FORTARTHRON European Union Trademark Information

On Tuesday, June 5, 2018, an european community trademark registration was filed for FORTARTHRON by ANTOHI EUGEN . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 017911886. The current status of this trademark filing is Application opposed. The correspondent listed for FORTARTHRON is MILCEV BURBEA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE   of   14 Doctor Staicovici Street, Sector 5, Bucharest, RO . The FORTARTHRON trademark is filed in the category of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products , Pharmaceutical Products .
Status Date:
Application opposed
Friday, September 7, 2018
Application Number: 017911886
Filing Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Registration Date: Not Available
Type of Mark: Word
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: Yes
Filing Language: Not Available
Secondary Language: Spain
Last Applicant/Owner:
14 Doctor Staicovici Street, Sector 5

Classification Information

Class Code: 003
Class Description: Cosmetics and Cleaning Products
Goods & Services: Essential oils and aromatic extracts; Almond oil; Aromatherapy oil; Aromatherapy preparations; Aromatic essential oils; Aromatic oils; Badian essence; Aromatics [essential oils]; Blended essential oils; Distilled oils for beauty care; Emulsified essential oils; Essential oils for aromatherapy use; Essential oils for household use; Essential oils for industrial use; Essential oils for personal use; Essential oils for soothing the nerves; Essential oils for use in manufacturing processes; Essential oils for use in the manufacture of scented products; Essential oils of cedarwood; Essential oils of citron; Essential oils of lemon; Essential oils of sandalwood; Ethereal essences; Essential vegetable oils; Ethereal essences and oils; Skin care oils [non-medicated]; Safrol; Pine oil; Rose oil; Perfume oils for the manufacture of cosmetic preparations; Perfumery, essential oils; Oils for perfumes and scents; Peppermint crude oil; Non-medicated oils; Natural oils for cosmetic purposes; Natural essential oils; Jasmine oil; Mint essence [essential oil]; Lavender oil; Gaultheria oil; Geraniol; Ethereal oils; Tea-tree oil; Terpenes [essential oils]; Toiletries; Body cleaning and beauty care preparations; Perfumery and fragrances; Aloe vera gel for cosmetic purposes; Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes; Balms, other than for medical purposes; Bergamot oil; Chalk for cosmetic use; Cosmetic preparations for body care; Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes; Cosmetic preparations for use as aids to slimming; Cosmetics and cosmetic preparations; Cosmetics; Cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid; Cosmetics containing keratin; Cosmetics containing panthenol; Cosmetics for personal use; Cosmetics in the form of oils; Emollient preparations [cosmetics]; Geraniol for cosmetic use; Greases for cosmetic purposes; Henna [cosmetic dye]; Henna powders; Lint for cosmetic purposes; Massage creams, not medicated; Massage gels, other than for medical purposes; Massage oils; Massage oils and lotions; Mineral oils [cosmetic]; Mineral water sprays for cosmetic purposes; Natural cosmetics; Non-medicated cosmetics; Non-medicated cosmetics and toiletry preparations; Non-medicated massage preparations; Oils for cosmetic purposes; Oils for toilet purposes; Ointments for cosmetic use; Perfumed body lotions [toilet preparations]; Perfumed lotions [toilet preparations]; Piperonal for cosmetic use; Seaweed for cosmetology; Slimming aids [cosmetic], other than for medical use; Spirit gum for cosmetic use.
Class Code: 005
Class Description: Pharmaceutical Products
Goods & Services: Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations; Acai powder dietary supplements; Albumin dietary supplements; Albuminous foodstuffs for medical purposes; Albuminous preparations for medical purposes; Alginate dietary supplements; Anti-oxidant food supplements; Anti-oxidant supplements; Anti-oxidants comprising enzymes; Anti-oxidants derived from honey; Anti-oxidants for dietary use; Anti-oxidants for medicinal use; Anti-oxidants obtained from herbal sources; Antioxidants; Appetite suppressants for medical purposes; Appetite stimulant preparations; Appetite suppressants; Artificial tea [for medicinal use]; Bark extract for nutraceutical use; Bark for nutraceutical purposes; Bee pollen for nutraceutical use; Bee pollen for use as a dietary food supplement; Calcium fortified candy; Casein dietary supplements; Cod liver oil; Cod-liver oil capsules; Cod-liver oil drops; Delivery agents in the form of coatings for tablets that facilitate the delivery of nutritional supplements; Delivery agents in the form of dissolvable films that facilitate the delivery of nutritional supplements; Diastase for medical purposes; Diet capsules; Dietary and nutritional supplements; Dietary fiber to aid digestion; Dietary fibre; Dietary food supplements used for modified fasting; Dietary supplement drink mixes; Dietary supplemental drinks; Dietary supplements consisting of vitamins; Dietary supplements consisting primarily of calcium; Dietary supplements consisting primarily of iron; Dietary supplements consisting primarily of magnesium; Dietary supplements for controlling cholesterol; Dietary supplements for humans; Dietary supplements for humans not for medical purposes; Dietary supplements for infants; Dietary supplements for pets in the nature of a powdered drink mix; Dietary supplements with a cosmetic effect; Dietetic preparations adapted for medical use; Dietetic preparations for children; Dietetic infusions for medical use; Dietetic products for invalids; Dietetic substances adapted for medical use; Dietetic substances for babies; Dietetic sugar for medical use; Dietetic sugar substitutes for medical use; Effervescent vitamin tablets; Enzyme dietary supplements; Fish oil for medical purposes; Food for diabetics; Food for infants; Food for medically restricted diets; Food supplements; Food supplements consisting of amino acids; Food supplements consisting of trace elements; Food supplements for non-medical purposes; Freeze-dried food adapted for medical purposes; Freeze-dried meat adapted for medical purposes; Ganoderma lucidum spore powder dietary supplements; Glucose dietary supplements; Glucose for use as an additive to foods for medical purposes; Ground flaxseed fiber for use as a dietary supplement; Gummy vitamins; Health food supplements for persons with special dietary requirements; Health food supplements made principally of minerals; Health food supplements made principally of vitamins; Herbal dietary supplements for persons special dietary requirements; Herbal supplements; Homogenized food adapted for medical purposes; Irish moss for medical purposes; Lecithin dietary supplements; Linseed dietary supplements; Linseed oil dietary supplements; Lipotropic factor preparations; Liquid herbal supplements; Liquid vitamin supplements; Lysine preparations; Medicated food supplements; Medicinal drinks; Medicinal tea; Mineral dietary supplements for humans; Mineral food supplements; Mineral nutritional supplements; Mineral water salts; Mint for pharmaceutical purposes; Mixed vitamin preparations; Multi-vitamin preparations; Neutraceutical preparations for humans; Nutraceutical preparations for therapeutic or medical purposes; Nutraceuticals for use as a dietary supplement; Nutritional supplement meal replacement bars for boosting energy; Nutritional supplements; Nutritional supplements consisting of fungal extracts; Nutritional supplements consisting primarily of calcium; Nutritional supplements consisting primarily of iron; Nutritional supplements consisting primarily of magnesium; Nutritional supplements consisting primarily of zinc; Pine pollen dietary supplements; Pollen dietary supplements; Powdered fruit-flavored dietary supplement drink mix; Powdered nutritional supplement drink mix; Preparations for use as additives to food for human consumption [medicated]; Probiotic supplements; Propolis dietary supplements; Protein dietary supplements; Protein powder dietary supplements; Protein supplement shakes; Protein supplements for animals; Royal jelly dietary supplements; Royal jelly for medical purposes; Slimming pills; Slimming tea for medical purposes; Soy isoflavone dietary supplements; Soy protein dietary supplements; Starch for dietetic use; Vitamin A preparations; Vitamin B preparations; Vitamin C preparations; Vitamin D preparations; Vitamin and mineral preparations; Vitamin and mineral supplements; Vitamin drops; Vitamin preparations; Vitamin preparations in the nature of food supplements; Vitamin supplement patches; Vitamin supplements; Vitamin supplements for use in renal dialysis; Vitamin tablets; Vitamins and vitamin preparations; Yeast dietary supplements; Zinc supplement lozenges; Wheat dietary supplements; Wheat germ dietary supplements; Acetaminophen [for relief of pain]; Acetates for pharmaceutical purposes; Acids for pharmaceutical purposes; Activated charcoal for medical use; Activated charcoal used as an antidote to poisons; Adjuvants for medical purposes; Alginate tablets for pharmaceutical purposes; Alginate solutions for pharmaceutical purposes; Aldehydes for pharmaceutical purposes; Alginates for pharmaceutical purposes; Alkaline iodides for pharmaceutical purposes; Alkaloids for medical purposes; Alkaloids used as analgesics; Alkaloids used as antipyretics; Alkaloids used as stimulants; Alkaloids used for pharmaceutical purposes; Allergy capsules; Allergy medication; Allergy relief medication; Allergy tablets; Almond milk for pharmaceutical purposes; Almond oil for pharmaceutical purposes; Aloe vera gel for therapeutic purposes; Aloe vera preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Aloe vera preparations for therapeutic purposes; Aluminium acetate for pharmaceutical purposes; Amino acid preparations for pharmaceutical use; Amino acids for medical or veterinary purposes; Amino acids for medical purposes; Amino acids for veterinary purposes; Ammonia inhalants; Analgesic balm; Analgesics; Analgesics for medical use; Analgesics for pharmaceutical use; Androgen preparations; Anesthetics for non-surgical use; Anesthetics for surgical use; Angostura bark for medical purposes; Anhidrotics; Antacid preparations; Antacids; Anti-adhesion gels for use with wound drainage devices; Anti-inflammatory sprays; Anti-inflammatory ointments; Anti-inflammatory preparations; Anti-inflammatory gels; Anti-inflammatories; Antibacterial pharmaceuticals; Antibiotic creams; Antibacterial substances for medical purposes; Antibiotic dermatological products; Antibiotic ointments; Antibiotic tablets; Antibiotics; Antibiotics for detoxification purposes; Antibiotics for human use; Antibiotics for use in dentistry; Antibiotics for veterinary use; Antibiotics in the form of lotions; Antiparkinson agents; Antimuscarinic antispasmodics; Balsamic preparations for medical purposes; Balms for pharmaceutical purposes; Balms for medical purposes; Babies' creams [medicated]; Autonomic drugs for medical purposes; Athletes' foot powders; Athlete's foot preparations; Athlete's foot lotions; Calcium channel blockers; Calamine lotion; Caffeine preparations for stimulative use; Caffeine preparations for medical use; Cachou for pharmaceutical purposes; Burn relief medication; Body gels for pharmaceutical use; Body creams for pharmaceutical use; Body creams [medicated]; Bismuth preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Bismuth subnitrate for pharmaceutical purposes; Bicarbonate of soda for pharmaceutical purposes; Barks for pharmaceutical purposes; Bark extract for pharmaceutical use; Calcium chews for medical use; Calcium supplements; Calcium tablets as a food supplement; Candy for medical purposes; Candy, medicated; Cardiovascular pharmaceuticals; Castor oil for medical purposes; Cellulose for pharmaceutical purposes; Charcoal for pharmaceutical purposes; Chemical adjuvants for medical purposes; Chemical preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Chemicals for pharmaceutical use; Chemico-pharmaceutical preparations; Chewing gum for medical purposes; Chinese traditional medicinal herbs; Clay for pharmaceutical use; Clay for treating skin conditions; Cold cream for medical use; Cold sore treatment preparations; Creams for dermatological use; Creams (Medicated -) for the feet; Cream of tartar for pharmaceutical purposes; Dill oil for medical purposes; Dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers; Decongestant capsules; Decongestants; Elixirs [pharmaceutical preparations]; Electrolytes for medical use; Electrolyte solutions for medical use; Electrolyte replacement beverages for medical purposes; Effervescent analgesic pharmaceutical preparations; Drugs for medical purposes; Drug delivery agents; Drug detoxifying agents; Donkey-hide gelatin (Ejiao) for Chinese medicinal use; Dragees [medicines]; Dried Chinese boxthorn fruits for Chinese medicinal use; Evening primrose oil for medical use; Eucalyptus for pharmaceutical purposes; Eucalyptol for pharmaceutical purposes; Ethanol for pharmaceutical purposes; Esters for pharmaceutical purposes; Empty capsules for pharmaceuticals; Emollients for medical purposes; Gelatin capsules for pharmaceuticals; Gamboge for medical purposes; Gallic acid for pharmaceutical purposes; Formic aldehyde for pharmaceutical purposes; Foot care preparations for medical use; Foot balms (Medicated -); Food esters for pharmaceutical purposes; Flowers of sulfur for pharmaceutical purposes; Flour for pharmaceutical purposes; Fish meal for pharmaceutical purposes; Filled syringes for medical purposes [containing pharmaceuticals]; Fat emulsions for medical infusions; Fat emulsions for parenteral hyperalimentation; Herbal creams for medical use; Herbal compounds for medical use; Herbal beverages for medicinal use; Herbal detoxification agents; Hand creams for medical use; Gurjun balsam for medical purposes; Gum for medical purposes; Glucose preparations for medical purposes; Glucose for medical purposes; Ginseng for medicinal use; Ginseng capsules for medical purposes; Gentian for pharmaceutical purposes; Gels for dermatological use; Glycerine for medical purposes; Glycerophosphates; Guaiacol for pharmaceutical purposes; Hydrocortisone creams; Hydrocortisone; Hydrated chloral for pharmaceutical purposes; Homeopathic pharmaceuticals; Homeopathic supplements; Homeopathic anti-inflammatory ointments; Herbal teas for medicinal purposes; Herbal sprays for medical use; Herbal preparations for medical use; Herbal mud packs for therapeutic use; Herbal medicine; Herbal honey throat lozenges; Herbal extracts for medical purposes; Implantable medicines; Impregnated pads containing medicated preparations; Inhalants; Injectable pharmaceuticals; Iodine for pharmaceutical purposes; Isopropyl alcohol for medical use; Zinc dietary supplements; Yeast for pharmaceutical purposes; Yeast extracts for pharmaceutical purposes; Tonics for medical use; Tonics [medicines]; Tissues impregnated with pharmaceutical lotions; Tinctures for medical purposes; Tincture of iodine; Therapeutic medicated bath preparations; Therapeutic creams [medical]; Suppositories; Starch for dietetic or pharmaceutical purposes; Starch for pharmaceutical purposes; Sodium salts for medical purposes; Smelling salts; Skin treatment [medicated] for animals; Skin care preparations for medical use; Skin care creams for medical use; Sarkomycin preparations; Salts for medical purposes; Sal ammoniac lozenges; Quinquina for medical purposes; Quinine for medical purposes; Quebracho for medical purposes; Quebracho bark for medical use; Quassia for medical purposes; Pseudo-ginseng powder for medical purposes; Propolis for pharmaceutical purposes; Powder of cantharides; Poultices; Potassium salts for medical purposes; Potassium preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Pomades for medical purposes; Plant extracts for pharmaceutical purposes; Plant and herb extracts for medicinal use; Phosphates for pharmaceutical purposes; Phenol for pharmaceutical purposes; Pharmaceuticals; Pharmaceutical sweets; Pharmaceutical products for the treatment of bone diseases; Pharmaceutical products and preparations to prevent swelling in the legs; Pharmaceutical preparations for treating skeletal diseases; Pharmaceutical preparations for treating rheumatological diseases; Pharmaceutical preparations for treating arthritis; Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of inflammatory diseases; Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of inflammatory disorders; Pharmaceutical preparations for the prevention of inflammatory disorders; Pharmaceutical preparations for the prevention of inflammatory diseases; Pharmaceutical preparations for the prevention of disorders of the musculo-skeletal system; Pharmaceutical preparations for the prevention of diseases of the musculo-skeletal system; Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders; Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of multiple sclerosis; Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of bone fractures; Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of autoimmune diseases; Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of Parkinson's disease; Pharmaceutical preparations for the prevention of osteoporosis; Pharmaceutical preparations for human use; Pharmaceutical preparations for skin care; Pharmaceutical preparations containing caffeine; Pharmaceutical preparations; Pharmaceutical preparations for treating sports injuries; Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of osteoporosis; Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of bone diseases; Pharmaceutical preparations and substances with analgesic properties; Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for use in oncology; Pharmaceutical preparations and substances; Pharmaceutical preparations in strip form; Pharmaceutical creams; Pharmaceutical drugs; Pharmaceutical implants; Pharmaceutical lipsalves; Pharmaceutical compositions; Pharmaceutical agents affecting peripheral nervous system; Petroleum jelly for medical purposes; Petroleum jelly for veterinary use; Peptones for pharmaceutical purposes; Pepsins for pharmaceutical purposes; Pectin for pharmaceutical purposes; Pastilles for pharmaceutical purposes; Parasiticides for medical use; Parasympathomimetic agents; Paper for mustard plasters; Pain relieving creams; Pain relief preparations; Oxygen for medical purposes; Oxytocics; Opium; Opium alkaloid preparations; Opodeldoc; Opotherapy preparations; Oral analgesics; Opiates; Opiod analgesics; Ointments for pharmaceutical purposes; Oil of turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes; Nutritional supplements made of starch adapted for medical use; Nutraceuticals for therapeutic purposes; Night creams [medicated]; Natural clay for therapeutic purposes; Mustard oil for medical purposes; Mustard for pharmaceutical purposes; Muscle relaxants; Multi-purpose medicated antibiotic creams; Multi-purpose medicated analgesic balms; Mugwort for medical purposes; Moisturising creams [pharmaceutical]; Moisturising body lotion [pharmaceutical]; Mixed antibiotic preparations; Mineral salts for medical purposes; Mineral preparations and substances for medical use; Mineral drinks (Medicated -); Migraine treatment preparations; Medicines for veterinary purposes; Menthol; Mercurial ointments; Medicines for human purposes; Medicines for dental purposes; Medicine; Medicinal sprays; Medicinal roots; Medicinal radix glycyrrhizae; Medicinal preparations and substances; Medicinal ointments; Medicinal oils; Medicinal infusions; Medicinal herbs in dried or preserved form; Medicinal herbs; Medicinal herb infusions; Medicated talcum powder; Medicated skin creams; Medicated oral care gels; Medicated ointments for application to the skin; Malt extracts for pharmaceutical use; Malt for pharmaceutical purposes; Mangrove bark for pharmaceutical purposes; Medical preparations for slimming purposes; Medicated body gels; Medicated body powder; Medicated creams; Medicated foot powder; Medicated lip balm; Medicated lip care preparations; Medicated lotions; Medicated muscle soaks; Pharmaceuticals and natural remedies; Bark extract for medical use; Bark extract for veterinary use; Bark powder for medical use; Bark powder for veterinary use; Bath preparations for medical purposes; Bath salts for medical purposes; Benzol detoxification agents for medical purposes; Biochemical preparations for medical use; Biochemical preparations for veterinary use; Biological preparations for medical purposes; Biological preparations for veterinary purposes; Breath refreshers for medical purposes; Gas mixtures for medical use; Enzymes for veterinary purposes; Enzymes for medical purposes; Enzyme preparations for veterinary purposes; Enzyme preparations for medical purposes; Dog lotions for veterinary purposes; Dextrins for pharmaceutical use; Corn remedies; Crystals for therapeutic purposes; Gelatine for medical purposes; Greases for medical or veterinary purposes; Greases for medical purposes; Greases for veterinary purposes; Hydrogen peroxide for medical purposes; Leeches for medical purposes; Lotions for veterinary purposes; Lubricants for medical use; Mineral waters for medical purposes; Mineral food preparations for medical purposes; Methionine preparations; Medicinal mud; Medicinal clay preparations; Medicinal healthcare preparations; Medical preparations; Preparations for making medicated beverages; Pre-filled syringes for medical purposes; Pharmaceutical preparations for animals; Pearl powder for medical purposes; Panthenol preparations for medical use; Nucleic acid sequences for medical and veterinary purposes; Nutritional supplements for veterinary use; Mud for baths; Sea water for medicinal bathing; Sandalwood oil for medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary purposes; Salts for mineral water baths; Reconstituted cells for clinical treatments for skin care; Yeast for medical, veterinary or pharmaceutical purposes; Yeast extracts for medical, veterinary or pharmaceutical purposes; Veterinary preparations and substances; Urease for medical purposes; Trypsins for medical purposes; Trichomycin preparations; Thermal water; Therapeutic preparations for the bath.

Trademark Record History

Status Date: Record Status Description
10/26/2018 Proprietor - Change of name and address - Registered

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