs for sitz baths; Baths for use by the physically handicapped; Coolers for furnaces; Hydrotherapy baths; Baths incorporating apparatus for assisting exit out of the bath; Hot tubs; Spa pools; Warming trays; Expansion tanks for central heating installations; Ventilating fans; Turbine ventilators [ventilation apparatus]; Compressed air ventilators; Table fans; Suction ventilators; Roof fans; Electrically powered fans for ventilation purposes; Electric window fans; Electric fans for personal use; Electric fans [for household purposes]; Electric fans with evaporative cooling devices; Aeolian ventilators; Portable electric fans; Ventilators for automobiles; Room air fans; Ventilators for heat exchangers; Ventilating fans for commercial use; Ventilating fans for household use; Ventilating fans for industrial use; Ventilating fans for use in vehicles; USB-powered desktop fans; Radial air fans; Motorised fans for ventilation; Axial fans; Ventilating exhaust fans; Air impellers for ventilation; Axial fans for air-conditioning; Electric heating fans; Electrical fans being parts of household airconditioning installations; Motorised fans for air conditioning; Electrical fans being parts of household ventilation installations; Fans for gas extractors; Fans for fume extractors; Fans for exhaust extractors; Fans for air conditioning apparatus; Fire ventilators for exhausting gases; Lamp chimneys made of glass; Electrically heated clothing for medical use; Lamp glasses; Sight glasses for boilers; Display freezers; Refrigerating display cabinets; Freezer showcases; Refrigerated cabinets for the display of drink; Refrigerated showcases; Single lavatories being close coupled; Heated display cabinets; Electric woks.
Class Code: 021
Class Description: Houseware and Glass Products
Goods & Services: Drinking troughs; Non-mechanized pet waterers in the nature of portable water and fluid dispensers for pets; Watering troughs for cattle; Drinking troughs for poultry; Animal activated livestock waterers; Fly swatters; Aquariums; Indoor aquaria; Aquaria and vivaria; Wine aerators; Beverage stirrers; Coffee stirrers; Cocktail sticks; Boot trees [stretchers]; Shoe trees [stretchers]; Glove stretchers; Cupcake stands; Cake trays; Insect vivaria; Ant vivaria; Cruets; Oil cruets of precious metal; Cruets of precious metal; Glass bulbs [receptacles]; Sacred vessels; Cruets not of precious metal; Cruet stands; Vinegar cruets; Towel rails and rings; Rings for towels [bathroom fittings]; Poultry rings; Napkin rings; Cake rings; Napkin rings, not of precious metal; Rings for birds; Rings for towels, not of precious metal; Napkin rings of precious metal; Polishing apparatus and machines, for household purposes, non-electric; Deodorizing apparatus for personal use; Appliances for removing make-up, electric; Battery operated lint removers; Non-electric milk frothers; Air fragrancing apparatus; Noodle machines, hand-operated; Aerosol dispensers, not for medical purposes; Non-electric carpet cleaners; Electric make-up removing appliances; Non-electric make-up removing appliances; Heaters for feeding bottles, non-electric; Appliances for removing make-up, non-electric; Applicator sticks for applying makeup; Floor wax applicators mountable on a mop handle; Apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums using high pressure water for home use; Applicators for cosmetics; Carpet shampoo applicators (Non-electric -); Eye make-up applicators; Applicators for applying eye make-up; Bottle openers, electric and non-electric; Bottle openers incorporating knives; Bottle openers [hand-operated]; Non-electric bottle openers; Butter curlers; Brush goods; Porcelain articles for decorative purposes; Drinking glasses; Decorative china; Food cooling devices, containing heat exchange fluids, for household purposes; Small animal feeders; Articles for the care of clothing and footwear; Cleaning articles; Dental cleaning articles; Ironing boards; Bread boards; Washing boards; Toilet cases; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Chopstick cases; Toothbrush containers; Cases adapted for cosmetic utensils; Cases adapted for toilet utensils; Flower syringes; Perfume sprayers [sold empty]; Perfume vaporizers; Sushi rolling equipment; Autoclaves, non-electric, for cooking; Autoclaves (Non-electric -) for household use; Pot plant support sticks; Sprayer wands for garden hoses; Glass rods; Disposable chopsticks; Bowls [basins]; Bird baths not being structures; Bathroom basins [receptacles]; Plastic bowls [basins]; Bird baths; Rinsing tubs; Basins [receptacles]; Denture baths; Storage tins; Glass storage jars; Food preserving jars of glass; Kitchen containers; Double boilers; Glass jars; Insulating jars; Storage jars; Cookie jars; Mustard pots; Mason jars; Pet treat jars; Jars for household use; Spice jars; Utensil jars; Vacuum jars; Shaving brushes; Saucers for flower pots; Cocktail stirrers; Dental sticks for personal use; Sticks for frozen confections; Sticks for cake pops; Sticks for lollipops; Chopsticks; Cooking pot sets; Meat tenderisers for household purposes; Carpet beaters [hand instruments]; Tenderizers [kitchen utensils]; Carpet sweepers (Non-electric -); Pouring spouts; Beaters, non-electric; Cake decorating tips and tubes; Schnapps glasses; Pouring spouts for household use; Glasses, drinking vessels and barware; Beer mugs; Feeding cups; Brandy snifters; Champagne flutes; Coffee mugs; Cocktail glasses; Margarita glasses; Wine glasses; Cordial glasses; Pint glasses; Whisky glasses; Cups made of plastics; Glass cups; Cups and mugs; Tumblers; Cups of paper or plastic; Glasses [drinking vessels]; Pilsner drinking glasses; Hip flasks; Plastic bins [dustbins]; Milk churns; Grill pans made of precious stone; Tablecloth holders; Cold packs used to keep food and drink cold; Beer jugs; Tankards; Pint tankards; Porcelain mugs; Glass mugs; Beer glasses; Pewter tankards; Tankards of precious metal; Mugs made of earthenware; Glass bowls; Glass jars [carboys]; Tea infusers; Goldfish bowls; Milk pans; Perfume bottles; Kettles, non-electric; Whistling kettles; Japanese cast iron kettles, non-electric (tetsubin); Candy boxes; Candy boxes, not of precious metal; Drinking bottles; Drinking bottles for sports; Sports bottles sold empty; Isothermic bags; Cheesecloth bags for use in cooking; Cosmetic bags [fitted]; Bottles; Thermal insulated bags for food or beverages; Decorative sand bottles; Aluminum water bottles, empty; Water bottles for bicycles; Plastic water bottles [empty]; Reusable stainless steel water bottles; Empty water bottles for bicycles; Plastic bottles; Glass flasks [containers]; Insulating flasks; Reusable plastic water bottles sold empty; Water bottles; Reusable stainless steel water bottles sold empty; Hair color application bottles; Sake serving bottles (tokkuri); Shaker bottles sold empty; Bottles for pharmaceuticals sold empty; Squeeze bottle [empty]; Refrigerating bottles; Bottles, sold empty; Cream jugs; Glass decanters; Jugs of precious metal; Toby jugs; Jugs, not of precious metal; Vacuum jugs (Non-electric -); Syrup jugs; Jugs; Enamelled jars; Wash basin pitchers; Incense burners [domestic]; Perfume burners [other than electric]; Tealight burners; Essential oil burners; Oil burners (aromatherapy); Fragrant oil burners; Butter dishes; Busts made of glass; Busts made of china; Busts made of terra cotta; Busts of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; Busts made of earthenware; Busts of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; Coffee pots; Coffeepots, non-electric; Coffee pots not of precious metal; Non-electric coffee servers of precious metal; Stemware; Pewter goblets; Drinking goblets; Shoe horns; Brushes for footwear; Chamber pots; Exfoliating slippers; Non-electric wall sconces [candle holders]; Pillar candle plates; Butter-dish covers; Cake domes; Candelabra [candlesticks]; Candlesticks with wind protection; Glass candlesticks; Candlesticks of precious metal; Non-electric candelabra; Non-electric candelabras of precious metal; Buckets made of woven fabrics; Straws for drinking; Refillable coffee capsules; Refillable tea capsules; Decanters; Jars for cooking grease, empty; Wine jugs; Lazy susans; Porcelain signboards; Glass cartridges for medication, empty; Cotton waste for cleaning; Wool waste for cleaning; Stew-pans; Dutch ovens; Litter boxes for pets; Casseroles [dishes]; Bread bins; Boot jacks; Corkscrews, electric and non-electric; Corkscrews with knives; Dusters; Tablemats, not of paper or textile; Furniture dusters; Epergnes, not of precious metal; Epergnes of precious metals; Epergnes; Laundry baskets; Laundry baskets for household purposes; Dish drying racks; Salad spinners; Chip pan baskets; Steamer baskets; Draining trays; Baskets of common metal for household use; Bottle baskets coated with precious metal; Caddies for holding hair accessories for household and domestic use; Plant baskets; Pedal bins; Fitted picnic baskets; Wire baskets [cooking utensils]; Picnic boxes; Towel baskets; Litter baskets of metal; Waste paper baskets; Flower baskets; Bread baskets for household purposes; Waste bins for household use; Baskets for household purposes; Dustbins; Bins for household refuse; Japanese rice bowls [chawan]; Closures for pot lids; Waffle irons, non-electric; Make-up artist belts; Biodegradable bowls; Biodegradable paper pulp-based bowls; Compostable bowls; Suction bowls; Serving bowls (hachi); Shaving dishes; Japanese rice bowls of precious metal (chawan); Flower bowls; Japanese rice bowls not of precious metal (chawan); Bowls of precious metal; Earthenware basins; Pet drinking bowls; Food containers for pet animals; Plastic bowls [household containers]; Bowls for candy; Bowls for floral decorations; Japanese style soup serving bowls (wan); Mixing bowls; Shallow bowls; Cocktail shakers; Laundry sorters for household use; Powder puffs; Strainers; Tea strainers; Cooking strainers; Wine strainers; Droppers sold empty for cosmetic purposes; Colanders for household use; Droppers for household purposes; Salt cellars of precious metal; Lunch boxes made of plastic; Lockable non-metal household containers for food; Baking containers made of glass; Vegetable racks; Double heat insulated containers for food; Glasses [receptacles]; Foil food containers; Urns made of precious metals; Cast stone containers for household; Plastic containers for dispensing drink to pets; Plastic containers for dispensing food to pets; Glass holders for candles; Preserve glasses; Insulated containers for beverage cans, for domestic use; All-purpose portable household containers; Drinks containers; Containers (Non-metallic -) for holy water; Non-metal recycling bins for household use; Compost containers for household use; Neoprene zippered bottle holders; Confectioners' decorating bags [pastry bags]; Holders for flowers; Household containers for storing pet food; Containers for dentifrices; Containers for ice, for household purposes; Containers for ice; Lunch boxes made of metal; Food storage containers; Lotion containers, empty, for household use; Garbage pails; Sandwich boxes; Shaving brush stands; Containers for pot pourri; Flower pots; Refuse containers; Plastic bag holders for household use; Repotting containers for plants; Soap containers; Dispensers for liquid soap [for household purposes]; Lunch boxes; Heat-insulated containers; Portable cool boxes, non-electric; Thermal insulated containers for food or beverage; Heat-insulated containers for beverages; Combined lids for kitchen containers; Plastic lids for plant pots; Ceramic tissue box covers; Glass lids for industrial packaging containers; Insulated lids for plates and dishes; Disposable lids for household containers; Aquarium hoods; Cup lids; Frying pan lids; Saucepan lids; Dish covers; Pot lids; Insulated food cover domes; Fitted covers for buckets or pails; Ironing board covers, shaped; Fitted trash receptacle covers; Fruit cups; Coupes; Cheese-dish covers; Flower-pot covers, not of paper; Tea cosies; Reusable silicone food covers; Drinking horns; Strawberry hullers; Cleaning cotton; Horsehair for brush-making; Crystal [glassware]; Plate glass [raw material]; Smoothed plate glass; Sifters [household utensils]; Reusable ice cubes; Cinder sifters [household utensils]; Basting spoons [cooking utensils]; Honey servers; Japanese style cooked rice scoops [shamoji]; Dog food scoops; Mixing spoons [kitchen utensils]; Coffee scoops; Serving spoons; Abrasive pads for kitchen purposes; Foot exfoliating pads; Comb cases; Insulating sleeve holder for beverage cups; Insulating sleeve holders for beverage cans; Demijohns; Pomanders [containers]; Wine decanters; Aromatic oil diffusers, other than reed diffusers; Porcelain cake decorations; Abrasive discs for kitchen [cleaning] purposes; Plug-in diffusers for mosquito repellents; Shower gel dispensers; Lint removers, electric or non-electric; Drip preventers for bottles; Electric apparatus for killing insects; Electric lint removers; Electric devices for attracting and killing insects; Non-electric egg crackers for household use; Devices for pest and vermin control; Animal activated animal feeders; Animal-activated pet feeders; Ultrasonic cleansing devices for dental prostheses; Tie presses; Squeegees for dishes; Napkin dispensers for household use; Ultrasonic pest repellers; Hair fixer dispensers; Fitted dispensers for wiping, drying, polishing and cleaning paper; Cotton ball dispensers; Paper towel dispensers; Kitchen paper dispensers; Straw dispensers; Toilet paper dispensers; Non-mechanized animal feeders; Dispensers for cling film [other than fixed]; Dental floss dispensers; Body cleanser dispensers; Dispensers for facial tissues; Dispensers for paper wipes [other than fixed]; Dispensers for cellulose wipes, for household use; Dispensers for liquid soap; Hand towel dispensers, other than fixed; Soap dispensers; Shampoo dispensers; Hand soap dispensers; Dispensers for serviettes; Electronic pet feeders; Portable beverage dispensers; Water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums; Ice scoops [barware]; Skin care cream dispensers; Portable dispensers for powdered milk; Salt cellars; Dispensers for detergents; Dispensers for liquids for use with bottles; Spaghetti measurers; Greenhouse syringes; Blenders, non-electric, for household purposes; Personal dispensers for pills or capsules for domestic use; Bait stations, empty, for feeding rodenticides to rodents; Dispensers for the storage of toilet paper [other than fixed]; Non electric juice extractors; Dispensers for cosmetics; Decanter tags; Earthenware; Liqueur flasks; Vitreous silica fibres, other than for textile use; Fibreglass, other than for insulation or textile use; Fiberglass figurines; Figurines of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; Filaments for making brushes; Floss for dental purposes; Fibreglass thread, other than for textile use; Battery-powered dental flossers; Medicated dental floss; Coffee filters, non-electric; Non-electric coffee drippers for brewing coffee; Filters for use in cat litter pans; Strainers for household purposes; Window-boxes; Planters of earthenware; Planters of clay; Flower bowls of precious metal; Planters of plastic; Porcelain flower pots; Planters of glass; Flasks; Empty spray bottles; Tissue box covers; Cookie sheets; Baking sheets of common metal; Barbecue forks; Serving forks; Boot stretchers of wood; Pasta serving forks; Carving forks; Plastic ice pop forms; Plastic molds for household use in making soap; Muffin tins; Cupcake molds; Cake tins; Cookie [biscuit] cutters; Non-electric food mixers; Whisks, non-electric, for household purposes; Deep fryers, non-electric; Blenders for food [non-electric]; Whisks; Fruit bowls; Fruit bowls of glass; Smoke absorbers for household purposes; Wire cages for household pets; Cages of metal for domestic use; Birdcages; Bird cages for domestic birds; Cages for household pets; Clothes drying hangers; Buttonhooks; Mess-tins; Mess-tins [rice cooking canteens]; Non-electric ice cream makers; China ornaments; Ice buckets; Garden gnomes of porcelain; Garden gnomes of earthenware; Grills [cooking utensils]; Garden gnomes of glass; Zesters; Scalp scratchers; Back scratchers; Rotary cheese graters; Graters; Graters for kitchen use; Nutmeg graters; Graters [non-electric household utensils]; Camping grills; Abrasive gloves for scrubbing vegetables; Non-electric griddles; Oven mitts; Gardening gloves; Cotton gloves for household purposes; Rubber gloves for household use; Household plastic gloves; Exfoliating mitts; Car washing mitts; Animal grooming gloves; Polishing gloves; Shoe polishing mitts; Household gloves for cleaning purposes; Dusting gloves; Gloves for household purposes; Trays of paper, for household purposes; Pet grooming glove; Canning rubber for household purposes; Trays for household purposes; Ant habitats; Insect habitats; Funnels; Plastic funnels; Cooking funnels; Automobile oil funnels; Tea infusers of precious metal; Tea infusers not of precious metal; Watering cans; Sprinklers; Salad bowls; Signboards of porcelain or glass; Oral irrigators, other than for use in dentistry; Glass signboards; Lawn sprinklers; Periodontal irrigators [non-electric] for personal use; Thermal insulated wrap for cans to keep the contents cold or hot; Seed tray inserts; Japanese nests of food boxes [jubako]; Periodontal irrigators [electric] for personal use; Portable cooking kits for outdoor use; Hurricane lamps (non-electrical); Oral care kits comprising toothbrushes and floss; Steelwool; Steel wool for cleaning; Glass wool, other than for insulation; Metallic wool for cleaning purposes; Metallic wool for scouring purposes; Tar-brushes, long handled; Nozzles for watering hose; Wired plate glass, not for building; Sheets of glass, other than for building; Figured plate glass, not for building; Plate glass for cars; Wash basins [bowls, not parts of sanitary installations]; Polished plate glass; Finger bowls; Cloth for washing floors; Telescopic window cleaners; Dripping pans; Vegetable dishes; Rotary washing lines; Non-electric floor polishers; Apparatus for wax-polishing, non-electric; Wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes; Non-electric plunger style coffee makers; Vacuum coffee makers; Hand operated sushi makers; Coffee percolators, non-electric; Non-electric pasta makers for domestic use; Spice grinders (Non-electric -); Coffee grinders; Non-electrical coffee grinders; Coffee grinders, hand-operated; Pepper mills, hand-operated; Salt mills; Majolica; Feeding troughs of metal for cattle; Mangers for animals; Feeding troughs for livestock; Animal activated livestock feeders; Mangers for horses; Bird feeders for feeding birds in the wild; Pig troughs; Mangers for cows; Mangers for sheep; Bird feeders; Poultry troughs; Bird feeders for feeding caged birds; Bird feeders in the nature of containers; Pet feeding and drinking bowls; Broom handles, not of metal; Handles made of plastics for sweeping brushes; Handles made of plastics for brushes; Handles (Non-metallic -) for brushes; Broom handles; Handles for brushes; Cleaning mitts of fabric; Cooking pots; Feeding troughs; Polishing materials for making shiny, except preparations, paper and stone; Material for brush-making; Polishing cloths; Menorahs; Rolling pins, domestic; Ladles for serving wine; Serving scoops [household or kitchen utensil]; Serving ladles; Mops; Mop wringers; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of glass; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of porcelain; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of terra-cotta; Ornamental models made of porcelain; Clothes-pegs; Mortars for kitchen use; Japanese style earthenware mortars [suribachi]; Mills for household purposes, hand-operated; Nebulizers for household use; Mosaics of glass, not for building; Brushes for pipes; Fitted picnic baskets, including dishes; Nest eggs, artificial; Works of art made of glass; Works of art made of crystal; Works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; Works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; Works of art made of porcelain; Works of art made of earthenware; Bakers' tinware; Cruet sets for oil and vinegar; Porcelain ware; Ceramics for kitchen use; Cruet stands of precious metal; Opaline glass; Aquarium ornaments; Ornamental sculptures made of porcelain; Frying pans; Cold packs for chilling food and beverages; Bota bags; Metal pans; Metal pans for cattle; Non-electric cooking pans; Skillets (Non-electric -); Butter pans; Pancake frying pans; Swedish pancake pans; Egg frying pans; Shallow pans for cooking; Saucepan scourers of metal; Household scouring pads; Scourers for saucepans; Pads of metal for cleaning; Scouring pads; Cake servers; Cauldrons; Pizza peels; Ice cream scoops; Scoops for household purposes; Dust-pans; Rice scoops; Rice paddles [cooked rice serving scoops]; Pie servers; Scoops for the disposal of animals excrement; Litter scoops for use with pet animals; Scoops for the disposal of pet waste; Sugar scoops; Laundry balls for use as household utensils; Spatulas for kitchen use; Dryer balls; Glass panels [semi-finished article]; Scouring cloths; Glass bars, not for building; Dishcloths for washing dishes; Anti-static cloths for household use; Disposable duster sleeves for cleaning; Ironing cloths; Microfiber cloths for cleaning; Eyeglass cleaning cloths; Shoe shine cloths; Cloths for cleaning made from cellulose; Cloths for cleaning; Optical fiber connector cleaning cloths; Glossing cloths [not abrasive]; Lintless cleaning cloths; Cleaning cloths for camera lenses; Shoe cloths; Polishing leather; Diaper pails; Glass sheets; Hair for brushes; Chamois leather for cleaning; Leathers for cleaning purposes; Raccoon dog hair for brushes; Basting brushes; Cake brushes; Make-up brushes; Eyeliner brushes; Pastry brushes; Lip brushes; Ski wax brushes; Brushes for basting meat; Shaving brushes of badger hair; Pressure cookers; Hot pots, not electrically heated; Cookware and tableware, except forks, knives and spoons; Cooking pots for use in microwave ovens; Steamers [cookware]; Non-electric rice cooking pots; Serving pots; Cooking pots and pans [non-electric]; Couscous cooking pots, non-electric; Vacuum flask cookers; Slow cookers (Non-electric -); Egg poachers; Pestles for kitchen use; Semi-worked glass beads; Steak weights; Pepper pots; Japanese style wooden pestles (surikogi); Fruit muddlers; Electric combs; Combs; Electric hair combs; Combs for use on domestic animals; Combs for animals; Hair combs; Eyelash combs; Combs for back-combing hair; Large-toothed combs for the hair; Cleaning combs; Cloths for wiping optical lenses; Pastry boards; Plates to prevent milk boiling over; Plates for diffusing aromatic oil; Table plates; Biodegradable plates; Compostable plates; Collector plates; Biodegradable paper pulp-based plates; Soufflé dishes; Dessert plates; Dishes; Paper plates; Tajines, non-electric; Jewelry dishes; Plastic plates [dishes]; Glass plates; Serving platters of precious metal; Disposable table plates; Plastic plates; Dishes not of precious metal; Relish dishes; Plates not of precious metal; Plates for hors d'oeuvre; Potpourri dishes; Dishes for microwave ovens; Gratin dishes; Fireproof dishes; Saucers; Decorative plates; Souvenir plates; Candle rings of precious metal; Candle rings; Candle rings, not of precious metal; Tea bag rests; Saucers not of precious metals; Saucers made of precious metals; Saucer lights with snuffers; Nine sectioned lacquer ware serving plates (Gujeolpan); Small jugs; Pizza stones; Whisky stones; Asparagus tongs; Barbecue tongs; Ice tongs; Bread tongs; Salad tongs; Meat tongs; Serving tongs; Pipettes [wine-tasters]; Spaghetti tongs; Vegetable tongs; Sugar tongs; Bulb basters; Baking dishes made of earthenware; Baking dishes made of porcelain; Dusting brushes; Ramekins; Chopstick rests; Nylon mesh body cleansing puff; Feather-dusters; Knife rests; Glass powder; Vacuum pumps for wine bottles; Spoon rests; Trivets [table utensils]; Knife rests for the table; Foam drink holders; Toilet roll stands; Candle holders of wrought iron; Menu card holders; Place card holders; Soap holders; Spice racks; Toothbrush holders; Sponge holders; Toothpick holders; Toothpick holders of precious metal; Table napkin holders; Mug racks; Inflatable drink holders; Glass holders; Bathroom glass holder; Bottle stands; Wine bottle cradles; Candle holders of precious metal; Candle holders not of precious metal; Powder compacts; Powder compacts of precious metal; Powder compacts [cases]; Powder compacts of precious metal [sold empty]; Powder compacts [empty]; Knife blocks; Portable beverage container holders; Cheese domes; Plastic juice box holders; Incense stick holders; Tealight holders; Pill boxes for personal use; Pill boxes [not for medical purposes]; Plastic bath racks [caddies]; Cutlery trays; Hand soap racks; Wall soap dishes; Towel racks; Toilet paper holders; Towel rings; Rails for towels, not of precious metal; Water closet brush holders; Towel rings, not of precious metal; Brush holders; Cup holders; Toast racks; Mug trees; Napkin holders, not of precious metal; Napkin holders of precious metal; Egg cups; Egg cups of precious metal; Plastic egg holders for domestic use; Egg cups, not of precious metal; Flower pot holders; Jardinieres of earthenware; Perches for bird cages; Jardinieres of glass; Potholders; Oven heat resistant pads; Steak weight; Fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; Garlic presses [kitchen utensils]; Tortilla presses; Tortilla presses, non-electric [kitchen utensils]; Hand-operated cookie presses; Ceramics for household purposes; Perfume burners; Shoe scrapers incorporating brushes; Crumb trays; Fused quartz; Wine drip collars specially adapted for use around the top of wine bottles to stop drips; Pastry cutters; Grill scrapers [cleaning articles]; Pan scrapers; Scrapers for household purposes; Scrapers (kitchen implements); Carpet rakes; Aluminium bakeware; Industrial packaging containers of glass; Oven to table racks; Industrial packaging containers of porcelain; Glass pots; Heat insulated domestic vessels of glass; Heat insulated domestic vessels of earthenware; Heat insulated domestic vessels of porcelain; Garlic cellars; Cotton ball jars; Drinking vessels; Rice cookers for use in microwave ovens; Household containers; Household containers of precious metal; Containers for household or kitchen use; Containers for bird food; Popcorn tins, empty, for household use; Containers for cosmetics; Bottle coolers [receptacles]; Bottle coolers; Hair tinting bowls; Thermally insulated containers for food; Beverage coolers [containers]; Butter coolers; Caviar coolers; Coolers for wine; Portable beverage coolers; Coolers [non-electric containers]; Cooking mesh bags, other than for microwaves; Cooling racks for baked goods; Fitted racks for skin care creams; Racks for body cleansers; Shower gel racks; Soap racks; Shampoo racks; Lint rollers; Lint rollers [adhesive] for removing lint from clothing; Lint rollers for floors; Fitted liners for ice buckets; Salt and pepper mills; Salt and pepper shakers; Salt shakers of precious metal; Gravy boats; Coin banks; Metal coin banks; Ceramic coin boxes; Coin banks of precious metal; Piggy banks of china; Coin banks, not of precious metal; Non-metal coin banks; Coin banks (Piggy banks); Non-electric samovars; Beaters (Non-electric -) for kitchen use; Fitted racks for wiping, drying, polishing and cleaning paper; Fitted racks for hair fixers; Racks for cosmetics; Bento boxes; Decorative boxes of glass; Candy boxes of precious metal; Boxes of porcelain; Boxes of earthenware; Boxes of glass; Metal boxes for dispensing paper towels; Boxes of precious metal for sweets; Enamel boxes; Boxes for dispensing paper serviettes; Tea caddies; Boxes for holding artificial teeth; Boxes for dispensing paper towels; Soap boxes; Nutcrackers; Nutcrackers of precious metal; Nutcrackers not of precious metal; Potato ricers; Vegetable mashers; Slotted spoons; Skimmers [non-electric kitchen implements]; Non-electric coffee frothers; Bowls for nuts; Salad drainers (Hand-operated -); Brooms; Mopping brushes; Swivel mops; Carpet sweepers; Interdental brushes for cleaning the teeth; Sculptures made from glass; Ice sculptures for decorative purposes; Figurines made of terra cotta; Buckets; Buckets incorporating castors; Buckets incorporating mop wringers; Plastic buckets; Plastic buckets for storing bath toys; Coal buckets for household use; Bathroom pails; Coal scuttles; Mop pails; Mop pails incorporating mop wringers; Rinsing pails; Mop wringer buckets; Buckets for household use; Buckets for industrial use; Bottle buckets; Champagne buckets; Wine buckets; Sauna buckets; Foam toe separators for use in pedicures; Egg separators, non-electric, for household purposes; Water tanks [for live fish]; Coffee services [tableware]; Demitasse sets comprised of cups and saucers; Coffee services of ceramic; Coffee services of precious metal; Coffee services of china; Coffee services, not of precious metal; Liqueur sets; Services [dishes]; Bone china tableware [other than cutlery]; Tea services [tableware]; Tea services of precious metal; Tea services not of precious metal; Beverageware; Spice sets; Cream and sugar sets; Canister sets; Toilet brushes; Flour sifters; Sieves [household utensils]; Animal bristles [brushware]; Cattle hair for brushes; Pig bristles for brush-making; Toothbrush bristles; Ornamental glass spheres; Siphon bottles for carbonated water; Siphons for cream; Fused silica [semi-worked product], other than for building; Water syringes for spraying plants; Marinade injectors; Snifters; Cherry pitters; Eyebrow brushes; Vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks; Stands for portable baby baths; Holders for tumblers; Wine coasters of precious metal; Leather coasters; Plastic coasters; Porcelain coasters; Coasters, not of paper or textile; Beer mats not of paper or textile; Coasters (tableware); Bowls for plants; Shakers for spices; Spatulas; Fish slices; Cosmetic spatulas; Cosmetic spatulas for use with depilatory preparations; Fish scoops; Brushes; Hot air hair brushes; Lint brushes; Brushes connectable to water hoses; Brushes with detergent containers; Vegetable brushes with peelers; Bath brushes; Fireplace brushes; Brushes for connection to garden hose; Hand-operated ski brushes; Brushes adapted to receive a cleaning agent; Skin cleansing brushes; Cleaning brushes for sports equipment; Brushes and brush-making articles; Electric brushes, except parts of machines; Exfoliating brushes; Fur brushes for animals; Brushes for pets; Electric pet brushes; Feeding bottle brushes; Blacking brushes; Bottle brushes; Crumb brushes; Hairbrushes; Horse brushes; Horse brushes of wire; Mane brushes [horse combs]; Mushroom brushes; Clothes brushes; Brushes for personal hygiene; Brushes for use on tree bark; Brushes for cleaning cars; Ship-scrubbing brushes; Pot cleaning brushes; Carpet-cleaning brushes; Cleaning brushes for barbecue grills; Automobile wheel cleaning brushes; Brushes for cleaning footwear; Brushes for grooming horses; Dishwashing brushes; Eyelash brushes; File brushes; Brushes for parquet floors; Floor brushes; Lawn brushes; Brushes for cleaning; Brushes for cleaning bicycle components; Brushes for cleaning tanks and containers; Brushes for grooming golf putting greens; Golf brushes; Brushes for cleaning musical instruments; Brushes for cleaning medical instruments; Scraping brushes; Billiard table brushes; Hair tinting brushes; Brushes for household purposes; Tub brushes; Lamp-glass brushes; Electrically heated hair brushes; Electric rotating hair brushes; Sonic oscillating brushes for skincare; Toothbrushes; Toothbrushes, electric; Manual toothbrushes; Toothbrushes for animals; Baby finger toothbrushes; Toothbrushes for pets; Mascara brushes; Nail brushes; Hard brooms; Scrubbing brushes; Candle extinguishers of precious metal; Candle extinguishers; Candle extinguishers, not of precious metal; Cooking skewers, not of metal; Skewers of wood; Spits [other than parts of cooking apparatus]; Skewers for use in cooking; Skewers (cooking utensil); Cooking skewers; Cooking skewers of metal; Dusting apparatus, non-electric; Sprayers for cleaning gums and teeth; Garlic presses (Hand-operated -); Juice squeezers; Reamers for fruit juice; Lemon squeezers; Syringes for watering flowers and plants; Garden syringes; Sprayers attached to garden hoses; Plant syringes; Nozzles for watering cans; Sponges; Scouring sponges; Abrasive sponges for kitchen [cleaning] use; Artificial sponges for household purposes; Kitchen sponges; Natural sea sponges; Squeegee sponges; Sponges for applying body powder; Bath sponges; Body sponges; Facial sponges for applying make-up; Facial cleansing sponges; Sponges for cleaning medical instruments; Toilet sponges; Microdermabrasion sponges for cosmetic use; Sponges for household purposes; Loofahs; Abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin; Make-up sponges; Cosmetic sponges; Cake moulds; Cookery moulds; Plastic ice cube moulds; Aluminium moulds [kitchen utensils]; Pudding moulds; Chocolate molds; Confectioners' molds; Ice cube molds for refrigerators; Cake moulds of non-metallic materials; Cake moulds of common metal; Pie pans; Dumpling moulds for household use; Moulds [kitchen utensils]; Paper baking cups; Statues of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; Statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class; Figurines made of lead crystal; Stained glass figurines; Clothes drying hangers specially designed for specialty clothing; Drying racks for laundry; Frames for drying and maintaining the shape of clothing items; Clothes drying racks; Trouser presses; Non-electric canners [pressure cookers]; Cleaning tow; Glass tableware; Oven-to-table tableware; Ceramic tableware; Picnic crockery; Dishes [household utensils]; Floor cloths; Currycombs; Window dusters; Dusting cloths [rags]; Crumb collecting instruments [non-electric]; Watering devices; Abrasive instruments for kitchen [cleaning] purposes; Cleaning instruments, hand-operated; Non-electric lint removers; Toothpicks; Toilet plungers; Glass cleaning implements; Plungers for clearing blocked drains; Sushi rolling mats; Toothpicks of wood; Fitted holders for hair fixers; Fitted holders for skin creams; Grill supports; Fitted holders for wiping, drying, polishing and cleaning paper; Flavored toothpicks; Drinking glass holders; Bottle cradles; Stands for indoor aquaria [other than furniture]; Kitchen paper holders; Toilet paper racks; Carver rests; Cake stands of non-metallic materials; Cake stands; Shower gel holders; Flat-iron stands; Corn cob holders; Bouquet holders; Pot stands; Holders for flowers and plants [flower arranging]; Stands for dishes; Body cleanser holders; Holders for cosmetics; Hand soap holders; Shampoo holders; Holders for carving boards; Teapot stands; Pizza tray stands; Knife boards; Soap brackets; Abrasive pads; Exfoliating pads; Abrasive pads for kitchen or domestic purposes; Body scrubbing puffs; Swabs for cleaning medical instruments; Tangsancai (tri-coloured glazed pottery); Drip mats for tea; Glass stoppers; Glass stoppers for bottles; Baking mats; Bottle pourers; Pouring spouts for kitchen use; Commemorative plates; Plaques of pottery; Grilling planks of wood; Plaques of glass; Plaques of porcelain; Drying boards for washed, starched and then stretched pieces of kimono (hari-ita); Mugs made of fine bone china; Cups; Mugs made of ceramic materials; Double wall cups; Biodegradable paper pulp-based cups; Sake cups [not of precious metal]; Biodegradable cups; Compostable cups; Paper cups; Travel mugs; Mugs made of plastic; Teacups (yunomi); Tea cups; Cups of precious metal; China mugs; Cups, not of precious metal; Cups made of pottery; Mixing cups; Sake cups; Mugs, not of precious metal; Vacuum mugs; Mugs; Skillets; Disposable paperboard bakeware; Earthenware saucepans; Portable pots and pans for camping; Glass pans; Baking dishes; Bakeware [not toys]; Roasting dishes; Griddles [non-electric cooking utensils]; Teapots; Tea pots of precious metal; Japanese style tea-serving pots of precious metal (kyusu); Japanese style tea-serving pots (kyusu); Shirt stretchers; Trouser stretchers; Squeegees [for household use]; Clothing stretchers; Squeegees [cleaning instruments]; Indoor terrariums [plant cultivation]; Terrariums; Indoor terrariums [vivariums]; Indoor terrariums for animals; Indoor terrariums for insects; Mop heads; Heads for electric toothbrushes; Vacuum flasks for holding food; Vacuum flasks for holding drinks; Thermally insulated flasks for household use; Washtubs; Vinyl place mats; Dinner mats of plastics material; Traps (Electric -) for insects; Place mats, not of paper or textile; Traps (Non-electric -) for insects; Animal traps; Traps for vermin; Insect traps; Fly catchers [traps or whisks]; Traps for rodents; Rat traps; Mouse traps; Hand-operated food grinders; Non-electric meat grinders; Non-electric ice crushers; Grinders (Non-electric -); Kitchen grinders, non-electric; Glass tubing for use in making signs; Crushers for kitchen use, non-electric; Spray nozzles for garden hoses; Plastic spray nozzles; Nozzles for hosepipes; Porcelain eggs; Spaghetti servers; Urns; Cosmetic utensils; Cooking utensils, non-electric; Aluminium cookware; Kitchen utensils; Kitchen utensils, not of precious metal; Kitchen utensils of silicon; Household or kitchen utensils; Cooking utensils for use with domestic barbecues; Baking utensils; Implements (Hand operated -) for cracking lobsters; Bakeware; Utensils for household purposes; Hand tools for the application of cosmetics; Melon ballers; Toilet utensils; Food mashers; Food steamers, non-electric; Scent sprays [atomizers]; Inflatable bath tubs for babies; Plastic bathtubs for children; Baby baths, portable; Baby bath tubs; Litter trays for birds; Plastics trays for use as litter trays for cats; Cat litter pans; Seed trays; Holloware; Pottery; Tableware, cookware and containers; Ceramic hollowware; Pots; Children's potties; Candle jars [holders]; Kitchen urns [not of precious metal]; Pot pourri jars; Vases; Apothecary jars; Floor vases; Flower vases of precious metal; Stone floor vases; Glass floor vases; Flower vases; Earthenware jars; Glass vases; Clay floor vases; Earthen pots; Ritual flower vases; Glue-pots; Jam pots; Training cups for babies and children; Biodegradable trays for domestic purposes; Meal trays; Biodegradable trays; Compostable trays; Compostable trays for domestic purposes; Serving trays, not of precious metal; Baking trays made of aluminium; Butlers' trays; Cabarets [trays]; Serving trays of precious metal; Cheese boards; Serving trays made of rattan; Japanese style personal dining trays or stands [zen]; Trays for use in fingernail polishing; Wine pourers; Painted glassware; Hand cut crystal glassware; Glassware for household purposes; Unworked and semi-worked glass, not specified for use; Opal glass; Heat protective glass (Semi-worked -); Anti-reflecting glass; Colored sheet glass [not for building]; Common sheet glass [not for building]; Glass incorporating electrical conductors; Coloured glass (Semi-worked -); Glass incorporating fine electrical conductors; Decorative glass [not for building]; Decorative stained glass; Fabricated safety glass for installation into vehicles; Security glass for making into vehicle windows; Semi-finished safety glass; Spun glass; Float glass [semi-worked]; Unworked glass; Glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass; Unworked glass [except glass used in building]; Powdered glass for decoration; Laminated glass [other than for building]; Modified sheet glass [not for building]; Luminous glass [not for building]; Glass for vehicle windows [semi-finished product]; Unfinished glass for vehicle windows; Plate glass being unworked; Laminated flat glass [not for building]; Porous glass; Profiled glass [semi-finished]; Pressed glass; Semi-worked glass; Glass (Semi-worked -) adapted to absorb heat; Glass (Semi-worked -) adapted to absorb ultra-violet radiation; Glass (Semi-worked -) for vehicles; Semi-worked glass [except glass used in building]; Open pored sintered glass; Enamelled glass; Enamelled glass, not for building; Tempered glass [not for building]; Stamped glass; Heat reflecting glass [semi-worked]; Woks; Sugar bowls of precious metal; Sugar bowls; Sugar bowls [not of precious metal]; Soup bowls; Serving bowls.
Class Code: 025
Class Description: Clothing Products
Goods & Services: Open-necked shirts; Turtleneck shirts; Mock turtleneck shirts; Short-sleeve shirts; Windshirts; Button down shirts; Collared shirts; Hunting shirts; Polo shirts; Nighties; Japanese sleeping robes (nemaki); Fishing shirts; Tennis shirts; Corduroy shirts; Aloha shirts; Button-front aloha shirts; Ramie shirts; Knit shirts; Camouflage shirts; Dress shirts; Shirts for suits; Casual shirts; Sports shirts with short sleeves; Woven shirts; Moisture-wicking sports shirts; Bodices [lingerie]; Stuff jackets [clothing]; Tank tops; Camouflage vests; Vest tops; Long sleeved vests; Undershirts for kimonos (koshimaki); Sports singlets; Undershirts for kimonos (juban); Windproof clothing; Embroidered clothing; Clothing for men, women and children; Capes; Waterproof capes; Headgear; Fishing headwear; Hats; Top hats; Fashion hats; Knot caps; Baseball caps; Chefs' hats; Rain hats; Sun hats; Beach hats; Paper hats [clothing]; Paper hats for wear by chefs; Paper hats for wear by nurses; Woolly hats; Fur hats; Fake fur hats; Small hats; Sedge hats (suge-gasa); Nightcaps; Sports caps and hats; Paper hats for use as clothing items; Leather headwear; Children's headwear; Party hats [clothing]; Tams; Bucket caps; Fascinator hats; Peaked headwear; Casual jackets; Pea coats; Evening coats; Coats for men; Cotton coats; Leather jackets; Fur coats and jackets; Coats of denim; Winter coats; Coats for women; Heavy coats; Hoods [clothing]; Cowls [clothing]; Hat frames [skeletons]; Cardigans; Rugby tops; Sports jackets; Footmuffs, not electrically heated; Chasubles; Chadors; Chaps (clothing); Cheongsams (Chinese gowns); Pullstraps for shoes and boots; String fasteners for haori (haori-himo); Slippers; Plastic slippers; Zori; Flip-flops; Toe straps for Japanese style sandals [zori]; Toe straps for Japanese style wooden clogs; Waist belts; Belts [clothing]; Cummerbunds; Belts made from imitation leather; Leather belts [clothing]; Belts made out of cloth; Fabric belts [clothing]; Wrap belts for kimonos (datemaki); Money belts [clothing]; Shoe straps; Trouser straps; Tights; Woollen tights; Collars; Detachable collars; Collars [clothing]; Collars for dresses; Detachable neckpieces for kimonos (haneri); Neckbands; Chemises; Wind suits; Aikido suits; Short sets [clothing]; Sailor suits; Snow suits; Evening suits; Men's suits; Three piece suits [clothing]; One-piece suits; Shirts and slips; Pantsuits; Motorcycle riding suits; Flat caps; Shoe covers, other than for medical purposes; Camisoles; Millinery; Thermal headgear; Sports headgear [other than helmets]; Neck scarves [mufflers]; Sundresses; Earbands; Ear muffs [clothing]; Over-trousers; Shrugs; Shoulder wraps [clothing]; Bolo ties with precious metal tips; Chemise tops; Knit tops; Halter tops; Bustiers; Layettes [clothing]; Corselets; Suits; Bathing suits; Fitted swimming costumes with bra cups; Bathing costumes for women; Bathing suits for men; Swim wear for gentlemen and ladies; Swim wear for children; Dance costumes; Masquerade costumes; Halloween costumes; Beach clothes; Costumes for use in role-playing games; Theatrical costumes; Bolo ties; Cravats; Silk ties; Ascots; Crinolines; Bonnets; Bonnets [headwear]; Bathing caps; Waterpolo caps; Shower caps; Tap pants; Knickers; Desert boots; Baseball uniforms; Combative sports uniforms; Turtlenecks; Snow boots; Stiffeners for boots; Protective metal members for shoes and boots; Wooden main bodies of Japanese style wooden clogs; Esparto shoes or sandals; Waistcoats; Puttees; Maternity bands; Headbands [clothing]; Sashes for wear; Wrist warmers; Sweatbands; Sash bands for kimono (obi); Head sweatbands; Swaddling clothes; Bustle holder bands for obi (obiage); Sweat bands for the wrist; Tennis sweatbands; Kerchiefs [clothing]; Pocket squares; Scarves; Silk scarves; Head scarves; Sweat shirts; Hooded sweatshirts; Track jackets; Fittings of metal for footwear; Fezzes; Waist strings for kimonos (koshihimo); Ready-made linings [parts of clothing]; Jacket liners; Foulards [clothing articles]; Neckerchiefs; Headdresses [veils]; Morning coats; Gabardines; Gabardines [clothing]; Rubbers [footwear]; Knee-high stockings; Trouser socks; Pop socks; Boot uppers; Underarm gussets [parts of clothing]; Gussets [parts of clothing]; Gussets for underwear [parts of clothing]; Gussets for leotards [parts of clothing]; Gussets for stockings [parts of clothing]; Gussets for footlets [parts of clothing]; Gussets for tights [parts of clothing]; Gussets for bathing suits [parts of clothing]; Spats; Jackets [clothing]; Cagoules; Parkas; Shirt-jacs; Men's and women's jackets, coats, trousers, vests; Light-reflecting jackets; Sleeved jackets; Suit coats; Lumberjackets; Hunting jackets; Bed jackets; Riding jackets; Motorcycle jackets; Fishermen's jackets; Safari jackets; Dinner jackets; Smoking jackets; Donkey jackets; Sweat jackets; Sheepskin jackets; Fur jackets; Polar fleece jackets; Down jackets; Rainproof jackets; Denim jackets; Knit jackets; Long jackets; Camouflage jackets; Jackets being sports clothing; Reversible jackets; Bushjackets; Suede jackets; Sleeveless jackets; Warm-up jackets; Quilted jackets [clothing]; Overcoats; Car coats; Ski jackets; Snowboard jackets; Garters; Bridal garters; Down vests; Fishing vests; Gilets; Wind vests; Korean traditional women's waistcoats [Baeja]; Hunting vests; Fleece vests; Quilted vests; Leather waistcoats; Body warmers; Shell jackets; Blousons; Scrimmage vests; Skirts; Golf skirts; Tennis skirts; Culotte skirts; Pleated skirts for formal kimonos (hakama); Pleated skirts; Overalls; Jumper dresses; Nurse overalls; Paper aprons; Plastic aprons; Aprons [clothing]; Pinafores; Pantie-girdles; Girdles; Gloves [clothing]; Fingerless gloves; Gloves including those made of skin, hide or fur; Gloves with conductive fingertips that may be worn while using handheld electronic touch screen devices; Riding gloves; Driving gloves; Motorcycle gloves; Ski gloves; Knitted gloves; Winter gloves; Camouflage gloves; Gloves for cyclists; Wetsuit gloves; Snowboard gloves; Welts for footwear; Hijabs; Trench coats; Raincoats; Rain slickers; Oilskins [clothing]; Chefs' whites; Ready-made clothing; Slipovers [clothing]; Paper clothing; Weatherproof clothing; Denims [clothing]; Clothing of leather; Motorcyclists' clothing of leather; Fleeces; Lingerie; Knitwear [clothing]; Children's wear; Womens' outerclothing; Gym suits; Clothing for gymnastics; Infant wear; Garments for protecting clothing; Men's underwear; Foundation garments; Denim jeans; Jerseys [clothing]; Jodhpurs; Khimars; Kilts; Kimonos; Judo uniforms; Karate uniforms; Full-length kimonos (nagagi); Replica football kits; Leggings [leg warmers]; Leggings [trousers]; Maternity leggings; Maternity lingerie; Tongues for shoes and boots; Liveries; Football jerseys; V-neck sweaters; Volleyball jerseys; Padded shirts for athletic use; Maillots [hosiery]; Baselayer tops; Athletics vests; Running vests; Tracksuit tops; Maternity shirts; Sleeveless jerseys; Sports jerseys; Hosiery; Undershirts; Long-sleeved shirts; Short-sleeved T-shirts; Hooded tops; Cycling tops; American football shirts; Jogging tops; Yoga shirts; Fleece tops; Sports jerseys and breeches for sports; Warm-up tops; Sweaters; Turtleneck sweaters; Mock turtleneck sweaters; Guernseys; Polo sweaters; Muffs [clothing]; Fur muffs; Maniples; Mankinis; Mantles; Hairdressing capes; Fur cloaks; Cloaks; Pelerines; Mantillas; Costumes; Sleep masks; Eye masks; Miniskirts; Skorts; Mitres [hats]; Puttees and gaiters; Deck shoes; Monokinis; Duffel coats; Snowboard mittens; Pants; Slips [underclothing]; Babies' pants [underwear]; Bathing trunks; Underpants; Wet suits; Wet suits for windsurfing; Wet suits for water-skiing and sub-aqua; Wet suits for water-skiing; Wetsuits for surface watersports; Wet suits for surfing; Rash guards; Muumuus; Snoods [scarves]; Negligees; Niqabs; Camiknickers; Boaters; Nappy pants [clothing]; Footless tights; Trousers shorts; Shorts; Sliding shorts; Bib shorts; Trunks; Swimming trunks; Boxing shorts; American football shorts; Gym shorts; Golf shorts; Swim shorts; Rugby shorts; Boardshorts; Tennis shorts; Sweat shorts; Fleece shorts; Padded shorts for athletic use; Cycling shorts; Maternity shorts; Trousers; Pantaloons; Trews; Wind pants; Bloomers; Golf pants, shirts and skirts; Pedal pushers; Casual trousers; Chino pants; Short trousers; Hunting pants; American football pants; Golf trousers; Nurse pants; Sweatpants; Gauchos; Snow pants; Waterproof trousers; Pirate pants; Ski trousers; Snowboard trousers; Yoga pants; Pajama bottoms; Tracksuit bottoms; Trousers of leather; Stretch pants; Dress pants; Padded pants for athletic use; Weatherproof pants; Corduroy trousers; Baselayer bottoms; Khakis; Cargo pants; Camouflage pants; Trousers for children; Lounge pants; Maternity pants; Sports pants; Warm-up pants; Moisture-wicking sports pants; Bath slippers; Women's foldable slippers; Pedicure slippers; Foam pedicure slippers; Leather slippers; Disposable slippers; Bowties; Coverups; Bath robes; Bathing suit cover-ups; Beach wraps; Bottoms [clothing]; Ski balaclavas; Walking shoes; Pelisses; Furs [clothing]; Thongs; Shirt yokes; Petti-pants; Bibs, sleeved, not of paper; Soccer bibs; American football bibs; Sports bibs; Pyjamas; Baby doll pyjamas; Pyjamas [from tricot only]; Union suits; Shoe inserts for non-orthopedic purposes; Ascots (ties); Polo knit tops; Cuffs; Ponchos; Rain ponchos; Sunsuits; Heel protectors for shoes; Crew neck sweaters; Long sleeve pullovers; Hooded pullovers; Tennis pullovers; Fleece pullovers; Slipovers; Toe boxes; Tips for footwear; Frock coats; Stocking suspenders; Sock suspenders; Brassieres; Bandeaux [clothing]; Adhesive bras; Sports bras; Strapless bras; Moisture-wicking sports bras; Heelpieces for footwear; Heelpieces for stockings; Stiffeners for shoes; Wooden shoes; Salopettes; Bib tights; Shortalls; Bib overalls for hunting; Waders; Overalls for infants and toddlers; Sandals; Bath sandals; Ladies' sandals; Pedicure sandals; Men's sandals; Sandals and beach shoes; Japanese toe-strap sandals (asaura-zori); Japanese style sandals of leather; Japanese style sandals of felt; Japanese style sandals (zori); Thong sandals; Baby sandals; Saris; Sarongs; Neck warmers; Knee warmers [clothing]; Handwarmers [clothing]; Arm warmers [clothing]; Boot cuffs; Shoes; Aqua shoes; Flat shoes; Shoes with hook and pile fastening tapes; Platform shoes; Roller shoes; High-heeled shoes; Hidden heel shoes; Training shoes; Mountaineering shoes; Athletic shoes; Dance shoes; Baseball shoes; Bowling shoes; Boxing shoes; Football shoes; Running shoes; Spiked running shoes; Ballet slippers; Footwear for women; Gymnastic shoes; Golf footwear; Hockey shoes; Slip-on shoes; Basketball sneakers; Handball shoes; Volleyball shoes; Anglers' shoes; Rainshoes; Rugby boots; Ski and snowboard shoes and parts thereof; Beach shoes; Tennis shoes; Tap shoes; Canvas shoes; Dress shoes; Waterproof shoes; Leather shoes; Galoshes; Casual footwear; Cycling shoes; Shoes for foot volleyball; Leisure shoes; Infants' footwear; Ankle boots; Infants' boots; Work boots; Mountaineering boots; Climbing boots [mountaineering boots]; Ski boots; Snowboard shoes; Military boots; Shawls; Shawls and headscarves; Shawls and stoles; Shawls [from tricot only]; Collar protectors; Cashmere scarves; Mufflers [clothing]; Sneakers; Lace boots; Inner soles; Wimples; Insoles for footwear; Insoles [for shoes and boots]; Korean topcoats [Durumagi]; Short overcoat for kimono (haori); Sport coats; Overshirts; Korean outer jackets worn over basic garment [Magoja]; Outerclothing for girls; Outerclothing for men; Outerclothing; Basic upper garment of Korean traditional clothes [Jeogori]; Jockstraps [underwear]; Dress shields; Inner socks for footwear; Petticoats; Short petticoats; Bra straps; Shirt fronts; Dust coats; Half-boots; Boots; Hunting boots; Ladies' boots; Riding shoes; Gym boots; Boots for motorcycling; Fishing boots; Rubber fishing boots; Rain boots; Polo boots; Mukluks; Waterproof boots; Waterproof boots for fishing; Winter boots; Army boots; Baby boots; Synthetic fur stoles; Stoles; Fur stoles; Tightening-up strings for kimonos (datejime); Soles for footwear; Embossed soles of rubber or of plastic materials; Intermediate soles; Shoes soles for repair; Rubber soles for jikatabi; Slipper soles; Soles for japanese style sandals; Shoe soles; Wooden supports of Japanese style wooden clogs; Tee-shirts; Printed t-shirts; Tabards; Studs for football boots; Cleats for attachment to sports shoes; Heels; Embossed heels of rubber or of plastic materials; Women's suits; Skirt suits; Heel inserts; Tam o'shanters; Tankinis; Pockets for clothing; Thobes; Athletic tights; Togas; Choir robes; Footwear uppers; Uppers of woven rattan for Japanese style sandals; Shoe uppers; Uppers for Japanese style sandals; Cassocks; Tops [clothing]; Mock turtlenecks; Tube tops; Crop tops; Maternity tops; Toques [hats]; Shoulder straps for clothing; Costumes for use in children's dress up play; Tunics; Turbans; Body stockings; Running Suits; Playsuits [clothing]; Jogging sets [clothing]; Coveralls; Ski suits for competition; Snow boarding suits; Taekwondo suits; Flying suits; Waterproof suits for motorcyclists; Shell suits; Leather suits; Combinations [clothing]; Jumper suits; Unitards; Sleepsuits; Pram suits; One-piece clothing for infants and toddlers; Rompers; Ballet suits; Tutus; Twin sets; Uniforms; Martial arts uniforms; Kendo outfits; Referees uniforms; Uniforms for nurses; Uniforms for commercial use; School uniforms; Valenki [felted boots]; Veils [clothing]; Dressing gowns; Lounging robes; Christening robes; Dresses; Shift dresses; Athletic uniforms; Ladies' dresses; Evening wear; Tennis dresses; Dresses for infants and toddlers; Visors; Visors [headwear]; Cap peaks; Sun visors; Sun visors [headwear]; Yashmaghs; Yashmaks; Sandal-clogs; High rain clogs (ashida); Low wooden clogs (hiyori-geta); Low wooden clogs (koma-geta); Japanese style clogs and sandals; Japanese style wooden clogs (geta); Waterproof clothing; Clothing; Roll necks [clothing]; Casualwear; Thermally insulated clothing; Clothing containing slimming substances; Loungewear; Ladies' clothing; Weather resistant outer clothing; Golf clothing, other than gloves; Clothing for wear in judo practices; Clothing for wear in wrestling games; Work clothes; Nightwear; Girls' clothing; Tennis wear; Menswear; Clothing made of fur; Children's outerclothing; Babies' outerclothing; Outerclothing for boys; Formalwear; Formal evening wear; Cashmere clothing; Woolen clothing; Clothing of imitations of leather; Plush clothing; Silk clothing; Underwear; Long underwear; Knitted underwear; Baby tops; Baby bottoms; Motorists' clothing; Bridesmaids wear; Maternity clothing; Cyclists' clothing; Leisurewear; Clothing for horse-riding [other than riding hats]; Dance clothing; Clothing for martial arts; Clothing for skiing; Skating outfits; Clothing for fishermen; Boys' clothing; Surfwear; Figure skating clothing; Triathlon clothing; Sportswear; Sports clothing [other than golf gloves]; Religious garments; Japanese traditional clothing; Ball gowns; Housecoats; Women's ceremonial dresses; Nurse dresses; Dinner suits; Wedding dresses; Folk costumes; Dry suits; Zoot suits; Dresses made from skins; Leather dresses; Imitation leather dresses; Bridesmaid dresses; Maternity dresses; Leisure suits; Beach robes; Neckwear; Metal fittings for Japanese style wooden clogs; Non-slipping devices for footwear; Sailing wet weather clothing; Rainwear; Articles of clothing for theatrical use; Linen clothing; Waterproof outerclothing; Woven clothing; Knitted baby shoes; Pumps [footwear]; Bandanas [neckerchiefs]; Plastic baby bibs; Cloth bibs for adult diners; Cloth bibs; Bibs, not of paper; Baby bibs [not of paper]; Bermuda shorts; Berets; Caps [headwear]; Bobble hats; Caps with visors; Cycling caps; Golf caps; Ski hats; Knitted caps; Peaked caps; Sports caps; Maternity sleepwear; Functional underwear; Ladies' underwear; Long johns; Shapewear; Disposable underwear; Babies' undergarments; Thermal underwear; Sweat-absorbent underwear; Bikinis; Blazers; Blue jeans; Maternity smocks; Blouses; Boas; Boas [necklets]; Leotards; Bodies [clothing]; Teddies [underclothing]; Snap crotch shirts for infants and toddlers; Boleros; Bomber jackets; Baby bodysuits; Fedoras; Ski boot bags; Hunting boot bags; Boxer shorts; Boy shorts [underwear]; Bralettes; Suspenders; Suspender belts for men; Burnouses; Corsets [underclothing]; Bustles for obi-knots (obiage-shin); Garrison caps; Waist cinchers; Caftans; Skull caps; Sports socks; Footwear; Driving shoes; Work shoes; Fishing footwear; Footwear for men; Footwear for men and women; Yoga shoes; Japanese footwear of rice straw (waraji); Japanese split-toed work footwear (jikatabi); Footwear not for sports; Climbing footwear; Children's footwear; Bootees (woollen baby shoes); Ballroom dancing shoes; Footwear made of vinyl; Stockings; Sweat-absorbent stockings; Footwear [excluding orthopedic footwear]; Men's socks; Socks for infants and toddlers; Socks; Slipper socks; Ankle socks; Non-slip socks; Anti-perspirant socks; Sweat-absorbent socks; Toe socks; American football socks; Water socks; Bed socks; Tennis socks; Woollen socks; Japanese style socks (tabi); Socks and stockings; Footless socks; Thermal socks; Breeches for wear; Walking breeches; Slacks; White coats for hospital use; Barber smocks; Laboratory coats; Gowns for doctors; Shirts.
Class Code: 008
Class Description: Hand Tool Products
Goods & Services: Adzes [hand tools]; Sharpening steels; Hatchets; Adzes [tools]; Abrading instruments [hand instruments]; Fruit segmenters; French fry cutters; Cheese slicers; Kitchen mandolines; Cheese slicers [hand-operated]; Non-electric food slicers; Cheese slicers, non-electric; Hand-operated slicers; Egg slicers, non-electric; Egg slicers; Vegetable slicers (Hand-operated -); Candle sharpeners; Stropping instruments; Dressmakers' chalk sharpeners; Tailors' chalk sharpeners; Manually-operated edge sharpeners for skis and snowboards; Manually operated sharpeners; Manually-operated razor blade sharpeners; Knife sharpeners; Scissor sharpeners (Hand operated -); Drill sharpeners (Hand operated -); Knife sharpeners [hand operated tools]; Ear-piercing needles; Tattoo needles; Tube reamers [hand-operated tools]; Spindle shafts [parts of hand-operated tools]; Reamers; Stirrers [hand tools]; Reamers [hand tools]; Implements for decanting liquids [hand tools]; Hand drills, hand-operated; Scythe rings; Non-electric hand implements for hair curling; Hand-operated tools and implements for treatment of materials, and for construction, repair and maintenance; Slaughtering butchers' animals (Apparatus and instruments for -); Non-electric soldering irons; Instruments and tools for skinning animals; Electric hair clippers; Electric beard trimmers; Electric ear hair trimmers; Electric nasal hair trimmers; Hand implements for hair curling; Ear-piercing apparatus; Hair braiders, electric; Pipe bending apparatus [hand-operated tool]; Hand-operated apparatus for the cosmetic care of eyebrows; Apparatus for destroying plant parasites, hand-operated; Apparatus for tattooing; Laser hair removal apparatus, other than for medical purposes; Depilation appliances; Depilation appliances, electric and non-electric; Stunning apparatus (Cattle -); Electrolysis apparatus [depilatory]; Oyster openers; Tin openers, non-electric; Tin openers (Hand-operated -); Bow saws; Bow saws [hand-operated tools]; Silver plate [knives, forks and spoons]; Earth rammers [hand tools]; Lawn aerators [hand tools]; Lawn aerators [hand-operated tools]; Battering ram [hand tools]; Side arms, other than firearms; Body art tools; Spears; Manicure and pedicure tools; Harpoons for fishing; Edged and blunt weapons; Axes; Broadaxes; Whetstone holders; Meat claws; Razor cases; Manicure sets; Pedicure sets; Scissor holders; Hand-operated atomizers for industrial or commercial use; Cases for manicure instruments; Hand-operated insecticide sprayers; Agricultural sprayers [hand operated]; Fire hooks; Hair styling appliances; Fire irons; Bayonets; Extension bars for hand tools; Pedicure implements; Drain rods; Bayonets [swords]; Sword canes; Cutter bars [hand tools]; Hand operated cement mixers; Stirring sticks for mixing paint; Mortise chisels; Sanding blocks; Holing axes; Tool bags [filled]; Lifting jacks, hand-operated; Knife bags; Graving tools [hand tools]; Hunting knives; Ripping bars [hand-operated tools]; Screwdrivers, non-electric; Pin punches; Precision screwdrivers (Non-electric -); Flexible screwdrivers (Non-electric -); Miniature screwdrivers (Non-electric -); Emery boards; Wire pulling grips [hand-operated tools]; Cartridges containing razor blades; Mitre boxes [hand tools]; Crow bars; Stands for hand jacks; Fruit corers; Trowels; Marline spikes; Masons' trowels; Jointing trowels; Cement trowels; Plaster trowels; Filling trowels; Shears; Pointing trowels; Hand shears (Hand operated -); Brick trowels; Miter cutters being hand tools; Multi-purpose shears; Metal-cutting scissors [tin shears]; Tin snips; Woolen shears; Fishing line cutters; Pruners [hand tools]; Cutting pliers [linemans' pliers]; Canteens of cutlery; Shears [hand operated tools]; Socket wrenches [hand operated tools]; Ratchet wrenches [hand tools]; Spark plug sockets being hand tools; Flexible head spanners; Tap ratchets (Hand operated -); Socket spanners; Nut drivers [hand tools]; Ring spanners; Torque wrenches [hand-operated]; Die wrenches; Hex keys; Screw wrenches; Monkey wrenches; Monkey wrenches [hand-operated tools]; Box-end wrenches; Spark wrenches; Nut wrenches; Oil filter wrenches; Golf shoe spike wrenches; Adjustable spanners; Pipe wrenches; Spanners [hand tools]; Torque wrenches; Bits [parts of hand tools]; Caulking irons [hand tools]; Tool belts [holders]; Cutters; Cutlery; Knives; Drawing knives; Sheath knives; Jack knives; Biodegradable knives; Thin-bladed kitchen knives; Chef knives; Butter knives; Kitchen knives (Non-electric -); Kitchen knives; Fish slicing kitchen knives; Fruit knives; Cheese knives; Grafting knives; Gardeners' knives; Whittling knives; Carving knives (Hand operated -) for household use; Butcher knives; Working knives; Throwing knives; Butchers' knives (Non-electric -); Slaughtering knives; Engraving needles; Stainless steel table knives; Fishing knives; Sterling silver table knives; Table knives; Japanese chopping kitchen knives; Knives made of precious metal; Bread knives [hand operated]; Diving knives; Ceramic knives; Utility knives; Disposable knives; Scoring knife for veneer sheets; Fruit carving knives; Knives for hobby use; Grapefruit knives; Trimming knives; Scaling knives; Peeling knives; Filleting knives; Spreaders [cutlery]; Stripping knives; Household knives; Pocket knives with multi-purpose attachments; Carving knives; Blades [hand tools]; Hobby knives [scalpels]; Nail punches; Vehicle trolley jacks [hand-operated]; Roll-up fabric container for hand tools; Table cutlery [knives, forks and spoons]; Routers [hand-operated tools]; Containers adapted for razor blades; Razor strops [leather strops]; Spoons; Ratchet handles [hand-operated tools]; Hand operated food dicers; Ratchet handles; Biodegradable spoons; Soup spoons; Table knives, forks and spoons of plastic; Stainless steel table spoons; Sterling silver table spoons; Spoons made of precious metal; Table knives, forks and spoons for babies; Disposable spoons; Grapefruit spoons; Souvenir collector spoons; Ladles [hand tools]; Coffee spoons; Spoons for tea; Clamping wedges; Leather strops; Razor strops; Hand-operated weed cutters; Glaziers' diamonds [parts of hand tools]; Abrasive discs [parts for hand operated tools]; Abrasive wheels for use with hand tools; Grindstones [hand tools]; Vulcanised fibre discs [hand-operated tools]; Cutting discs for use with hand operated tools; Cutting discs [hand operated tools]; Polishing discs [hand operated tools]; Electronic devices used to exfoliate skin; Sheeting grippers (Hand-operated -); Knee kickers [hand tools]; Tatami mat choppers; Watch case openers; Dispensers for razor blades; Tyre removers [hand operated tools]; Flange spreaders [hand tools] for use in opening flanges; Flange spreaders [hand tools] for use in separating flanges; Flange spreaders [hand tools] for use in separating flange joints; Nail extractors, hand-operated; Hand-operated weed diggers; Thistle extractors [hand tools]; Vice workpiece stops; Hand-operated post hole diggers; Extensions for hand tools; Screw extractors [hand operated tools]; Diggers [hand tools]; Strippers [hand operated tools]; Sickles; Reaping hooks [hand-operated tools]; Scythes (Hand-operated -); Hainault scythes; Scythes; Electric hair curling irons; Bevels [hand-operated tools]; Polishing irons [glazing tools]; Plane irons; Flat irons; Electric steam irons; Temperature controlled electric flat irons; Electric irons; Non-electric curling irons; Caulking irons; Electric irons for styling hair; Branding irons; Brick joiners; Curling tongs; Moulding irons; Irons [non-electric hand tools]; Blades for planes; Annular screw plates; Goffering irons; Crimping irons; Dies [hand tools]; Harpoons; Leather sheaths for knives; Fulling tools [hand tools]; Sheaths for knives; Fullers [hand tools]; Borers; Japanese grip scissors [Japanese thread clippers]; Needle work scissors; Scissors for kitchen use; Scissors; Gardening scissors; Snips; Cutting tools [hand tools]; Tailor's shears; Hair cutting scissors; Gardening shears; Pinking shears; Scissors (Non-electric -) for wallpaper; Scissors for children; Hair clippers; Ikebana shears; Cuticle scissors; Paper shears; Nail scissors; Pruning shears; Scissors for household use; Fruit pickers [hand tools]; Pocket shears; Forks; Digging forks [spading forks]; Garden forks; Agricultural forks [hand tools]; Snips [hand operated tools]; Table forks; Fish forks; Biodegradable forks; Salad forks; Fondue forks; Sterling silver table forks; Forks made of precious metal; Forks and spoons; Stainless steel table forks; Disposable forks; Snail forks; Pikes [hand tools]; Pitchforks; Lasts for shoe-making [hand-operated ones only]; Lasts [shoemakers' hand tools]; Broadforks for agricultural purposes; Rotary milling cutters [hand-operated tools]; Countersinking tools for hand operated tools; Stone crushers [hand-operated tools]; Cement edgers [hand tool]; Milling cutters [hand tools]; Cutting dies [hand operated tools]; Keyhole saws [hand operated tools]; Bush hooks [hand tools]; Hand hooks; Die stocks; Tap wrenches (Hand operated -); Bit braces; Tap wrenches; Extension pieces for braces for screw taps; Rasps [hand tools]; Tool aprons; Sword scabbards; Claws [hand tools]; Cutting guides for use with hand operated tools; Handle grips for hand tools; Threaders [hand operated tools]; Engravers [hand tools]; Grease guns (Hand operated -); Grafting tools [hand tools]; Cutting inserts for use with hand tools; Budding knives; Sprayers (knapsack -) [non-electric] for carrying on the back; Blades [weapons]; Shear blades; Planing blades; Hand-operated ski files; Blades for knives; Saw blades; Razor blades; Crosscut saw blades; Blades for electric razors; Saw blades [parts of hand tools]; Blades for hand saws; Saw blades for use with hand-operated tools; Hacksaw blades for hand operated hacksaws; Jigsaw blades [parts for hand-operated tools]; Hacksaw blades; Safety razor blades (Dispensers for -); Oil cans for lubricating machinery [hand implements]; Woodworking wrecking bars; Scythe stones; Safety razor blades; Awls; Carpet and flooring staple removers [hand tools]; Apple corers; Levers; Tyre levers; Nail files, electric; Electronic foot files; Electric animal nail grinders; Nail buffers for use in manicure; Files [tools]; Foot files; Needle files; Nail files; Emery files; Nail files, non-electric; Electric fingernail polishers; Abrasive stones [hand-operated tools]; Non-electric fingernail polishers; Nail polishers (Non-electric -); Fingernail polishers, electric or non-electric; Miter sanders being hand tools; Hair clippers for personal use, electric and non-electric; Battery-powered animal nail grinders; Cattle shearers; Cattle shearers [hand-operated]; Hand-operated hair clippers; Beard clippers; Machetes; Sledgehammers; Mauls [hand tools]; Mandolins for slicing vegetables; Self-centring chucks [parts of hand-operated tools]; Masons' hammers; Chucks for hand-operated tools; Drill chucks [parts of hand-operated tools]; Expanders [hand tools]; Truncheons; Knife handles; Scythe handles; Handles for hand-operated hand tools; Reamer sockets; Cleavers; Ditchers [hand tools]; Hammers [hand tools]; Pickhammers; Claw hammers; Hammer sharpeners; Bushhammers [stone hammers]; Piton hammers; Hammers, mallets and sledgehammers; Panel beating hammers; Ice hammers; Pick heads; Taps [hand tools]; Hand jacks [hand tools]; Thread formers (screw -) [hand operated tools]; Cutting dies for use with hand operated tools; Dies for use with hand operated tools; Mallets [hand instruments]; Sauna ladles; Choppers [knives]; Emery grinding wheels; Vices; Sharpening wheels for knives and blades; Bench vices [hand implements]; Metal vice jaws; Cramps for use in holding workpieces; Clamps for carpenters or coopers; Metal vices; Miter vises being hand tools; Locking clamps [hand tools]; Clamps [hand tools]; Mortars for pounding [hand tools]; Mortars and pestles; Rammers [hand tools]; Hand-operated tiller; Tillers [hand-operated tools]; Sprayers for use in horticulture [hand tool]; Fish tapes [hand tools]; Sprays [hand-operated tools]; Sprayers for use in agriculture [hand tool]; Ratchets [hand tools]; Shovels [hand tools]; Trowels [gardening]; Fireplace shovels; Fertilizer scoops; Palette knives; Potato peelers [knives]; Vegetable peelers [hand operated knives]; Potato peelers [hand implements]; Non-electric vegetable peelers; Perforating tools [hand tools]; Engraving pens [hand tool]; Braiders [hand tools]; Vegetable peelers [hand tools]; Planes; Non-electric planes for flaking dried bonito blocks (katsuo-bushi planes); Planers [hand tools]; Hand-operated dibbers; Fillister planes [hand tools]; Electric crimping irons for the hair; Electric hair straighteners; Electric hair crimper; Picks [hand tools]; Pickaxes; Electric hair straightening irons; Ice picks; Border shears; Mountaineering ice hammers; Mountaineering pickels [ice axes]; Eyelash curlers; Sharpening stones; Whetstones [sharpening stones]; Locking pliers; Fishing pliers; Terminal crimpers [hand operated tools]; Nippers [hand tools]; Fireplace tongs; Wire nippers [hand tools]; Setting pliers; Wire strippers [hand tools]; Combined wire strippers and cutters [hand-operated]; Tweezers; Numbering punches; Hair-removing tweezers; Artificial eyelash tweezers; Combination pliers; Cuticle tweezers; Nail nippers; Spray guns [hand-operated tool] for extruding putty; Nail nippers [hand tools]; Pincers; Pincers [hand tools]; Guns, hand-operated, for the extrusion of mastics; Stapling guns (hand-operated -) [other than for surgical or stationery use]; Non-electric caulking guns; Grease guns; Guns [hand tools]; Hand pumps; Air pumps, hand-operated; Hand-operated pumps for pumping well water; Pumps for liquids [hand-operated]; Punch pliers [hand tools]; Saw holders; Drill holders [hand tools]; Diving knife holders; Knife holders; Bit drivers for hand tools; Die holders [hand tools]; Die holders for use with hand operated tools; Tool holders; Cutlery of precious metal for cutting; Cutlery of precious metals; Cutlery for use by babies; Pruning scissors; Cutlery for use by children; Biodegradable cutlery; Tree pruners; Chisels; Edge tools [hand tools]; Daggers; Punch rings [knuckle dusters]; Hand-operated cattle prods; Riveting hammers [hand tools]; Drill bits for hand drills; Drill bits for use in hand tools; Screwdriver bits for hand operated screwdrivers; Rotary tool bits [hand-operated tools]; Diamond drill bits for hand-operated tools; Scribers [hand tools]; Auger bits for use with hand-operated tools; Centre punches [hand tools]; Punches [hand tools]; Money scoops; Lead straighteners [hand operated tools]; Scrapers [hand tools]; Scrapers; Glass scrapers [hand tools]; Scrapers for floors and windows; Spatulas [hand tools]; Scrapers for skis; Razors; Vibrating blade shavers; Safety razors; Razor knives; Electric shavers; Electrical shavers for removing threads from fabric [hand instruments]; Electrical shavers for removing fuzz from fabric [hand instruments]; Japanese razors; Non-electric razors; Disposable razors; Dog clippers; Mustache and beard trimmers; Farriers' knives; Paring irons; Callus rasps; Paring irons [hand tools]; Rakes; Sand trap rakes; Lawn rakes [hand-operated tools]; Golf course rakes; Lawn rakes [hand-operated ones only]; Riveters [hand tools]; Scraping tools [hand tools]; Rakes [hand tools]; Non-electric beard trimmers; Trimmers [hand operated tools]; Nibblers [hand operated tools]; Bill-hooks; Pruning knives; Saw guide rails for use with hand-operated tools; Spiked rollers [hand operated tools] for use in soil aeration; Garden rollers [hand-operated]; Spiked rollers [hand operated tools]; Lawn rollers [hand-operated tools]; Tamping rollers (Hand-operated -); Wallpaper seam rollers; Tool pouches for attachment to tool belts; Hoes [hand tools]; Non-electric fruit peelers; Sculptors' chisels; Chisels [hand tools]; Hackles [hand tools]; Snow shovels; Boxes adapted for cutlery; Stone hammers; Stone hammers [hand-operated tools]; Sabres; Skimmers [hand-operated tools]; Sabres [sword]; Pans for panning for gold; Pit saws; Pruning saws [hand-operated]; Butchers saws [hand-operated tools]; Saws [hand tools]; Jig-saws; Rivet saws (Hand operated -); Saws for cutting branches; Hacksaws (Hand operated -); Box saws [hand-operated tools]; Metal cutting saws; Hack saws; Seed drills (Hand-operated -); Eyelash separators; Carpenter's clamps; Disposable tableware [cutlery] made of plastics; Manicure sets, electric; Shaving cases; Sets of socket spanners; Socket sets [hand-operated tools]; Fireplace tool sets; Gouges [hand tools]; Hand-operated sanders; Syringes for spraying insecticides; Electric pedicure sets; Cable rods; Fireplace bellows [hand tools]; Wick trimmers [scissors]; Manually operated motorcycle lifts; Fish tape for pulling cables; Log splitters [hand-operated tools]; Tackers (Hand operated -); Swords; Japanese swords; Fertiliser spreaders [hand-operated]; Spatulas for use by artists; Putty knives; Brushes (steel -) [hand-operated tools]; Wire brushes [hand-operated tools]; Tommy bars; Cuticle pushers; Vegetable spiralizers, hand-operated; Rabbeting planes; Hand-pumped sprayers; Hand-operated sprayers for industrial or commercial use; Builders' squares [hand tools]; Sliding squares [hand-operated tools]; Squares [hand tools]; Fish scalers; Embossers [hand tools]; Rotary dies [hand-operated tools]; Hand operated plumbing snakes; Foundry ladles [hand tools]; Stamping-out tools [hand tools]; Agricultural implements, hand-operated; Lifting tools; Cutters [hand operated tools]; Blade sharpening instruments; Sharpening instruments; Hand-operated ski sharpening instruments; Cattle marking tools [hand-operated]; Manicure implements; Livestock marking tools; Chimney sweeping implements; Nail skin treatment trimmers; Instruments for punching tickets; Cattle skinning instruments [hand-operated]; Bread slicers [hand-operated]; Hollowing bits [parts of hand tools]; Sterile body piercing instruments; Beard Shaping Tool; Tube cutting instruments; Carpenters' augers; Gimlets [hand tools]; Handsaw mountings; Portable drill stands for hand-operated drills; Spool unwinders [hand-operated tools]; Tree pruners [hand tools]; Wine bottle foil cutters, hand-operated; Seam rippers; Pizza slicers; Pizza cutters, non-electric; Cake cutters; Tube cutters [hand tools]; Nail clippers, electric or non-electric; Vegetable slicers; Hand-operated lawn edgers; Bolt cutters [hand-operated tools]; Lawn edge trimmers [hand-operated tools]; Callus cutters; Electric and battery-powered hair clippers; Clippers for personal use [electric and non electric]; Non-electric hair clippers; Wire cutters; Cable cutters (Hand-operated -); Wire cutters [hand tools]; Non-electric garlic cutters; Thread snips; Nasal hair trimmers; Pasta cutters (Hand operated -); Tile cutters [hand operated tools]; Pill cutters; Branch cutters [hand-operated]; Hedge cutters [hand-operated tools]; Hoop cutters [hand tools]; Hand-operated pipe cutters; Nail clippers; Hand-operated vegetable shredders; Glass cutters (Hand operated -); Glass cutters; Caulking cutters [hand tools]; Lead cutters (Hand operated -); Carpet knives; Box cutters; Priming irons [hand tools]; Foil cutters; Stencil cutters [hand-operated tools]; Frames for handsaws; Hacksaw frames for hand operated hacksaws; Pliers; Tongs [hand tools]; Carpenters' pincers [nail pullers]; Penknives; Nail drawers [hand tools]; String tensioning device for rackets [hand tools]; Stretchers for wire and metal bands [hand tools]; Metal wire stretchers [hand tools]; Tighteners [hand-operated tools]; Tensioners [hand-operated tools]; Squeegees [hand-operated tools]; Foot file roller heads for removing hardened skin; Roller head refills for electronic nail files; Hedge trimmers [hand-operated tools]; Lawn clippers [hand instruments]; Shearers [hand instruments]; Electrically operated hair clippers [hand instruments]; Electric hair clippers for animals [hand instruments]; Manual clippers; Electric hair clippers for personal use [hand instruments]; Clippers for use on animals [hand-operated]; Hair clippers for animals [hand instruments]; Chalk line reels [hand tools]; Builders’ lines; Block cutters [hand-operated tools]; Impact drills [hand-operated tools]; Breast drills; Bits [hand tools]; Masonry drills for hand operated tools; Drills; Drill presses (Hand operated -); Paring knives; Poultry scissors; Turnip cutters [knives]; Turnip cutters [hand-operated tools]; Non-electric garlic choppers; Mincing knives [hand tools]; Vegetable choppers; Meat choppers [cleavers]; Hand-operated choppers; Vegetable choppers (Hand-operated -); Rotary drills [hand-operated tools]; Hand-powered ice augers used for ice fishing; Augers [hand tools]; Nippers [hand operated tools]; Hand tools, hand-operated; Hand tools for use in beauty care; Rotary metal cutting tools [hand-operated tools]; Ski edge sharpening tools, hand-operated; Agricultural hand tools; Hand-operated tools for planting bulbs; Cutting, drilling, grinding, sharpening and surface treatment hand tools; Hand tools for construction, repair and maintenance; Garden tools, hand-operated; Hand-operated cutting tools; Diamond cutting tools for hand-operated tools; Cutting tools for tiles (Hand operated -); Positioning tools for setting (Hand operated -); Pearl catchers [hand-operated tools]; Hand tools and implements [hand-operated]; Hand-operated tools for forestry; Hex tools; Hand-operated sharpening tools and instruments; Hand-operated implements; Honing tools [hand-operated]; Hand-operated tools for drilling; Hand tools for exfoliating skin; Hand tools for removing hardened skin; Hand-operated tools for repair of vehicles; Hand-operated tile spacer removal tools; Wiremesh cutters (Hand operated -); Hand tools for use in ice sculpting; Boring tools [hand-operated tools]; Fire tending implements; Crimping tools (Hand operated -); Fastening and joining tools; Agricultural, gardening and landscaping tools; Animal slaughtering and butchering implements; Food preparation implements, kitchen knives and cutlery; Animal shearing implements; Cable tie tools; Polishing tools (Hand operated -); Planing tools [hand-operated]; Nut-tapping tools [hand-operated]; Punching hand tools, hand-operated, other than for office use; Drywall finishing tools [hand tool]; Weeding tools [hand operated]; Hair cutting and removal implements; Poultry declawers [hand-operated tools]; Rotary tools [hand-operated tools]; Tufting tools (Hand-operated -); Spades [hand tools]; Hand-operated vaporizers for industrial or commercial use; Insecticide vaporizers [hand tools]; Sprayers [hand-operated tool] for household use in spraying insecticide; Sprayers [hand-operated tool] for agricultural use in spraying insecticides; Sprayers [hand-operated tool] for garden use in spraying weedkillers; Sprayers [hand-operated tool] for garden use in spraying insecticide; Sprayers [hand-operated tool] for household use in spraying weedkillers; Canteens of cutlery made of precious metal; Plungers for clearing blockages in pipes [hand-operated tools]; Vegetable corers; Weeding forks [hand tools]; Mattocks.

Trademark Record History

Status Date: Record Status Description
5/31/2019 Proprietor - Total transfers - Published
6/19/2019 Proprietor - Total transfers - Published

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