Food Folks Tasty Secrets of Italy

Food Folks Tasty Secrets of Italy European Union Trademark Information

On Monday, March 6, 2017, an european community trademark registration was filed for Food Folks Tasty Secrets of Italy by Chiara Bonati . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 016435571. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The correspondent listed for Food Folks Tasty Secrets of Italy is LEXICO SRL   of   Via Cacciatori delle Alpi 28, Perugia, IT 06121 . The Food Folks Tasty Secrets of Italy trademark is filed in the category of Meats and Processed Food Products , Staple Food Products , Light Beverage Products , Wines and Spirits Products .
Word Mark: Food Folks Tasty Secrets of Italy
Status Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Application Number: 016435571
Filing Date: Monday, March 6, 2017
Registration Date: Friday, August 18, 2017
Type of Mark: Figurative
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: Yes
Filing Language: Italy
Secondary Language: Not Available
Last Applicant/Owner:
Via Cacciatori delle Alpi 28
IT 06121
Logo Design Information
Design Feature:
(1) Trees or bushes of some other shape
(2) Dwellings or buildings stylized
(3) One flag
(4) Stylized flags
(5) Two circles one inside the other

Classification Information

Class Code: 029
Class Description: Meats and Processed Food Products
Goods & Services: Meat; Processed vegetables, fruit and mushrooms, including peanuts and vegetables; Oils and fats; Fish, seafood and molluscs; Cheese products and substitutes therefor; Chowder; Custard style yoghurts; Fish cakes; tamale; Appetisers based on; Stews; Potato-based snack foods; Soya [prepared]; Soy-based snack foods; Fruit-based snack food; Vegetarian sausages; Sausages in batter; Dairy-based dips; Dips; Banana chips; Rosti [fried grated potato cakes]; Rhubarb in syrup; Quenelles; Mashed potato; Soup (Preparations for making -); Preparations for making bouillon; Scotch eggs; Soup powders; Faggots [food]; Pollen prepared as foodstuff; Prepared dishes consisting principally of meat; Prepared meat dishes; Prepared meals containing [principally] eggs; Prepared meals containing [principally] chicken; Prepared meals containing [principally] bacon; Prepared meals made from meat [meat predominating]; Ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of game; Ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of poultry; Ready cooked meals consisting wholly or substantially wholly of meat; Cooked meat dishes; Fish with chips; Fish in olive oil; Frozen french fries; Soy chips; Yucca chips; French fries; Potato chips; Shepherd's pie; Hash brown potatoes; Prepared meals consisting principally of game; Prepared meals consisting substantially of seafood; Prepared meals made from poultry [poultry predominating]; Pre-packaged dinners consisting primarily of seafood; Chilled meals made from fish; Cooked meals consisting principally of fish; Soup pastes; Edible birds' nests; Soup mix; Canned soups; Mixes for making soup; Stewed apples; Vegetable soup preparations; Stuffed cabbage rolls; Prepared salads; Potato salad; Vegetable burgers; Gumbo; Potato-based dumplings; Potato fritters; Fritters; Potato flakes; Roast beef flavoured extract; Extracts for soups; Artificial milk based desserts; Yoghurt desserts; Desserts made from milk products; Fruit desserts; Dahls; Soup cubes; Stock cubes; Fish crackers; Croquettes; Puffed pork rind; Condensed tomatoes; Broth concentrates; Chilled foods consisting predominately of fish; Chop suey; Chili con carne; Corned beef hash; Roast chestnuts; Dairy puddings; Filled potato skins; Broth [soup]; Fish stock; Beef broth; Stock [prepared]; Soups; Stock; Bombay mix; Blancmange; Onion rings; Casseroles [food].
Class Code: 030
Class Description: Staple Food Products
Goods & Services: Coffee, teas and cocoa and substitutes therefor; Processed grains, starches, and goods made thereof, baking preparations and yeasts; Ice, ice creams, frozen yogurts and sorbets; Sesame snacks; Snack food products consisting of cereal products; Cheese curls [snacks]; Cheese curls [snacks]; Extruded snacks containing maize; Rice cake snacks; Baked goods, confectionery, chocolate and desserts; Salts, seasonings, flavourings and condiments; Cocoa-based beverages; Coffee-based beverages; Coffee-based beverage containing milk; Drinking chocolate; Chocolate-based beverages with milk; Chocolate food beverages not being dairy-based or vegetable based; Herbal beverages (for non-medical purposes); Tea-based beverages; Tea-based beverages with fruit flavoring; Cocoa beverages with milk; Chocolate beverages with milk; Malted food drinks; Drinks flavoured with chocolate; Beverages containing flavourings based on milk; Aerated beverages [with coffee, cocoa or chocolate base]; Drinks in powder form containing cocoa; Prepared cocoa and cocoa-based beverages; Tea bags; Jasmine tea bags, other than for medicinal purposes; Cocoa; Cocoa [roasted, powdered, granulated, or in drinks]; Cocoa powder; Instant cocoa powder; Cocoa for use in making beverages; Coffee; Espresso; Coffee concentrates; Chocolate powder; Milk chocolates; Hot chocolate; Chicory and chicory mixtures, all for use as substitutes for coffee; Chicory for use as substitutes for coffee; Chicory [coffee substitute]; Roasted coffee beans; Ground coffee beans; Coffee in whole-bean form; Cappuccino; Coffee (Unroasted -); Instant coffee; Prepared coffee and coffee-based beverages; Ground coffee; Freeze-dried coffee; Coffee in brewed form; Iced coffee; Coffee beverages with milk; Decaffeinated coffee; Flavoured coffee; Malt coffee; Chocolate coffee; Coffee [roasted, powdered, granulated, or in drinks]; Sausage binding materials; Thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs; Gluten prepared as foodstuff; Malt dextrin glazings for foodstuffs; Galactomannans; Ferments for pastes; Malt extract for food; Starch derivatives for food human consumption; Processed cereals for food for human consumption; Starch for food; Sago palm starch [for food]; Starches for dietetic purposes [other than pharmaceutical]; Natural starches for food; Modified starches for food [not medical]; Modified pregelatinized starches for food [not medical]; Foodstuffs made from dough; Farinaceous foods; Foodstuffs made from soybean; Gluten additives for culinary purposes; Organic thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs; Dried and fresh pastas, noodles and dumplings; Yeast and leavening agents; Doughs, batters, and mixes therefor; Cereals; Ziti; Udon (Japanese style noodles); Dried tortellini; Tortellini; Dumplings; Somen noodles [very thin wheat noodle, uncooked]; Buckwheat noodles; Wholemeal noodles; Instant chinese noodles; Chow mein noodles; Egg noodles; Shrimp noodles; Bean-starch noodles (harusame, uncooked); Udon noodles [uncooked]; Soba noodles [japanese noodles of buckwheat, uncooked]; Instant udon noodles; Noodles; Instant soba noodles; Chinese noodles [uncooked]; Prepared rice; Puffed rice; Wild rice [prepared]; Husked rice; Frozen prepared rice with seasonings and vegetables; Frozen prepared rice with seasonings; Frozen prepared rice; Natural rice [processed] for food for human consumption; Milled rice for human consumption; Wholemeal rice; Fried rice; Dried cooked-rice; Cooked rice; Artificial rice [uncooked]; Enriched rice [uncooked]; Flavoured rices; Steamed rice; Extruded food products made of rice; Rice mixes; Natural rice flakes; Pounded rice cakes (mochi); Cakes of sugar-bounded millet or popped rice (okoshi); Rice puddings; Foodstuffs made of rice; Cereal bars and energy bars; Sweets (candy), candy bars and chewing gum; Bread; Pastries, cakes, tarts and biscuits (cookies); Foods with a cocoa base; Foodstuffs containing cocoa [as the main constituent]; Chocolate covered wafer biscuits; Flan base wafers; Chocolate wafers; Wafers [food]; Wafers; Vol-au-vents; Non-meat pies; Moon cakes; Buns (muffins); Salted tarts; Chocolate covered cakes; Covered tarts; Fresh pies; Tarts [sweet or savoury]; Candy cake; Iced sponge cakes; Iced fruit cakes; Fruit cakes; Tarts; Fruit cake snacks; Sponge fingers [cakes]; Savarins; Profiteroles; Fruit filled pastry products; Viennese pastries; Frozen pastries; Chocolate covered pretzels; Plum-cakes; Shortbread part coated with chocolate; Pastries containing creams and fruit; Pastries containing fruit; Petits fours [cakes]; Pastries containing creams; Chocolate pastries; Pot pies; Long-life pastry; Fresh pasties; Pastry and confectionery; Chocolate pastes; Orange based pastry; Frozen pastry stuffed with meat; Almond pastries; Danish pastries; Frozen pastry stuffed with vegetables; Frozen pastry stuffed with meat and vegetables; Shortbread part coated with a chocolate flavoured coating; Shortbread with a chocolate flavoured coating; Shortcrust pastry; Puff pastry; Gingerbread; Dutch gingerbread (taai taai); Gingerbread nuts; Madeleines; Meringues; Skin for spring rolls; Vol-au-vent cases; Pastry shells for monaka; Skin [pastry] for spring rolls; Pastry shells; Pastry dough; Shortbread with a chocolate coating; Frozen pastry sheets; Frozen cakes; Prepared desserts [pastries]; Breakfast cake; Japanese style steamed cakes (mushi-gashi); Iced cakes; Milk chocolate teacakes; Cream cakes; Malt cakes; Deep chocolate cake made with chocolate sponge; Chocolate cakes; Almond cake; Treacle tarts; Strawberry gateaux; Apple tarts; Crepes; Cones for ice cream; Flour confectionery; Bean-jam filled wafers (monaka); Chocolate caramel wafers; Egg roll cookies; Edible wafers; Rolled wafers [biscuits]; Cheesecakes; Christmas puddings; Brownies; Cream buns; Brioches; Doughnuts; Petit-beurre biscuits; Half covered chocolate biscuits; Biscuits having a chocolate coating; Fried dough cookies (karintoh); Sweet biscuits for human consumption; Fortune cookies; Danish butter cookies; Biscuits containing chocolate flavoured ingredients; Biscuits containing fruit; Biscuits with an iced topping; Biscuits having a chocolate flavoured coating; Biscuits flavoured with fruit; Chocolate biscuits; Biscuits for human consumption made from malt; Biscuits for human consumption made from cereals; Eclairs; Macaroons [pastry]; Sugar, natural sweeteners, sweet glazes and fillings, bee products; Chocolate fillings for bakery products; Chocolate based fillings; Coffee based fillings; Cake frosting [icing]; Cake frosting [icing]; Malt dextrin glazings for confectionary; Chocolate flavoured coatings; Frostings; Icing; Confectioners' glaze; Cake frosting [icing]; Fondants; Custard-based fillings for cakes and pies; Chocolate-based fillings for cakes and pies; Spreadable creams consisting of hazelnut paste; Confectionery chips for baking; Candy with caramel; Candy with cocoa; Easter eggs; Chocolate eggs; Toffee; Chocolate bars; Confectionery bars; Lozenges [non-medicated confectionery]; Pralines with liquid filling; Pralines made of chocolate; Non-medicated lozenges; Peppermint pastilles [confectionery], other than for medicinal use; Fruit drops [confectionery]; Lozenges [confectionery]; Foamed sugar pastilles; Nonpareils; Candy mints; Cachou [confectionery], other than for pharmaceutical purposes; Marshmallows; Sugared almonds; Liquorice [confectionery]; Lollipops [confectionery]; Lollipops; Sugar-free chewing gum; Chewing gum, not for medical purposes; Clear gums [confectionery]; Guar gum; Dental health gum [other than medicated]; Sweets (Non-medicated -) being alcohol based; Sweets (Non-medicated -) in the nature of chocolate eclairs; Sweetmeats [candy] containing fruit; Mint based sweets [non-medicated]; Chewing sweets (Non-medicated -) having liquid fruit fillings; Chocolate candies; Boiled sugar sweetmeats; Dragees [non-medicated confectionery]; Sweetmeat made of sesame oil; Fudge; Sherbets [confectionery]; Non-medicated candy; Filled sweetmeats; Sugarless sweets; Caramel; Sugared beans (ama-natto); Chocolate chips; Chocolates with mint flavoured centres; Marshmallow filled chocolates; Chocolates in the form of sea horses; Chocolates in the form of sea shells; Chocolates in the form of pralines; Fruit gums [other than for medical use]; Gum sweets (Non-medicated -); Marshmallow confectionery; Gum sweets; Hand made candies; Sugar-coated hard caramels; Hard caramels [candies]; Foamed sugar sweets; Boiled sweets; Corn candy; Chewing sweets (Non-medicated -); Chewing candy; Sal ammoniac liquorice sweets (Non-medicated -); Mint flavoured sweets (Non-medicated -); Chocolate candy with fillings; Chocolate candies; Acid drops [confectionery]; Starch-based candies (ame); Caramels; Sherbet; Chocolate coated marshmallow biscuits containing toffee; Stick liquorice [confectionery]; Rock [confectionery]; Candy bars; Milk chocolate bars.
Class Code: 032
Class Description: Light Beverage Products
Goods & Services: Non-alcoholic beverages; Beer and brewery products; Preparations for making beverages.
Class Code: 033
Class Description: Wines and Spirits Products
Goods & Services: Alcoholic beverages (except beer); Preparations for making alcoholic beverages; Spirits and liquors; Wine; Bitters; Aperitifs; Mead [hydromel]; Cider; Sake; Low alcoholic drinks; Beverages containing wine [spritzers]; Sangria; Piquette; Low-alcoholic wine; Sparkling wines; White wine; Port (wine); Sherry; Vermouth.

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