ANBUY European Union Trademark Information

On Saturday, January 19, 2019, an european community trademark registration was filed for ANBUY by Andy Bucciol . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 018011989. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The ANBUY trademark is filed in the category of Jewelry Products , Paper Goods and Printed Material , Leather Products (not including clothing) , Furniture Products , Houseware and Glass Products , Lace, Ribbons, Embroidery and Fancy Goods , Toys and Sporting Goods Products , Hand Tool Products .
Word Mark: ANBUY
Status Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Application Number: 018011989
Filing Date: Saturday, January 19, 2019
Registration Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019
Type of Mark: Word
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: Yes
Filing Language: Italy
Secondary Language: Germany
Last Applicant/Owner:

Classification Information

Class Code: 014
Class Description: Jewelry Products
Goods & Services: Jewellery findings; Agate [unwrought]; Agates; Fittings for watches; Agate as jewellery; Clock cases; Imitation jet; Jet, unwrought or semi-wrought; Anchors [clock- and watchmaking]; Amulets [jewellery]; Rings [jewellery]; Split rings of precious metal for keys; Rings [jewellery] made of non-precious metal; Signet rings; Friendship rings; Engagement rings; Platinum rings; Silver rings; Gold rings; Body-piercing rings; Rings coated with precious metals; Silver-plated rings; Gold plated rings; Chronoscopes; Chronometric apparatus and instruments; Apparatus for timing sports events; Clocks incorporating radios; Digital clocks incorporating radios; Silver; Silver and its alloys; Spun silver [silver wire]; Unwrought silver; Silver, unwrought or beaten; Body-piercing studs; Decorative articles [trinkets or jewellery] for personal use; Paste jewellery; Jewellery; Jewellery fashioned of cultured pearls; Articles of jewellery made from rope chain; Articles of jewellery with ornamental stones; Jewellery being articles of precious stones; Jewellery incorporating diamonds; Jewellery containing gold; Pearls [jewellery]; Personal jewellery; Jewellery made of crystal coated with precious metals; Jade [jewellery]; Pewter jewellery; Jewellery made from silver; Jewellery made of bronze; Jewellery made of precious metals; Jewellery made of semi-precious materials; Jewellery made of precious stones; Articles of jewellery made of precious metal alloys; Jewellery made of plastics; Jewellery made of crystal; Jewellery made of glass; Articles of jewellery coated with precious metals; Sterling silver jewellery; Rings [jewellery] made of precious metal; Crosses [jewellery]; Jewellery for personal adornment; Jewellery coated with precious metal alloys; Hat jewellery; Jewelry for the head; Shoe jewellery; Jewellery in the form of beads; Horological articles; Jewellery fashioned of semi-precious stones; Semi-finished articles of precious stones for use in the manufacture of jewellery; Semi-finished articles of precious metals for use in the manufacture of jewellery; Semi-precious articles of bijouterie; Presentation boxes for jewellery; Barrels [clock- and watchmaking]; Presentation boxes for gemstones; Plastic costume jewellery; Body costume jewellery; Custom jewelry; Pendulums [clock- and watchmaking]; Cuff links; Watch pouches; Bracelets; Metal expanding watch bracelets; Identification bracelets [jewelry]; Gold bracelets; Bead bracelets; Bracelets [jewellery]; Wooden bead bracelets; Bracelets and watches combined; Silver bracelets; Bracelets of precious metal; Bracelets made of embroidered textile [jewellery]; Charity bracelets; Bracelets for watches; Watch bands; Dress watches; Silver-plated bracelets; Gold plated bracelets; Friendship bracelets; Busts of precious metal; Cabochons for making jewellery; Cabochons; Chalcedony; Cameos [jewelry]; Musical jewelry boxes; Key rings [split rings with trinket or decorative fob]; Watch cases [parts of watches]; Clock cases being parts of clocks; Collets being parts of jewellery; Square gold chain; Gold chains; Watch chains; Watch fobs; Jewel chains; Chains [jewellery]; Chain mesh of precious metals [jewellery]; Gold plated chains; Jewellery chain of precious metal for anklets; Jewellery chain of precious metal for bracelets; Chains of precious metals; Rope chain [jewellery] made of common metal; Jewelry guard chains; Jewellery chain of precious metal for necklaces; Rope chain made of precious metal; Jewellery rope chain for bracelets; Ankle bracelets; Jewellery rope chain for anklets; Jewellery rope chain for necklaces; Closures for necklaces; Watch clasps; Clasps for jewellery; Watch straps of polyvinyl chloride; Non-leather watch straps; Watch straps of synthetic material; Watchstraps made of leather; Watch straps of nylon; Watch straps of plastic; Watch straps made of metal or leather or plastic; Metal watch bands; Jewellery charms; Charms [jewellery] of common metals; Pendants; Trinkets of bronze; Bracelet charms; Pendants for watch chains; Key charms coated with precious metals; Necklace charms; Jewelry charms in precious metals or coated therewith; Charms for key rings; Trinkets coated with precious metal; Jewelry clips for adapting pierced earrings to clip-on earrings; Scarf clips being jewelry; Jewelry cases not of precious metal; Jewel cases of precious metal; Jewel cases; Jewelry boxes, not of precious metal; Cases of precious metals for horological articles; Jewelry cases [caskets or boxes]; Necklaces [jewellery]; Bib necklaces; Gold necklaces; Silver necklaces; Necklaces of precious metal; Silver-plated necklaces; Gold-plated necklaces; Commemorative statuary cups made of precious metal; Prize cups of precious metals; Decorative cuff link covers; Bridal headpieces in the nature of tiaras; Rosaries; Tie clips; Crucifixes of precious metal, other than jewellery; Crucifixes as jewellery; Chronographs [watches]; Chronographs for use as timepieces; Chronographs for use as watches; Chronometers; Stopwatches; Ship's chronometers; Jewelry rolls for storage; Cases [fitted] for jewels; Cases for watches [presentation]; Presentation cases for horological articles; Fitted jewelry pouches; Cases [fitted] for horological articles; Cases [fitted] for clocks; Cases for watches and clocks; Cases for clock- and watchmaking; Holiday ornaments [figurines] of precious metal, other than tree ornaments; Diadems; Diamond [unwrought]; Cut diamonds; Diamonds; Ceramic discs for use as tokens of value; Apparatus for sports timing [stopwatches]; Badges of precious metal; Metal badges for wear [precious metal]; Lapel badges of precious metal; Flexible wire bands for wear as a bracelet; Wedding rings; Tie chains of precious metal; Tie clips of precious metal; Clips of silver [jewellery]; Buckles for watchstraps; Figurines [statuettes] of precious metal; Gold thread [jewellery]; Threads of precious metal [jewellery]; Wire thread of precious metal; Silver thread [jewellery]; Threads of precious metals; Metal wire [precious metal]; Fitted covers for jewelry rings to protect against impact, abrasion, and damage to the ring’s band and stones; Cuff links and tie clips; Cuff links made of silver plate; Cuff links made of precious metals with precious stones; Cuff links of precious metal; Cuff links made of precious metals with semi-precious stones; Cuff links made of gold; Cuff links made of porcelain; Cuff links made of imitation gold; Cuff links coated with precious metals; Gems; Tourmaline gemstones; Gemstones, pearls and precious metals, and imitations thereof; Precious and semi-precious gems; Semi-precious stones; Copper tokens; Metal tokens used for mass transit; Jades; Jet; Cloisonné jewellery; Jewellery being articles of precious metals; Jewellery incorporating precious stones; Women's jewelry; Ivory jewellery; Jewellery fashioned from non-precious metals; Gold jewellery; Jewellery, including imitation jewellery and plastic jewellery; Children's jewelry; Pet jewelry; Precious jewellery; Lapel pins [jewellery]; Body jewellery; Jewellery of yellow amber; Platinum jewelry; Facial jewellery; Enamelled jewellery; Corporate recognition jewelry; Imitation precious stones; Digital time indicators having temperature displays; Iridium; Iridium and its alloys; Watch hands; Clock and watch hands; Clock hands; Grave markers of precious metal; Silver alloys; Gold alloys; Unwrought silver alloys; Iridium alloys; Alloys of precious metal; Precious metal alloys [other than for use in dentistry]; Osmium alloys; Platinum alloys; Rhodium alloys; Palladium alloys; Ruthenium alloys; Silver bullion; Gold bullion; Gold alloy ingots; Platinum alloy ingots; Ingots of precious metals; Platinum ingots; Silver alloy ingots; Watch crowns; Chain mesh of semi-precious metals; Meditation beads; Marcassites; Movements for clocks and watches; Watch movements; Electronically operated movements for watches; Medals; Commemorative medals; Medals made of precious metals; Lockets [jewellery]; Medallions; Medals coated with precious metals; Gold medals; Medallions made of non-precious metals; Medallions made of precious metals; Precious metals; Precious metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; Precious metals and their alloys; Semi-worked precious metals; Processed or semi-processed precious metals; Misbaha [prayer beads]; Model animals [ornaments] made of precious metal; Model animals [ornaments] coated with precious metal; Scale models [ornaments] of precious metal; Watch springs; Coins; Commemorative coins; Gold bullion coins; Collectible coins; Non-monetary coins; Objet d'art of enamelled silver; Objet d'art made of precious stones; Silver objets d'art; Works of art of precious metal; Objet d'art of enamelled gold; Olivine [gems]; Opal; Earrings; Hoop earrings; Drop earrings; Silver earrings; Earrings of precious metal; Pierced earrings; Gold earrings; Silver-plated earrings; Gold plated earrings; Imitation jewellery ornaments; Ornaments, made of or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof; Ornaments [jewellery, jewelry (Am.)]; Ornaments of jet; Ornaments [statues] made of precious metal; Dress ornaments in the nature of jewellery; Clothing ornaments of precious metals; Ear ornaments in the nature of jewellery; Personal ornaments of precious metal; Gold; Gold, unwrought or beaten; Clocks; Time instruments; Solar watches; Quartz watches; Atomic clocks; Automatic watches; Pendant watches; Clocks incorporating ceramics; Watches incorporating a telecommunication function; Watches with the function of wireless communication; Watches incorporating a memory function; Clocks for world time zones; Horological instruments having quartz movements; Watches bearing insignia; Watches containing a game function; Watches containing an electronic game function; Divers' watches; Women's watches; Silver watches; Mantle clocks; Wristwatches; Wristwatches with pedometers; Watches; Wristwatches with GPS apparatus; Clocks and watches, electric; Desk clocks; Pocket watches; Control clocks [master clocks]; Table clocks; Travel clocks; Time clocks [master clocks] for controlling other clocks; Digital clocks; Platinum watches; Digital clocks being electronically controlled; Digital watches with automatic timers; Clocks and parts therefor; Clocks and watches; Watches made of precious metals or coated therewith; Miniature clocks; Watches made of precious metals; Watches made of gold; Watches made of rolled gold; Watches made of plated gold; Industrial clocks; Timing clocks; Mechanical watches; Mechanical watches with automatic winding; Mechanical watches with manual winding; Watches for outdoor use; Clocks and watches for pigeon-fanciers; Automobile clocks; Watches for nurses; Sports watches; Watch glasses; Mechanical watch oscillators; Oscillators for timepieces; Oscillators for clocks; Oscillators for watches; Osmium; Osmium and its alloys; Palladium; Palladium and its alloys; Parts for clocks; Parts and fittings for jewellery; Parts and fittings for chronometric instruments; Parts and fittings for horological instruments; Parts for clockworks; Amberoid pendants being jewellery; Amber pendants being jewellery; Grandfather clocks; Jewel pendants; Pearl; Imitation pearls; Cultured pearls; Pearls made of ambroid [pressed amber]; Natural pearls; Beads for making jewellery; Small jewellery boxes of precious metals; Small jewelry boxes, not of precious metal; Small clocks; Unwrought precious stones; Artificial stones [precious or semi-precious]; Precious stones; Precious and semi-precious stones; Synthetic precious stones; Semi-wrought precious stones and their imitations; Unwrought and semi-wrought precious stones and their imitations; Natural gem stones; Synthetic stones [jewellery]; Platinum [metal]; Platinum and its alloys; Ring holders of precious metal; Key rings; Jewellery boxes and watch boxes; Key chains; Key chains of precious metal; Metal key chains; Key rings [trinkets or fobs] of precious metal; Key rings and key chains, and charms therefor; Key chains as jewellery [trinkets or fobs]; Key fobs of precious metals; Metal key fobs; Keyrings of common metal; Key rings of leather; Key fobs of imitation leather; Key rings, not of metal; Key fobs [rings] coated with precious metal; Fancy keyrings of precious metals; Retractable key rings; Jewellery rolls; Jewelry boxes of precious metal; Jewelry boxes of metal; Leather jewelry boxes; Dials [clock- and watchmaking]; Clock dials; Watch dials; Sundials; Watch winders; Rhodium; Rhodium and its alloys; Clockworks; Jewelry organizer rolls for travel; Ruthenium; Ruby; Ruthenium and its alloys; Sardonyx [unwrought]; Escapements; Decorative boxes made of precious metal; Commemorative boxes of precious metal; Presentation boxes for horological articles; Boxes of precious metal; Boxes for tie-pins; Jewellery boxes; Boxes for cufflinks; Wooden jewellery boxes; Cases for chronometric instruments; Jewelry boxes not of metal; Ornamental sculptures made of precious metal; Monetary coin sets for collecting purposes; Sculptures of precious metal; Imitation gold; Timekeeping systems for sports; Emeralds; Presentation boxes for watches; Pins [jewellery]; Cloisonne pins; Tie pins; Decorative brooches [jewellery]; Decorative pins [jewellery]; Decorative pins of precious metal; Ornamental hat pins; Ornamental lapel pins; Lapel pins of precious metals [jewellery]; Brooches [jewellery]; Ornamental pins; Gold plated brooches [jewellery]; Jewellery hat pins; Statues of precious metal of religious icons; Statues and figurines, made of or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereof; Spinel [precious stones]; Statues of precious metal and their alloys; Desktop statuary made of precious metal; Figurines made from silver; Statues of precious metal; Statuettes made of semi-precious metals; Statuettes of precious metal and their alloys; Miniature figurines [coated with precious metal]; Figurines made from gold; Figurines of precious stones; Statuettes made of semi-precious stones; Figurines made of imitation gold; Ornamental figurines made of precious metal; Figurines for ornamental purposes of precious stones; Figurines coated with precious metal; Model figures [ornaments] coated with precious metal; Figures of precious metal; Action figures (Decorative -) of precious metal; Horological instruments made of gold; Alarm clocks; Electronic alarm clocks; Stands for clocks; Commemorative shields of precious metal; Identity plates of precious metal; Commemorative shields; Topaz; Trophies made of precious metal alloys; Trophies coated with precious metal alloys; Trophies coated with precious metals; Trophies made of precious metals; Eternity rings; Sapphires; Cubic zirconia.
Class Code: 016
Class Description: Paper Goods and Printed Material
Goods & Services: Attachments for pencils; Etchings; Aquarelles; Stickers [decalcomanias]; Decorative stickers for soles of shoes; Plastic adhesives for stationery or household purposes; Adhesives for stationery; Gums [adhesives] for stationery or household purposes; Decorative stickers for helmets; Vehicle bumper stickers; Adhesives for do-it-yourself purposes; Adhesives for art use; Adhesives for household purposes; Adhesive tape dispensers [office requisites]; Franking machines for office use; Year planners; Agendas; Leather covered diaries; Desk diaries; Pocket secretaries; Desk top planners; Diaries; Monthly planners; Appointment books; Personal organisers; Planners [printed matter]; Weekly planners; Pocket diaries; Office staplers; Albums; Colouring books; Wedding albums; Baby memory books; Albums for stickers; Autograph albums; Baby books; Collector albums; Photographic albums; Stamp albums; Albums for collecting magnetic cards; Coin albums; Event albums; Sketchbooks; Brag books [photo albums]; Almanacs; Cigar bands; Adhesive corners for photographs; Yearbooks in the field of soccer; Annuals [printed publications]; School yearbooks; Hand labelling appliances; Bookbinding apparatus and machines [office equipment]; Electrical heat sealing apparatus for office use; Vignetting apparatus; Apparatus for mounting photographs; Document laminators for office use; Stipple applicators for use by painters; Paint applicators in the nature of sponges; Appliqués of paper; Appliques in the form of decals; Hand-rests for painters; Printed seminar notes; Electric letter openers; File sorters [office requisites]; Hanging folders; Modelling clay; Modeling clay for children; Writing stationery; Office paper stationery; Stationery; Gift stationery; Paper stationery; Office stationery; Scented stationery; Printed stationery; Book covers; Bookbinding material; Office requisites, except furniture; Towels of paper; Hygienic hand towels of paper; Drying towels of paper; Paper handtowels; Party stationery; Face towels of paper; Bookbindings; Cheques; Bamboo rolls used as writing brush holders; Bank checks; Cases made of corrugated cardboard; Document portfolios; Cases for stationery; Drawing sets; Stencil cases; Map cases; Checkbook cases; Cases for stamps [seals]; Writing cases [stationery]; Leather pencil cases; Atlases; Printed awards; Educational equipment; Printing and bookbinding equipment; Correcting and erasing implements; Arts, crafts and modelling equipment; Stickers [stationery]; Writing and stamping implements; Paper badges; Banknotes; Paper pennants; Display banners of paper; Display banners made of cardboard; Marker caddies; Pencil tins; Ink sticks; Chart pointers, non-electronic; Make-up pads of paper for removing make-up; Bibs of paper; Bibs, sleeved, of paper; Paper baby bibs; Gummed tape [stationery]; Adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes; Table linen of paper; Bibles; Removable self-stick notes; Tickets; Blank cards; Birthday cards; Holiday cards; Printed greeting cards with electronic information stored therein; Musical greeting cards; Entry tickets; Invitation cards; Printed event admission tickets; Gift cards; Visiting cards; Greeting cards; Pop-up greetings cards; Thank you cards; Picture cards; Christmas cards; Motivational cards; Occasion cards; Blank note cards; Social note cards; Correspondence cards; Printed tickets; Passenger tickets; Gift wrap cards; Gift tags; Blister packs for packaging; Ball pens; Note pads; Coupon books; Pads [stationery]; Adhesive note pads; Illustrated notepads; Loose-leaf pads; Prescription reminder pads; Pads of party invitations; Drawing pads; Easel pads; Writing tablets; Account slip pads; Legal pads; Notepads; Scratch pads; Stenographers' note books; Cash receipt books; Score pads; Blank paper notebooks; Reel paper for printers; Spools for inking ribbons; Retractable reels for name badge holders [office requisites]; Bulletins; News bulletins; Binding strips [bookbinding]; Savings stamps; Carrier bags; Plastic shopping bags; Bags of bubble plastics for packaging; Paper bags for household use; Plastic bags for pet waste disposal; Plastic disposable diaper bags; Plastic bags for household use; Paper shopping bags; Bags of paper for roasting purposes; Galley racks [printing]; Architects' models; Sketches; Glitter for stationery purposes; Brochures; Wristbands for the retention of writing instruments; Printed informational folders; Etching needles; Gift certificates; Printed coupons; Tracing needles for drawing purposes; Gift vouchers; Envelopes [stationery]; Plastic envelopes; Paper envelopes for packaging; Manila envelopes; Envelope sealing machines for offices; Sleeves for holding and protecting stamps; Inkwells; Tracing patterns; Calendars; Tear-off calendars; Wall calendars; Desk calendars; Calendar desk pads; Printed calendars; Advent calendars; Rubber erasers; Pocket calendars; Chalk erasers; Writing board erasers; Blackboard erasers [chalk erasers]; Whiteboard erasers; Song books; Hat boxes of paper; Hat boxes of cardboard; Pencil caps; Printing type; Typeface; Printing fonts; Type fonts for typewriters; Dry transfer characters; Artists' charcoals; Charcoal pencils; Carbon paper; Caricatures; Paper; Onion skin paper; Paper made from paper mulberry (tengujosi); Paper made from paper mulberry (kohzo-gami); Heat transfer paper; Adhesive paper; Mildewproof paper; Honeycomb paper; Carbonless copying paper; Absorbent paper; Stencil paper [mimeograph paper]; Ivory paper; White papers; Wax bond paper; Synthetic bond paper; Recycled bond paper; Calendered paper; Cellophane paper; Copying paper [stationery]; Paper containing mica; Plastic coated copying paper; Paper for medical examination tables; Crepe paper; Kitchen rolls [paper]; Silver paper; Crepe paper for domestic use; Drawing paper; Parchment paper; Newsprint paper; Wrapping paper; Writing paper; Headed notepaper; Letter paper [finished products]; Gift wrap paper; Decorative wrapping paper; Paper stock; Tracing paper; Bond paper; Moistureproof cellophane paper; Papers for use in the graphic arts industry; Supercalendered printing paper; Wood pulp paper; Fiber paper; Rice paper; Safety paper; Lining papers for packaging; Paper and cardboard; Industrial paper and cardboard; Filter paper; Fine paper; Fluorescent paper; Japanese paper; Japanese handicraft paper; Japanese paper (torinoko-gami); Glassine paper; Gummed paper; Toilet paper; Electrostatic paper; Toilet rolls; Paper impregnated with oil for wrapping purposes; Waterproof paper; Oilproof paper; Waterproof paper [other than for use in building]; Imitation leather paper; India paper; Laminated paper; Luminous paper; Manila paper; Ivory manilaboard; Brown paper for wrapping; Metallic gift wrapping paper; Graph paper; Ruled paper [finished products]; Offset paper; Gift wrapping foil; Oiled paper for paper umbrellas (kasa-gami); Corrugated paper; Fluting paper [corrugating medium]; Opaque paper; Waxed paper; Waxed paper [other than for use in building]; Coated paper; Grocery paper; Paper for recording machines; Art paper; Notepaper; Adhesive note paper; Drawer liners of paper, perfumed or not; Business card paper [semi-finished]; Paper for bags and sacks; Envelope paper; Calligraphy paper; Postcard paper; Stock certificate paper; Computer paper; Book-cover paper; Transfer paper; Directory paper; Electrocardiograph paper; Label paper; Photocopy paper; Paper padding; Food-wrapping paper; Paper for use in the manufacture of wallpaper; Paper for making bags and sacks; Paper for use in the manufacture of tea bags; Paper for use in the manufacture of surgical drapes; Craft paper; Typewriter paper; Masking paper; Mulch paper; Paper for Japanese indoor sliding partitions (fusuma-gami); Papers for painting and calligraphy; Plotting papers [graph paper as finished products]; Gunpowder wrapping paper; Proofing paper; Publication paper; Paper for radiograms; Shelf paper; Reproduction paper; Lining paper; Paper for wrapping books; Magazine paper; Dye-sublimation print paper; Digital printing paper; Paper for printing photographs; Offset printing paper for pamphlets; Laser printing paper; Paper for use as material of stock certificates (shokenshi); Facsimile transmission paper; Napkin paper; Household paper; Industrial paper; Origami folding paper; Scented paper drawer liners; Paper for Japanese sliding screens (shoji-gami); Acid-resistant paper; Recycled paper; Semi-processed paper; Synthetic paper; Thick Japanese paper [hosho-gami]; Laser cut paper; Heat sensitive paper; Treated paper for wrapping flowers and floral displays; Tissue paper for use as material of stencil paper (ganpishi); Tissue paper for making stencil paper; Tissue paper; Xerographic paper; Paper patterns; Patterns for making clothes; Sewing patterns; Papier mâché; Cards; Name cards; Pre-paid purchase cards, not magnetically encoded; Collectable cards; Debit cards without magnetic coding; Credit cards without magnetic coding; Paper loyalty cards; Paperweights; Illustrated wall maps; Geographical maps; Illustrated wall maps for educational purposes; Trivia cards; Road maps; Folders [stationery]; Colour charts; Desk mats; Navigation charts for use in sailing craft; Folders for papers; Paper folders; Index files; Signboards of paper or cardboard; Placards of cardboard; Placards of paper; Placards of paper or cardboard; Clipboards; Correspondence folders; Folders for blueprints; Paper gift tags; Cardboard hangtags; Tags for index cards; Posters; Paper signboards; Flash cards; Sketch boards; Advertisement boards of card; Maps; Printed plans; Stationery and educational supplies; Postcards; Postcards and picture postcards; Picture postcards; Lenticular postcards; Printed mail response cards; Bristol boards; White paperboard; Pasteboard; Colorboard [colored paperboard]; Manila board; Corrugated board; Cardboard; Wood pulp board [stationery]; Cardboard made from paper mulberry (senkasi); Linerboard for corrugated cardboard; Millboard; Packing cardboard; Perforated cards for Jacquard looms; Pen ink cartridges; Cartridges (Ink -) for writing instruments; Refills for ballpoint pens; Fountain pen ink cartridges; Catalogues; Mail order catalogues; Home shopping catalogs; Catalogues relating to computer software; Drawing pencils; Painters' easels; Animation cels; Place mats of paper; Paper doilies; Sealing wax; Decorative paper centerpieces; Modelling wax, not for dental purposes; Printed award certificates; Printed certificates; Desk baskets for desk accessories; Letter trays; Hectographs; Mimeograph apparatus and machines; Numbers [type]; Rollers for typewriters; Newsletters; Religious circular letters; File folders; Ring binders; Files [office requisites]; Paper expanding files; Memo sorters; Register files; File boxes for storage of magazines; Printing blocks; File boxes for storage of business and personal records; Electrotypes; Binders; Pen clips; Clips for name badge holders [office requisites]; Cabinets for stationery [office requisites]; Stamp cases; Seaweed glue for stationery; Gum arabic glue for stationery or household purposes; Latex glue for stationery or household purposes; Glitter glue for stationery purposes; Starch paste [adhesive] for stationery or household purposes; Starch paste for stationery; Gelatine glue for stationery or household purposes; Red algae gelatine glue, for stationery or household purposes [funori]; Wood glue for household use; Fabric glue for household use; Spirit gum for household use; Spirit gum for stationery purposes; Glues for office use; Collages; Glue pens for stationery purposes; Manifolds [stationery]; Crayons; Paper knives [letter openers]; Compasses for drawing; Law digests; Composing sticks; Modeling compounds; Printed news releases; Gift packaging; Plastic gift wrap; Christmas gift wrap; School cones, empty; Carrying cases made of paper; Paper boxes; Cardboard containers; Biodegradable paper pulp-based to-go containers for food; Containers of paper for packaging purposes; Containers of card for packaging; Corrugated containers; Packaging containers of regenerated cellulose; Plastic baseball card holders; Filing containers; Desktop business card holders; Memo pad holders; Writing paper holders; Letter holders; Stapler holders; Paper clip holders; Writing brush washers; Storage containers made of paper; Holders for adhesive tapes; Pen and pencil boxes; Holders for files; Paper report covers; File covers; Cardboard shipping containers; Covers [stationery]; Jackets of paper for books; Leather appointment book covers; Covers for agendas; Passbook covers; Covers for weekly planners; Document covers; Exercise-book covers; Leather book covers; Bookbinding covers; Protective covers for books; Magazine covers; Notebook covers; Unfitted furniture covers of paper; Paper toilet seat covers; Flower-pot covers of paper; Portraits; Japanese ceremonial paper strings (mizuhiki); Art mounts; Cardboard picture mounts; Photograph mounts; Photographic or art mounts; Printed vouchers; Chromolithographs [chromos]; Table runners of paper; Crossword puzzles; Clips for offices; Stapling guns (Electric -) for stationery use; Stapling guns (Hand-operated -) for stationery use; Stapling presses [non-electric staplers]; French curves; Seal ink pads; Flip chart carrying cases; Filing cases; Covers for postage stamps; Flip chart cases; Holders for cheque books; Pencil boxes; Passport cases; Pen cases; Pocket pen shields; Name badge holders [office requisites]; Date stamps; Iron-on transfers; Transfers [decalcomanias]; Wall decals; Printed transfers for embroidery or fabric appliqués; 3D decals for use on any surface; Table decorations of paper; Paper cake decorations; Paper cake toppers; Decorations of cardboard for foodstuffs; Metallic paper party decorations; Paper party decorations; Iron-on transfers of paper; Decorations of paper for foodstuffs; Decoration and art materials and media; Decorations for pencils; Adhesive wall decorations of paper; Diagrams; Flow sheets [printed matter]; Printed diagrams; Log books; Printed diplomas; Graphic prints; Graphic drawings; Printed lessons; Cardboard badges; Name badges [office requisites]; Automatic adhesive dispensers for office use; Automatic paper clip dispensing machines for office or stationery use; Paintings; Adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use; String dispensers for use in packaging; CD shredders for home or office use; Document destroyers [office machines]; Finger-stalls [office requisites]; Rubber finger tips; File dividers; Dictionaries; Gazetteers; Duplicators; Relief duplicators; Rotary duplicators; Inking sheets for duplicators; Elastic bands for offices; Typewriter typing elements; Decorative pencil-top ornaments; City directories; Directories; Classified directories; Telephone directories; Printed emblems; Hotel directories; Address lists; Paper emblems; Printed emblems [decalcomanias]; Encyclopaedias; Adhesive labels; Adhesive labels of paper; Office labeling machines; Adhesive printed labels; Paper identification tags; Handpainted paper wine bottle labels; Printed novelty wine labels; Labels of paper; Paper name badges; Marking tabs; Baggage claim check tags of cardboard; Baggage claim check tags of paper; Wet erase paper labels; Cardboard labels; Labels of paper or cardboard; Shipping labels; Printed luggage labels; Luggage tags of paper; Price tags; Luggage tags of cardboard; Address labels; Reinforced stationery tabs; Printed tables; Marking pens [stationery]; Stick markers; Highlighting markers; Printed paper labels; Paint stick markers; Document markers; Bookplates; Collators for office use; Handkerchiefs of paper; Tissues; Paper tissues for cosmetic use; Printers' blankets, not of textile; Page holders; Paper clasps; Metal money clips; Paper fasteners; Clips for paper [stationery]; Money clips of precious metals; Bunting of paper; Crepe paper streamers; Sports trading cards; Trading cards; Baseball cards; Cords for bookbinding; Self-adhesive plastic sheets for lining shelves; Plastic film for packaging; Water filters of paper; Paper tea filters; Paper coffee filters; Paper filters for coffee makers; Decorative paper bows for wrapping; Bows for decorating packaging; Paper bows, other than haberdashery or hair decorations; Flipcharts; Paper gift wrap bows; Correcting fluids [office requisites]; Paint roller covers; Folios; Plastic bubble packs for wrapping or packaging; Blister cards; Absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; Paper sheets for note taking; Sheets for wrapping made of paper; Paper sheets [stationery]; Sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping; Commemorative stamp sheets; Ink sheets for use in reproducing images in the printing industry; Instruction sheets; Sheets for wrapping made of plastic material; Notebook paper; Viscose sheets for wrapping; Informational sheets; Manila folders; Archival storage pages; Wrapping foils for books; Engraving plates; Score sheets; Loose leaf paper; Printed answer sheets; Pharmaceutical information leaflets; Paperboard blanks; Die-cut paper shapes; Blank forms; Printed survey answer sheets; Humidity control sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; Plastic film roll stock for packaging pharmaceuticals; Plastic film roll stock for packaging food; Plastic film roll stock for packaging electronic devices; Drawing materials; Writing materials; School supplies [stationery]; Photographs [printed]; Signed photographs; Collector's photographs of players; Unmounted and mounted photographs; School photographs; Photo-engravings; Postage stamps; Commemorative stamps [seals]; Commemorative postage stamps; Comics; Office hole punchers; Newspaper comic strips; Flags of paper; Writing brush hangers; Chalk; Chalks for drawing; Marking chalk; Tailors' chalk; Writing chalk; Chalks for colouring; Chalks for artists' use; Spray chalk; Chalk for lithography; Decorative paper garlands for parties; Paper garlands; Newspapers; Comic books; Broadsheets; Celestial globes; Cap erasers; Rubbers for erasing written text; Ink erasers; Protractors [for stationery and office use]; Protractors as drawing instruments; Paper-clips; Revolving circular charts; Paper file jackets; Painting mitts for applying paint; Angle guides [drawing instruments]; Lettering stencils; Strategy guide books for card games; Computer hardware users guide; Study guides; Indexes; Printed guides; Quick reference pocket guides; Printed teaching activity guides; Guide books; Airtight packaging of paper; Airtight packaging of cardboard; Cardboard packaging; Plastic materials for packaging; Bottle wrappers of paper or cardboard; Plastic wrap; Letter inserter machines for office use; Padding materials of paper or cardboard; Cushioning or padding made of paper for packing purposes; Pictures; Printed visuals; Paint roller handles; Inking ribbons; Ink; Calligraphy ink; Indian inks; Writing grips; Marking inks for stationery purposes; Correcting ink [heliography]; Duplicating inks; Stamp inks; Drawing ink; Marking ink containing biologics for use in authentication of objects; Writing ink; Ink for fountain pens; Ink for writing instruments; Engravings and their reproductions; Lithographic engravings; Prints [engravings]; Date indicators; Document page markers; Addressing machines; Printed paper signs featuring names for use for special events; Printed paper signs featuring table numbers for use for special events; Printed paper signs; Advertising signs of paper; Advertising signs of cardboard; Printed cardboard invitations; Party invitations; Printed invitations; Printed paper invitations; Food wrappers; Bottle envelopes of paper or cardboard; Coin wrappers; Gift wrap; Isinglass for stationery or household purposes; Arts and crafts paint kits; Fingerprint kits; Paper lace; Polypropylene foil for packing; Address plates for addressing machines; Slate pencils; Printed flip charts; Blank flip charts; Whiteboards; Whiteboards having magnetic properties; Blackboards; Magnetic boards for scheduling activities and appointments; Noteboards; Memorandum boards; Children's slates; Writing slates; Small blackboards; Paintings and calligraphic works; Printed matter; Paper pads for changing diapers; Adhesive-backed letters and numbers; Steel letters; Type [numerals and letters]; Paper letters and numbers; Adhesive-backed vinyl letters and numbers; Calligraphic works; Informational letters; Staple removers; Printed lectures; Cheque books; Booklets; Golf yardage books; Booklets relating to games; Commemorative books; Pop-up books; Books; Ledgers [books]; Flip books; Manga comic books; Graphic art books; Information books; Strategy guidebooks for video games; Guest books; Drawing books; Activity books; Children's activity books; Birthday books; Wallcoverings (Books containing samples of -); Autograph books; Reference books; Cookery books; Data books; Fantasy books; Fiction books; Wedding books; Music books; Printed music books; Prayer books; Story books; Rule books; Rule books for playing games; Religious books; Non-fiction books; Music note books; Children's storybooks; Textbooks; Educational books; Sticker activity books; Strategy guide books for computer games; Books in the fields of games and gaming; Poster books; Manuscript books; Books in the field of golf instruction; Children's books incorporating an audio component; Coffee table books; Composition books; Signature books; Picture books; Books for children; Gift books; Printed books in the field of music education; Pocket books [stationery]; Printers' reglets; Coloring books for adults; Correcting liquids for printer's block; Correction fluids for documents; Canvas stretcher bars for artists; Price lists; Lithographs; Plastic transparencies; Electronic and electric franking machines; Stamp canceling machines; Typewriters, electric or non-electric; Electronic typewriters; Machines for office use for sorting documents; Machines for office use in addressing mail; Machines for office use for folding documents; Machines for office use for stamping mail; Guillotine machines for office use; Stapling presses [office requisites]; Label printing machines for household and stationery use; Bookbinding machines for office use; Office lettering machines; Paper folding machines as office requisites; Electric typewriters; Sealing machines for offices; Pencil sharpeners, electric or non-electric; Pencil sharpening machines, electric or non-electric; Office machines; Office decollating machines; Stamping machines for office use; Handles made of plastics for paint brushes; Mounted posters; Advertising posters; Manuals [handbooks]; Instruction manuals for music synthesizers; Computer manuals; Manuals for instructional purposes; Instruction manuals for exercise equipment; Music instruction manuals; Computer software operating manuals; Computer game hint books; Instructional manuals for teaching purposes; Computer hardware reference manuals; Computer game instruction manuals; Printed manuals; Terrestrial globes; Maps made of flexible plastics; Printwheels for typewriters; Stencils [stationery]; Drawing shields; Spirit masters for mimeographing; Stencil plates; Shields [paper seals]; Erasing shields; Bulk paper; Rubber cements for stationery; Drawing materials for blackboards; Paper crafts materials; Printed training materials; Printed instructional material on telecommunications; Filtering materials of paper; Artists' materials; Role playing game equipment in the nature of manuals; Teaching materials [except apparatus]; Educational and instructional material; Binding materials for books and papers; Printed promotional material; Printed correspondence course materials; Adhesive materials for office use; Aromatic modeling materials; Packaging material made of starches; Wrapping materials made of paper; Packaging materials of plastic for sandwiches; Packaging materials made of recycled paper; Printed teaching materials; Paper teaching materials; Printed educational materials; Packaging materials made from mineral-based paper substitutes; Packing [cushioning, stuffing] materials of paper or cardboard; Packaging materials made of cardboard; Packaging materials; Modelling materials; Artists' modelling materials; Printed material in the nature of color samples; Printed packaging materials of paper; Sealing compounds for stationery purposes; Air bubble plastics for packaging; Plastics for modelling; Pencils; Automatic pencils; Color pencils; Pencils with erasers; Correcting pencils for type; Correction pencils; Artists' pencils; Painting pencils; Stencils; Retractable pencils; Mimeograph stencils; Menu cards; Printed menus; Pencil leads; Mini photo albums; Coloured lead pencils; Anatomical models for instructional and educational purposes; Drafting templates; Handwriting specimens for copying; Embroidery designs [patterns]; Clothing patterns; Patterns for dressmaking; Dressmaking patterns for drawing; Knitting patterns; Printed patterns for costumes; Forms, printed; Marking templates; Three dimensional models for educational purposes; Printed patterns for dressmaking; Business forms; Order forms for use in home shopping; Bookkeeping forms; Monographs; Partially printed forms; Order forms; Self-adhesive tapes for stationery use; Adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; Adhesive packaging tapes; Self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; Double sided adhesive tapes for stationery use; Double sided adhesive tapes for household use; Correcting tapes [office requisites]; Typewriter correction ribbons; Blank paper computer tapes for recording programs; Paper ribbons, other than haberdashery or hair decorations; Paper rolls for calculating machines; Barcode ribbons; Tamper evident tapes of plastic; Inking ribbons for computer printers; Paper gift wrapping ribbons; Typewriter ribbons; Dot matrix printer ribbons; Paper carton sealing tape; Food bag tape for freezer use; Ribbons for handheld label printers [office requisites]; Sticky tape; Paper tapes; Correcting tape for type; Bookbinding strips; Pen wipers; Newsletters in the fields of games and gaming; Numbering apparatus; Obliterating stamps; Engravings; Oleographs; Lithographic works of art; Paper cocktail parasols; Omikuji [sacred lots] [printed strips of paper used for fortune telling]; Works of art made of paper; Pamphlets; Information booklets; Brochures in the field of real estate sales; Advertising pamphlets; Printed brochures; Timetables; Printed timetables; Daily planners; Printed horoscopes; Sealing wafers; Pencil ornaments [stationery]; Photograph album pages; Plastic pages with pockets for holding trading cards; Plastic pages with pockets for holding receipts; Plastic pages with pockets for holding photographs; Scrapbook pages; Scoops made of card for the disposal of pet excrement; Mounting boards; Canvas panels for artists; Illustration boards; Printed advertising boards of cardboard; Printed advertising boards of paper; Cloth paper; Pantographs [drawing instruments]; Paper jogging machines for office use; Announcement cards [stationery]; Printed sheet music; Musical score books; Paper passe-partouts; Paste for handicraft, for stationery or household purposes (banjaku-nori); Modelling paste; Red ink paste used for seals; Pastels; Oil pastels; Pastels [crayons]; Artists' pastels; Food wrapping plastic film; Cling film; Waterproofing film (Plastic -) for packaging; Cellulose acetate film for wrapping; Cellulose acetate film for packaging; Adhesive foils stationery; Adhesive plastic film for packaging; Plastic film for wrapping; Adhesive plastic film used for mounting images; Adhesive plastic film for wrapping; Correcting film for type; Plastic cling film, extensible, for palletization; Food wrapping plastic film for household use; Films for wrapping foodstuffs; Polythene films for wrapping or packaging; Brush pens; Felt marking pens; Wet erase markers; Dry erase markers; Fiber-tip markers; Skin marker pens; Highlighter pens; Pens; India ink pens; Felt pens; Porous tip pens; Ink pens; Pens [office requisites]; Glitter pens for stationery purposes; Coloured pens; Fibertip pens; Electrical wood burning artists' pens; Pens of precious metal; Artists' pens; Correction pens; Colouring pens; Etching pens; Nibs; Nibs of gold; Paintbrushes; Gel roller pens; House painters' rollers; Paint rollers; Writing brushes for ground calligraphy; Artists' brushes; Decorators' paintbrushes; Drawing brushes; Writing brushes; Painters' brushes; Writing brush for calligraphy; Writing brush for Shodo; Brushes for the application of paints; Steel pens; Electric hole punches; Journals; Periodicals; Printed periodicals; Printed periodicals in the field of tourism; Printed periodicals in the field of movies; Printed periodicals in the field of plays; Printed periodicals in the field of figurative arts; Printed periodicals in the field of dance; Graining combs; Printed curricula; Architectural plans; Blueprints; Artists' watercolour saucers; Writing brush washing saucers; Cream containers of paper; Paper creasers [office requisites]; Ink stones [ink reservoirs]; Lithographic stones; Electric staplers for offices; Money holders; Canvas for painting; Paintings [pictures], framed or unframed; Holders for desk accessories; Polymer modelling clay; Advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; Holders for notepads; Penholders; Pencil holders; Cardboard pizza boxes; Pencil lead holders; Stamp mounts; Document holders [stationery]; Copyholders; Expanding files; Chalk holders; Desk organisers; Organizers for stationery use; Passport holders; Pen trays; Pencil cups; Pen and pencil holders; Document stamp racks; Posters made of paper; Credit card imprinters, non-electric; Paper embossers [office requisites]; Erasing products; Works of art and figurines of paper and cardboard, and architects' models; Data processing programmes in printed form; Events programmes; Wall planners; Computer programmes in printed form; Souvenir programmes; Printed programmes; Pencil extenders; Prospectuses; Pencil point protectors; Printed publications; Educational publications; Promotional publications; Printed publications relating to computers; Tips for ballpoint pens; Drawing pins; Thumbtacks [stationery]; Drawing board pins; Printed advertisements; Corkboard pins; Writing or drawing books; Spiral-bound notebooks; Wirebound books; Workbooks containing exercises; Dictation books; Expense books; Copybooks; Memorandum books; Writing brush calligraphy copybooks; School writing books; Pen calligraphy copybooks; Writing books; Score books; Exercise books; Art pictures; Square rulers; Printed questionnaires; Daily newspaper; Drip mats of paper; Loose-leaf binders; Lever arch files; Office binders; Document files [stationery]; Recipe binders; Magnetic three-ring binders; Photo albums and collectors' albums; Comic strips; Printed stories in illustrated form; Printed research reports; Law reports; Printed consumer reports; Graphic representations; Scrapers [erasers] for offices; Industrial packaging containers of paper; Document folders in the form of wallets; Containers for ice made of paper or cardboard; Bookends; Blank journals; Business record books; Visitors books; Logbooks [book-keeping]; Logbooks [aviation]; Logbooks [ship's log]; Printed reports; Filler paper; Pencil eraser refills; Calendar refills; Ink pen refill cartridges; Pencil lead refills; Marking pen refills; Printed recipe cards; Printed recipes sold as a component of food packaging; Rulers; T-squares for drawing; Drawing rulers; Square rulers for drawing; Ungraduated rulers; Blackboard rulers; Paper binding machine for office use; Cardboard backing for binding books; Letter racks; Graphic art reproductions; Reproductions of paintings; Graphic reproductions; Photographic reproductions; Paper cuttings; Liners of paper for toilet boxes for domestic animals; Printed art reproductions; Liners of paper for toilet trays for domestic animals; Liners of plastic for toilet trays for domestic animals; Liners of plastic for toilet boxes for domestic animals; Cat box liners in the form of plastic bags; Fanzines; Paper toilet bowl liners; Television listing magazines; General feature magazines; Computer magazines; Poster magazines; Strategy guide magazines for card games; Strategy guide magazines for video games; Travel magazines; Magazines featuring video and computer games; Magazines in the fields of games and gaming; Legal journals; Medical journals; Music magazines; Inflight magazines; Magazines [periodicals]; Professional magazines; Trade journals; Novels; Manga graphic novels; Romance novels; Graphic novels; Rolls of plastic film for packaging; Index books; Till rolls; Address books; Paint applicator rollers; Ink rollers for office machines; Table runners of cellulose; Print wheels; Colored craft and art sand; Bags and articles for packaging, wrapping and storage of paper, cardboard or plastics; Bags [envelopes, pouches] of paper or plastics, for packaging; Gift bags; Bags of plastics for lining refuse bins; Refuse bags of paper; Conical paper bags; Padded bags of paper; Bags of paper for foodstuffs; Food waste bags of paper for household use; Paper bags for use in the sterilization of medical instruments; Garbage bags of paper [for household use]; Garbage bags of vinyl for household use; Paper gift bags; Paper party bags; Paper lunch bags; Paper wine gift bags; Sandwich bags; Bags made of plastics for packaging; Plastic bags for undergarment disposal; Garbage bags of plastics [for household use]; Plastic bags for packaging ice; General purpose plastic bags; Plastic oven cooking bags; Plastic bags for securing valuables; Paper pouches for packaging; Padded bags of card; Plastic sandwich bags; Plastic food storage bags for household use; Freezer bags; Ice cube bags; Rubbish bags; Garbage bags of paper or of plastics; Bags for microwave cooking; Sandwich bags [paper]; Paper sacks; Pouches for writing instruments; Bags made of paper for packaging; Paper bags and sacks; Paper mail pouches; Curve templates [drawing instruments]; Stencils for face painting; Tissues of paper for removing make-up; Cellulose wipes; Napkins of cellulose for cosmetic purposes; Paper wipes; Billbooks; Display boxes of cardboard; Corrugated record storage boxes; Cardboard packaging boxes in collapsible form; Cardboard packaging boxes in made-up form; Gift cartons; Paper gift boxes; Gift cases for writing instruments; Boxes of paper or cardboard; Collapsible boxes of paper; Paperboard boxes [for industrial packaging]; Cardboard boxes; Party favor boxes of cardboard; Paper cartons for delivering goods; Paper boxes for storing greeting cards; Cardboard gift boxes; Cartons for eggs; Children's paint-boxes; Collapsible cardboard boxes; Cardboard household storage boxes; Paper take-out cartons for food; Paper egg cartons; Fiberboard boxes; Stationery boxes; Cardboard cake boxes; Cartons of cardboard for packaging; Photo storage boxes; Paint boxes; Paint boxes and brushes; Paint boxes [articles for use in school]; Cartons made from corrugated board; Desktop revolving rotary card files; Card files; Letter files; Index cards [stationery]; Record cards; Reference cards; Colour sample cards; Printed informational sheets; Note cards; Golf scorecards; Punched cards for the recordal of computer programmes; Pre-paid telephone calling cards, not magnetically encoded; Sculptures made from papier mache; Pigeon holes; Bookmarkers; Ornamental sculptures made of papier mache; Book markers of precious metal; Bookmarks, not of precious metal; Leather bookmarks; Scoring cards; Place cards; Notebook dividers; Series of computer game hint books; Series of fiction books; Series of non-fiction books; Inkstands; Printing sets, portable [office requisites]; Writing cases [sets]; Desk sets; Painting sets for artists; Paper book markers; Pencil sets; Pen sets; Ball-point pen and pencil sets; Squares for drawing; Painting sets for children; Printing sets; Writing sets; Biological samples for use in microscopy [teaching materials]; Histological sections for teaching purposes; Balls for ball-point pens; Seals [stamps]; Seals for the office; Pen rests; Stands for pens and pencils; Cocktail mats of paper; Coasters of paper; Coasters of cardboard; Mats of paper for drinking glasses; Drip mats of cardboard; Mats for beer glasses; Mats of paper for beer glasses; Table place setting mats of card; Disposable absorbent underpads for pets; Eraser dusting brushes; Mapping pins; Finger moisteners; Moisteners [office requisites]; Tee squares [drawing]; Drafting squares; Handheld label printers [office requisites]; Manually operated credit card imprinters; Imprinters for office use; Printed matter for instructional purposes; Color prints; Prints; Art prints; Graphic art prints; Giclee prints; Prints in the nature of pictures; Lithographic prints; Moulds for modelling clays [artists' materials]; Marking stamps; Canvas prints; Silk screen prints; Stencils for decorating food and beverages; Figurines made from paper; Figurines [statuettes] of papier mâché; Figurines made from cardboard; Steatite [tailor's chalk]; Wallpaper stencils; Dressmaking stencils for drawing; Nail stencils; Banners of paper; Correction sticks; Chinese ink sticks; Pen stands; Fountain pens; Fabrics for bookbinding; Strips of fancy paper (tanzaku); Paper tapes and cards for the recordal of computer programmes; Paper washcloths; Drawing instruments; Drawing instruments for blackboards; Writing instruments; Straight edges for drawing; Coin mats; Paper pet crate mats; Desktop document stands; Magazine supplements for newspapers; Calendar desk stands; Paper picture mounts; Calendar stands; Correspondence holders; Photograph stands; Mounts for X-ray negatives for non-medical purposes; Writing brush holders; Golf scorecard holders; Stands for writing implements; Holders for notebooks; Stamp stands; Holders for stamps [seals]; Score charts; Printed charts; Wall charts; Advertisement boards of paper; Note books; Jotters; Reporters' notebooks; Pocket notebooks; Paper cutters; Paper cutters [office requisites]; Letter openers of precious metal; Coupons; Betting slips; Adhesive pads [stationery]; Blotters; Blotting paper; Pads for applying paint; Palettes for painters; Disposable absorbent training pads for pets; Trading card milk bottle caps; Address plates; Paper hangtags; File pockets for stationery use; Typewriter keys; Removable tattoos [decalcomania]; Temporary tattoos; Arithmetical tables; Drawing boards; Watercolor boards; Drawing boards [painters' articles]; Tracing cloth; Cloth for bookbinding; Inking sheets for document reproducing machines; Silk canvas [painters' article]; Gummed cloth for stationery purposes; Face cloths made of paper; Pencil sharpeners; Composing frames [printing]; Electric pencil sharpeners; Sharpeners for cosmetic pencils; Printed cards; Trading cards, other than for games; Coarse tissue [for toiletry use]; Water-writing cloths for calligraphy practice; Stamps [seals]; Impression stamps; Ink stamps; Rubber stamps; Rubber document stamps; Typewriter typeballs; Numbering stamps; Address stamps; Sealing stamps; Drawing pens; Tablecloths of paper; Dinner mats of cardboard; Dental tray covers of paper; Table napkins of paper; Paper wipes for cleaning; Napkins made of paper for household use; Napkins of cellulose for household purposes; Angle plotters [drawing instruments]; Heat transfers; Adhesive transfers; Transparencies [stationery]; Travellers' cheques; Triangles being drawing instruments; Paper shredders for office use; Disposable napkins; Cardboard tubes; Cardboard mailing tubes; Moisteners for gummed surfaces [office requisites]; Writing utensils made of fibres; Paint roller trays; File trays; Paint trays; Trays for holding drawing instruments; Trays for holding drafting instruments; Document file racks; Paper racks [office requisites]; Desktop document racks; Paperboard trays for packaging food; Pencil trays; Trays for sorting and counting money; Newspaper cartoons; Cartoon prints; Flyers; Printed leaflets; Washi.
Class Code: 018
Class Description: Leather Products (not including clothing)
Goods & Services: Dog clothing; Clothing for pets; Articles of clothing for horses; Umbrella rings; Harness fittings; Saddle trees; Saddlery; Saddlery, whips and apparel for animals; Suitcases; Wheeled luggage; Toiletry bags; Harness fittings of iron; Travelling sets [leatherware]; Cases of imitation leather; Tie cases for travel; Toiletry bags sold empty; Key cases; Key cases made of leather; Cosmetic cases sold empty; Cosmetic purses; Driving licence cases; Shaving bags sold empty; Tool pouches, sold empty; Key-cases of leather and skins; Fastenings for saddles; Luggage; Travel luggage; Carry-on bags; Harness for animals; Shoulder belts [straps] of leather; Wading staffs; Walking stick seats; Mountaineering sticks; Hiking sticks; Combination walking sticks and umbrellas; Walking staffs; Folding walking sticks; Umbrella sticks; Vanity cases, not fitted; Trunks [luggage]; Travelling trunks; Kori wicker trunks; Trunks and suitcases; Boston bags; Bucket bags; Handbags; Bags; Shoulder bags; Cross-body bags; Children's shoulder bags; Slings for carrying infants; Fashion handbags; Sling bags for carrying infants; Bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for packaging; Flight bags; Wheeled shopping bags; Roller bags; Drawstring bags; Game bags [hunting accessories]; Bags for campers; Hiking bags; Gym bags; Wrist mounted carryall bags; Saddlebags; Work bags; Evening handbags; Beach bags; Travel baggage; Bags for sports; Travelling bags made of imitation leather; Travel bags made of plastic materials; Weekend bags; Shoe bags for travel; Garment bags for travel made of leather; Shopping bags; Garment carriers; Canvas shopping bags; Chain mesh purses; Shopping bags with wheels attached; Canvas bags; Leather bags and wallets; Diplomatic bags; Flexible bags for garments; Felt pouches; Waterproof bags; Bags made of imitation leather; Artificial fur bags; Briefcases [leather goods]; Knitted bags, not of precious metals; Slouch handbags; Bags for sports clothing; All-purpose carrying bags; Wash bags for carrying toiletries; Towelling bags; Courier bags; Cosmetic bags sold empty; Wash bags (not fitted); Nappy bags; Make-up bags sold empty; Grocery tote bags; Two-wheeled shopping bags; Shopping bags made of skin; Textile shopping bags; Net bags for shopping; Knitting bags; Book bags; Bags for umbrellas; Music bags; Shoe bags; Charm bags (omamori-ire); Empty instrument cases for use by doctors; Roll bags; Tool bags sold empty; Baby carriers worn on the body; Tool bags [empty] for motor cycles; Sporrans; Specialty holsters adapted for carrying folding walking sticks; Souvenir bags; Gentlemen's handbags; Tool bags, empty; Small bags for men; Japanese utility pouches (shingen-bukuro); Purses; Key bags; Drawstring pouches; Hipsacks; Purses made of precious metal; Leather purses; Multi-purpose purses; Clutch bags; Small clutch purses; Handbags made of imitations leather; Handbags made of leather; Ladies' handbags; Handbags, purses and wallets; Overnight bags; Studs of leather; Bridles [harness]; Holdalls for sports clothing; Reins; Rattan canes; Straps for soldiers' equipment; Reins for guiding children; Bridoons; Pouches for holding make-up, keys and other personal items; Coats for cats; Hat boxes of leather; Kid; Hat boxes for travel; Coats for dogs; School bags; Briefcases; Conference folders; School book bags; Golf bag tags of leather; Portfolio cases [briefcases]; Leatherboard; Cases of leather or leatherboard; Horse collars; Horse blankets; Riding saddles; Lockable luggage straps; Halters; Girths of leather; Stirrup leathers; Straps for coin purses; Straps made of imitation leather; Straps for luggage; Leather luggage straps; Spur straps; Shoulder straps; Electronic pet collars; Collars for pets bearing medical information; Collars for pets; Collars for animals; Dog collars; Cribbing straps for horses; Collars for cats; Business card holders in the nature of wallets; Coin holders; Holders in the nature of cases for keys; Saddle blankets; Covers for animals; Leather laces; Straps of leather [saddlery]; Leather straps; Harness straps; Straps for skates; Costumes for animals; Compression cubes adapted for luggage; Leather, unworked or semi-worked; Leather for harnesses; Leather for shoes; Imitation leather; Travel garment covers; Travel cases; Card holders made of imitation leather; Card holders made of leather; Commutation-ticket holders; Business card cases; Credit-card holders; Key cases of imitation leather; Tie cases; Carrying cases for documents; Folio cases; Carrying cases; Overnight cases; Carriers for suits, shirts and dresses; Luggage covers; Covers for parasols; Metal luggage tags; Labels of leather; Luggage tags [leatherware]; Luggage tags; Dog bellybands; Horseshoes; Equine leg wraps; Metal horseshoes; Horseshoes made of plastic; Non-metal horseshoes; Leather twist; Harness for horses; Harnesses; Moleskin [imitation of leather]; Umbrella covers; Whips; Sheets of imitation leather for use in manufacture; Cat o' nine tails; Pet hair bows; Sheets of leather for use in manufacture; Jockey sticks; Hunting crops; Leggings for animals; Spats and knee bandages for horses; Knee-pads for horses; Dog parkas; Casings, of leather, for springs; Pads for horse saddles; Covers for horse saddles; Trimmings of leather for furniture; Pet leads; Leather leashes; Leads for animals; Dog leashes; Cane handles; Walking stick handles; Grips [bags]; Grips for holding shopping bags; Umbrella handles; Back frames for carrying children; Horse tail wraps; Covers and wraps for animals; Bumbags; Lunge reins; Suitcase handles; Pouch baby carriers; Belt bags and hip bags; Martingales; Chin straps, of leather; Face masks for equines; Fly masks for animals; Minaudieres; Bits for animals [harness]; Muzzles; Rawhide chews for dogs; Golf umbrellas; Umbrellas; Parasols; Japanese oiled-paper umbrellas (janome-gasa); Japanese paper umbrellas (karakasa); Umbrellas and parasols; Umbrellas for children; Beach umbrellas [beach parasols]; Patio umbrellas; Telescopic umbrellas; Rainproof parasols; Blinkers [harness]; Poultry blinders to prevent fighting; Equine boots; Parts of rubber for stirrups; Metal parts of umbrellas; Curried skins; Worked or semi-worked hides and other leather; Animal skins; Leather and imitations of leather; Polyurethane leather; Cattle skins; Leather for furniture; Leather sold in bulk; Chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes; Faux fur; Furs sold in bulk; Fur; Semi-worked fur; Goldbeaters' skin; Card wallets [leatherware]; Clutches [purses]; Small purses; Credit card holders made of imitation leather; Credit card cases [wallets]; Credit card holders made of leather; Card cases [notecases]; Music cases; Banknote holders; Briefcases and attache cases; Document cases of leather; Art portfolios [cases]; Folding briefcases; Attache cases made of leather; Pocket wallets; Wallets including card holders; Ankle-mounted wallets; Wallets for attachment to belts; Wallets of precious metal; Wrist-mounted wallets; Wrist mounted purses; Leather credit card wallets; Wallets, not of precious metal; Nappy wallets; Leather coin purses; Coin purses, not of precious metal; Purses, not of precious metal; Hoof guards; Randsels [Japanese school satchels]; Industrial packaging containers of leather; Training leads for horses; Reins [harness]; Furniture coverings of leather; Haversacks; General purpose sport trolley bags; Trolley duffels; All-purpose athletic bags; Duffel bags; Reusable shopping bags; Nose bags [feed bags]; Kit bags; Pouches; Bags for climbers; Travelling bags; Dog shoes; Boxes of leather or leatherboard; Boxes made of leather; Boxes of vulcanized fibre; Imitation leather hat boxes; Butts [parts of hides]; Saddlery of leather; Travelling sets; Saddlecloths for horses; Imitation leather sold in bulk; Stirrups; Stirrups of metal; Umbrella or parasol ribs; Stud hole plugs for horseshoes; Rubber luggage tags; Plastic luggage tags; Frames for umbrellas or parasols; Tefillin [phylacteries]; Handbag frames; Coin purse frames; Horse fly sheets; Horse quarter sheets; Leathercloth; Headbands for horses; Traces [harness]; Straps for handbags; Shoulder belts; Suitcases with wheels; Animal carriers [bags]; Attaché cases; Valises; Make-up boxes; Attache cases made of imitation leather; Carry-on suitcases; Luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers; Portmanteaus; Business cases; Gladstone bags; Motorized suitcases; Small suitcases; Garment bags for travel; Leather suitcases; Valves of leather; School knapsacks; Daypacks; Rucksacks on castors; Rucksacks; Baby backpacks; Hiking rucksacks; Sling bags; Sports packs.
Class Code: 020
Class Description: Furniture Products
Goods & Services: Corner fittings (Non-metallic -) for containers; Display fittings [furniture] of metal; Curtain embraces of plastics for holding back curtains; Curtain embraces of metal for holding back curtains; Door fittings made of plastics; Plastic fittings [clips] for attachment to tubing; Wardrobe interior fitments; Stair fittings of plastics; Fittings, not of metal, for blinds; Fittings, not of metal, for slatted screens; Fittings, not of metal, for roller blinds; Fittings (Non-metallic -) for cupboards; Shop display fittings, (Non-metallic -); Curtain suspension fittings; Furniture fittings, not of metal; Bathroom fittings in the nature of furniture; Door, gate and window fittings, non-metallic; Bed fittings, not of metal; Door furniture made of wood; Door furniture made of stoneware; Door fittings, not of metal; Blanking plugs; Fittings for curtains; Curtain tie-backs; Dreamcatchers [decoration]; Stacking adaptors non-metallic fittings; Buddhist family altars (butsudan); Household shinto altars [Kamidana]; Porch swings; Sections of wood for beehives; Beehives; Plate racks; Comb foundations for beehives; Yellow amber; Dowels, not of metal; Door buffers, not of metal; Spring washers of plastic; Screw rings, not of metal; Ring pulls, not of metal; Clips, not of metal, for cables and pipes; Ring closures, other than of metal; Rings for bulls' noses [non-metallic]; Chain links of non-metallic materials; Curtain rings; Metal curtain rings; Corner units [furniture]; Non-metal curtain rings; Corner beads (Non-metallic -) for furniture; Shower curtain rings; Animal horns; Doors for furniture; Stuffed animals [not toys]; Doors made of metal for furniture; Stuffed animals; Fronts of cupboards; Doors made of non-metallic materials for furniture; Doors made of glass for furniture; Prefabricated doors of wood for furniture; Sliding doors for furniture; Prefabricated doors of metal for furniture; Doors made of plastic for furniture; Transparent doors (Metal framed -) for furniture; Transparent doors (Non-metallic -) for furniture; Poster display apparatus; Control apparatus (Non-electric -), not of metal for closing doors; Score display apparatus [boards]; Coat hangers; Bag hangers, not of metal; Clothes racks [furniture]; Clothes hangers, clothes stands [furniture] and clothes hooks; Clothes stands; Head-rests [furniture]; Mirrored cabinets; Filing cabinets; Cabinets having fire protection properties; Cupboards; Fitted cupboards; Transparent doors of glass for furniture; Room dividing cupboards; Security cabinets; Bathroom cupboards; Kitchen cabinets; Security cabinets (non-metallic -) [furniture]; Racks [furniture]; Fire resistant cabinets; Cupboards being furniture; Display cabinets [other than refrigerating display cabinets]; Soundproof cabinets [furniture]; Metal cabinets; Cupboards for bedrooms; Gun cabinets; Cabinets for storing materials; Tool cabinets (non-metallic -) [empty]; Disc cabinets [furniture]; Cabinets for storing articles; Wall cupboards; Pedestal cabinets; Fire safe cabinets [furniture] (non-metallic -); Under-sink units; Basin cabinets; Lockers; Cupboards fitted with mirrors; Fire safe cabinets [furniture] of metal; Furniture cabinets; Metal tool cabinets; Metal cabinets [furniture]; Towel stands [furniture]; Cabinets for waste bins; Key cabinets; Cashiers' lockers of non-metallic materials; Clothes lockers; Medicine cabinets; Cabinets for tea services; Toilet cabinets; Soft furnishings [cushions]; Furniture for indoor aquaria; Furniture for use in auditoria; Street furniture, not of metal; Drawing room suites; Animal claws; Computer furniture; Office requisites [furniture]; Suspension rods (Non-metallic -) for hanging up articles; Garment rails; Screwed rods, not of metal; Rods for beds; Curtain rods; Rods for net curtains; Hand-held flagpoles, not of metal; Coatstands; Hat racks [hooks] not of metal; Coat racks; Hat racks [furniture]; Metal hat racks; Ivory, unworked or semi-worked; Cupboard fixtures (Non-metallic -); Ivory; Winding spools, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Indoor window blinds of paper; Picture frame brackets; Cork memo boards; Notice boards [signboards] of cork; Bulletin boards [other than electronic]; Whalebones; French memory boards; Letter boards [blank display boards]; Whalebone, unworked or semi-worked; High chairs for babies; Assembled exhibition stands; Work benches; Bamboo; Work counters [furniture]; Carpenter's benches; Saw benches [furniture]; Benches [furniture]; Saw benches [vice], not of metal, other than parts of machines; Pasting tables; Work surfaces; Cash desks; Counters for display purposes; Sales counters [furniture]; Display counters [non-electric]; Counters [tables]; Non-metal weather vanes; Coffins and funerary urns; Coffins; Cylindrical cans, not of metal; Wooden barrels; Barrels, not of metal; Barrels and casks, non-metallic; Non-metallic grab rails; Shower rods; Ambroid bars; Door bolts, not of metal; Shower curtain rods; Baby gates; Bath rails, not made of metal; Non-metal safety gates for babies, children, and pets; Divan bases; Mattress bases; Curtain rails; Bases for waterbeds [other than for medical use]; Bed bases; Bases for tables; Wooden sticks for holding candy or ice cream; Bins, not of metal; Door knockers, not of metal; Bins designed to facilitate accelerated breakdown of organic matter [non-metallic]; Milk churns [non-metallic]; Footlockers; Wooden bins; Plastic bins [large] for industrial use; Compost bins of non-metallic materials; Bins of plastics for making compost; Non-metallic bins [other than dust bins]; Plastic bins [other than dustbins]; Potato bins [furniture]; Overhead suspension tracks of non-metallic materials; Metal curtain rails; Non-metallic tracks for sliding doors; Non-metal curtain rails; Drawer sliders (Non-metallic -); Shower curtain rails; Non-metal dock cleats; Overhead suspension tracks of non-metallic materials for use with doors; Curtain tracks; Hand-operated non-metal garden hose reels; Reels of wood for yarn, silk, cord; Kitchen units; Lock barrels, not of metal; Escutcheons (Non-metallic -); Reels [not of metal, non-mechanical or parts of machines]; Non-mechanical reels of plastic materials for the storage of hose; Spools (non-metallic -) [other than parts of machines or apparatus]; Reels, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Non-mechanical, non-metallic reels for the storage of hose; Lock casings, not of metal; Screw bushings, not of metal; Non-metal buoys; Mooring buoys, non-metallic; Inflatable mooring buoys; Plastic mooring buoys; Rock bolts, not of metal; Wood surrounds [furniture] for electronic apparatus; Non-metal upholstery tacks; Cylinders, not of metal for gas; Stair edgings of plastics; Wine casks (Non-metallic -); Plastic edging materials for shelving; Rain barrels, not of metal; Stud buttons [fasteners] of plastic for tentage; Casks, not of metal; Identification bracelets, not of metal; Playpens for babies; Armrests; Japanese style arm rests (kyosoku); Dinner wagons [furniture]; Sideboards; Toggle bolts (Non-metallic -); Anchor bolts, not of metal; Anchor bolts, not of metal, for use in bridge construction; Bolts, not of metal; Screw bolts, not of metal; Self-tapping non-metallic bolts; Window casement bolts (Non-metallic -); Shackle bolts, not of metal; Stripper bolts (Non-metallic -); Fixing bolts, not of metal; Busts of plastic; Busts of wood; Busts of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Busts of wax; Busts of ivory; Door bells, not of metal, non-electric; Costume stands; Busts of bone; Settees; Expandable safety gates for door openings; Expandable safety gates for stairs; Reeds [plaiting materials]; Dog kennels; Bamboo canes; Split cane flower sticks; Taps, not of metal, for casks; Self-locking protective plastic caps for use with bolts; Bolsters; Self-locking protective plastic caps for use with nuts; Reeds [raw or partly worked material]; Screw caps, not of metal; Screw covers, not of metal; Non-metal time capsules; Capsules [non-metallic containers]; Sealing caps, not of metal; Bottle caps, not of metal; Empty coffee capsules of plastic; Hinges, not of metal incorporating a spring; Hinges, not of metal having a spring action; Hinges, not of metal; Hinges for doors and windows (Non-metallic -); Door hinges (Non-metallic -); Wind chimes [decoration]; Trolleys [furniture]; Placards of wood or plastics; Advertising display boards; Plastic key cards, not encoded and not magnetic; Infant walkers; Advertisement display boards of plastic [non-luminous]; Index cabinets [furniture]; Advertisement display boards of glass [non-luminous]; Advertising display boards of porcelain [non-luminous]; Advertisement display boards of wood [non-luminous]; Animal housing and beds; Playhouses for pets; Birdhouses; Pet houses; Chests; Wall chests; Crates and pallets, non-metallic; Wood crates; Wooden chests with drawers covered with decorated paper; Wooden boxes for industrial packaging purposes; Wooden chests for the storage of toys; Non-metal crates for animal transportation; Plastic crates; Nagamochi chests; Tool chests (non-metallic -) [empty]; Bottle crates [other than of metal]; Storage chests made of plastic; Storage chests made of wood; Tool chests [furniture]; Locker boxes [furniture]; Chests for toys; Tool boxes (non-metallic -) [empty]; Letter boxes, not of metal or masonry; Letter boxes of wood; Letter boxes of plastic; Letter boxes, non-metallic; Storage drawers [furniture]; Boxes of wood; Cash drawers (Non-metallic -); Boxes of wood or plastic; Nesting boxes for animals; Cases (Non-metallic -) for tools; Cases (Non-metallic -) for bottles; Nesting boxes for household pets; Tool boxes, not of metal, empty; Medicine chests; Stationery cabinets [furniture]; Pet crates; Collecting boxes (Non-metallic -); Tool boxes, not of metal; Drawers [furniture parts]; Metal drawers [parts of furniture]; Drawer storage for cards; Dressers; Tool chests, not of metal, empty; Chests of drawers; Lock bolts, not of metal; Dressers [furniture]; Stacking dresser drawer units; Non-metal chains; Love seats; Trestles [saw benches]; Trestles [furniture]; Non-metal trestles for supporting tables; Saw horses; Trestles for use as table supports; U-bolts (Non-metallic -); Ribbon cable (Plastic clips for -); Table centres [ornaments] made of wood; Cask hoops, not of metal; Embroidery hoops; Floor hinges, not of metal; Hasps of non-metallic materials; Hinges, not of metal for the fixing of pipes; Hinges, not of metal for the fastening of electrical cables; Locking gate hasps [non-metallic]; Flower baskets of wicker; Bamboo baskets for industrial purposes; Hampers [baskets] for the transport of items; Dog baskets; Manure baskets [non-metallic]; Cat baskets; Babies' baskets; Travel cots; Baskets, non-metallic; Picnic baskets [not fitted]; Decorative baskets made of wood; Baskets for barrels; Decorative baskets made of straw; Decorative baskets made of wicker; Baskets, non-metallic, for the transportation of domestic animals; Sleeping baskets, non-metallic, for domestic animals; Hanging baskets [flower] of non-metallic materials; Wicker baskets; Hand-held supermarket shopping baskets, not of metal; Chaise longues; Storage baskets [furniture]; Plastic keys; Safety keys, not of metal; Keys (Non-metallic -) for opening locks; Strap-hinges, not of metal; Fixing nails, not of metal; Screw spikes, not of metal; Pitons, not of metal; Nails, not of metal; Sprigs [dowel pins], not of metal; Child resistant security closures (Non-metallic -) for bottles; Bottle closures, not of metal; Closures for containers, non-metallic; Safety locks [non-metallic, non-electric]; Child resistant security closures (Non-metallic -) for containers; Closures made of plastic for containers made of glass; Non-metal threaded fasteners; Container closures of plastic; Sash fasteners, not of metal, for windows; Bag closures not of metal; Slide closures (Non-metallic -) for containers; Non-metallic end closures for containers [other than for household or kitchen use]; Tumblers (non-metallic -) [parts of locks]; Non-metallic end closures for tubes [other than for household or kitchen use]; Number plate digits (Non-metallic -); Barrels (Non-metallic -) for the identification of birds; Barrels (Non-metallic -) for the identification of pet animals; Elastic straps [constitutive parts of sofa seats]; Non-metallic cable straps; Water tanks (Non-metallic -) [containers]; Clips of plastic for sealing bags; Plugs, not of metal; Caskets; Funerary caskets; Caskets made of amber; Caskets made of shell; Caskets made of reed; Caskets made of horn; Caskets made of celluloid; Caskets made of ivory; Caskets made of cork; Caskets made of mother of pearl; Caskets made of whalebone; Caskets made of wicker; Caskets made of meerschaum; Caskets made of bone; Collars of plastic for fastening pipes; Funeral caskets of wood; Collars [non-metallic] for fastening pipes; Funeral caskets of wicker; Collars, not of metal, for fastening pipes; Strain relief clips (Non-metallic -); Bathroom vanities; Bedside cabinets; Parts of furniture (Non-metallic -); Plastics components for packaging containers; Furniture parts; Mobiles [decoration]; Shelving for sale in kit form; Shells; Plastic road cones; Shells [unworked or partly worked material]; Oyster shells; Cane connectors of non-metallic materials; Cable connectors (Non-electric -) of non-metallic materials; Slatted blind connectors; Console tables; Transport containers (Non-metallic -); Packaging containers of plastic; Containers, not of metal [storage, transport]; Consoles [furniture] for mounting units of electronic equipment; Oil drainage containers, not of metal; Clothes organisers; Flexible containers of plastics for the transport of liquids; Flexible containers of plastics for the storage of liquids; Floating containers, not of metal; Fire resistant lockable containers; Containers made of cane; Containers made of horn; Containers made of wood [other than for household or kitchen use]; Containers made of bone; Plastics containers for use in agrochemical fields; Plastic medication containers; Thermoformed plastics containers [other than for household or kitchen use]; Containers, not of metal, for storage; Plastic medication containers for commercial use; Containers (non-metallic -) for the handling of goods [other than household or kitchen use]; Containers (Non-metallic -) in the form of bins; Containers (Non-metallic -) adapted for packaging beer; Containers (Non-metallic -) in the form of kegs; Non-metal recycling bins for commercial use; Containers (Non-metallic -) for kegging beverages; Tool storage containers (non-metallic -) [empty]; Containers made of plastic for compost; Holders for brochures [in the nature of furniture]; Transparent food containers for commercial packaging use; Industrial packaging containers of bamboo; Packaging containers made of wood; Storage bins, not of metal; Holders for display material [furniture]; Storage boxes for pillows [furniture]; Protective containers of non-metallic materials for storing goods; Containers in the form of boxes made of wood; Protective containers of non-metallic materials for packing goods; Egg containers [packaging] of plastic; Transportable containers (Non-metallic -) for gases; Striking plates (Non-metallic -) for locks; Caps made of non-metallic materials for containers; Plugs [dowels], not of metal; Wooden lids for industrial packaging containers; Combined lids for containers [non-metallic and not for household or kitchen use]; Slatted blind controls [non-electric]; Coverings (Fitted -) for furniture; Plastic lids for cans; Non-metal cotter pins; Decorative nut caps [non-metallic]; Coral [unworked or partly worked]; Mattress toppers; Blind pulls of non-metallic materials; Coral; Cork bands; Artificial horns; Stag antlers; Frames; Antlers; Carved picture frames; Picture frames; Photograph frames; Leather picture frames; Picture frames [not of precious metal]; Photograph frames of wood; Frames (Picture -) of non-metallic materials; Photograph frames of metal; Frames (Picture -) of metal; Picture and photograph frames; Horn, unworked or semi-worked; Picture frames of precious metal; Corozo; Frames for display boards; Mirror frames; Credenzas [furniture]; Tea trolleys; Cremone bolts, not of metal for windows; Cremone bolts of non-metallic materials for locks; Cupboards for tea-things (chadansu); Casement bolts (Non-metallic -); Crucifixes of wood, wax, plaster or plastic, other than jewellery; Kennels for household pets; Bassinets; Portable kennels; Babies' bouncing chairs; Safety cots; Moses baskets [bassinets]; Moses baskets; Protective pads, not of metal, for chair legs; Cots for babies; Non-metal wheel chocks; Non-metal shims; Cushions; Water pillows, other than for medical purposes; Inflatable pillows; U-shaped pillows; Air cushions, not for medical purposes; Cushions adapted to support the face [other than for medical use]; Air cushions in the nature of furniture [not for medical purposes]; Anti-roll cushions for babies; Stadium cushions; Neckrolls other than for medical or surgical use; Bath pillows; Nursing pillows; Accent pillows; Inflatable neck support cushions; Back support cushions, not for medical purposes; Head support cushions for babies; Neck support cushions; Support pillows for use in baby car safety seats; Japanese floor cushions (zabuton); Support pillows for use in baby seating; Inflatable cushions, other than for medical purposes; Stuffed pillows; Cushions filled with hair; Cushions (upholstery); Memory foam pillows; Bamboo pillows; Bean bag pillows; Cushions [other than for medical use] for supporting infants being examined; Pet cushions; Throw pillows; Head positioning pillows for babies; Maternity pillows; Mattress cushions; Seat cushions; Clothes covers; Packing cases made of wood; Scented pillows; Head supporting pillows; Covers for clothing [wardrobe]; Screw cups, not of metal; Wing nuts (Non-metallic -); Garment covers [storage]; Nuts [fasteners], not of metal; Screw-in nuts, not of metal; Threaded nuts of plastic; Nuts, not of metal; Adhesive wall decorations of wax; Adhesive wall decorations of wood; Decorations of plastic for foodstuffs; Delineators [moveable road cones] non-luminous, made of non-metallic materials; Party ornaments of plastic; Plastic cake toppers; Table decorations of plastic; Cake decorations made of plastic; Animal teeth; Trunking (Non-metallic -) for carrying cables supplying electricity; Trunking (Non-metallic -) for leads carrying television signals; Trunking (Non-metallic -) for cables carrying telephone signals; Non-metal furniture sliders; Meat safes; Anchoring devices of (Non-metallic -); Door openers (Non-electric -), not of metal; Safety locking devices [not of metal, non-electric]; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for opening windows; Releasable locking devices (Non-metallic -) [non-electric]; Combined closures for containers [non-metallic and not for household or kitchen use]; Closers (Non-electric, non-metallic -) for windows; Door closers, not of metal, non-electric; Window fasteners (Non-metallic -); Catches (Furniture -), not of metal; Water outlets [valves of plastic] for water pipes; Window glazing fixtures (Non-metallic -); Water inlets [valves of plastic] for water pipes; Window closing devices (Non-electric -) of non-metallic materials; Curtain suspension devices; Screw threaded fasteners, not of metal; Curtain drawing devices, other than electrically operated; Tile spacers; Plastic name badges; Novelty badges (Non-metallic -) for vehicles; Toilet seat cover dispensers (non-metallic -) [fixed]; Toilet paper dispensers, fixed, not of metal; Fixed napkin dispensers not of metal; Dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, not of metal; Dispensers (Fixed -) for towels; Tissue dispensers [fixed] not of metal; Paper towel dispensers [fixed, not of metal]; Extendible sofas; Divans; Divans incorporating storage space; Divans made of plastics; Divans made of reed; Divans made of wood; Divans made of wicker; Divan beds; Massage divans; Partitions of plastics [furniture]; Metal screens [furniture]; Dividers for drawers; Oriental single panel standing partition (tsuitate); Room dividers; Furniture partitions of wood; Partitions (non metallic -), [furniture] made from interlocking panels; Space dividers [furniture]; Shelf dividers (Non-metallic -); Display partitions; Shelf dividers (Non-metallic -) being parts of furniture; Shelf dividers of metal [parts of furniture]; Staves of wood; Bedding for cots [other than bed linen]; Connecting elements (Non-metallic -) for furniture; Furniture units for kitchens; Corner cap components, not of metal; Door fasteners, not of metal; Window fasteners, not of metal; Blind bolt fasteners of non-metallic materials; Architectural fasteners of non-metallic materials; Non-metallic fasteners for cables; Concealed fastening devices of non-metallic materials; Non-metallic fasteners for pipes; Threaded fasteners made of plastic; Sales gondolas (Non-metallic -); Fasteners, non-metallic; Turn-button fasteners (Non-metallic -); Display stands; Non-metallic numberplate fasteners; Furniture for doors [non-metallic]; Assembled display stands; Display racks for the display of goods for sale purposes; Display racks for the display of goods for exhibition purposes; Assembled display units [furniture]; Counter stands; Display stands having metal structural components; Point-of-sale price displays made of plastics materials; Acrylic counter displays; Jewellery organizer displays; Floor units of cardboard for displaying merchandise; Display stands for merchandise; Metal display stands; Exhibition stands [non-metallic, other than structures]; Multi-purpose display stands; Multiposition display stands made from aluminium and steel tubing; Newspaper display stands; Display units for presentation purposes; Display stands for selling goods; Display stands for posters; Point of sale displays [furniture]; Point of purchase displays; Display units for promotional purposes; Display stands for shop windows; Portable sales display units [furniture]; Portable display stands for supporting advertising; Portable upright display stands; Collapsible upright displays made from framed fabrics; Labels of plastic; Non-metal pipe and cable clips; Curtain holders, not of textile material; Cable grips of non-metallic materials; Cable ties; Wall-mounted baby changing platforms; Pipe clamps of plastics; Felt pads for furniture legs; Window stops of wood; Honeycombs; Window stops of plastic; Window stops, not of metal or rubber; Door stops, not of metal or rubber; Stair clips (Non-metallic -); Bundle clips of non-metallic materials; Clips, not of metal, for sealing bags; Cane clips of non-metallic materials; Stair rods; Door stops of wood; Door stops of plastic; Door springs (Non-metallic -); Stair rods of plastic; Door friction stays of non-metallic materials; Gate stops of non-metallic materials; Non-metal cabinet stops; Non-metal cabinet door catches; Catches (Door -), not of metal; Plastic hardware for blinds; Decorative doorstops (Non-metallic -) in the form of animals; Window fittings, not of metal; Drapery hardware; Wax figures; Clothes lines (Props for -), of wood or plastics; Statuettes of bone; Edgings of plastic for furniture; Wood planters; Fixings, not of metal for furniture; Ritual flower stands; Fixings, not of metal for shelves; Pipe fasteners, connectors and holders, non-metallic; Protective coverings for furniture [shaped]; Fitted fabric furniture covers; Plastic mesh cushioning sheets for lining shelves; Seat covers [shaped] for furniture; Bed frames; Plastic storage drums; Non-metallic drums [other than for household or kitchen use]; Casks of wood for decanting wine; Futons; Crates; Crates (Non-metallic -); Nesting boxes; Table legs; Hutches for animals; Chair legs; Legs for furniture; Wall hooks of non-metallic materials; Coathooks, not of metal; Safety hooks, not of metal; Gate hooks of non-metallic materials; Hat hooks of non-metallic materials; Hooks (Door -) of non-metallic materials; Non-metal hooks; Non-metallic coat hooks; Trapeze hooks (Non-metallic -); Non-metallic bathroom hooks; Non-metallic hooks for furniture; Hooks for clothing; Clothes hooks, not of metal; Coat pegs [stands] non-metallic; Hooks (Clothes -) of non-metallic materials; Coat pegs [wall mounted hooks] non-metallic; Hooks for towels (Non-metallic -); Hose hangers not of metal; Coathooks; Tie back hooks made of wood [curtain]; Tie back hooks of brass [curtain]; Hooks for wall hangings (Non-metallic -); Tie back hooks made of plastics [curtain]; Curtain hooks; Non-metal cup hooks; Cat flaps of non-metallic materials; Curtain hooks made of plastics; Shower curtain hooks; Curtain hooks made of metal; Cat/dog flaps not of metal or masonry; Beds for animals; Beds for household pets; Action figures (Decorative -) of plastic; Flower-stands [furniture]; Rattan; Joints for furniture; Cable joints not of metal, non-electric; Furniture joints (Non-metallic -); Splice connectors (Plastic -) for non-electric cables; Ball ended eyebolts [not of metal]; Plaited straw, except matting; Ventilation grilles (Non-metallic -) for fitting in doors; Ventilation grilles (Non-metallic -) for fitting in windows; Garment hangers [coat hangers]; Clothes hangers [coathangers], not of metal; Scented coathangers; Spring assemblies (Non-metallic -) for incorporation into mattresses; Spring assemblies (Non-metallic -) for incorporation into cushions; Pillows; Air pillows, not for medical purposes; Inflatable pillows [other than for medical use] for fitting around the neck; Neck-supporting pillows; Latex pillows; Baby bolsters; Runners, not of metal, for sliding doors; Coffin fittings, not of metal; Drawer slides [furniture hardware]; Drawer gliders (Non-metallic -); Bottle casings of wood; Curtain runners; Chair pads; Seat pads being parts of furniture; Imitation tortoiseshell; Imitation foods comprised of plastic; Cask stands, not of metal; Stands for calculating machines; Kneeling stools; Plastic signboards; Wooden signboards; Inflatable plastic signs; Signboards of wood or plastics; Magnetic printed vinyl signs; Advertising signboards of wood; Printed vinyl signs; Plastic inserts for use as container liners; Plastic inserts [trays] for tool boxes; Screw inserts, not of metal; Fitted plastic inserts for use as container liners; Carvings of wax; Wood carvings; Bone carvings; Kits of parts [sold complete] for assembly into display stands; Kits of parts [sold complete] for assembly into articles of furniture; Kits of parts [sold complete] for assembly into display boards; Kits of parts [sold complete] for assembly into display cases; Spears [valves], not of metal for use with containers; Spears [valves], not of metal for use with kegs; Mirror tiles; Chalk boards for display purposes; Cabinet work; Lecterns; Scratching posts for cats; Book stands; Letters [other than printers' type and cliches] made principally of plastics; Beds; Storage racks for firewood; Bunk beds; Hydrostatic beds, not for medical purposes; Beds incorporating divan bases; Beds incorporating inner sprung mattresses; Beds adapted for use by those with mobility difficulties; Camp beds; Wooden beds; Hybrid beds being soft sided waterbeds [other than for medical use]; Feather beds; Hospital beds; Waterbeds; Inflatable pet beds; Beds, bedding, mattresses, pillows and cushions; Children's beds; Bean bag beds; Dog beds; Children's beds made of cloth in the form of a bag; Foldaway beds; Transportable beds; Portable beds for pets; Beds for birds; Adjustable beds; Beach beds; Cat beds; Beach beds incorporating wind shields; Bookcases; Support rods for curtains; Padlocks, not of metal; Mother-of-pearl; Bicycle locks, not of metal; Raw mother of pearl; Mother-of-pearl, unworked or semi-worked; Mannequins and tailors' dummies; Shop window mannequins; Handles of plastics materials for hollowware; Non-metal expanding sleeves for affixing screws; Pipe support sleeves [plastic]; Door handles of porcelain; Non-metallic support grips; Ceramic pulls for cabinets, drawers and furniture; Ceramic pulls for cabinets; Ceramic pulls for drawers; Ceramic pulls for furniture; Wood door handles; Handles made of plastics for doors; Furniture handles of plastic; Porcelain pulls; Doorknobs, not of metal; Coffin handles made principally of plastic; Shower grab bars, not of metal; Drawer handles (Non-metallic -); Sash window pulls, not of metal; Wood window handles; Window handles (Non-metallic -); Door handles, not of metal; Porcelain doorknobs; Furniture handles, not of metal; Porcelain window handles; Plastic window handles; Bathtub grab bars, not of metal; Wooden plant markers; Mattresses; Plastic plant markers; Plastic ear tags for livestock; Air mattresses for use when camping; Air beds, not for medical purposes; Futon mattresses [other than childbirth mattresses]; Straw mattresses; Air mattresses, not for medical purposes; Inflatable mattresses for use when camping; Floating inflatable mattresses [airbeds]; Inflatable mattresses, other than for medical purposes; Fire resistant mattresses; Latex mattresses; Foam mattresses; Mattresses made of flexible wood; Mattresses [other than child birth mattresses]; Camping mattresses; Air mattresses; Foam camping mattresses; Espagnolette mechanisms, not of metal; Fasteners of plastic; Baby changing mats; Sleeping pads; Bedding, except linen; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for rolling windows; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for locking doors; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for locking windows; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for opening doors; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for lifting doors; Mechanisms (Non-metallic, non-electric -) for lifting windows; Paper racks; Bathroom vanity units incorporating basins; Library shelves; Slatted furniture; Furniture; Outdoor furniture; Furniture adapted for use by those with mobility difficulties; Antique furniture; Cocktail units [furniture]; Wall units [furniture]; Mobile bar units [furniture]; Composable furniture; Units [furniture] for the display of literature; Furniture units; Units [furniture] for the display of stationery; Furniture made from steel tubing; Furniture incorporating beds; Furniture for motor homes; Furniture for kitchens; Height adjustable kitchen furniture; Lawn furniture; Fitted kitchen furniture; Garden furniture made of aluminium; Combination kneeler and seat for gardening; Garden furniture manufactured from wood; Garden furniture made of metal; Laboratory furniture; Plastic furniture for gardens; Laboratory furniture [other than especially adapted]; Picnic units [furniture]; Furniture of metal; Bamboo furniture; Metal office furniture; Antique style furniture; Furniture and furnishings; Inflatable furniture; Stackable furniture; Upholstered furniture; Furniture made of steel; Cane furniture; Wooden furniture; Furniture of plastic materials; Furniture of plastics material for bathrooms; Bentwood furniture; Miniature furniture made of wood fibre; Miniature furniture made of wood; Leather furniture; Furniture made of rattan; Furniture made from substitutes for wood; Glass furniture; Integrated furniture; Metal furniture and furniture for camping; Non-metallic furniture [other than specially made for medical or laboratory use]; Modular bathroom furniture; Furniture chests; Furniture for filing purposes; Furniture for children; Fitted bedroom furniture; Bedroom furniture; Computer cabinets [furniture]; Furniture for the physically handicapped, those of reduced mobility and invalids; Display cabinets; Furniture for displaying goods; Furniture for use in rest rooms; Bathroom furniture; Indoor furniture; Furniture for house, office and garden; Household furniture; Canteen furniture; Furniture for camping; Furniture for shops; Shop fittings (Non-metallic -); Shop furniture for use in displaying cards; Patio furniture; Furniture for saunas; Furniture for caravans; Seating furniture; Lounge furniture; Furniture for conservatories; Furniture for changing rooms; Office furniture; Living room furniture; Furniture for vivariums; Furniture for indoor terraria; Domestic furniture made of wood; Pedestal storage units [furniture]; Furniture made principally of glass; Furniture for industrial use; School furniture; Fitted furniture; Transformable furniture; Upholstered convertible furniture; Furniture being convertible into beds; Mouldings made of substitutes of wood for picture frames; Mouldings made of wood for picture frames; Wooden picture mouldings; Mouldings made of plastics for picture frames; Mouldings for picture frames; Extruded plastics edge beadings for furniture; Furniture moldings; Mouldings for mirrors; Model aeroplanes [ornaments] made of plastic; Plastic models for decoration; Model aeroplanes [ornaments] made of wood; Model aeroplanes [ornaments] made of synthetic resin; Model aeroplanes [ornaments] made of wax; Model animals [ornaments] made of wood; Model animals [ornaments] made of wax; Model animals [ornaments] made of plastic; Miniature car models [ornaments] of wood; Model cars [ornaments] made of synthetic resin; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of wax; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of plastic; Scale models [ornaments] of plastic; Scale models [ornaments] of plaster; Scale models [ornaments] of wood; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of synthetic resin; Scale models [ornaments] of wax; Ornamental models made of wood; Ornamental models made of wax; Ornamental models made of plaster; Models [ornaments] made of synthetic resin; Springs being non-metallic fittings for upholstery; Model figures [ornaments] made of synthetic resin; Model figures [ornaments] made of plastic; Storage modules [furniture]; Vice benches [furniture]; Bed springs of non-metallic materials; Bedsprings; Brush mountings; Springs made principally of plastic; Clips made of plastics; Hose clamps (Non-metallic -); Clips made of plastics for cables; Non-metal clamps; Hinge clamps of non-metallic materials; Clip clamps, not of metal; Clamps (non-metallic -) for pipes [other than parts of machines]; Clamps (Non-metallic -) for fixing pleated blinds; Clamps (Non-metallic -) for fixing insect screens; Clamps (Non-metallic -) for fixing blinds; Clamps (Non-metallic -) for fixing windows; Clamps (Non-metallic -) for fixing awnings; Clamps (Non-metallic -) for fixing doors; Wood ribbon; Straw edgings; Non-metallic house numbers; Numerals made of plastics for buildings; House numbers, not of metal, non-luminous; Screw eyes, not of metal; Numerals made of plastics for furniture; Gate eyes of non-metallic materials; Grommets made of plastics materials; Works of art of bamboo; Works of art of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Works of art of plastic; Wickerwork; Inflatable publicity objects; Works of art made of amber; Works of art made of amberoid; Umbrella stands; Figures made of rattan; Works of art made of wax; Works of art made of wood; Works of art made of plaster; Works of art of nutshell; Holiday ornaments of wood, not tree ornaments; Decorative window finials; Ornamental sculptures made of wax; Animal bone [unworked or partly worked material]; Onigaya hay [raw or partly worked material]; Ottomans; Shoulder poles [yokes]; Handling pallets, not of metal; Transport pallets, not of metal; Stakes, not of metal, for plants or trees; Non-metal garden stakes; Hard wood tree stakes; Tent pegs, not of metal; Wooden pallets; Mobile pallets made of non-metallic materials; Loading pallets, not of metal; Advertising balloons; Inflatable publicity balloons; Benches with shelves; Picnic benches; Metal bench seats; Electric piano keyboard benches; Piano benches; Benches for sports fields; Golf course benches; Fishing baskets; Keyboards for hanging keys; Portable exhibition panelling for display purposes; Furniture panels; Display panels for sales environments; Display panels for exhibition environments; Decorative wooden panels [furniture]; Display panels in the nature of furniture; Self adhesive display panels; Display head panels for caskets for displaying pictures and information about deceased; Presentation boards; Panels being parts of furniture; Panels of transparent plastics being parts of packaging containers; Room divider panels [furniture]; Dividing panels; Movable partition panels [furniture]; Directory boards; Screens [furniture] for display purposes; Panels for display purposes [non-luminous and non-mechanical]; Screens [furniture] for use as room dividers in offices; Mobile display units [furniture]; Panels for publicity purposes [non-luminous and non-mechanical]; Back panels [parts of furniture]; Folding panels for display purposes; Screens for fireplaces [furniture]; Boards in the nature of furniture; Screens [furniture]; Single leaf screens [furniture]; Screens of reed; Movable screens [furniture]; Screens in the nature of blinds (indoor); Wall screening [furniture] for offices; Wall partitions [furniture]; Portable partitions [furniture]; Drawer fronts; Cable trunking of non-metallic materials [other than electric]; Shelving parts (Non-metallic -); Cable trays of non-metallic materials [other than electric]; Metal wall units [furniture]; Arbours [furniture]; Spring pins of plastic; Clevis pins, not of metal; Shoe dowels, not of metal; Interior window shutters; Louvre blinds [indoor]; Action figures (Decorative -) of wax; Indoor textile blinds; Action figures (Decorative -) of wood; Action figures (Decorative -) of plaster; Poles, not of metal; Countertops [furniture parts]; Display tables; Portable work surfaces [furniture]; Writing desks; Table tops; Counter tops for use with sinks; Nameplates, not of metal; Tiles (Mirror -) for fixing to walls; Key hole plates of non-metallic materials; Pedestals; Mobile pedestals [furniture]; Pedestal units [furniture]; Flower-pot pedestals; Feet for display stands (non-metallic); Feet (Non-metallic -) for furniture; Feet for furniture; Feet for display boards (non-metallic); Shoe pegs, not of metal; Decorative plaques made of plastics material; Ambroid plates; Finger-plates, not of metal; Doorplates, not of metal; Plastic grave markers; Arm rests for furniture; Footstools; Wall mounted footstools; Armchairs; Inflatable headrests; Low armless fireside chairs; Bed chairs; Office armchairs; Hairdressers' chairs; Air bed lounger; Reclining armchairs; Lounge chairs for cosmetic treatments; Wood knobs; Plastic knobs; Glass knobs; Drawer pulls of glass; Ceramic knobs; Drawer pulls of wood; Drawer pulls of plastic; Porcelain knobs; Drawer pulls of porcelain; Drawer knobs (Non-metallic -); Drawer pulls of earthenware; Knobs, not of metal; Drawer pulls, not of metal; Front plate knobs (Non-metallic -); Wood doorknobs; Plastic doorknobs; Glass doorknobs; Thumbturns [fasteners], not of metal; Freestanding towel racks; Tie racks; Hat stands; Toy boxes [furniture]; Magazine racks; Wine racks [furniture]; Bottle racks; Card holders in the nature of display boards; Split rings, not of metal, for keys; Letter racks [furniture]; Key racks [furniture]; Holders for photographs [frames]; Frameless picture holders; Wooden holders for signboards; Magazine storage files [furniture]; Holders for pennants; Tissue holders [fixed] not of metal; Egg cartons [packaging] of plastic; Wall-mounted non-metal tool racks; Plastic racks for tools; Wardrobe doors; Tiltable doors of metal [parts of furniture]; Paper screen doors; Tiltable doors (Non-metallic -) parts of furniture; Non-metallic sliding doors for furniture; Wardrobe sliding doors; Work stations [furniture]; Personal computer work stations [furniture]; Bean bag chairs; Steps [ladders], not of metal; Table leaves; Pouffes [furniture]; Bumper guards for furniture; Tree protectors [tubes] not of metal; Tree protectors, not of metal; Door hinge guards (Non-metallic -); Corner protectors of plastics; Carpet coasters for protecting furniture legs; Pulleys of plastics for blinds; Sash pulleys, not of metal; Ferrules of non-metallic materials for walking sticks; Tacks (Non-metallic -); Ball catches [not of metal]; Desk racks [furniture]; Air hose reels [non-mechanical and not of metal]; Audio racks [furniture] for use with audio equipment; Plastic ramps for use with vehicles; Gun racks; Wall-mounted gun racks; Wall-mounted tool racks; Fodder racks; Storage racks for storing works of art; Storage racks to hold vehicle mats; Saddle racks; Storage racks for ski and sports equipment; Rattan [unworked or partly worked material]; Combined containers [non-metallic and not for household or kitchen use]; Containers, and closures and holders therefor, non-metallic; Receptacles of plastic for storing goods for transportation; Containers made of synthetic material [other than for household or kitchen use]; Containers, not of metal, for liquid fuel; Containers (non-metallic -) for liquids [other than for household or kitchen use]; Non-metallic containers [other than for household or kitchen use]; Containers (non-metallic -) for storage purposes [other than household or kitchen use]; Composting receptacles of non-metallic materials; Packaging containers not of metal; Collecting tins (Non-metallic -); Rice chests; Shelving troughs; Portable water carriers [containers] made of plastics; Slatted bases for beds; Box springs; Letter-box flaps [not of metal or masonry]; Rack bars [furniture]; Replacement seat covers [fitted] for furniture; Non-metal drawer trims; Rack bars for shelves [non-metallic]; Furniture shelves; Shelves for storage; Slanted shelves; Closet organisers [parts of furniture]; Racks being furniture made of non-metallic materials; Shelves for file cabinets; Literature racks for the storage of printed material; Literature racks for the display of printed material; Computer keyboard trays; Office shelving; Antique reproduction furniture; Mats, removable, for sinks; Textile covers [shaped] for furniture; Plastic cover for metal hose clamps; Plastic luggage lining material; Plastic drawer lining material; Letter-box covers [not of metal or masonry]; Sink liners; Fitted crib rail covers; Threaded rivets of plastic; Screw rivets, not of metal; Rivets made of plastics materials; Industrial rivets of non-metallic materials; Rivets, not of metal; Plastic washers; Bumper guards for cots, other than bed linen; Expanding rails of plastics for net curtains; Rails (Non-metallic -) for folding doors; Garment rails of non-metallic materials; Castors; Furniture casters, not of metal; Plastic casters; Bed casters, not of metal; Curtain rollers; Temporary casters; Plastic garage door rollers; Rollers (Non-metallic -) for sliding windows; Rollers (Non-metallic -) for sliding doors; Life-size forms of the human body to display clothes; Loading gauge rods, not of metal, for railway wagons; Latches, not of metal; Plastic key blanks; Non-metal door latches; Racks being furniture of metal; Wooden shelving [furniture]; Metal shelving; Mobile storage racks [furniture]; Storage racks; Modular shelving [furniture]; Non-metallic storage racks [furniture]; Consignment shelving [furniture]; Shelving units; Shop shelvings; Wall shelves [structures] of metal; Non-metallic wall shelves [furniture]; Wall shelves furniture; Wall shelves [structures] of non-metallic materials; Box shelves; Showshelves; Wooden racks [furniture]; Racks [furniture] made principally of wood for storage purposes; Racks [furniture] for casks; Relocatable metal storage racks [furniture]; Racks [furniture] made principally of plastics for storage purposes; Relocatable non-metallic storage racks [furniture]; Hanging storage racks [furniture]; Shelves being nursery furniture; Storage racks for physical fitness equipment; Food racks; Ice storage shelves [furniture]; Storage racks for exercise weights; Folding shelves; Storage shelves [furniture]; Ladders made of glass fibre; Prefabricated shelves [furniture]; Step ladders made of wood; Ladders made of plastics; Ladders, not of metal; Ladders of wood or plastics; Ladders and movable steps, non-metallic; Mobile boarding stairs, not of metal, for passengers; Ladders, not of metal, for libraries; Step stools, not of metal; Step stools; Drain traps [valves] of plastic; Shoe racks; Non-metal lock boxes; Boxes for stacking purposes [wood]; Carrying boxes (Non-metallic -); Boxes for stacking purposes [plastic]; Decorative wood boxes; Decorative plastic boxes; Plastic boxes [large] for industrial use; Boxes made of laminated plastics; Boxes made of plastics materials for packaging; Plastic party favor boxes; Security boxes, not of metal; Stacking trays of vulcanised fibre; Stacking boxes of compressed fibre; Stacking boxes of plastic; Wooden boxes for storing toys; Boxes made of paper coated wood; Layette boxes [of wood or plastic]; Cable boxes of non-metallic materials (Non-electric -); Boxes made of plastic; Boxes (packaging -) in made-up form [plastic]; Boxes (packaging -) in made-up form [wood]; Boxes (packaging -) in collapsible form [wood]; Boxes (packaging -) in collapsible form [plastic]; Boxes (packaging -) in flat form [plastic]; Boxes (packaging -) in flat form [wood]; Boxes for storage purposes [plastic]; Wooden storage boxes; Portable boxes [containers] of plastic; Storing boxes, not of metal; Portable boxes [containers] of wood; Filing cabinets in the nature of furniture; Wooden lattice work screens; Oriental folding partition screens (byoubu); Folding display screens; Dividing screens in the nature of furniture; Displays, stands and signage, non-metallic; Folding display screens for use in conference displays; Folding display screens for use in shop displays; Folding display screens for use in exhibition displays; Protective shields of plastics materials for trees; Sun screens [slatted outdoor]; Non-metal curtain rods; Sun screens [indoor], not of metal or textile; Sun screens [slatted indoor]; Metal curtain rods; Caskets made of wood; Roll-top desks; Desks of adjustable height; Lap desks; Japanese style low desks (wazukue); Desks and tables; Computer tables; Modular desks [furniture]; Portable desks; Sculptures made from wood; Statuettes made of ivory; Plaster statues; Ornamental sculptures made of wood; Ornamental sculptures made of plaster; Seats; Rocking chairs; Pedestal chairs; Deck chairs; Contour chairs; Recliners [chairs]; Recliners [furniture]; Chairs adapted for use by those with mobility difficulties; Convertible chairs; Conference chairs; Banqueting chairs; Drafting chairs; Work stools; Fishing chairs; Easy chairs; Dining chairs; Ergonomic chairs for seated massage; Swivel chairs; Inflatable chairs; Chairs with castor wheels; Chairs being office furniture; Babies' chairs; Shower chairs; Folding chairs; Reclining chairs; Chairs on skid frames; Bath seats for babies; Portable baby bath seats for use in bath tubs; Work seats for the physically handicapped and those of reduced mobility; Japanese style floor seats (zaisu); Portable folding stadium seats; Floating inflatable seats; Seats of metal; Bath seats; Seats for children; Beam supported seating; Drum stools; High seats [furniture]; Spacers of plastic for use with sandwich panels; Water tanks of plastic for agricultural purposes; Water tanks of plastic for industrial purposes; Water tanks of plastic for household purposes; Plastic water tanks; Industrial water tanks, not of metal or masonry; Plastic fuel tanks [other than parts of vehicles]; Wood storage tanks; Plastic storage tanks; Storage tanks, not of metal or masonry; Reservoirs, not of metal nor of masonry; Gas storage tanks, not of metal or masonry; Water tanks for household purposes, not of metal or masonry; Binding screws, not of metal, for cables; Combination locks (Non-metallic -) for vehicles; Indoor window blinds [shades] [furniture]; Cylinder locks made of non-metallic materials; Non-metal cable clamps; Combination locks (non-metallic -) [non-electric]; Spring locks (Non-metallic -); Rim locks [non-electric], not of metal; Locks and keys, non-metallic; Mechanical locks [non-electric, non-metallic]; Locks [other than electric], not of metal, for vehicles; Self-opening non-metallic locks for belt reels; Locks, other than electric, not of metal; Furniture locks (Non-metallic -); Wardrobes; Locks, not of metal, for vehicles; Valet stands; Three piece suites [furniture]; Sections of panelling for furniture; Display frames; Gazing globes; Kick step; Barstools; Fishing stools; Swivel stools; High stools [furniture]; Mobile stools [furniture]; Bathroom stools; Sofas; Wall sofas; Booster seats; Plant racks; Wall mirrors; Mirrors (silvered glass); Mirrors enhanced by electric lights; Cheval glasses; Bathroom mirrors; Decorative mirrors; Mirrors [furniture]; Locker mirrors; Make-up mirrors for the home; Shaving mirrors; Printed mirrors; Mirrors [looking glasses not for carrying with]; Hand-held mirrors [toilet mirrors]; Personal compact mirrors; Make-up mirrors for travel use; Make-up mirrors for purses; Mirrors for use in powder compacts; Curtain pins; Self-tapping non-metallic plugs; Meerschaum; Banking counters; Bed rails; Non-metal door viewers [non-magnified]; Meerschaum [raw or partly worked material]; Non-metal fastening anchors for securing pictures to walls; Cantilevered brackets of non-metallic materials [other than for building]; Shelf brackets (Non-metallic -); Brackets, not of metal, for furniture; Molds of plaster for casting ceramic materials; Plastic molds for making soap; Plastic molds for use in manufacturing furniture; Plastic molds for making soap for commercial production purposes; Bakers' bread baskets; Non-metallic transportable exhibition stands [other than structures]; Exhibition display stands [non-metallic]; Costume display stands; Statues of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Amberoid statues; Wax statues; Wood statues; Statues, figurines, works of art and ornaments and decorations, made of materials such as wood, wax, plaster or plastic, included in the class; Statuettes made of amber; Figurines made of wood; Miniature figurines [plastic]; Figurines [statuettes] of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Figurines made of wood resin; Cold cast resin figurines; Statuettes made of synthetic resins; Figurines made of gypsum derivatives; Figurines made of gypsum cement; Brackets of (Non-metallic -) used for fixing plaques; Shelf brackets (Non-metallic -) being parts of furniture; Brackets of (Non-metallic -) for hanging window draperies; Emblems, not of metal, for vehicles; Decorative strips of plastics for application to shop fronts; Cable fasteners, connectors and holders, non-metallic; Decorative edging strips of wood for use with fitted furniture; Decorative strips of plastics for application to doors; Decorative edging strips of plastic for use with furniture; Decorative edging strips of plastic for use with fitted furniture; Decorative edging strips of plastic for use with window fittings; Decorative strips of plastics for application to display cabinets; Decorative edging strips of wood for use with window fittings; Cover strips (Non-metallic -) for covering joins between adjacent carpets; Decorative edging strips of plastic for use with door fittings; Decorative edging strips of wood for use with furniture; Strips of plastic for protecting the edges of furniture; Channelled strips (Non-metallic -) for securing screens to walls; Channelled strips (Non-metallic -) for securing easels to walls; Channelled strips (Non-metallic -) for securing writing boards to walls; Channelled strips (Non-metallic -) for securing drawing boards to walls; Channelled strips (Non-metallic -) for securing shelves to walls; Channelled strips (Non-metallic -) for securing flipcharts to walls; Bed frames of metal; Display cases; Frames (Non-metallic -) for containers; Display frames of metal [furniture]; Exhibition frames stands [non-metallic]; Shelving frames, not of metal [furniture]; Metal bedsteads; Work surfaces in the nature of furniture; Kneeling frames; Portable writing surfaces [furniture]; Sleeping mats for camping [mattresses]; Framed stands; Wall mounted hose supports (Non-metallic -); Rotating stands [furniture]; Clear plastic holders for badges; Cable supports made of plastics; Support stands [furniture]; Wig stands; Plastic holders for signboards; Stands [furniture] for telephones; Stands [furniture] for indoor aquaria; Multiposition stands [furniture]; Stands [furniture] for use with television; Multi-purpose stands [furniture]; Brackets (Non-metallic -) for frames; Tree supports (Non-metallic -); Loudspeaker stands [furniture]; Non-metal plant hangers; Non-metal mirror hangers; Non-metal picture hangers; Supports for supporting curtain poles; Luggage stands being furniture; Holders for use in the securing of window coverings; Supports for fixing curtain poles; Non-metal saw horse brackets; Portable back support for use with chairs; Kimono racks; Supports for exhibition display material; Cookbook holders; Shelf supports (Non-metallic -); Plant supports; Furniture supports (Non-metallic -); Shelf supports of metal [parts of furniture]; Parasol stands; Saddle stands; Printer stands; Mirror stands; Adjustable seat carriers; Display boards made of plastics; Display boards comprising foldable and interconnectable metal rods; Boards for the display of graphic materials; Mobile display boards; Display boards; Marker boards for display purposes; Boards for the display of printing materials; Boards for the display of modelling materials; Boards for the display of pictorial materials; Cable drums (Non-mechanical -) of non-metallic materials; Fuel cans (Non-metallic -); Woven timber blinds [furniture]; Metal interior roller blinds for guiding light; Liquid storage tanks [containers] made of non-metallic materials; Jerrycans, not of metal; Nap mats [cushions or mattresses]; Mats for infant playpens; Children's mats used for sleeping; Screw tops, not of metal, for bottles; Corks for bottles; Composite caps for containers [non-metallic and not for household or kitchen use]; Composite caps of non-metallic materials for closing bottles; Combined stoppers for containers [non-metallic and not for household or kitchen use]; Plastic caps; Non-metallic caps and closures for bottles and for containers; Stoppers of cork; Stoppers of cork imitations; Plastic stoppers for bottles; Tap venting plugs of wood; Stoppers, not of glass, metal or rubber; Tap venting plugs of plastic; Plastic stoppers for industrial packaging containers; Cap closures (Non-metallic -) for containers; Plugs for baths, not of metal; Plugs for showers, not of metal; Basin plugs of non-metallic materials; Corks for containers; Tube plugs (Non-metallic -); Wooden stoppers for industrial packaging containers; Decorative plaques made of wax; Vehicle registration plates (Non-metallic -); Plastic novelty license plates; Decorative plaques made of plaster; Numberplates, not of metal; Plaques made of wood; Plaques made of plastics; Plaques (decorative wall -) [furniture] not of textile; Non-metallic nationality plates for vehicles; Door nameplates, not of metal; Custom plates, not of metal, for vehicles; Bicycle racing number plates, not of metal; Identification tags of plastic for animals; Tortoiseshell; Tortoiseshells [unworked or partly worked material]; Cavity plugs (Non-metallic -); Plastics wall plugs; Tables; Exhibition boards; Typing desks; Photographic mounting boards; Trestle tables; Pedestal tables; Height adjustable tables; Conference tables; Tables adapted for use by those with mobility difficulties; Drop-leaf tables; Japanese style low tables (zataku); Kitchen tables; Drafting tables; Tables for use in gardens; Worktables; Industrial work tables; Picnic tables; Coffee tables; Dining room tables; Tea tables; Dressing tables; Three-mirror dressing tables; Marble tables; Planning tables; Mosaic tables; Tables [furniture]; Tables of metal; Massage tables; Bench tables; Card index tables; Grooming tables for pets; Folding tables; Occasional tables; Washstands [furniture]; Bedside tables; Trolleys for computers [furniture]; Side tables; Embroidery frames; Bedsteads of wood; Frames for signboards; Frames for bed canopies; Non-metallic license plate frames; Slatted indoor blinds; Austrian blinds; Roller blinds for use indoors; Non-metallic blinds [slatted] for internal use; Window blinds [indoor]; Wooden blinds; Thermal blinds [indoor]; Polyvinyl chloride blinds [indoor]; Window blinds made of wood [indoor]; Bead curtains for decoration; Bamboo curtains; Vertical blinds [indoor]; Bead curtains; Interior textile window blinds; Indoor blinds [roller]; Venetian blinds; Horizontal venetian blinds [indoor] for doors; Blinds (Slatted indoor -) for protection against light; Metal indoor window blinds; Horizontal venetian blinds [indoor] for windows; Blinds of reed, rattan or bamboo (sudare); Blackout blinds [indoor]; Blackout blinds [slatted, indoor]; Horizontal slatted blinds [indoor] for doors; Turnbuckles (Non-metallic -); Non-metallic time capsules; Freestanding partitions [furniture]; Tuns [casks] (non-metallic -); Bed heads; Mobile partitions [furniture]; Movable office partitions; Furniture partitions; Free standing office partitions; Sliding dividers [furniture partitions] for rooms; Removable partitions [furniture] of metal; Trapezes not of metal for sail boats; Animal carriers in the form of boxes; Straw plaits; Beams for display fittings; Pipes (Clips, not of metal for -); Plastic squeeze tubes, empty; Stuffed birds; Plastic mailing tubes; Trophies made of plastic; Troughs, not of metal, for mixing mortar; Trophies made of wood; Sectional metal units [furniture]; Sectional non-metallic units [furniture]; Cupboard units; Storage units [furniture]; Funerary urns; Butterfly valves (non-metallic -) [other than parts of machines]; Angle valves of plastics, other than parts of machines; Funerary urns made of precious metals; Valves of plastic being other than machine parts; Manually operated ceramic valves other than parts of machines; Water control valves of plastic; Water regulating valves [plastic] for water pipes; Non-return valves of plastic [other than parts of machines]; Water-pipe valves of plastic; Valves, not of metal, other than parts of machines; Plastic valves [other than for medical use or being parts of machines]; Valves, non-metallic; Valves (Non-metallic -) [taps] for controlling the flow of liquid into barrels; Valves (Non-metallic -) [taps] for controlling the flow of liquid out of barrels; Plastic tubs; Wooden tubs [not bath tubs]; Vats, not of metal; Stacking trays of wood; Stacking trays of plastic for the packaging of eggs; Trays, not of metal [other than for domestic purposes]; Transparent food trays (Non-metallic -) for commercial use; Stacking trays of plastic; Egg trays made of plastics; Plastic trays [containers] used in food packaging; Pots of plastic for packaging; Non-metallic trays [other than for domestic use or for sorting or counting money]; Trays, not of metal; Boot trays [furniture]; Trays being parts of shop display furniture; Indoor blinds, and fittings for curtains and indoor blinds; Metal venetian blinds [internal]; Bamboo blinds; Interior venetian blinds; Slatted indoor blinds for windows; Hand-held flat fans; Fans for personal use, non-electric; Hand fans; Plastic suction cups; Suction pads [fixings]; Glass cabinets; Showcases [furniture]; Kitchen display units; Dish cabinets; Glass for use in framing art; Wicker; Socket head shoulder screws, not of metal; Screwnails not of metal; Silvered glass [mirrors]; Set screws, not of metal; Threaded screws of plastic; Screws, not of metal; Self-tapping non-metallic screws; Wood screws (Non-metallic -); Square set screws of non-metallic materials; Spigots [stoppers], not of glass, metal or rubber; Tusks [raw or partly worked material]; Animal hooves; Chopping blocks [tables].
Class Code: 021
Class Description: Houseware and Glass Products
Goods & Services: Drinking troughs; Non-mechanized pet waterers in the nature of portable water and fluid dispensers for pets; Animal activated livestock waterers; Drinking troughs for poultry; Watering troughs for cattle; Aquariums; Fly swatters; Indoor aquaria; Wine aerators; Beverage stirrers; Aquaria and vivaria; Coffee stirrers; Cocktail sticks; Shoe trees [stretchers]; Ant vivaria; Boot trees [stretchers]; Cake trays; Glove stretchers; Cupcake stands; Insect vivaria; Cruets of precious metal; Oil cruets of precious metal; Glass bulbs [receptacles]; Cruets; Cruets not of precious metal; Sacred vessels; Vinegar cruets; Cruet stands; Rings for towels [bathroom fittings]; Towel rails and rings; Poultry rings; Napkin rings; Cake rings; Napkin rings of precious metal; Rings for towels, not of precious metal; Napkin rings, not of precious metal; Rings for birds; Battery operated lint removers; Deodorizing apparatus for personal use; Appliances for removing make-up, electric; Non-electric milk frothers; Polishing apparatus and machines, for household purposes, non-electric; Noodle machines, hand-operated; Aerosol dispensers, not for medical purposes; Air fragrancing apparatus; Non-electric carpet cleaners; Electric make-up removing appliances; Non-electric make-up removing appliances; Appliances for removing make-up, non-electric; Applicator sticks for applying makeup; Apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums using high pressure water for home use; Heaters for feeding bottles, non-electric; Applicators for cosmetics; Floor wax applicators mountable on a mop handle; Carpet shampoo applicators (Non-electric -); Applicators for applying eye make-up; Eye make-up applicators; Bottle openers, electric and non-electric; Bottle openers incorporating knives; Bottle openers [hand-operated]; Non-electric bottle openers; Butter curlers; Brush goods; Decorative china; Porcelain articles for decorative purposes; Articles for the care of clothing and footwear; Drinking glasses; Small animal feeders; Food cooling devices, containing heat exchange fluids, for household purposes; Cleaning articles; Bread boards; Washing boards; Ironing boards; Dental cleaning articles; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Cases adapted for cosmetic utensils; Toilet cases; Chopstick cases; Flower syringes; Cases adapted for toilet utensils; Toothbrush containers; Perfume vaporizers; Autoclaves, non-electric, for cooking; Autoclaves (Non-electric -) for household use; Perfume sprayers [sold empty]; Sushi rolling equipment; Pot plant support sticks; Sprayer wands for garden hoses; Disposable chopsticks; Bird baths not being structures; Bowls [basins]; Glass rods; Bathroom basins [receptacles]; Plastic bowls [basins]; Bird baths; Basins [receptacles]; Rinsing tubs; Denture baths; Double boilers; Kitchen containers; Storage tins; Glass jars; Glass storage jars; Food preserving jars of glass; Insulating jars; Mason jars; Storage jars; Pet treat jars; Cookie jars; Spice jars; Jars for household use; Mustard pots; Vacuum jars; Shaving brushes; Utensil jars; Saucers for flower pots; Dental sticks for personal use; Cocktail stirrers; Sticks for frozen confections; Sticks for cake pops; Sticks for lollipops; Chopsticks; Cooking pot sets; Meat tenderisers for household purposes; Carpet beaters [hand instruments]; Beaters, non-electric; Tenderizers [kitchen utensils]; Carpet sweepers (Non-electric -); Pouring spouts; Cake decorating tips and tubes; Pouring spouts for household use; Schnapps glasses; Beer mugs; Glasses, drinking vessels and barware; Brandy snifters; Coffee mugs; Champagne flutes; Feeding cups; Cocktail glasses; Cordial glasses; Pint glasses; Whisky glasses; Wine glasses; Margarita glasses; Cups made of plastics; Glass cups; Cups and mugs; Pilsner drinking glasses; Cups of paper or plastic; Tumblers; Plastic bins [dustbins]; Hip flasks; Glasses [drinking vessels]; Milk churns; Cold packs used to keep food and drink cold; Grill pans made of precious stone; Beer jugs; Tablecloth holders; Tankards; Glass mugs; Tankards of precious metal; Porcelain mugs; Pint tankards; Beer glasses; Pewter tankards; Glass bowls; Tea infusers; Glass jars [carboys]; Mugs made of earthenware; Goldfish bowls; Perfume bottles; Milk pans; Whistling kettles; Japanese cast iron kettles, non-electric (tetsubin); Kettles, non-electric; Candy boxes; Candy boxes, not of precious metal; Drinking bottles; Drinking bottles for sports; Sports bottles sold empty; Isothermic bags; Cheesecloth bags for use in cooking; Cosmetic bags [fitted]; Thermal insulated bags for food or beverages; Bottles; Decorative sand bottles; Aluminum water bottles, empty; Reusable stainless steel water bottles; Empty water bottles for bicycles; Plastic bottles; Plastic water bottles [empty]; Water bottles for bicycles; Glass flasks [containers]; Insulating flasks; Reusable stainless steel water bottles sold empty; Reusable plastic water bottles sold empty; Water bottles; Hair color application bottles; Bottles for pharmaceuticals sold empty; Shaker bottles sold empty; Sake serving bottles (tokkuri); Squeeze bottle [empty]; Refrigerating bottles; Bottles, sold empty; Cream jugs; Glass decanters; Jugs of precious metal; Toby jugs; Jugs, not of precious metal; Vacuum jugs (Non-electric -); Syrup jugs; Enamelled jars; Jugs; Wash basin pitchers; Incense burners [domestic]; Perfume burners [other than electric]; Tealight burners; Essential oil burners; Oil burners (aromatherapy); Fragrant oil burners; Butter dishes; Busts made of glass; Busts made of china; Busts made of terra cotta; Busts of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; Busts of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; Busts made of earthenware; Coffeepots, non-electric; Coffee pots; Non-electric coffee servers of precious metal; Coffee pots not of precious metal; Stemware; Pewter goblets; Shoe horns; Drinking goblets; Brushes for footwear; Exfoliating slippers; Chamber pots; Butter-dish covers; Cake domes; Candelabra [candlesticks]; Non-electric wall sconces [candle holders]; Pillar candle plates; Candlesticks with wind protection; Glass candlesticks; Candlesticks of precious metal; Non-electric candelabra; Non-electric candelabras of precious metal; Buckets made of woven fabrics; Straws for drinking; Refillable coffee capsules; Refillable tea capsules; Decanters; Jars for cooking grease, empty; Porcelain signboards; Wine jugs; Lazy susans; Glass cartridges for medication, empty; Cotton waste for cleaning; Wool waste for cleaning; Stew-pans; Dutch ovens; Casseroles [dishes]; Bread bins; Corkscrews, electric and non-electric; Boot jacks; Litter boxes for pets; Corkscrews with knives; Furniture dusters; Dusters; Tablemats, not of paper or textile; Epergnes; Epergnes, not of precious metal; Epergnes of precious metals; Laundry baskets for household purposes; Dish drying racks; Laundry baskets; Chip pan baskets; Salad spinners; Steamer baskets; Draining trays; Baskets of common metal for household use; Caddies for holding hair accessories for household and domestic use; Bottle baskets coated with precious metal; Plant baskets; Pedal bins; Picnic boxes; Fitted picnic baskets; Wire baskets [cooking utensils]; Litter baskets of metal; Towel baskets; Waste paper baskets; Flower baskets; Bread baskets for household purposes; Waste bins for household use; Bins for household refuse; Baskets for household purposes; Closures for pot lids; Dustbins; Japanese rice bowls [chawan]; Waffle irons, non-electric; Biodegradable bowls; Make-up artist belts; Biodegradable paper pulp-based bowls; Compostable bowls; Suction bowls; Shaving dishes; Serving bowls (hachi); Flower bowls; Japanese rice bowls not of precious metal (chawan); Japanese rice bowls of precious metal (chawan); Bowls of precious metal; Plastic bowls [household containers]; Earthenware basins; Food containers for pet animals; Pet drinking bowls; Bowls for floral decorations; Bowls for candy; Japanese style soup serving bowls (wan); Mixing bowls; Laundry sorters for household use; Shallow bowls; Powder puffs; Cocktail shakers; Strainers; Tea strainers; Cooking strainers; Colanders for household use; Wine strainers; Droppers sold empty for cosmetic purposes; Droppers for household purposes; Salt cellars of precious metal; Lunch boxes made of plastic; Vegetable racks; Baking containers made of glass; Glasses [receptacles]; Lockable non-metal household containers for food; Double heat insulated containers for food; Foil food containers; Urns made of precious metals; Cast stone containers for household; Plastic containers for dispensing drink to pets; Plastic containers for dispensing food to pets; Glass holders for candles; Preserve glasses; Insulated containers for beverage cans, for domestic use; All-purpose portable household containers; Containers (Non-metallic -) for holy water; Non-metal recycling bins for household use; Drinks containers; Neoprene zippered bottle holders; Household containers for storing pet food; Compost containers for household use; Containers for ice, for household purposes; Holders for flowers; Containers for ice; Confectioners' decorating bags [pastry bags]; Containers for dentifrices; Lunch boxes made of metal; Food storage containers; Garbage pails; Lotion containers, empty, for household use; Sandwich boxes; Shaving brush stands; Containers for pot pourri; Flower pots; Plastic bag holders for household use; Refuse containers; Repotting containers for plants; Soap containers; Dispensers for liquid soap [for household purposes]; Lunch boxes; Heat-insulated containers; Portable cool boxes, non-electric; Heat-insulated containers for beverages; Thermal insulated containers for food or beverage; Combined lids for kitchen containers; Ceramic tissue box covers; Plastic lids for plant pots; Glass lids for industrial packaging containers; Insulated lids for plates and dishes; Disposable lids for household containers; Aquarium hoods; Cup lids; Frying pan lids; Saucepan lids; Dish covers; Pot lids; Insulated food cover domes; Fitted covers for buckets or pails; Ironing board covers, shaped; Egg separators, non-electric, for household purposes; Egg frying pans; Non-electric egg crackers for household use; Fitted trash receptacle covers; Coupes; Fruit cups; Cheese-dish covers; Tea cosies; Flower-pot covers, not of paper; Reusable silicone food covers; Strawberry hullers; Drinking horns; Cleaning cotton; Horsehair for brush-making; Plate glass [raw material]; Crystal [glassware]; Cinder sifters [household utensils]; Smoothed plate glass; Sifters [household utensils]; Reusable ice cubes; Honey servers; Japanese style cooked rice scoops [shamoji]; Basting spoons [cooking utensils]; Dog food scoops; Mixing spoons [kitchen utensils]; Serving spoons; Coffee scoops; Abrasive pads for kitchen purposes; Foot exfoliating pads; Comb cases; Insulating sleeve holders for beverage cans; Insulating sleeve holder for beverage cups; Demijohns; Wine decanters; Porcelain cake decorations; Aromatic oil diffusers, other than reed diffusers; Plug-in diffusers for mosquito repellents; Pomanders [containers]; Abrasive discs for kitchen [cleaning] purposes; Lint removers, electric or non-electric; Shower gel dispensers; Drip preventers for bottles; Electric devices for attracting and killing insects; Electric apparatus for killing insects; Electric lint removers; Devices for pest and vermin control; Ultrasonic cleansing devices for dental prostheses; Animal activated animal feeders; Animal-activated pet feeders; Tie presses; Squeegees for dishes; Fitted dispensers for wiping, drying, polishing and cleaning paper; Paper towel dispensers; Napkin dispensers for household use; Hair fixer dispensers; Ultrasonic pest repellers; Cotton ball dispensers; Toilet paper dispensers; Non-mechanized animal feeders; Kitchen paper dispensers; Straw dispensers; Dental floss dispensers; Dispensers for cling film [other than fixed]; Body cleanser dispensers; Dispensers for paper wipes [other than fixed]; Hand towel dispensers, other than fixed; Dispensers for cellulose wipes, for household use; Dispensers for facial tissues; Soap dispensers; Dispensers for liquid soap; Hand soap dispensers; Shampoo dispensers; Electronic pet feeders; Dispensers for serviettes; Skin care cream dispensers; Portable beverage dispensers; Water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums; Ice scoops [barware]; Salt cellars; Portable dispensers for powdered milk; Dispensers for detergents; Spaghetti measurers; Dispensers for liquids for use with bottles; Personal dispensers for pills or capsules for domestic use; Greenhouse syringes; Blenders, non-electric, for household purposes; Bait stations, empty, for feeding rodenticides to rodents; Dispensers for the storage of toilet paper [other than fixed]; Dispensers for cosmetics; Decanter tags; Non electric juice extractors; Earthenware; Liqueur flasks; Vitreous silica fibres, other than for textile use; Fibreglass, other than for insulation or textile use; Fiberglass figurines; Figurines of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; Filaments for making brushes; Fibreglass thread, other than for textile use; Floss for dental purposes; Battery-powered dental flossers; Medicated dental floss; Filters for use in cat litter pans; Coffee filters, non-electric; Non-electric coffee drippers for brewing coffee; Strainers for household purposes; Window-boxes; Planters of clay; Planters of earthenware; Flower bowls of precious metal; Planters of plastic; Porcelain flower pots; Planters of glass; Flasks; Tissue box covers; Empty spray bottles; Cookie sheets; Baking sheets of common metal; Barbecue forks; Serving forks; Pasta serving forks; Plastic ice pop forms; Carving forks; Boot stretchers of wood; Plastic molds for household use in making soap; Muffin tins; Cake tins; Cupcake molds; Cookie [biscuit] cutters; Deep fryers, non-electric; Non-electric food mixers; Whisks; Whisks, non-electric, for household purposes; Blenders for food [non-electric]; Fruit bowls; Smoke absorbers for household purposes; Fruit bowls of glass; Cages of metal for domestic use; Wire cages for household pets; Cages for household pets; Birdcages; Clothes drying hangers; Buttonhooks; Bird cages for domestic birds; Mess-tins; Mess-tins [rice cooking canteens]; Non-electric ice cream makers; Ice buckets; China ornaments; Garden gnomes of porcelain; Garden gnomes of earthenware; Garden gnomes of glass; Grills [cooking utensils]; Back scratchers; Scalp scratchers; Zesters; Rotary cheese graters; Graters; Nutmeg graters; Graters for kitchen use; Graters [non-electric household utensils]; Camping grills; Non-electric griddles; Abrasive gloves for scrubbing vegetables; Oven mitts; Gardening gloves; Cotton gloves for household purposes; Rubber gloves for household use; Household plastic gloves; Exfoliating mitts; Car washing mitts; Animal grooming gloves; Polishing gloves; Shoe polishing mitts; Dusting gloves; Household gloves for cleaning purposes; Gloves for household purposes; Trays of paper, for household purposes; Pet grooming glove; Trays for household purposes; Ant habitats; Canning rubber for household purposes; Insect habitats; Funnels; Plastic funnels; Cooking funnels; Tea infusers of precious metal; Automobile oil funnels; Tea infusers not of precious metal; Watering cans; Sprinklers; Salad bowls; Signboards of porcelain or glass; Glass signboards; Seed tray inserts; Thermal insulated wrap for cans to keep the contents cold or hot; Oral irrigators, other than for use in dentistry; Lawn sprinklers; Periodontal irrigators [electric] for personal use; Periodontal irrigators [non-electric] for personal use; Japanese nests of food boxes [jubako]; Oral care kits comprising toothbrushes and floss; Portable cooking kits for outdoor use; Hurricane lamps (non-electrical); Steelwool; Steel wool for cleaning; Glass wool, other than for insulation; Metallic wool for cleaning purposes; Tar-brushes, long handled; Metallic wool for scouring purposes; Sheets of glass, other than for building; Nozzles for watering hose; Wired plate glass, not for building; Figured plate glass, not for building; Plate glass for cars; Wash basins [bowls, not parts of sanitary installations]; Polished plate glass; Finger bowls; Cloth for washing floors; Telescopic window cleaners; Dripping pans; Rotary washing lines; Wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes; Vegetable dishes; Apparatus for wax-polishing, non-electric; Non-electric floor polishers; Non-electric plunger style coffee makers; Coffee percolators, non-electric; Vacuum coffee makers; Stovetop popcorn poppers; Hand operated sushi makers; Non-electric pasta makers for domestic use; Spice grinders (Non-electric -); Coffee grinders; Coffee grinders, hand-operated; Non-electrical coffee grinders; Pepper mills, hand-operated; Salt mills; Majolica; Feeding troughs of metal for cattle; Mangers for animals; Feeding troughs for livestock; Animal activated livestock feeders; Mangers for horses; Bird feeders for feeding birds in the wild; Pig troughs; Mangers for cows; Mangers for sheep; Poultry troughs; Bird feeders; Bird feeders for feeding caged birds; Bird feeders in the nature of containers; Broom handles, not of metal; Pet feeding and drinking bowls; Handles made of plastics for sweeping brushes; Handles made of plastics for brushes; Handles (Non-metallic -) for brushes; Broom handles; Handles for brushes; Cleaning mitts of fabric; Cooking pots; Feeding troughs; Polishing materials for making shiny, except preparations, paper and stone; Polishing cloths; Material for brush-making; Rolling pins, domestic; Menorahs; Serving ladles; Serving scoops [household or kitchen utensil]; Ladles for serving wine; Mops; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of glass; Mop wringers; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of porcelain; Model vehicles [ornaments] made of terra-cotta; Ornamental models made of porcelain; Clothes-pegs; Mortars for kitchen use; Japanese style earthenware mortars [suribachi]; Mosaics of glass, not for building; Mills for household purposes, hand-operated; Nebulizers for household use; Fitted picnic baskets, including dishes; Brushes for pipes; Nest eggs, artificial; Works of art made of crystal; Works of art made of glass; Works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; Works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; Works of art made of porcelain; Works of art made of earthenware; Cruet sets for oil and vinegar; Bakers' tinware; Ceramics for kitchen use; Porcelain ware; Cruet stands of precious metal; Opaline glass; Ornamental sculptures made of porcelain; Aquarium ornaments; Bota bags; Frying pans; Skillets (Non-electric -); Metal pans; Cold packs for chilling food and beverages; Metal pans for cattle; Butter pans; Non-electric cooking pans; Pancake frying pans; Swedish pancake pans; Shallow pans for cooking; Household scouring pads; Saucepan scourers of metal; Scourers for saucepans; Scouring pads; Pads of metal for cleaning; Cauldrons; Pizza peels; Cake servers; Ice cream scoops; Scoops for household purposes; Rice paddles [cooked rice serving scoops]; Rice scoops; Scoops for the disposal of animals excrement; Dust-pans; Scoops for the disposal of pet waste; Sugar scoops; Pie servers; Dryer balls; Litter scoops for use with pet animals; Laundry balls for use as household utensils; Spatulas for kitchen use; Glass panels [semi-finished article]; Anti-static cloths for household use; Disposable duster sleeves for cleaning; Scouring cloths; Glass bars, not for building; Dishcloths for washing dishes; Microfiber cloths for cleaning; Ironing cloths; Eyeglass cleaning cloths; Cloths for cleaning; Optical fiber connector cleaning cloths; Cloths for cleaning made from cellulose; Shoe shine cloths; Glossing cloths [not abrasive]; Lintless cleaning cloths; Cleaning cloths for camera lenses; Shoe cloths; Glass sheets; Diaper pails; Hair for brushes; Polishing leather; Chamois leather for cleaning; Leathers for cleaning purposes; Raccoon dog hair for brushes; Make-up brushes; Cake brushes; Eyeliner brushes; Shaving brushes of badger hair; Pastry brushes; Ski wax brushes; Lip brushes; Brushes for basting meat; Pressure cookers; Hot pots, not electrically heated; Cookware and tableware, except forks, knives and spoons; Steamers [cookware]; Cooking pots for use in microwave ovens; Vacuum flask cookers; Cooking pots and pans [non-electric]; Stone pots; Non-electric rice cooking pots; Couscous cooking pots, non-electric; Pepper pots; Egg poachers; Serving pots; Slow cookers (Non-electric -); Semi-worked glass beads; Steak weights; Pestles for kitchen use; Japanese style wooden pestles (surikogi); Fruit muddlers; Combs; Electric combs; Electric hair combs; Combs for animals; Combs for use on domestic animals; Hair combs; Eyelash combs; Combs for back-combing hair; Cleaning combs; Large-toothed combs for the hair; Plates to prevent milk boiling over; Pastry boards; Cloths for wiping optical lenses; Plates for diffusing aromatic oil; Table plates; Compostable plates; Biodegradable paper pulp-based plates; Biodegradable plates; Collector plates; Dessert plates; Dishes; Soufflé dishes; Paper plates; Tajines, non-electric; Jewelry dishes; Plastic plates [dishes]; Plastic plates; Serving platters of precious metal; Glass plates; Dishes not of precious metal; Disposable table plates; Plates for hors d'oeuvre; Plates not of precious metal; Relish dishes; Dishes for microwave ovens; Potpourri dishes; Gratin dishes; Fireproof dishes; Souvenir plates; Saucers; Decorative plates; Candle rings of precious metal; Candle rings; Candle rings, not of precious metal; Saucers not of precious metals; Saucers made of precious metals; Tea bag rests; Nine sectioned lacquer ware serving plates (Gujeolpan); Saucer lights with snuffers; Small jugs; Whisky stones; Pizza stones; Asparagus tongs; Barbecue tongs; Ice tongs; Bread tongs; Salad tongs; Meat tongs; Serving tongs; Basting brushes; Bulb basters; Pipettes [wine-tasters]; Spaghetti tongs; Sugar tongs; Vegetable tongs; Baking dishes made of porcelain; Baking dishes made of earthenware; Ramekins; Dusting brushes; Nylon mesh body cleansing puff; Feather-dusters; Chopstick rests; Knife rests; Spoon rests; Trivets [table utensils]; Knife rests for the table; Vacuum pumps for wine bottles; Glass powder; Foam drink holders; Candle holders of wrought iron; Menu card holders; Toilet roll stands; Spice racks; Toothbrush holders; Sponge holders; Place card holders; Soap holders; Toothpick holders; Table napkin holders; Toothpick holders of precious metal; Inflatable drink holders; Mug racks; Bathroom glass holder; Glass holders; Wine bottle cradles; Bottle stands; Candle holders of precious metal; Powder compacts; Candle holders not of precious metal; Powder compacts [cases]; Powder compacts of precious metal [sold empty]; Powder compacts of precious metal; Powder compacts [empty]; Knife blocks; Incense stick holders; Cheese domes; Portable beverage container holders; Plastic juice box holders; Pill boxes [not for medical purposes]; Tealight holders; Plastic bath racks [caddies]; Pill boxes for personal use; Towel racks; Cutlery trays; Hand soap racks; Wall soap dishes; Toilet paper holders; Towel rings; Water closet brush holders; Rails for towels, not of precious metal; Brush holders; Towel rings, not of precious metal; Mug trees; Cup holders; Napkin holders of precious metal; Toast racks; Napkin holders, not of precious metal; Egg cups, not of precious metal; Egg cups of precious metal; Egg cups; Plastic egg holders for domestic use; Flower pot holders; Perches for bird cages; Potholders; Jardinieres of glass; Jardinieres of earthenware; Oven heat resistant pads; Steak weight; Garlic presses [kitchen utensils]; Fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; Tortilla presses; Hand-operated cookie presses; Tortilla presses, non-electric [kitchen utensils]; Ceramics for household purposes; Perfume burners; Shoe scrapers incorporating brushes; Pastry cutters; Fused quartz; Wine drip collars specially adapted for use around the top of wine bottles to stop drips; Grill scrapers [cleaning articles]; Crumb trays; Pan scrapers; Scrapers for household purposes; Oven to table racks; Scrapers (kitchen implements); Carpet rakes; Glass pots; Aluminium bakeware; Industrial packaging containers of glass; Industrial packaging containers of porcelain; Heat insulated domestic vessels of glass; Heat insulated domestic vessels of porcelain; Heat insulated domestic vessels of earthenware; Cotton ball jars; Garlic cellars; Drinking vessels; Rice cookers for use in microwave ovens; Household containers of precious metal; Containers for household or kitchen use; Household containers; Popcorn tins, empty, for household use; Bottle coolers [receptacles]; Containers for cosmetics; Containers for bird food; Bottle coolers; Beverage coolers [containers]; Thermally insulated containers for food; Butter coolers; Hair tinting bowls; Caviar coolers; Coolers for wine; Portable beverage coolers; Coolers [non-electric containers]; Fitted racks for skin care creams; Cooking mesh bags, other than for microwaves; Racks for body cleansers; Cooling racks for baked goods; Shower gel racks; Soap racks; Shampoo racks; Lint rollers; Lint rollers [adhesive] for removing lint from clothing; Lint rollers for floors; Fitted liners for ice buckets; Salt and pepper mills; Salt and pepper shakers; Salt shakers of precious metal; Gravy boats; Coin banks of precious metal; Metal coin banks; Ceramic coin boxes; Coin banks; Piggy banks of china; Coin banks, not of precious metal; Non-metal coin banks; Non-electric samovars; Coin banks (Piggy banks); Fitted racks for wiping, drying, polishing and cleaning paper; Beaters (Non-electric -) for kitchen use; Fitted racks for hair fixers; Racks for cosmetics; Bento boxes; Decorative boxes of glass; Candy boxes of precious metal; Boxes of earthenware; Boxes of porcelain; Boxes of glass; Metal boxes for dispensing paper towels; Enamel boxes; Boxes of precious metal for sweets; Tea caddies; Boxes for dispensing paper towels; Boxes for dispensing paper serviettes; Boxes for holding artificial teeth; Soap boxes; Nutcrackers of precious metal; Nutcrackers; Nutcrackers not of precious metal; Potato ricers; Non-electric coffee frothers; Slotted spoons; Vegetable mashers; Skimmers [non-electric kitchen implements]; Bowls for nuts; Salad drainers (Hand-operated -); Brooms; Mopping brushes; Magnetic sweepers; Swivel mops; Carpet sweepers; Interdental brushes for cleaning the teeth; Ice sculptures for decorative purposes; Sculptures made from glass; Figurines made of terra cotta; Buckets; Buckets incorporating castors; Plastic buckets; Coal buckets for household use; Plastic buckets for storing bath toys; Buckets incorporating mop wringers; Bathroom pails; Coal scuttles; Mop pails; Rinsing pails; Mop pails incorporating mop wringers; Mop wringer buckets; Buckets for household use; Buckets for industrial use; Bottle buckets; Sauna buckets; Wine buckets; Champagne buckets; Foam toe separators for use in pedicures; Water tanks [for live fish]; Coffee services [tableware]; Coffee services of ceramic; Demitasse sets comprised of cups and saucers; Coffee services of precious metal; Coffee services of china; Coffee services, not of precious metal; Liqueur sets; Services [dishes]; Bone china tableware [other than cutlery]; Tea services of precious metal; Tea services [tableware]; Tea services not of precious metal; Beverageware; Spice sets; Cream and sugar sets; Canister sets; Toilet brushes; Flour sifters; Sieves [household utensils]; Animal bristles [brushware]; Cattle hair for brushes; Pig bristles for brush-making; Ornamental glass spheres; Toothbrush bristles; Siphon bottles for carbonated water; Siphons for cream; Fused silica [semi-worked product], other than for building; Water syringes for spraying plants; Snifters; Eyebrow brushes; Marinade injectors; Cherry pitters; Vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks; Stands for portable baby baths; Holders for tumblers; Wine coasters of precious metal; Leather coasters; Plastic coasters; Porcelain coasters; Coasters, not of paper or textile; Beer mats not of paper or textile; Coasters (tableware); Bowls for plants; Shakers for spices; Fish slices; Spatulas; Cosmetic spatulas; Cosmetic spatulas for use with depilatory preparations; Fish scoops; Brushes; Hot air hair brushes; Brushes connectable to water hoses; Brushes with detergent containers; Lint brushes; Vegetable brushes with peelers; Bath brushes; Fireplace brushes; Brushes for connection to garden hose; Brushes adapted to receive a cleaning agent; Hand-operated ski brushes; Skin cleansing brushes; Cleaning brushes for sports equipment; Brushes and brush-making articles; Electric brushes, except parts of machines; Exfoliating brushes; Fur brushes for animals; Brushes for pets; Electric pet brushes; Feeding bottle brushes; Blacking brushes; Bottle brushes; Crumb brushes; Hairbrushes; Mane brushes [horse combs]; Horse brushes; Horse brushes of wire; Mushroom brushes; Clothes brushes; Brushes for use on tree bark; Brushes for personal hygiene; Pot cleaning brushes; Brushes for cleaning cars; Ship-scrubbing brushes; Brushes for cleaning footwear; Automobile wheel cleaning brushes; Carpet-cleaning brushes; Cleaning brushes for barbecue grills; Brushes for grooming horses; Dishwashing brushes; Eyelash brushes; File brushes; Brushes for parquet floors; Floor brushes; Brushes for cleaning; Lawn brushes; Brushes for cleaning bicycle components; Brushes for cleaning tanks and containers; Brushes for grooming golf putting greens; Golf brushes; Brushes for cleaning musical instruments; Brushes for cleaning medical instruments; Scraping brushes; Billiard table brushes; Hair tinting brushes; Brushes for feeding bottle teats; Brushes for household purposes; Electrically heated hair brushes; Lamp-glass brushes; Tub brushes; Electric rotating hair brushes; Toothbrushes; Sonic oscillating brushes for skincare; Toothbrushes, electric; Manual toothbrushes; Toothbrushes for pets; Toothbrushes for animals; Baby finger toothbrushes; Mascara brushes; Nail brushes; Hard brooms; Candle extinguishers of precious metal; Candle extinguishers; Scrubbing brushes; Candle extinguishers, not of precious metal; Cooking skewers, not of metal; Skewers of wood; Cooking skewers; Skewers (cooking utensil); Spits [other than parts of cooking apparatus]; Cooking skewers of metal; Skewers for use in cooking; Dusting apparatus, non-electric; Sprayers for cleaning gums and teeth; Garlic presses (Hand-operated -); Juice squeezers; Reamers for fruit juice; Lemon squeezers; Syringes for watering flowers and plants; Garden syringes; Sprayers attached to garden hoses; Plant syringes; Nozzles for watering cans; Sponges; Abrasive sponges for kitchen [cleaning] use; Scouring sponges; Artificial sponges for household purposes; Kitchen sponges; Natural sea sponges; Squeegee sponges; Sponges for applying body powder; Bath sponges; Body sponges; Facial sponges for applying make-up; Facial cleansing sponges; Sponges for cleaning medical instruments; Toilet sponges; Microdermabrasion sponges for cosmetic use; Sponges for household purposes; Loofahs; Abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin; Make-up sponges; Cosmetic sponges; Cake moulds; Cookery moulds; Plastic ice cube moulds; Aluminium moulds [kitchen utensils]; Pudding moulds; Chocolate molds; Confectioners' molds; Ice cube molds for refrigerators; Cake moulds of non-metallic materials; Cake moulds of common metal; Pie pans; Dumpling moulds for household use; Fried egg molds; Moulds [kitchen utensils]; Paper baking cups; Statues of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass; Statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class; Figurines made of lead crystal; Stained glass figurines; Clothes drying hangers specially designed for specialty clothing; Drying racks for laundry; Frames for drying and maintaining the shape of clothing items; Clothes drying racks; Non-electric canners [pressure cookers]; Trouser presses; Cleaning tow; Oven-to-table tableware; Glass tableware; Ceramic tableware; Dishes [household utensils]; Picnic crockery; Floor cloths; Currycombs; Window dusters; Dusting cloths [rags]; Abrasive instruments for kitchen [cleaning] purposes; Non-electric lint removers; Watering devices; Cleaning instruments, hand-operated; Glass cleaning implements; Crumb collecting instruments [non-electric]; Sushi rolling mats; Toothpicks; Plungers for clearing blocked drains; Toilet plungers; Flavored toothpicks; Toothpicks of wood; Fitted holders for wiping, drying, polishing and cleaning paper; Fitted holders for skin creams; Fitted holders for hair fixers; Grill supports; Stands for indoor aquaria [other than furniture]; Drinking glass holders; Bottle cradles; Toilet paper racks; Kitchen paper holders; Carver rests; Cake stands; Cake stands of non-metallic materials; Flat-iron stands; Shower gel holders; Corn cob holders; Bouquet holders; Pot stands; Holders for flowers and plants [flower arranging]; Stands for dishes; Holders for cosmetics; Body cleanser holders; Hand soap holders; Shampoo holders; Holders for carving boards; Teapot stands; Pizza tray stands; Soap brackets; Knife boards; Abrasive pads; Abrasive pads for kitchen or domestic purposes; Exfoliating pads; Swabs for cleaning medical instruments; Body scrubbing puffs; Glass stoppers; Drip mats for tea; Tangsancai (tri-coloured glazed pottery); Baking mats; Glass stoppers for bottles; Commemorative plates; Plaques of pottery; Bottle pourers; Plaques of porcelain; Pouring spouts for kitchen use; Plaques of glass; Grilling planks of wood; Drying boards for washed, starched and then stretched pieces of kimono (hari-ita); Cups; Double wall cups; Mugs made of fine bone china; Mugs made of ceramic materials; Biodegradable cups; Biodegradable paper pulp-based cups; Compostable cups; Tea cups; Sake cups [not of precious metal]; Teacups (yunomi); Travel mugs; Paper cups; Cups, not of precious metal; Cups made of pottery; Mugs made of plastic; China mugs; Mugs, not of precious metal; Mixing cups; Sake cups; Vacuum mugs; Mugs; Skillets; Portable pots and pans for camping; Disposable paperboard bakeware; Glass pans; Earthenware saucepans; Baking dishes; Bakeware [not toys]; Roasting dishes; Griddles [non-electric cooking utensils]; Tea pots of precious metal; Teapots; Japanese style tea-serving pots of precious metal (kyusu); Japanese style tea-serving pots (kyusu); Shirt stretchers; Trouser stretchers; Clothing stretchers; Squeegees [for household use]; Squeegees [cleaning instruments]; Terrariums; Indoor terrariums [plant cultivation]; Cups of precious metal; Indoor terrariums [vivariums]; Indoor terrariums for animals; Indoor terrariums for insects; Mop heads; Vacuum flasks for holding food; Heads for electric toothbrushes; Vacuum flasks for holding drinks; Thermally insulated flasks for household use; Washtubs; Dinner mats of plastics material; Traps (Electric -) for insects; Vinyl place mats; Traps (Non-electric -) for insects; Place mats, not of paper or textile; Traps for vermin; Animal traps; Insect traps; Fly catchers [traps or whisks]; Traps for rodents; Rat traps; Mouse traps; Hand-operated food grinders; Non-electric meat grinders; Grinders (Non-electric -); Non-electric ice crushers; Crushers for kitchen use, non-electric; Kitchen grinders, non-electric; Glass tubing for use in making signs; Plastic spray nozzles; Spray nozzles for garden hoses; Nozzles for hosepipes; Porcelain eggs; Urns; Cosmetic utensils; Spaghetti servers; Cooking utensils, non-electric; Kitchen utensils; Household or kitchen utensils; Kitchen utensils, not of precious metal; Kitchen utensils of silicon; Aluminium cookware; Cooking utensils for use with domestic barbecues; Baking utensils; Bakeware; Implements (Hand operated -) for cracking lobsters; Melon ballers; Utensils for household purposes; Hand tools for the application of cosmetics; Toilet utensils; Household utensils for cleaning, brushes and brush-making materials; Food mashers; Cosmetic and toilet utensils; Food steamers, non-electric; Scent sprays [atomizers]; Plastic bathtubs for children; Inflatable bath tubs for babies; Baby bath tubs; Baby baths, portable; Litter trays for birds; Plastics trays for use as litter trays for cats; Cat litter pans; Holloware; Tableware, cookware and containers; Pottery; Seed trays; Ceramic hollowware; Pots; Pot pourri jars; Children's potties; Vases; Candle jars [holders]; Kitchen urns [not of precious metal]; Apothecary jars; Flower vases of precious metal; Floor vases; Stone floor vases; Glass floor vases; Flower vases; Earthenware jars; Clay floor vases; Glass vases; Earthen pots; Glue-pots; Jam pots; Ritual flower vases; Meal trays; Compostable trays; Compostable trays for domestic purposes; Biodegradable trays; Training cups for babies and children; Biodegradable trays for domestic purposes; Baking trays made of aluminium; Butlers' trays; Cabarets [trays]; Serving trays made of rattan; Serving trays, not of precious metal; Japanese style personal dining trays or stands [zen]; Serving trays of precious metal; Cheese boards; Trays for use in fingernail polishing; Wine pourers; Hand cut crystal glassware; Painted glassware; Opal glass; Glassware for household purposes; Unworked and semi-worked glass, not specified for use; Heat protective glass (Semi-worked -); Anti-reflecting glass; Colored sheet glass [not for building]; Common sheet glass [not for building]; Coloured glass (Semi-worked -); Glass incorporating electrical conductors; Glass incorporating fine electrical conductors; Decorative stained glass; Decorative glass [not for building]; Fabricated safety glass for installation into vehicles; Security glass for making into vehicle windows; Semi-finished safety glass; Spun glass; Float glass [semi-worked]; Powdered glass for decoration; Unworked glass; Glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass; Unworked glass [except glass used in building]; Luminous glass [not for building]; Laminated glass [other than for building]; Modified sheet glass [not for building]; Glass for vehicle windows [semi-finished product]; Unfinished glass for vehicle windows; Plate glass being unworked; Laminated flat glass [not for building]; Porous glass; Pressed glass; Profiled glass [semi-finished]; Semi-worked glass; Glass (Semi-worked -) adapted to absorb heat; Glass (Semi-worked -) adapted to absorb ultra-violet radiation; Glass (Semi-worked -) for vehicles; Semi-worked glass [except glass used in building]; Open pored sintered glass; Enamelled glass; Enamelled glass, not for building; Tempered glass [not for building]; Heat reflecting glass [semi-worked]; Woks; Sugar bowls; Sugar bowls of precious metal; Sugar bowls [not of precious metal]; Stamped glass; Serving bowls; Soup bowls.
Class Code: 026
Class Description: Lace, Ribbons, Embroidery and Fancy Goods
Goods & Services: Snap clips [hair accessories]; Accessories for apparel, sewing articles and decorative textile articles; Twisters [hair accessories]; Embroidery needles; Needles; Needles and pins for entomology; Needles of precious metal; Shoemakers' needles; Sewing needles; Sewing needles with an oval eye; Sewing machine needles; Knitting needles; Needles for wool combing machines; Lacing needles; Darning needles; Binding needles; Tatami needles; Saddlers' needles; Crochet hooks; Canvas needles; Hosiery loom needles; Needle cases, not of precious metal; Artificial trees, other than Christmas trees; Charms [not jewellery or for keys, rings or chains]; Snap rings [fasteners]; Marking rings for use in knitting; Artificial blossoms for attachment to clothing; Appliqués [haberdashery]; Fabric appliques; Electric hair curlers; Decorative articles for the hair; Haberdashery [dressmakers' articles], except thread; Needle cases; False moustaches; False beards; Sticks for use in styling the hair; Hair curling papers; Foam hair rollers; Sticks for use in decorating the hair; Hair curlers, electric and non-electric, other than hand implements; Non-electric hair rollers; Knitting bobbins [other than parts of machines]; Darning lasts; Buttons for clothing; Edgings for clothing; Borders and edgings for clothing; Borders for hemming clothing; Stud buttons [fasteners] for duvets; Stud buttons [fasteners] for shoes; Buttons; Collar studs; Snap fasteners; Rivet buttons; Snap buttons for clothing; Ornamental novelty buttons; Blazer buttons of precious metals; Novelty buttons [badges] for wear; Shirt buttons; Brassards; Artificial corsages; Expanding bands for holding sleeves; Brassards [military armbands]; Armband for holding sleeves; Shoe trimmings; Shoe eyelets; Shoe laces; Hair bands; False hair; False hair for Japanese hair styling (kamoji); Hair nets; Synthetic hair; Human hair; Boxes for needles; Hair coloring foils; Name tags of textile for identifying linen; Bows for the hair; Needle cassettes of precious metal; Zip fasteners; Zippers for bags; Sewing baskets; Hooks and eyes; Chignons for Japanese hair styling (mage); Woggles; Zipper pulls; Plastic zipper closures; Fastenings for clothing; Numerals for marking linen; Chenille [passementerie]; Decorative charms for eyewear; Scarf clips not being jewelry; Cockades; Charms, other than for jewellery, key rings or key chains; Rosettes [haberdashery]; Decorative charms for cellular phones; Beard restraints for the food service industry; Bridal headpieces in the nature of ornamental hair combs; Twisted cords for trimming; Twisted cords for clothing; Cords for trimming; Cords for clothing; Woollen laces; Lanyards [cords] for wear; Braids; Artificial Christmas wreaths incorporating lights; Artificial Christmas wreaths; Artificial wreaths; Wreaths of artificial flowers; Artificial garlands and wreaths; Sewing thimbles; Sewing boxes; Bouffant caps for the food service industry; Hair colouring caps; Needle cushions; Pin cushions; Removable silicone breast enhancer pads used in a bra [lingerie accessories]; Removable silicone buttock enhancer pads [undergarment accessories]; Cases adapted to hold knitting needles; Hair ornaments in the nature of hair wraps; Cases adapted to hold crochet hooks; Hatbands; Slides for bolo ties; Stitch holders for use in knitting; Artificial flower arrangements; Badges for wear, not of precious metal; Ornamental novelty badges [buttons]; Embroidered emblems; Elastic for use in dressmaking; Rubber bands for hair; Ponytail holders; Hair extensions; Elastic for tying hair; Name tags of textile for identifying clothing; Name tags of textile for marking clothing; Hook and pile fastening tapes; Elasticated hair ribbons; Hair barrettes; Clasps for clothing; Hair twisters [hair accessories]; Belt clasps; Korean ornamental hairpins (Binyer); Metal fasteners for footwear; Hair curl clips; Fastenings for suspenders; Mitten clips; Hair curling pins; Special sash clips for obi (obi-dome); Collar stays; Under wires for brassieres; Festoons [embroidery]; Buckles [clothing accessories]; Belt buckles not of precious metal; Belt buckles; Clothing buckles; Buckles of precious metal [clothing accessories]; Shoe fasteners; Strap buckles; Belt buckles of precious metals; Belt buckles of precious metal [for clothing]; Blouse fasteners; Fibres for use as replacement hair; Shoe buckles; False hems; Haberdashery bows; Paper bows [haberdashery]; Paper bows [hair decorations]; Textile ribbons for gift wrapping; Top-knots [pompoms]; Ornamental bows of textile for decoration; Artificial flowers; Artificial flowers of plastics; Artificial flowers of textile; Artificial flowers of paper; Silk flowers; Artificial foliage; Outdoor artificial foliage; Indoor artificial foliage; Hair grips; Back-hairpieces fixing pins for Japanese hair styling (tabodome); Shapes of cloth for making patchworks; Shapes for making pompons; Fringes; Shapes for making lace; Embroidery; Artificial fruit; Artificial fruit, flowers and vegetables; Frills for clothing; Snap hooks; Lace for edgings; Snap hooks [fasteners] for clothing; Hooks [haberdashery]; Hooks for corsets; Shoe hooks; Clothing hooks [fasteners]; Fasteners for brassieres; Hooks for tabi (Kohaze); Tailors' tackers [pins]; Artificial garlands; Artificial Christmas garlands; Artificial Christmas garlands incorporating lights; Ankle garters; Hat trimmings; Eyelets for clothing; Bodkins; Needle-threaders; Hairpieces for Japanese hair styling [kamishin]; Sewing kits; Textile bows for wrapping; Cross stitch kits; Textile bows for gift wrapping; Hair tassel strings for Japanese hair styling (motoyui); Bindings for hemming clothing; Aluminum foil sheets for hair frosting; Lettering for marking textile articles; Tinsels [trimmings for clothing]; Sequins; Lace; Laces [except embroidery laces]; Jacquard lace; Bobbin lace; Trouser clips for cyclists; Tassels [haberdashery]; Ribbons; Pigtail ribbons for Korean hair style (Daeng-gi); Decorative ribbons; Paper ribbons [haberdashery]; Paper ribbons [hair decorations]; Haberdashery ribbons; Reinforcing tapes for clothing; Ribbons of transparent plastic for decorative purposes; Silk ribbons; Velvet ribbons; Ribbons and bows, not of paper, for gift wrapping; Elastic ribbons; Ribbons of textile materials; Ribbons of textile for wrapping; Ornamental ribbons made of textiles; Ponytail holders and hair ribbons; Ribbons for the hair; Hair ribbons for Japanese hair styling (tegara); Ribbons for gift wrapping; Tapes for use in making hems; Name tapes of textile material for identifying clothing; Name tapes of textile material for identifying linen; Name tapes of textile material for marking clothing; Name tapes of textile material for marking linen; Ribbons for wrapping; Bows for clothing; Tapes for repairing textile articles; Webbing tapes; Prize ribbons; Tapes for curtain headings; Hook and eye fastening tape; Toupee tape for affixing a toupee to the head; Competitors' numbers of textile; Tape for fixing wigs; Eyelets; Eyelets of metal for clothing; Eyelets (Non-metallic -) for clothing; Hemming web for ironing-on; Hair tassel ornaments for Japanese hair styling (negake); Hair ornaments, hair rollers, hair fastening articles, and false hair; Hair ornaments [not of precious metal]; Hair ornaments in the form of combs; Hat ornaments; Shoe ornaments made of plastic; Artificial vegetables; Spangles for clothing; Spangles for decoration, not of precious metal; Wigs; Clown wigs; Toupees; Lace trimmings; Loops for clothing; Birds' feathers [clothing accessories]; Ceramic beads, other than for making jewelry; Glass beads, other than for making jewelry; Beads, other than for making jewellery; Beads other than for making jewelry [haberdashery]; Beads for trimming; Competitors' numbers; Ornamental combs for Japanese hair styling (marugushi); Beads for handicraft work; Ornamental adhesive patches for jackets; Heat adhesive patches for repairing textile articles; Heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles [haberdashery]; Embroidered patches for clothing; Artificial plants, other than Christmas trees; Feathers [clothing accessories]; Ostrich feathers [clothing accessories]; Feathers for ornamentation; Embroidery laces; Suspender ends [fasteners]; Shuttles for making fishing nets; Beard nets; Silver embroidery for garments; Gold embroidery for garments; Silver embroidery; Gold embroidery; Embroidery for garments; Tracing wheels; Bobbins for retaining embroidery floss or wool [not parts of machines]; Rosettes of textile materials; Mica spangles; Boxes of precious metal for needles; Picot [lace]; Trimmings for clothing; Epaulettes; Shoulder pads for clothing; Brooches [clothing accessories]; Hair pins and grips; Entomological pins; Pins, other than jewellery; Safety pins; Oriental hair pins; Ornamental hair pins for Japanese hair styling (kogai); Campaign buttons; Hair pins; Hat pins, other than jewellery; Waving pins for the hair; Pins; Pins with glass heads; Metal pins for use in mounting insects; Marking pins; Strips of plastics for use in highlighting of hair; Elastic strips incorporating clips for securing trousers to riding boots; Strips of plastics for use in tinting of hair; Collar supports; Elastic strips incorporating grips for securing trousers to riding boots; Strap holders [dressmaking materials]; Artificial topiaries; Frames for crochet; Heat adhesive patches; Patches (Textile -) for ironing-on; Ornamental cloth patches; Patches for repairing textile articles; Patches for use in the repair of clothing; Patches for clothing; Embroidered patches; Back-hairpieces for Japanese hair styling (tabomino); Synthetic hairpieces; Plaited hair; Hair weaves; Frills [lacework]; Latched hooks [needles]; Latched hooks [needles] for rug making; Rug hooks; Skirt flounces.
Class Code: 028
Class Description: Toys and Sporting Goods Products
Goods & Services: Clothes for Japanese traditional dolls; Dolls' furniture accessories; Doll accessories; Clothes for European dolls; Dolls' clothing accessories; Golf training aids; Ball inflator adaptors; Fishing tackle; Toy aeroplanes; Radio-controlled toy airplanes; Toy sling planes; Hand throwing foam airplanes being toys; Paper airplanes; Toy Christmas trees; Artificial Christmas trees; Christmas trees of synthetic material; Masts for sailboards; Gliders [scale models]; Toy food; Toy gliders; Barrels for darts; Hydrofoils for sports equipment boards; Bite alarms for use in angling; Toy environments for use with action figures; Swings; Swings [playthings]; See-saws [playground apparatus]; Yoga swings; Fish hooks; Decoy ducks for hunting; Rings for gymnastics; Needles for pumps for inflating balls for games; Rings for sports; Hand grip strengthener rings; Stuffed toy animals; Manually operated rings for lower and upper body resistance exercise; Motor driven toy animals; Volleyball net antennas; Golf swing alignment apparatus; Coin-operated electronic amusement apparatus; Toy traffic control apparatus; Coin-operated electrical amusement apparatus; Clay pigeon traps; Toy household apparatus; Toy exercise apparatus; Tennis ball throwing apparatus; Body training apparatus [exercise]; Electronic amusement apparatus incorporating a liquid crystal display; Video output game machines for use with televisions; Amusement apparatus for use in arcades; Stomach exercisers; Coin-operated amusement gaming machines; Playground apparatus made of metal; Body-building apparatus [exercise]; Apparatus for games; Coin-operated amusement machines; Apparatus for games adapted for use with television receivers; Play apparatus for use in children's nurseries; Apparatus for corinthian games; Apparatus for electronic games adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; Electronic games apparatus; Body-building apparatus; Computer game apparatus; Amusement apparatus adapted for use with television receivers only; Coin-operated video amusement apparatus; Playground apparatus made of plastics; Conjuring apparatus; Body toner apparatus [exercise]; Toy petrol supply apparatus; Portable home gymnastic apparatus; Appliances for gymnastics; Free-standing video games apparatus; Bingo game playing equipment; Video game apparatus; Bill-operated gaming equipment; Kites; Toy bows and arrows; Sports bows [archery]; Hunting bows; Bows for archery; Bows for Japanese archery (yumi); Dart board cabinets; Toy weapons; Toy ninja weapons; Fencing weapons; Protective padded articles for use in playing the game of cricket; Harpoons for harpoon guns [sporting articles]; Doll house furnishings; Toy harmonicas; Paper party favours; Dolls' clothes; Headgear for dolls; Clothing for teddy bears; Jewellery for dolls; Sporting articles and equipment; Archery implements; Swimming pool air floats; Miniatures for use in war games; Miniatures for use in games; Novelty toys for playing jokes; Toy cookware; Articles for playing golf; Gymnastic and sporting articles; Ascenders [mountaineering equipment]; Imitation toilet articles being toys; Racket cases [for tennis or badminton]; Dart shafts; Vaulting poles (sports equipment); Dumbbell shafts for weight lifting; Cases in the form of quivers for sports implements; Poles for pole vaulting; Ski bindings; Sail board foot restraints; Waterski bindings; Bindings for alpine skis; Ski bindings and parts therefor; Vibration dampeners for tennis rackets; Bindings for snowboards; Apparatus for use in training for the game of rugby [sporting equipment]; Fencing equipment; Indoor play apparatus for children; Juggling equipment; Chips and dice [gaming equipment]; Equipment sold as a unit for playing card games; Badminton equipment; Billiard game playing equipment; Golf practice apparatus; Volleyball game playing equipment; Archery implements [of Japanese and western styles]; Billiard equipment; Martial arts training equipment; Elliptical trainers; Toy camping apparatus; Playground apparatus for children; Manual leg exercisers; Fairground and playground apparatus; Playground apparatus made of wood; Sports equipment; Indoor fitness apparatus; Machines for physical exercises; Toy sporting apparatus; Playground apparatus; Manually operated exercise equipment; Sports training apparatus; Divot repair tools [golf accessories]; Toy cars; Toy pedal cars; Play wands; Backgammon games; Swimming pools [play articles]; Crossbows [sporting apparatus]; Talking dolls; Dolls for playing; Dolls; Paper dolls; Bodhidharma dolls with pupils undrawn (menashi-daruma); Plush dolls; Rag dolls; Bean bag dolls; Porcelain dolls; Dolls in sitting posture (osuwari dolls); European style dolls; Kokeshi dolls; Mascot dolls; Matryoshka dolls; Christmas dolls; Sakura dolls; Japanese traditional dolls; Traditionally dressed dolls; Golf flags [sports articles]; Traditionally dressed western dolls; Toy boats; Spring bars for exercising; Horizontal bars [for gymnastic]; Exercise bars; Hurdles [for track sports]; Christmas tree stands; Baseball gloves; Softball bases; Baseball bases; Tabletop basketball games; Inflatable balloon cheering sticks; Toy glow sticks; Twirling batons; LED light sticks (toys); Golf clubs; Floorball sticks; Field hockey sticks; Nordic walking poles; Targets; Radio-controlled miniature aerial targets for sports; Electronic targets for games and sports; Electronic targets; Dart boards; Archery targets; Firearm targets; Electronic targets for game; Targets for sporting use; Dolls' feeding bottles; Stationary exercise bicycles; Rollers for stationary exercise bicycles; Marbles for games; Toy bicycles; Billiard tally balls; Marbles for playing games; Lottery tickets; Lottery scratch cards; Printed lottery tickets; Raffle tickets; Billiard balls; Pool cues; Billiard tables; Toy binoculars; Skittles; Skittles [games]; Yoga blocks; Starting blocks [swimming equipment]; Starting blocks for sports events; Starting blocks for sports; Starting blocks [for track sports]; Building blocks [toys]; Magnetic building blocks being toys; Toy building blocks capable of interconnection; Wooden toy building blocks; Bob-sleighs; Spools for throwing, incorporating coiled string which unwinds and rewinds returning the spool to the hand; Bocce balls; Bowls [games]; Playing balls; Playing bowls; Bodyboards; Petanque balls; Bowling pins; Bags specially adapted for sports equipment; Trolley bags for golf equipment; Soap bubbles [toys]; Caddie bags for golf clubs; Boomerangs; Edges of skis; Bowling bags; Tennis bags shaped to contain a racket; Cases adapted for sporting articles; Golf tee bags; Bags adapted to hold fencing equipment; Cricket bags [adapted]; Cricket bags; Golf bags, with or without wheels; Golf club bags; Bags adapted for lacrosse sticks; Bags adapted for fishing; Softball bat cases; Balls for racket sports; Bags specially adapted for handheld video games; Bags for skateboards; Soccer ball bags; Bags adapted for bowling balls; Lacrosse ball bags; Dart wallets; Balance beams [for gymnastic]; Swimming rings; Bags especially designed for surfboards; Arm floats for swimming; Waterski rope bridles; Gut for rackets; Waterski bridles; Hand puppets; Guts for rackets [for tennis or badminton]; Putting cups; Cups for dice; Bladders of balls for games; Inflatable inner tubes for aquatic recreational use; Christmas stockings; Kaleidoscopes; Dolls' rooms; Bells for Christmas trees; Toy wrestling rings; Flumes; Portable gaga pits; Toy lorries; Basketball baskets; Rods for fishing; Toys for dogs; Pogo sticks; Toy dogs; Carnival caps; Toy hats; Plastic party hats; Paper hats [party novelties]; Paper party hats; Golf club covers; Head covers for squash rackets; Percussion caps [toys]; Caps for pistols [toys]; Caps [percussive] for toy pistols; Toy wheelbarrows; Costume masks; Golf bag trolleys; Carriages for dolls; Trading cards [card game]; Playing cards; Korean playing cards (Hwatoo); Japanese playing cards (hanafuda); Japanese playing cards; Japanese playing cards (Utagaruta); Karuta playing cards (Japanese card game); Playing cards for use in magic tricks; Tarot cards [playing cards]; Kendo cards; Keno cards; Softball home plates; Children's playhouses; Dolls' houses; Toy supermarket checkout apparatus; Party favor hats; Fishing tackle boxes; Toy mail boxes; Bouncy castles; Toy castles; Sling shots [sports articles]; Rocking horses; Rocking horses on metal frames; Vaulting horses; Hoops for rhythmic sportive gymnastics; Chips for gambling; Crib mobiles [toys]; Pommel horses [for gymnastic]; Toy guitars; Yoga straps; Surfboard leashes; Swimming belts; Weight lifting belts [sports articles]; Waist trimmer exercise belts; Controllers for game consoles; Kite tails; Leashes for bodyboards; Toy building components; Christmas crackers [party novelties]; Compendiums of board games; Controllers for video game machines; Toy computers [not working]; Soccer disc cones; Hand-held game consoles; Game consoles; Containers adapted for holding darts; Catapult bait pouches; Gamepads for video game machines; Stone-pieces pots for go game (goke pots); Containers adapted for holding darts flights; Gamepads; Christmas tree stand covers; Sailboard covers; Shaped covers for golf putters; Shaped covers for tennis rackets; Shaped covers for racketball rackets; Toy armor; Kendo plastrons; Bowstrings; Natural gut strings for tennis racquets; Natural gut strings for squash rackets; Kite string; Strings for rackets; Skipping ropes; Strings for squash rackets; Racketball racket strings; Strings for badminton rackets; Tennis racket strings; Lacrosse stick strings; Archery bowstrings; Sail board leashes; Waterski tow ropes; Synthetic strings for use with rackets; Racing lanes [swimming equipment]; Confetti; Toy imitation cosmetics; Nine-pin bowling alleys; Multi-part construction toys; Doll costumes; Construction toys; Crackers [party novelties]; Costumes being childrens playthings; Gut for fishing; Dolls' beds; Fishing spinners; Pool cushions [games equipment]; Carrying cases specially designed for portable games; Billiard table cushions; Covers (Shaped -) for badminton rackets; Covers (Shaped -) for ski sticks; Cases for play accessories; Archery bow cases; Video game machine cases; Waterski carrying cases; Cases for playing cards; Baseball bat cases; Holders for darts; Fishing rod cases; Fishing reel cases; Cases for action figures; Racket covers; Tennis racket covers; Coverings for table tennis bats; Cases for tennis balls; Protective carrying cases specially adapted for handheld video games; Pool cue cases; Cases for toy vehicles; Cases for billiard cues; Sole coverings for skis; Protective cases for video game device remote controls; Covers (Shaped -) for squash racquets; Table tennis racket covers (Shaped -); Dice; Draughts [games]; Chinese checkers [games]; Musical Christmas tree ornaments; Decorations and ornaments for Christmas trees; Decorations for Christmas trees; Christmas tree decorations [other than edible or for illumination]; Festive decorations and artificial Christmas trees; Draughtboards; Novelty vampire teeth; Non-edible christmas tree ornaments; Hang gliders; Fake teeth [novelty items]; Ornaments for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery; Surfboard fins; Putting discs for indoor putting practice; Hockey pucks; Flying discs [toys]; Pucks; Discuses for sports; Spinning discs incorporating string which rewinds and returns the disc to the hand when thrown; Puck rebounders for hockey training; Conveyances for teddy bears; Shock absorbtion pads for protection against injury [sporting articles]; Toy intruder alert devices; Ball inflators; Toy aeroplane launching devices; Golf ball retrievers; Card shuffling machines; Tennis ball retrievers; Bait throwers; Billiard markers; Bingo markers; Portable gaming devices; Toy stick gum dispensers; Toy candy bowl mechanical dispensers; Korean dominos (Glopae); Dominoes; Rocking toys; Infants' swings; Dreidels; Drones [toys]; Shoulder pad elastic for athletic use; Radio-controlled toy helicopters; Hunting and fishing equipment; Swimming equipment; Bait [artificial]; Artificial fishing bait; Scent lures for hunting or fishing; Waterfowl hunting decoys; Hunting lures; Decoys for hunting or fishing; Freeze-dried fishing bait; Fishing ground baits; Ground bait [artificial]; Chest expanders [exercisers]; Christmas tree skirts; Baseball and softball rubbing mud; Archery quivers; Men's athletic supporters [sports articles]; Exercise bands; Girdles for American football; Grip bands for table tennis bats; Grip bands for badminton rackets; Hand wraps for sports use; Grip bands for tennis rackets; Grip bands for squash rackets; Golf irons; Horseshoe games; Streamers [party novelties]; Poker chips; Roulette chips; Toy figures; Tinsel for decorating Christmas trees; Spearfishing harpoon guns [scuba equipment]; Foils for fencing; Toy flowers; Hunting game calls; Toy whistles; Pinball games; Pinball games machines [coin or counter operated]; Pinball machines [coin or non-coin operated]; Coin-operated pinball game machines; Japanese horizontal pinball machines [smartball machines]; Pinball games machines [toys]; Hand-held pinball games; Japanese vertical pinball machine (pachinko machines); Horizontal pinball machine (korinto-game machines); Covers for ski bindings; Surfboard covers; Protective covers for rackets; Covers (Shaped -) for sporting articles; Covers (Shaped -) for golf clubs; Bodyboard covers (Shaped -); Covers (Shaped -) for golf bags; Covers (Shaped -) for skis; Covers (Shaped -) for golf club heads; Toy holsters; Toy gun holsters; Fishing line casts; Line casts for fly-fishing; Toy arrows; Arrows [for archery]; Darts; Ski brakes; Harpoon guns [sports articles]; Spring activated spearguns [scuba equipment]; Waterski ropes; Toy cable railways; Cages for mixed martial arts; Inflatable swimming floats; Fishing tackle floats; Swimming floats for recreational use; Floats for fishing; Chalk for billiard cues; Leg guards [cricket pads]; Pool cue chalk; Gym chalk for improving hand grip in sports activities; Toy garages; Javelins [sporting articles]; Counters [discs] for games; Athletic protective knee pads for cycling; Knee guards [sports articles]; Soccer ball knee pads; Javelins [for field sports]; Athletic protective knee pads for skating; Athletic protective knee pads for skateboarding; Toys; Battery operated toys; Wind-up toys; Wind-up walking toys; Clockwork toys [of plastics]; Clockwork toys [of metal]; Pull toys; Lever action toys; Pedal-propelled wheeled toys; Craft toys sold in kit form; Water toys; Toys simulating objects used by adults in day to day activity; Water squirting toys; Pop up toys; Toys incorporating money boxes; Electric action toys; Non-motorised toys for riding; Electronic activity toys; Ride-on toys; Punching toys; Outdoor toys; Push toys; Toys being for sale in kit form; Interlocking construction toys; Plush toys; Fabric toys; Stuffed toys; Stuffed bean-filled toys; Beanbags in the form of playthings; Toys adapted for educational purposes; Toys for pets; Electronic toys; Electronic learning toys; Inflatable thin rubber toys; Inflatable toys resembling air vehicles; Inflatable toys; Inflatable toys in the form of boats; Electronic remote controlled toys; Inflatable pool toys; Inflatable bath toys; Inflatable ride-on toys; Stacking toys; Toys made of bamboo; Puzzles; Toys made of rubber; Toys sold in kit form; Toys made of wood; Smart plush toys; Toys made of plastics; Plastic toys for use in the bath; Mechanical action toys; Toys made of metal; Infants' action crib toys; Modular toys; Squeeze toys; Squeezable squeaking toys; Soft toys in the form of elks; Multiple activity toys for babies; Musical toys; Novelty noisemaker toys for parties; Talking toys; Toys for animals; Pet toys containing catnip; Pet toys made of rope; Children's playthings; Toys for sandpits; Toys for use in perambulators; Crib toys; Toys for cats; Bathtub toys; Drawing toys; Sand toys; Infant development toys; Rattles [playthings]; Toys for birds; Sketching toys; Bendable toys; Radio-controlled toys; Action toys; Transforming robotic toys; Toys relating to magic; Bouncing toys; Smart robot toys; Wheeled toys; Remote controlled toys in the form of vehicles; Remote control toys; Toys in the nature of imitation foodstuffs; Spinning fidget toys; Remote controlled flying toys; Games adapted for use with television receivers; Children's multiple activity toy; Games; Quiz games; Automatic coin-operated games; Amusement machines, automatic and coin-operated; Skill and action games; Korean board games (Yut Nori sets); Board games; Electronic board games; Game boards for trading card games; Toys for use in swimming pools; Ring games; Racing car games; Boule games; Building games; Electronic dart games; Go games; War games using model soldiers; Hockey games; Bag toss games; Manipulative logic games; Manipulative games; Memory games; Paddle ball games; Role playing games; Chess games; Parlour games; Target games; Portable games and toys incorporating telecommunication functions; Smart toys; Electronic games; Electronic educational game machines for children; Electronic educational teaching games; Arcade games (electronic -) [coin or counter operated apparatus]; Electronic hand-held game units; Hand-held electronic games; Electronic games other than those adapted for use with television receivers only; Toys, games, playthings and novelties; Coin-operated games; Inflatable games for swimming pools; Mah-jong; Musical games; Mechanical games; Battery-powered computer game with LCD screen; Handheld computer games; Arcade game machines; Hand-held games with liquid crystal displays; Portable games with liquid crystal displays; Toys presented in an advent calendar; Games relating to fictional characters; Sports games; Japanese dice games (sugoroku); Ring games [quoits]; Tiddlywinks; Pachinkos; Toy jewellery; Fairground ride apparatus; Theme park rides; Roundabouts being playthings; Amusement park rides; Toy record players; Pinwheels; Gyroscopes and flight stabilizers for model aircraft; Snow globes; Toy snow globes; Golf club shafts; Pool table cushions; Scratch cards for playing lottery games; Landing nets for anglers; Gloves for games; Billiard gloves; Batting gloves [accessories for games]; Bowling gloves; Sparring gloves; Football gloves; Gloves for American football; Hockey gloves; Golf gloves; Karate gloves; Focus pads for martial arts; Handball gloves; Lacrosse gloves; First baseman's mitts; Catchers' mitts; Fencing gauntlets; Webbed gloves for swimming; Taekwondo mitts; Kote gauntlets; Swimming gloves; Gauntlets [gloves for archery]; Weight lifting gloves; Water-skiing gloves; Racquet ball gloves; Gloves made specifically for use in playing sports; Softball mitts; Boxing gloves; Hockey sticks; Karate target pads; Karate kick pads; Protective paddings [parts of sports suits]; Ice hockey goalie pads; Protective paddings for Taekwondo; Floating recreational pads; Protective padding for sports; Climbers' harness; Harness for sailboards; Fishing rod handles; Kite handles; Waterski rope handles; Grips for sporting articles; Grips for rackets; Golf club grips; Waterski handles; Lifting grips for weight lifting; Archery bow stringers; Audible indicating apparatus for use in fishing; Bite indicators [fishing tackle]; Ice fishing strike indicator; Electronic bite indicators for use in angling; Chip markers for bingo; Golf ball markers; Articles of clothing for toys; Joysticks for video games; Miniature replica football kits; Kits of parts [sold complete] for making toy model cars; Kettle bells; Kits of parts [sold complete] for making toy models; Model craft kits of toy figures; Craft model kits; Toy model kits; Scale model kits [toys]; Plastic model kits for making toy vehicles; Kits of parts [sold complete] for constructing models; Toy fingerprinting kits; Model plane kits; Kits [sold complete] for the construction of scale models; Kiteboards; Kneeboards; Shoulder pad lacelocks for athletic use; Restraint straps for bodyboards; Shoulder pad laces for athletic use; Ice skate blades; Spears for use in fishing; Target launchers [sports articles]; Fishing lines; Toy record cassette players; Bowling apparatus and machinery; Automatic gaming machines; Machines for playing games of skill or chance; Claw crane game machines; Machines incorporating weights for use in physical exercise; Amusement game machines; Gaming machines for gambling; Toy cameras [not capable of taking a photograph]; Toy gum machines; Ball pitching machines; Bowling machines; LCD game machines; Slot machines [gaming machines]; Toy knitting machines; Playing card shuffling device; Arcade video game machines; Toy foam hands; Ventriloquist's dummies; Aerobic step machines; Protective vests for martial arts; Push up stands; Exercise weights; Baseball masks; Puppets; Dumb-bells; Barbells for weight lifting; Carnival masks; Theatrical masks; Masks [playthings]; Paper face-masks; Halloween masks; Face masks being playthings; Face masks for sports; Fencing masks; Protective face masks for use in the sport of fencing; Kendo masks; Catchers' masks; Toy dough; String materials for sporting racquets; Hurley stick; Plug-in bricks [toys]; Camogie stick; Bats [sporting articles]; Bandy sticks; Baseball bats; Cricket bats; Ice hockey sticks; Lacrosse sticks; Polo mallets; Bats for ball games; Clubs for gymnastics; Softball bats; Toy microphones; Toy microscopes; Non-telescopic bow sights for archery; Toy furniture; Toy mobiles; Doll house furniture; Models for use with war games; Scale model vehicles; Toy model kit cars; Miniature car models [toys or playthings]; Scale model aeroplanes; Toy miniature model boats; Radio controlled toy model cars; Scale model buildings [toys]; Model helicopters; Rockets being toy models; Toy model theatres in the form of children's theatre sets; Model railways; Model vehicles; Radio controlled model vehicles; Toy models; Plastic models being toys; Scale model figures; Scale model vegetation; Remote controlled scale model vehicles; Model toy steam engines; Models for use with role playing games; Play balloons; Scooters [toys]; Pool cue clamps; Monoskis; Gaming mice; Artificial flies for use in angling; Toy windmills; Swivels [fishing tackle]; Creels [fishing traps]; Reels for fishing; Paintballs [ammunition for paintball guns] [sports apparatus]; Tapes with weights for balancing tennis racquets; Tapes for wrapping tennis racquet handle grips; Grip tape for racquets; Grip tapes for golf clubs; Rhythmic gymnastics ribbons; Grip tapes for baseball bats; Play shops; Novelty toys for parties; Toy vanity cases; Artificial snow for Christmas trees; Novelties in the form of bugs in boxes; Toy nuchukus; Toy prism glasses; Party favors in the nature of small toys; Toy clocks and watches; Hurdles for use in athletics; Teddy bears; Imitation bones being toys for dogs; Hurdles for use in athletics training; Paddleboards; Baby gyms; Hand paddles; Badminton uprights; Reduced sized goal posts; Goal posts; Table tennis net posts; Tennis uprights [sports equipment]; Stress relief exercise balls; Tennis uprights; Volleyball standards; Stress relief balls for hand exercise; Balls being sporting articles; Bendy balls being toys; Squeezable balls used to relieve stress; Pool tally balls; Baseball balls; Rubber baseballs; Baseballs [not soft]; Cricket balls; Bowling balls; Gym balls for yoga; Balls for games; Balls for juggling; Golf balls; Water polo balls; Grip balls in the nature of rubber ball for hand exercise; Lacrosse balls; Volley balls; Polo balls; Racketball balls; Softball balls; Beach balls; Tennis balls; Tennis balls [not soft]; Rubber balls; Inflatable balls for sports; Medicine balls; Bandy balls; Playground balls; Balls for playing dodgeball; Balls for playing sepak takraw; Sportballs; Squash balls; Pilates toning balls; Table tennis balls; Platform tennis balls; Soft tennis balls; Floorball balls; Shuttlecocks; Field hockey balls; Netballs; Soccer balls; American footballs; Basketballs; Reduced sized footballs; Rugby footballs; Exercise balls; Gym balls; Tether balls; Handballs; Dye paintballs for use as projectiles in war games; Paintballs [projectiles]; Exercise benches; Sit up benches; Benches for gymnastic use; Benches for sporting use; Weight lifting benches; Parachutes for paragliding; Resistance parachutes for athletic training; Swimming jackets; Paragliders; Elbow guards [sports articles]; Athletic protective elbow pads for skating; Athletic protective elbow pads for cycling; Elbow guards for use in skateboarding; Uneven bars; Duck blinds [sports articles]; Shin guards [sports articles]; Shin guards for soccer; Karate shin pads; Artificial climbing walls; Kite parts; Toy pushchairs; Archery finger tabs; Skates; Paternosters [fishing tackle]; Roller skates; Toy roller skates; In-line roller skates; Ice skates; Ice hockey skates; Exercise trampolines; Seal skins [coverings for skis]; Protective films adapted for screens for portable games; Protective films for video game device remote controls; Plush toys with attached comfort blanket; Markers [counters] for playing games; Toy periscopes; Toy bakeware and toy cookware; Toy figures capable of transforming into various shapes; Electric action figures with lights and sounds; Collectable toy figures; Toy action figurines; Action figures [toys or playthings]; Fantasy character toys; Rubber character toys; Plastic character toys; Modeled plastic toy figurines; Positionable toy figures; Toy human characters; Toy fish; Iron shots specifically for use in the shot put; Ankle and wrist weights for exercise; Wrist weights for exercise; Shot puts; Leg weights [sports articles]; Leg weights for athletic use; Leg weights for exercising; Christmas crackers; Party poppers [party novelties]; Interlocking toy construction pieces; Rod blanks (Fishing -); Wooden pieces for shogi game (koma); Chess pieces; Korean chess pieces (Jang-gi pieces); Checkers pieces; Toy pianos; Toy musical boxes; Toy plants; Quoits; Exercise platforms; Clay pigeons [targets]; Roulette wheels; Go stones; Pitchers' plates; Piñatas; Flippers for swimming; Sailboard skegs; Flippers for diving; Fishing sinkers; Fishing leaders; Fins for windsurfing boards; Inflatable swimming pools [play articles]; Inflatable swimming pools for recreational use [toys]; Paddling pools; Inflatable pools for recreational use; Toy vehicle tracks; Tracks for model vehicles; Water pistols [playthings]; Water pistols; Toy air pistols; Aerosol actuator guns [playthings]; Toy guns; Toy pistols; Paintball guns [sports apparatus]; Paintball guns; Toy cap pistols; Toy putty; Pneumatically operated paint ball guns; Vaulting boxes; Pogs for playing; Athletic protective wrist pads for skating; Athletic protective wrist pads for cycling; Pumps specially adapted for use with balls for games; Athletic protective wrist pads for skateboarding; Pumps especially adapted for use with balls for games; Pool bridges [games equipment]; Cheerleading pom-poms; Candle holders for Christmas trees; Fishing rod rests; Snooker rests; Pool chalk holders; Hockey goals; Soccer goals; Bandy goals; Floorball goals; Hunting stands [sports articles]; Tennis racket presses; Imitation toilet preparations being toys; Toy projectors; Cue extensions; Billiard bumpers; Abdomen protectors for Taekwondo; Archery arm guards; Arm guards for sports use; Body protectors for sports use; Body protectors for American football; Pool bumpers; Protectors for elbows for use when riding bicycles [sports articles]; Protectors for elbows for use when skateboarding [sports articles]; Protectors for elbows for use when participating in the sport of cricket; Elbow pads for American football; Wrist guards for athletic use; Fist protectors [sporting articles]; Chest protectors [for hockey]; Chest protectors adapted for playing the sport of taekwondo; Chest protectors [for baseball]; Chest protectors for sports use; Chest pads for American football; Throat protectors for sports use; Athletic protective arm pads for cycling; Athletic protective arm pads for skating; Arm pads adapted for use in sporting activities; Athletic protective arm pads for skateboarding; Arm guards for baseball; Leg guards adapted for playing sport; Leg pads for American football; Leg guards for athletic use; Protectors for the knees for use when skateboarding [sports articles]; Knee pads for American football; Hand protectors adapted for sporting use; Hand pads for sports use; Shoulder pads for American football; Shoulder pads for sports use; Goalkeeper pads; Field hockey goalkeeper pads; Toy beanbags [Otedama]; Exercise pulleys; Floor-mounted punch balls; Punching bags; Inflatable punching bags; Children's punch balls; Spring-supported punch balls; Hunting arrow points; Archery arrow points; Billiard cue tips; Putters [sporting apparatus]; Bobble-head dolls; Stuffed puppets; Jack-in-the-boxes; Pool cue tips; Cube puzzles; Golf putters; Manipulative logic puzzles; Puzzles [toys]; Mosaic puzzles; Manipulative puzzles; Snowshoes; Rackets; Platform tennis paddles; Racketball rackets; Table tennis paddles; Ski sticks; Ski sticks for roller skis; Squash rackets; Tennis rackets; Badminton racquets; Battledores (hagoita); Paddle balls; Paddles for use in paddle ball games; Ball catchers; Billiard bridges; Pool rests; Pool cue racks; Toy rockets; Rosin used by athletes; Nets for sports; Badminton nets; Basketball nets; Volleyball nets; Platform tennis nets; Racquet ball nets; Angling nets; Nets for ice hockey goals; Nets for practising golf; Butterfly nets; Baseball batting cage nets; Nets for ball games; Ice hockey goals; Soccer ball goal nets; Goal nets; Nets for billiard tables; Tennis nets; Tennis nets and uprights; Nets for sporting purposes; Aquarium fish nets; Toy butterfly nets; Bird calls [decoys]; Animal replicas as playthings; Boxing rings; Dart board overlays; Toy robots; Kite reels; Radio-controlled toy robots; Skateboard wheels; Abdominal wheel rollers for fitness purposes; Lottery wheels; Wheels for toy vehicles; Sandboxes [sporting articles]; Sandboxes [playground equipment]; Bags especially designed for skis and surfboards; Bait bags for holding live bait; Bags adapted to carry surfboards; Fishing tackle bags; Ski bags; Blocking dummies; Inflatable bop bags; Ring buoys for recreational use; Chinese chess; Parallel bars for gymnastics; Korean chess boards (Jang-gi pan); Fishing lure boxes; Chessboards; Shoes for dolls; Fishing fly boxes; Bingo cards; Camouflage screens for hunting purposes; Camouflage screens [sports articles]; Baseball pitching screens; Jokes (play things); Roller skis; Skis; Surf skis; Waterskis; Alpine skis; Sabres [fencing weapon]; Water slides [play apparatus]; Waterslides; Toboggans; Slides [playground equipment]; Climbing slides being play apparatus for children; Toy buckets and spades; Buckets [playthings]; Infants' swing seats; Buckets [playthings] made of plastics; Interactive gaming chairs for video games; Bite sensors [fishing tackle]; Cribbage boards; Spring bar tension sets for use in exercising; Question sets for board games; Toy tableware; Toy tea sets; Backgammon sets; League skittles sets; Croquet sets; Toy sewing sets; Model vehicle racing sets; Toy gardening sets; Nine man's morris sets; Doll playsets; Playsets for action figures; Toy figure playsets; Toy vehicle playsets; Magicians' sets (play things); Roulette sets; Toy printing sets; Teeball sets; Archery sets; Badminton sets; Toy building block sets; Bubble making wand and solution sets; Gaming chip sets; Toy model train sets; Toy tool sets; Toy sets; Toy sets of carpenters' tools; Toy racing sets; Shogi game equipment (japanese chess); Toy model hobbycraft kits; Gymnastic training stools; Deer attractants; Skateboards; Skateboards [recreational equipment]; Sliotar; Skeletons [sports articles]; Sleds [sports articles]; Sleighs [recreational equipment]; Snow sleds for recreational use; Football blocking sleds; Sleighs [playthings]; Sleds for use in downhill amusement rides; Snow sledges [playthings]; Luges; Snow saucers; Slot machines [counter-freed amusement apparatus]; Snowboards; Play money; Baby rattles incorporating teething rings; Bag stands for golf bags; Toy swords; Kendo bamboo swords; Kendo wooden swords; Épées for fencing; Curling brooms; Toy brooches; Non-slip resin sprays for use by athletes; Snooker cues; Pool cue bridges; Aerobic steps; Skateboard paddles; Skating boots with skates attached; Curling stones; Toy musical instruments; Play frames; Play structures for children; Jungle gyms [play equipment]; Scale model structures [toys]; Climbing units [playground equipment]; Climbing frames (play things); Stands for jogging machines; Ball holders; Angling bank stick supports; Carriers for croquet sets; Protective supports for shoulders and elbows [sports articles]; Tee holders; Stands specially adapted for holding golf clubs; Baseball batting tees; Sailboards; Basketball backboards; Shogi boards; Exercise treadmills; Puzzle mats [toys]; Play mats containing infant toys; Play mats for use with toy vehicles; Play mats for use with toy vehicles [playthings]; Putting practice mats [golf implement]; Putting mats for indoor putting practice; Play mats incorporating infant toys [playthings]; Dart mats; Golf mats; Gaming keypads; Bodysurfing boards; Go boards; Mountain boards; Stand-up paddle boards; Surfboards; Inversion tables; Swimming kick boards; Skim boards; Wakeboards; Boards used in the practice of water sports; Automatic mahjong tables; Coin-operated billiard tables; Foosball tables; Tables for table tennis; Roulette tables; Children's multiple activity tables [playthings]; Indoor football tables; Kicking tees; Golf tees; Toy bakeware; Controllers for toys; Toy telephones; Toy telescopes; Play tents; Indoor play tents; Golf club heads; Relay batons; Fishing tippets; Toy torches [not working]; Slides [playthings]; Hunting blinds [sports articles]; Model train layouts; Stilts for recreational purposes; Trampolines; Springboards [for gymnastic]; Spring boards [sports articles]; Train sets; Beams [gymnastic apparatus]; Toy glockenspiels; Billiard ball triangles; Tricycles for infants [toys]; Billiard ball racks; Toy trumpets; Paper trumpets; Spinning tops incorporating string which rewinds and returns the top to the hand when thrown; Toy horns; Spinning tops [toys]; Waist protectors for athletic use; Palm protectors for athletic use; Play tunnels; Inflatable fishing float tubes; Magic tricks; Abdomen protectors for athletic use; Toy fingernails; Fishing gaffs; Toy tools; Hand-held units for playing electronic games; Toy hand tools; Toy air vehicles; Toy wagons; Children's four-wheeled vehicles [playthings]; Children's riding vehicles [playthings]; Smart electronic toy vehicles; Electronically operated toy motor vehicles; Toy vehicles; Toy vehicles with transforming parts; Ride-on toy vehicles; Sit-in toy vehicles; Electronic remote controlled toy vehicles; Ride-on toy vehicles (Motorised -); Children's ride-on toy vehicles; Battery operated remote controlled toy vehicles; Transforming robotic toy vehicles; Remote-controlled toy vehicles; Miniature die cast vehicles; Clothing for toy figures; Home video game machines; Hand-held electronic video games; Token-operated video game machines; Coin-operated arcade video game machines; Hand held units for playing video games; Chinese Shuttlecocks (Jianzi); Rowing machines; Shuttlecocks for hagoita-play; Wakeskates; Toy walkie-talkies [not functioning]; Toy xylophones; Xylophones being musical toys.
Class Code: 008
Class Description: Hand Tool Products
Goods & Services: Abrading instruments [hand instruments]; Hatchets; Firefighter's axes,; Adzes [tools]; Adzes [hand tools]; Sharpening steels; French fry cutters; Cheese slicers [hand-operated]; Fruit segmenters; Kitchen mandolines; Cheese slicers; Hand-operated slicers; Cheese slicers, non-electric; Non-electric food slicers; Egg slicers; Egg slicers, non-electric; Vegetable slicers (Hand-operated -); Candle sharpeners; Tailors' chalk sharpeners; Manually-operated edge sharpeners for skis and snowboards; Stropping instruments; Dressmakers' chalk sharpeners; Manually operated sharpeners; Manually-operated razor blade sharpeners; Knife sharpeners; Scissor sharpeners (Hand operated -); Knife sharpeners [hand operated tools]; Drill sharpeners (Hand operated -); Ear-piercing needles; Stirrers [hand tools]; Spindle shafts [parts of hand-operated tools]; Tube reamers [hand-operated tools]; Reamers; Tattoo needles; Reamers [hand tools]; Hand drills, hand-operated; Non-electric hand implements for hair curling; Scythe rings; Implements for decanting liquids [hand tools]; Non-electric soldering irons; Hand-operated tools and implements for treatment of materials, and for construction, repair and maintenance; Instruments and tools for skinning animals; Slaughtering butchers' animals (Apparatus and instruments for -); Electric beard trimmers; Electric hair clippers; Hair braiders, electric; Electric nasal hair trimmers; Hand implements for hair curling; Electric ear hair trimmers; Ear-piercing apparatus; Hand-operated apparatus for the cosmetic care of eyebrows; Pipe bending apparatus [hand-operated tool]; Apparatus for destroying plant parasites, hand-operated; Apparatus for tattooing; Depilation appliances, electric and non-electric; Oyster openers; Stunning apparatus (Cattle -); Electrolysis apparatus [depilatory]; Depilation appliances; Bow saws [hand-operated tools]; Earth rammers [hand tools]; Tin openers (Hand-operated -); Bow saws; Silver plate [knives, forks and spoons]; Tin openers, non-electric; Lawn aerators [hand tools]; Lawn aerators [hand-operated tools]; Edged and blunt weapons; Body art tools; Side arms, other than firearms; Battering ram [hand tools]; Manicure and pedicure tools; Spears; Harpoons for fishing; Meat claws; Axes; Broadaxes; Whetstone holders; Razor cases; Pedicure sets; Manicure sets; Scissor holders; Hand-operated insecticide sprayers; Cases for manicure instruments; Agricultural sprayers [hand operated]; Hand-operated atomizers for industrial or commercial use; Fire hooks; Hair styling appliances; Fire irons; Bayonets; Pedicure implements; Drain rods; Bayonets [swords]; Extension bars for hand tools; Stirring sticks for mixing paint; Sword canes; Cutter bars [hand tools]; Mortise chisels; Hand operated cement mixers; Holing axes; Knife bags; Tool bags [filled]; Sanding blocks; Lifting jacks, hand-operated; Graving tools [hand tools]; Hunting knives; Ripping bars [hand-operated tools]; Pin punches; Screwdrivers, non-electric; Precision screwdrivers (Non-electric -); Flexible screwdrivers (Non-electric -); Miniature screwdrivers (Non-electric -); Wire pulling grips [hand-operated tools]; Emery boards; Cartridges containing razor blades; Mitre boxes [hand tools]; Crow bars; Stands for hand jacks; Fruit corers; Marline spikes; Cement trowels; Trowels; Masons' trowels; Jointing trowels; Plaster trowels; Brick trowels; Filling trowels; Pointing trowels; Shears; Hand shears (Hand operated -); Multi-purpose shears; Metal-cutting scissors [tin shears]; Miter cutters being hand tools; Tin snips; Woolen shears; Fishing line cutters; Cutting pliers [linemans' pliers]; Pruners [hand tools]; Shears [hand operated tools]; Canteens of cutlery; Spark plug sockets being hand tools; Ratchet wrenches [hand tools]; Socket wrenches [hand operated tools]; Flexible head spanners; Socket spanners; Ring spanners; Nut drivers [hand tools]; Tap ratchets (Hand operated -); Hex keys; Torque wrenches [hand-operated]; Screw wrenches; Monkey wrenches; Monkey wrenches [hand-operated tools]; Die wrenches; Box-end wrenches; Spark wrenches; Nut wrenches; Oil filter wrenches; Golf shoe spike wrenches; Adjustable spanners; Pipe wrenches; Bits [parts of hand tools]; Spanners [hand tools]; Torque wrenches; Caulking irons [hand tools]; Tool belts [holders]; Cutters; Cutlery; Cutlery, and food preparation implements being kitchen knives, cutting and grinding implements; Knives; Drawing knives; Sheath knives; Chef knives; Jack knives; Kitchen knives; Biodegradable knives; Butter knives; Kitchen knives (Non-electric -); Thin-bladed kitchen knives; Fish slicing kitchen knives; Cheese knives; Fruit knives; Gardeners' knives; Whittling knives; Grafting knives; Carving knives (Hand operated -) for household use; Throwing knives; Working knives; Butcher knives; Butchers' knives (Non-electric -); Slaughtering knives; Engraving needles; Fishing knives; Table knives; Stainless steel table knives; Japanese chopping kitchen knives; Knives made of precious metal; Sterling silver table knives; Ceramic knives; Disposable knives; Utility knives; Knives for hobby use; Diving knives; Bread knives [hand operated]; Scoring knife for veneer sheets; Fruit carving knives; Grapefruit knives; Scaling knives; Trimming knives; Peeling knives; Spreaders [cutlery]; Filleting knives; Seat belt cutters; Stripping knives; Household knives; Pocket knives with multi-purpose attachments; Carving knives; Blades [hand tools]; Hobby knives [scalpels]; Three-prong cultivators for gardening; Nail punches; Roll-up fabric container for hand tools; Containers adapted for razor blades; Routers [hand-operated tools]; Razor strops [leather strops]; Vehicle trolley jacks [hand-operated]; Table cutlery [knives, forks and spoons]; Ratchet handles; Spoons; Ratchet handles [hand-operated tools]; Hand operated food dicers; Biodegradable spoons; Soup spoons; Stainless steel table spoons; Spoons made of precious metal; Table knives, forks and spoons for babies; Table knives, forks and spoons of plastic; Sterling silver table spoons; Disposable spoons; Grapefruit spoons; Souvenir collector spoons; Coffee spoons; Ladles [hand tools]; Clamping wedges; Spoons for tea; Leather strops; Razor strops; Glaziers' diamonds [parts of hand tools]; Hand-operated weed cutters; Abrasive discs [parts for hand operated tools]; Cutting discs for use with hand operated tools; Abrasive wheels for use with hand tools; Vulcanised fibre discs [hand-operated tools]; Cutting discs [hand operated tools]; Polishing discs [hand operated tools]; Grindstones [hand tools]; Sheeting grippers (Hand-operated -); Electronic devices used to exfoliate skin; Tatami mat choppers; Watch case openers; Knee kickers [hand tools]; Tyre removers [hand operated tools]; Dispensers for razor blades; Flange spreaders [hand tools] for use in opening flanges; Flange spreaders [hand tools] for use in separating flanges; Hand-operated post hole diggers; Flange spreaders [hand tools] for use in separating flange joints; Vice workpiece stops; Extensions for hand tools; Hand-operated weed diggers; Thistle extractors [hand tools]; Nail extractors, hand-operated; Screw extractors [hand operated tools]; Sickles; Strippers [hand operated tools]; Diggers [hand tools]; Reaping hooks [hand-operated tools]; Scythes; Scythes (Hand-operated -); Hainault scythes; Electric hair curling irons; Bevels [hand-operated tools]; Plane irons; Polishing irons [glazing tools]; Electric steam irons; Temperature controlled electric flat irons; Electric irons; Electric irons for styling hair; Flat irons; Non-electric curling irons; Curling tongs; Caulking irons; Brick joiners; Branding irons; Moulding irons; Blades for planes; Goffering irons; Crimping irons; Irons [non-electric hand tools]; Annular screw plates; Dies [hand tools]; Harpoons; Leather sheaths for knives; Sheaths for knives; Fulling tools [hand tools]; Fullers [hand tools]; Japanese grip scissors [Japanese thread clippers]; Scissors; Needle work scissors; Borers; Scissors for kitchen use; Gardening scissors; Snips; Hair cutting scissors; Tailor's shears; Cutting tools [hand tools]; Gardening shears; Pinking shears; Scissors (Non-electric -) for wallpaper; Scissors for children; Cuticle scissors; Ikebana shears; Hair clippers; Paper shears; Pruning shears; Scissors for household use; Fruit pickers [hand tools]; Nail scissors; Pocket shears; Snips [hand operated tools]; Digging forks [spading forks]; Forks; Garden forks; Agricultural forks [hand tools]; Table forks; Fish forks; Biodegradable forks; Salad forks; Fondue forks; Stainless steel table forks; Sterling silver table forks; Forks and spoons; Disposable forks; Forks made of precious metal; Snail forks; Anti-riot forks; Pikes [hand tools]; Broadforks for agricultural purposes; Pitchforks; Lasts for shoe-making [hand-operated ones only]; Lasts [shoemakers' hand tools]; Stone crushers [hand-operated tools]; Cement edgers [hand tool]; Milling cutters [hand tools]; Rotary milling cutters [hand-operated tools]; Hand hooks; Countersinking tools for hand operated tools; Cutting dies [hand operated tools]; Keyhole saws [hand operated tools]; Bush hooks [hand tools]; Bit braces; Die stocks; Tap wrenches; Tap wrenches (Hand operated -); Extension pieces for braces for screw taps; Tool aprons; Rasps [hand tools]; Claws [hand tools]; Sword scabbards; Handle grips for hand tools; Engravers [hand tools]; Cutting guides for use with hand operated tools; Grease guns (Hand operated -); Budding knives; Threaders [hand operated tools]; Sprayers (knapsack -) [non-electric] for carrying on the back; Grafting tools [hand tools]; Blades [weapons]; Cutting inserts for use with hand tools; Shear blades; Hand-operated ski files; Planing blades; Saw blades; Blades for knives; Razor blades; Blades for electric razors; Blades for hand saws; Crosscut saw blades; Saw blades for use with hand-operated tools; Saw blades [parts of hand tools]; Jigsaw blades [parts for hand-operated tools]; Hacksaw blades; Hacksaw blades for hand operated hacksaws; Safety razor blades (Dispensers for -); Safety razor blades; Scythe stones; Oil cans for lubricating machinery [hand implements]; Awls; Woodworking wrecking bars; Carpet and flooring staple removers [hand tools]; Apple corers; Levers; Halligan bars; Tyre levers; Miter sanders being hand tools; Files [tools]; Battery-powered animal nail grinders; Electric animal nail grinders; Electronic foot files; Nail files, electric; Nail buffers for use in manicure; Needle files; Foot files; Nail files; Nail files, non-electric; Emery files; Abrasive stones [hand-operated tools]; Electric fingernail polishers; Non-electric fingernail polishers; Fingernail polishers, electric or non-electric; Nail polishers (Non-electric -); Hair clippers for personal use, electric and non-electric; Cattle shearers [hand-operated]; Cattle shearers; Hand-operated hair clippers; Beard clippers; Machetes; Sledgehammers; Mauls [hand tools]; Masons' hammers; Mandolins for slicing vegetables; Self-centring chucks [parts of hand-operated tools]; Drill chucks [parts of hand-operated tools]; Chucks for hand-operated tools; Expanders [hand tools]; Truncheons; Knife handles; Scythe handles; Handles for hand-operated hand tools; Reamer sockets; Cleavers; Ditchers [hand tools]; Window breakers; Hammers [hand tools]; Pickhammers; Bushhammers [stone hammers]; Claw hammers; Hammer sharpeners; Piton hammers; Hammers, mallets and sledgehammers; Emergency hammers; Ice hammers; Pick heads; Panel beating hammers; Hand jacks [hand tools]; Taps [hand tools]; Thread formers (screw -) [hand operated tools]; Cutting dies for use with hand operated tools; Dies for use with hand operated tools; Mallets [hand instruments]; Sauna ladles; Choppers [knives]; Emery grinding wheels; Sharpening wheels for knives and blades; Vices; Metal vice jaws; Bench vices [hand implements]; Metal vices; Miter vises being hand tools; Cramps for use in holding workpieces; Clamps for carpenters or coopers; Locking clamps [hand tools]; Clamps [hand tools]; Mortars and pestles; Mortars for pounding [hand tools]; Rammers [hand tools]; Hand-operated tiller; Tillers [hand-operated tools]; Fish tapes [hand tools]; Sprayers for use in agriculture [hand tool]; Sprayers for use in horticulture [hand tool]; Sprays [hand-operated tools]; Ratchets [hand tools]; Shovels [hand tools]; Trowels [gardening]; Fireplace shovels; Fertilizer scoops; Palette knives; Potato peelers [knives]; Potato peelers [hand implements]; Vegetable peelers [hand operated knives]; Vegetable peelers [hand tools]; Non-electric vegetable peelers; Engraving pens [hand tool]; Perforating tools [hand tools]; Braiders [hand tools]; Planes; Non-electric planes for flaking dried bonito blocks (katsuo-bushi planes); Planers [hand tools]; Fillister planes [hand tools]; Hand-operated dibbers; Electric crimping irons for the hair; Electric hair straightening irons; Electric hair crimper; Electric hair straighteners; Border shears; Pickaxes; Picks [hand tools]; Ice picks; Mountaineering ice hammers; Mountaineering pickels [ice axes]; Eyelash curlers; Sharpening stones; Whetstones [sharpening stones]; Locking pliers; Nippers [hand tools]; Fishing pliers; Terminal crimpers [hand operated tools]; Fireplace tongs; Setting pliers; Wire strippers [hand tools]; Wire nippers [hand tools]; Ear tag pliers for livestock; Combined wire strippers and cutters [hand-operated]; Combination pliers; Tweezers; Artificial eyelash tweezers; Hair-removing tweezers; Numbering punches; Nail nippers [hand tools]; Nail nippers; Cuticle tweezers; Pincers; Pincers [hand tools]; Spray guns [hand-operated tool] for extruding putty; Guns, hand-operated, for the extrusion of mastics; Stapling guns (hand-operated -) [other than for surgical or stationery use]; Non-electric caulking guns; Grease guns; Guns [hand tools]; Hand pumps; Air pumps, hand-operated; Pumps for liquids [hand-operated]; Hand-operated pumps for pumping well water; Punch pliers [hand tools]; Saw holders; Drill holders [hand tools]; Diving knife holders; Knife holders; Die holders for use with hand operated tools; Bit drivers for hand tools; Die holders [hand tools]; Tool holders; Cutlery of precious metals; Cutlery of precious metal for cutting; Cutlery for use by children; Cutlery for use by babies; Biodegradable cutlery; Pruning scissors; Chisels; Tree pruners; Edge tools [hand tools]; Daggers; Punch rings [knuckle dusters]; Hand-operated cattle prods; Riveting hammers [hand tools]; Drill bits for hand drills; Drill bits for use in hand tools; Diamond drill bits for hand-operated tools; Screwdriver bits for hand operated screwdrivers; Rotary tool bits [hand-operated tools]; Scribers [hand tools]; Auger bits for use with hand-operated tools; Centre punches [hand tools]; Window punches; Punches [hand tools]; Money scoops; Lead straighteners [hand operated tools]; Scrapers [hand tools]; Scrapers; Glass scrapers [hand tools]; Scrapers for floors and windows; Spatulas [hand tools]; Scrapers for skis; Razors; Vibrating blade shavers; Safety razors; Razor knives; Electric shavers; Electrical shavers for removing fuzz from fabric [hand instruments]; Electrical shavers for removing threads from fabric [hand instruments]; Japanese razors; Mustache and beard trimmers; Non-electric razors; Dog clippers; Disposable razors; Farriers' knives; Paring irons [hand tools]; Paring irons; Rakes; Sand trap rakes; Lawn rakes [hand-operated tools]; Callus rasps; Golf course rakes; Lawn rakes [hand-operated ones only]; Scraping tools [hand tools]; Rakes [hand tools]; Riveters [hand tools]; Non-electric beard trimmers; Trimmers [hand operated tools]; Pruning knives; Nibblers [hand operated tools]; Bill-hooks; Saw guide rails for use with hand-operated tools; Spiked rollers [hand operated tools] for use in soil aeration; Spiked rollers [hand operated tools]; Wallpaper seam rollers; Tamping rollers (Hand-operated -); Garden rollers [hand-operated]; Tool pouches for attachment to tool belts; Lawn rollers [hand-operated tools]; Hoes [hand tools]; Non-electric fruit peelers; Sculptors' chisels; Chisels [hand tools]; Hackles [hand tools]; Snow shovels; Boxes adapted for cutlery; Stone hammers [hand-operated tools]; Stone hammers; Sabres; Skimmers [hand-operated tools]; Sabres [sword]; Butchers saws [hand-operated tools]; Saws [hand tools]; Pans for panning for gold; Pruning saws [hand-operated]; Pit saws; Saws for cutting branches; Hacksaws (Hand operated -); Rivet saws (Hand operated -); Jig-saws; Box saws [hand-operated tools]; Metal cutting saws; Hack saws; Seed drills (Hand-operated -); Eyelash separators; Carpenter's clamps; Disposable tableware [cutlery] made of plastics; Manicure sets, electric; Sets of socket spanners; Shaving cases; Socket sets [hand-operated tools]; Electric pedicure sets; Syringes for spraying insecticides; Fireplace tool sets; Gouges [hand tools]; Hand-operated sanders; Wick trimmers [scissors]; Fireplace bellows [hand tools]; Manually operated motorcycle lifts; Cable rods; Log splitters [hand-operated tools]; Fish tape for pulling cables; Tackers (Hand operated -); Japanese swords; Swords; Fertiliser spreaders [hand-operated]; Spatulas for use by artists; Putty knives; Brushes (steel -) [hand-operated tools]; Tommy bars; Wire brushes [hand-operated tools]; Cuticle pushers; Vegetable spiralizers, hand-operated; Rabbeting planes; Builders' squares [hand tools]; Hand-pumped sprayers; Hand-operated sprayers for industrial or commercial use; Sliding squares [hand-operated tools]; Squares [hand tools]; Fish scalers; Embossers [hand tools]; Rotary dies [hand-operated tools]; Stamping-out tools [hand tools]; Foundry ladles [hand tools]; Hand operated plumbing snakes; Agricultural implements, hand-operated; Emergency cutting tools [hand tools]; Cutters [hand operated tools]; Emergency and rescue hand tools; Lifting tools; Hand-operated hygienic and beauty implements for humans and animals; Blade sharpening instruments; Forcible entry tools [hand tools]; Sharpening instruments; Hand-operated ski sharpening instruments; Manicure implements; Livestock marking tools; Cattle marking tools [hand-operated]; Chimney sweeping implements; Nail skin treatment trimmers; Instruments for punching tickets; Cattle skinning instruments [hand-operated]; Hollowing bits [parts of hand tools]; Bread slicers [hand-operated]; Tube cutting instruments; Sterile body piercing instruments; Beard Shaping Tool; Handsaw mountings; Gimlets [hand tools]; Carpenters' augers; Portable drill stands for hand-operated drills; Tree pruners [hand tools]; Spool unwinders [hand-operated tools]; Seam rippers; Pizza slicers; Wine bottle foil cutters, hand-operated; Pizza cutters, non-electric; Cake cutters; Tube cutters [hand tools]; Vegetable slicers; Nail clippers, electric or non-electric; Hand-operated lawn edgers; Callus cutters; Bolt cutters [hand-operated tools]; Non-electric hair clippers; Lawn edge trimmers [hand-operated tools]; Electric and battery-powered hair clippers; Thread snips; Wire cutters; Wire cutters [hand tools]; Cable cutters (Hand-operated -); Clippers for personal use [electric and non electric]; Non-electric garlic cutters; Pasta cutters (Hand operated -); Nasal hair trimmers; Tile cutters [hand operated tools]; Pill cutters; Hoop cutters [hand tools]; Branch cutters [hand-operated]; Hedge cutters [hand-operated tools]; Hand-operated pipe cutters; Nail clippers; Hand-operated vegetable shredders; Glass cutters (Hand operated -); Glass cutters; Caulking cutters [hand tools]; Carpet knives; Lead cutters (Hand operated -); Box cutters; Foil cutters; Stencil cutters [hand-operated tools]; Frames for handsaws; Priming irons [hand tools]; Hacksaw frames for hand operated hacksaws; Penknives; Pliers; Carpenters' pincers [nail pullers]; Nail drawers [hand tools]; Tongs [hand tools]; String tensioning device for rackets [hand tools]; Metal wire stretchers [hand tools]; Stretchers for wire and metal bands [hand tools]; Tighteners [hand-operated tools]; Foot file roller heads for removing hardened skin; Roller head refills for electronic nail files; Squeegees [hand-operated tools]; Tensioners [hand-operated tools]; Lawn clippers [hand instruments]; Hedge trimmers [hand-operated tools]; Shearers [hand instruments]; Electric hair clippers for animals [hand instruments]; Manual clippers; Electric hair clippers for personal use [hand instruments]; Electrically operated hair clippers [hand instruments]; Clippers for use on animals [hand-operated]; Hair clippers for animals [hand instruments]; Block cutters [hand-operated tools]; Chalk line reels [hand tools]; Builders’ lines; Breast drills; Impact drills [hand-operated tools]; Drills; Masonry drills for hand operated tools; Bits [hand tools]; Drill presses (Hand operated -); Paring knives; Poultry scissors; Turnip cutters [knives]; Turnip cutters [hand-operated tools]; Mincing knives [hand tools]; Vegetable choppers; Non-electric garlic choppers; Meat choppers [cleavers]; Hand-operated choppers; Vegetable choppers (Hand-operated -); Rotary drills [hand-operated tools]; Hand-powered ice augers used for ice fishing; Augers [hand tools]; Nippers [hand operated tools]; Hand tools, hand-operated; Hand tools for use in beauty care; Rotary metal cutting tools [hand-operated tools]; Ski edge sharpening tools, hand-operated; Agricultural hand tools; Cutting, drilling, grinding, sharpening and surface treatment hand tools; Hand tools for construction, repair and maintenance; Hand-operated tools for planting bulbs; Garden tools, hand-operated; Hand-operated cutting tools; Diamond cutting tools for hand-operated tools; Cutting tools for tiles (Hand operated -); Positioning tools for setting (Hand operated -); Pearl catchers [hand-operated tools]; Hand tools and implements [hand-operated]; Hand-operated sharpening tools and instruments; Hex tools; Hand-operated tools for forestry; Honing tools [hand-operated]; Hand-operated tools for drilling; Hand-operated implements; Hand tools for exfoliating skin; Hand-operated tools for repair of vehicles; Hand tools for removing hardened skin; Hand-operated tile spacer removal tools; Hand tools for use in ice sculpting; Wiremesh cutters (Hand operated -); Emergency multi-tools [hand tools]; Boring tools [hand-operated tools]; Fire tending implements; Crimping tools (Hand operated -); Emergency door spreader [hand tools]; Emergency spreading tools [hand tools]; Fastening and joining tools; Agricultural, gardening and landscaping tools; Animal slaughtering and butchering implements; Food preparation implements, kitchen knives and cutlery; Animal shearing implements; Cable tie tools; Polishing tools (Hand operated -); Nut-tapping tools [hand-operated]; Planing tools [hand-operated]; Punching hand tools, hand-operated, other than for office use; Hair cutting and removal implements; Rotary tools [hand-operated tools]; Poultry declawers [hand-operated tools]; Tufting tools (Hand-operated -); Spades [hand tools]; Insecticide vaporizers [hand tools]; Hand-operated vaporizers for industrial or commercial use; Sprayers [hand-operated tool] for garden use in spraying weedkillers; Sprayers [hand-operated tool] for garden use in spraying insecticide; Sprayers [hand-operated tool] for agricultural use in spraying insecticides; Canteens of cutlery made of precious metal; Sprayers [hand-operated tool] for household use in spraying insecticide; Sprayers [hand-operated tool] for household use in spraying weedkillers; Plungers for clearing blockages in pipes [hand-operated tools]; Vegetable corers; Weeding forks [hand tools]; Mattocks; Drywall finishing tools [hand tool]; Weeding tools [hand operated].

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