LE JARDIN DES FEMMES European Union Trademark Information

On Thursday, February 8, 2018, an european community trademark registration was filed for LE JARDIN DES FEMMES by Pichetù Prim S.r.l. . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 017795031. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The LE JARDIN DES FEMMES trademark is filed in the category of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products , Medical, Beauty & Agricultural Services .
Status Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Application Number: 017795031
Filing Date: Thursday, February 8, 2018
Registration Date: Friday, June 1, 2018
Type of Mark: Word
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: Yes
Filing Language: Italy
Secondary Language: Not Available
Last Applicant/Owner:

Classification Information

Class Code: 003
Class Description: Cosmetics and Cleaning Products
Goods & Services: Oils for perfumes and scents; Room perfumes in spray form; Cedarwood perfumery; Lipsticks; Scented bathing salts; Bath salts; Non-medicated bath salts; Bath salts, not for medical purposes; Cakes of toilet soap; Perfumed soaps; Soaps in liquid form; Industrial soap; Deodorant soap; Almond soap; Shower soap; Bath soap; Saddle soap; Soap solutions; Waterless soap; Aloe soap; Shaving soap; Soap products; Sugar soap; Toilet soap; Body cream soap; Liquid soap for dish washing; Cakes of soap for body washing; Cakes of soap for household cleaning purposes; Refill packs for hand soap dispensers; Shampoos; Dry shampoos; Dandruff shampoo; Emollient shampoos; Shampoos for pets [non-medicated grooming preparations]; Carpet shampoo; Non-medicated shampoos; Shampoos for vehicles; Baby shampoo; Car shampoos; Hair-washing powder; Body washes; Shampoos for personal use; Dandruff shampoos, not for medical purposes; Refill packs for shampoo dispensers; Shampoos for animals [non-medicated grooming preparations]; Beauty serums; Anti-ageing serum; Serums for cosmetic purposes; Non-medicated skin serums; Facial serum for cosmetic use; Nail varnish; False nails; Fingernail tips; Shampoo bars; Soap pads; Liquid soap used in foot bath; Liquid soap for laundry; Skin soap; Laundry soap; Nail gel; Nail whiteners; Nail art stickers; Nail polish base coat; Fingernail sculpturing overlays; Nail polish top coat; Nail glitter; Nail cream; False toenails; Nail cosmetics; Abrasive boards for use on fingernails; Adhesives for affixing artificial fingernails; Nail care preparations; Nail strengtheners; Preparations for reinforcing the nails; Glue for strengthening nails; Artificial nails for cosmetic purposes; Abrasive paper for use on the fingernails; Nail varnish removers; Nail polishing powder; Artificial fingernails of precious metal; Nail polish pens; Abrasive emery paper for use on fingernails; Nail varnish for cosmetic purposes; Fingernail overlay material; Nail primer [cosmetics]; Nail repair preparations; Powder for forming sculpted finger nail tips; Nail polish remover pens; Gel nail removers; Skin, eye and nail care preparations; Theatrical makeup; Compacts containing make-up; Make-up for compacts; Skin make-up; Eyes make-up; Make up foundations; Make-up for the face; Chalk for make-up; Make-up kits; Make-up; Make-up removing preparations; Eyelid doubling makeup; Make-up for the face and body; Make-up preparations for the face and body; Make-up removing gels; Makeup setting sprays; Perfumed toilet waters; Adhesives for affixing false eyelashes; Adhesives for false eyelashes, hair and nails; Cleaning agents for deep freezers; Cleaning agents for metal; Cleaning agents for stone; Paper hand towels impregnated with cleaning agents; Hair preparations and treatments; Skin texturizers; Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes; Aloe vera gel for cosmetic purposes; Aromatics for perfumes; Aromatics for fragrances; Food flavourings [essential oils]; Lipstick cases; Hair dyes; Tints for the hair; Hair mascara; Hair lighteners; Hair wax; Hair moisturisers; Hair conditioners; Hair glaze; Hair balsam; Hair emollients; Oils for hair conditioning; Hair gel; Hair lotions; Hair care lotions; Hair bleaching preparations; Hair mousse; Cosmetics for the use on the hair; Hair spray; Hair straightening preparations; Hair pomades; Hair nourishers; Hair tonic; Hair powder; Hair serums; Hair liquids; Hair masks; Hair fixers; Neutralizing hair preparations; Hair protection gels; Hair rinses [shampoo-conditioners]; Hair texturizers; Hair protection lotions; Hair moisturising conditioners; Hair protection creams; Hair protection mousse; Cosmetic hair lotions; Shampoos for human hair; Non-medicated hair shampoos; Hair dyeing preparations; Hair tinting preparations; Baby hair conditioner; Toilet water; Hair permanent wave kit; Wax treatments for the hair; Hair fixing oil; Cosmetic hair dressing preparations; Colouring lotions for the hair; Preparations for setting hair; Hair permanent treatments; Styling lotions; Hair tonic [non-medicated]; Wave-set lotions; Hair conditioners for babies; Hair frosts; Hair conditioner bars; Gels for fixing hair; Hair waving preparations; Hair strengthening treatment lotions; Styling gels; Hair treatment preparations; Preparations for protecting the hair from the sun; Hair care creams; Hair grooming preparations; Hair care masks; Hair care serums; Hair desiccating treatments for cosmetic use; Preparations for protecting coloured hair; Products for protecting coloured hair; Oil baths for hair care; Hairstyling serums; Hairstyling masks; Hair and body wash; Cosmetic preparations for the hair and scalp; Hair care preparations, not for medical purposes; Shampoo-conditioners; Cleansing balm; Balms, other than for medical purposes; Nail conditioners; Beard balm; Lip conditioners; Skin conditioners; Lip balms [non-medicated]; Foot balms (Non-medicated -); Skin balms (Non-medicated -); Conditioners in the form of sprays for the scalp; Conditioning balsam; Aftershave balms; Conditioning creams; Shaving balm; Beauty balm creams; Blemish balm creams; Make-up bases in the form of pastes; Bases for flower perfumes; Fragrance sachets for eye pillows; Massage candles for cosmetic purposes; Depilatory wax; Floor wax; Boot wax; Car wax; Moustache wax; Non-slipping wax for floors; Perfumes for ceramics; Laundry wax; Patches containing sun screen and sun block for use on the skin; Pressed face powder; Loose face powder; Powder for make-up; Perfumed powder [for cosmetic use]; Creamy face powder; Face powder (Non-medicated -); Solid powder for compacts [cosmetics]; Face-powder on paper; Eyebrow powder; Face powder; Make-up powder; Face powder in the form of powder-coated paper; Cosmetic white face powder; Colour cosmetics; Colour cosmetics for children; Body paint (cosmetic); Colour cosmetics for the skin; Eyebrow colors in the form of pencils and powders; Cosmetics; Oils for cosmetic purposes; Cleansing milk for toilet purposes; Cosmetic moisturisers; Cosmetic rouges; Sun bronzers; Powder compacts [cosmetics]; Cosmetics and cosmetic preparations; Cosmetic soaps; Mousses [cosmetics]; Functional cosmetics; Natural cosmetics; Tailors' wax; Shoemakers' wax; Shoe wax; Polishing wax; Organic cosmetics; Non-medicated cosmetics; Suntan lotion [cosmetics]; Sun blocking preparations [cosmetics]; Sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]; Moisturising concentrates [cosmetic]; Cosmetics for animals; Sun protecting creams [cosmetics]; Self-tanning preparations [cosmetics]; Mineral oils [cosmetic]; Self tanning creams [cosmetic]; After-sun oils [cosmetics]; Suntanning oil [cosmetics]; Self tanning lotions [cosmetic]; Toning creams [cosmetic]; Moisturising gels [cosmetic]; Beauty care cosmetics; Sun care preparations; Moisturising preparations; Refill packs for cosmetics dispensers; Cosmetics for protecting the skin from sunburn; Cosmetic preparations for use as aids to slimming; Decorative cosmetics; Cosmetic preparations for skin firming; Fluid creams [cosmetics]; Cosmetics containing keratin; Cosmetics containing panthenol; Sun-tanning gels; Cosmetics for children; Emollient preparations [cosmetics]; Night creams [cosmetics]; Cosmetics for personal use; Cosmetics for use on the skin; Nail tips [cosmetics]; Impregnated cleaning pads impregnated with cosmetics; Eyebrow cosmetics; Colour cosmetics for the eyes; Cosmetic preparations for eyelashes; Cleaner for cosmetic brushes; Nail varnish remover [cosmetics]; Lip cosmetics; Cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid; Cosmetic kits; Cosmetics in the form of milks; Facial toners [cosmetic]; Cosmetic preparations for baths; Facial cleansers [cosmetic]; Cosmetics in the form of oils; Facial moisturisers [cosmetic]; Cosmetics in the form of gels; Facial scrubs [cosmetic]; Body cream; Skin masks [cosmetics]; Cosmetics in the form of rouge; Powder compact refills [cosmetics]; Cosmetics in the form of powders; Cosmetics in the form of lotions; Lip coatings [cosmetic]; Cosmetics in the form of eye shadow; Cosmetic hair regrowth inhibiting preparations; Cosmetic oils for the epidermis; Cosmetics in the form of creams; Cosmetic eye gels; Facial preparations; Cosmetic body scrubs; Cosmetic products for the shower; Lip stains [cosmetics]; Skin cleansers [cosmetic]; Body oils [for cosmetic use]; Sun blocking oils [cosmetics]; Nail hardeners [cosmetics]; Skin whitening preparations [cosmetic]; Cosmetic preparations for skin care; Cosmetics for use in the treatment of wrinkled skin; Skin lightening compositions [cosmetic]; Nail base coat [cosmetics]; Sun blocking lipsticks [cosmetics]; Sun protectors for lips; Liners [cosmetics] for the eyes; Cosmetics for the treatment of dry skin; Skin care oils [cosmetic]; Facial wipes impregnated with cosmetics; Lip protectors [cosmetic]; Slimming aids [cosmetic], other than for medical use; Glitter in spray form for use as a cosmetics; Cosmetic preparations for body care; Cosmetic preparations for the care of mouth and teeth; Perfume oils for the manufacture of cosmetic preparations; Pores tightening mask packs used as cosmetics; Body and facial creams [cosmetics]; Body and facial gels [cosmetics]; Cosmetic preparations for bath and shower; Cosmetic skin enhancers; Paper hand towels impregnated with cosmetics; Cosmetic preparations for nail drying; Teeth whitening strips impregnated with teeth whitening preparations [cosmetics]; Cosmetic products in the form of aerosols for skincare; Dentifrices; Toothpaste; Chewable dentifrices; Tooth whitening pastes; Tooth powder; Liquid dentifrice; Tooth gel; Non-medicated toothpaste; Dentifrices and mouthwashes; Moistened tooth powder; Dentifrice powder; Solid toothpaste tablets; Toothpaste in soft cake form; Dentifrices in the form of chewing gum; Aftershave creams; Cleansing creams; Perfumed creams; Exfoliant creams; Creams for tanning the skin; Depilatory creams; Barrier creams; Suntan creams; Sun creams; Washing creams; Cosmetic creams; Make-up removing creams; After sun creams; Hair creams; Polishing creams; Non-medicated creams; Shaving cream; Aromatherapy creams; Day creams; Anti-aging creams; Leather dressings; Cosmetic nourishing creams; Shower creams; Night cream; Shoe cream; Non-medicated cleansing creams; Nutritional creams (Non-medicated -); Anti-freckle creams; Cosmetic sun-protecting preparations; Face creams for cosmetic use; Eye cream; Anti-wrinkle cream; Skin cream; Creams for leather; Dermatological creams [other than medicated]; Hand creams; Sun-tanning creams and lotions; Cosmetic creams and lotions; Baby suncreams; Skin cleansing cream; Babies' creams [non-medicated]; Preservative creams for leather; Creams (Soap -) for use in washing; Creams for firming the skin; Massage creams, not medicated; Skin lightening creams; Cosmetic hand creams; Skin whitening creams; Scented body creams; Moisturising creams, lotions and gels; Shoe polish and creams; Tooth whitening creams; Creams for fixing hair; Cosmetic creams for dry skin; Recovery creams for cosmetic use; Hydrating creams for cosmetic use; Cold creams for cosmetic use; Skin conditioning creams for cosmetic purposes; Face and body creams; Antiperspirants [toiletries]; Anti-perspirant deodorants; Personal deodorants; Feminine deodorant sprays; Deodorants and antiperspirants; Deodorants for animals; Deodorants for pets; Deodorants for the feet; Carpet freshening preparations; Deodorants for human beings; Body deodorants [perfumery]; Deodorants for personal use [perfumery]; Roll-on deodorants [toiletries]; Essential oils for use in air fresheners; Deodorants, for personal use in the form of sticks; Deodorants for body care; Deodorants for human beings or for animals; Douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries]; Detergents; Cleansing lotions; Cleansing gels; Cleansing masks; Cleaning sprays; Cleansing oil; Cleansing mousse; Toilet cleaners; Detergent strengtheners; Carpet cleaning preparations; Emulsifying solvent cleaners; Foam detergents; Hand cleansers; Toilet bowl detergents; Detergents for machine dishwashing; Upholstery cleaners; Detergents for household use; Cleaning masks for the face; Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; Cleaning preparations in the form of foams; Tooth cleaning preparations; Washing preparations for personal use; Feminine hygiene cleansing towelettes; Soap free washing emulsions for the body; Cleansing milks for skin care; Wipes impregnated with a skin cleanser; Skin cleaning and freshening sprays; Laundry detergents for household cleaning use; Cleansers for intimate personal hygiene purposes, non medicated; Vaginal washes for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes; Eau de parfum; Eau de Cologne; Toilet water containing snake oil; Make-up pads of cotton wool; Emollients; Skin emollients; Skin emollients [non-medicated]; Exfoliants; Creams (Non-medicated -) for the body; Creams for cellulite reduction; Creams (Non-medicated -) for the eyes; Pre-shave creams; Non-medicated skin creams; Moisturising skin creams [cosmetic]; Skin care creams [cosmetic]; Age spot reducing creams; Cosmetic creams for firming skin around eyes; Scented body lotions and creams; Fair complexion creams; Non-medicated diaper rash cream; Exfoliating scrubs for the hands; Exfoliating scrubs for the body; Exfoliating scrubs for the feet; Exfoliating scrubs for the face; Exfoliating scrubs for cosmetic purposes; Exfoliants for the care of the skin; Exfoliants for the cleansing of the skin; Face scrubs (Non-medicated -); Make-up removing lotions; Depilatory lotions; After-shave preparations; Aromatherapy lotions; Lotions for beards; Permanent waving lotions; Beauty lotions; After-shave lotions; Suncare lotions; Shaving lotion; Eye lotions; Lotions for cosmetic purposes; Cosmetic suntan lotions; Hand lotions; Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; Lotions for strengthening the nails; Bath lotions (Non-medicated -); Skin cleansing lotion; Eye wrinkle lotions; Cosmetic facial lotions; Massage oils and lotions; Scented body lotions; Body splash; Moisturising skin lotions [cosmetic]; Lotions for cellulite reduction; Perfumed lotions [toilet preparations]; Teeth cleaning lotions; Non-medicated foot lotions; Pre-shaving lotions; Non-medicated skin clarifying lotions; Sunscreen lotions; Non-medicated stimulating lotions for the skin; Skin care lotions [cosmetic]; Body mask lotion; Lotions for face and body care; Perfumed body lotions [toilet preparations]; Milky lotions for skin care; Lip glosses; Lip gloss palettes; Multifunctional makeup; Mascara; Long lash mascaras; Eyebrow mascara; Beauty masks; Hydrating masks; Facial masks; Body masks; Skin moisturizer masks; Gel eye masks; Clay skin masks; Face and body masks; Foot masks for skin care; Hand masks for skin care; Eyeliner pencils; Eyelid pencils; Lip liners; Eye pencils; Make-up pencils; Eyebrow pencils; Cosmetic pencils; Cosmetic eye pencils; Cosmetic pencils for cheeks; Cleansing foam; Shaving foam; Body soufflé; Baby lotions; Baby bath mousse; Skin care mousse; Mousses [toiletries] for use in styling the hair; Mousses being hair styling aids; Scented oils; Ethereal oils; Sun-tanning oils; Aromatic oils; Non-medicated oils; Blended essential oils; Oils for cleaning purposes; Emulsified essential oils; Baby oils; Oils for toilet purposes; Aromatics [essential oils]; Essential vegetable oils; Massage oils; Lavender oil; Aromatic essential oils; Natural essential oils; Beard oil; Terpenes [essential oils]; Eyelid shadow; Depilatory preparations; Bath preparations; Bath preparations for animals; Bath soak for cosmetic use; Bath preparations, not for medical purposes; Dishwashing detergents; Chemical cleaning preparations for household purposes; Shoe cleaners [preparations]; Preparations for cleaning dentures; Chewable tooth cleaning preparations; Body cleaning and beauty care preparations; Leather and shoe cleaning and polishing preparations; Beard care preparations; Wrinkle removing skin care preparations; Preparations and products for fur care; Compounds for skin care after exposure to the suns rays; Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes; Facial care preparations; Cosmetic preparations for skin renewal; Cosmetic nail care preparations; Cosmetic breast firming preparations; Cosmetic preparations for dry skin during pregnancy; Wrinkle-minimizing cosmetic preparations for topical facial use; Perfumes; Solid perfumes; Liquid perfumes; Perfumes for cardboard; Extracts of perfumes; Air fragrancing preparations; Perfumes for industrial purposes; Baby shampoo mousse.
Class Code: 044
Class Description: Medical, Beauty & Agricultural Services
Goods & Services: Nutrition consultancy; Advice relating to immunology; Consultancy services relating to cosmetics; Health counselling; Gardening advice; Consultation relating to bio-rhythms; Advice relating to allergies; Pharmacy advice; Gardening information and advice; Medical advice in the field of pregnancy; Consultancy services relating to beauty; Dietetic counselling services [medical]; Advisory services relating to the laying of turf; Advisory services relating to medical problems; Advisory services relating to degenerative diseases; Dietetic advisory services; Professional consultancy relating to agriculture; Advisory services relating to diet; Professional consultancy relating to health care; Consulting services relating to health care; Professional consultancy relating to health; Advisory services relating to medical services; Advisory services relating to dental instruments; Residential medical advice services; Agricultural advice; Health advice and information services; Advice relating to the feeding of animals; Nutritional advice; Consultancy services relating to surgery; Advisory services relating to beauty treatment; Professional consultancy relating to nutrition; Veterinary services (Professional consultancy relating to -); Advisory services relating to horticulture; Consultancy services relating to slimming; Cosmetics consultancy services; Pharmaceutical advice; Advice in the field of childbirth; On-line make-up consultation services; Advisory services relating to pharmaceuticals; Advisory services relating to surgical instruments; Advisory services relating to the care of animals; Consultancy services relating to orthopaedic implants; Consultancy services relating to prosthetic implants; Advisory services relating to medical instruments; Consultancy services relating to personal behaviour; Advisory services relating to water gardening; Consultancy relating to integral psychology; Consultation services in the field of make-up; Lactation consulting services; Providing medical advice in the field of geriatrics; Providing medical advice in the field of dermatology; Advisory services relating to the design of gardens; Advisory services relating to the selection of turf; Advisory services relating to the care of birds; Technical consultancy services relating to medical health; Consultation services relating to skin care; Advice relating to the medical needs of elderly people; Counselling relating to the psychological relief of medical ailments; Counselling relating to the psychological treatment of medical ailments; Advisory services relating to the care of fish; Advisory services relating to weight control; Advice relating to hair care; Advisory services relating to weight loss; Cultivation advisory services relating to horticulture; Advisory services relating to the treatment of degenerative diseases; Health care consultancy services [medical]; Advice relating to the personal welfare of elderly people [health]; Advisory services relating to the care of pet animals; Consultancy and information services relating to biopharmaceutical products; Consultancy and information services relating to medical products; Consultancy and advisory services relating to agriculture, horticulture and forestry; Consultancy and information services relating to pharmaceutical products; Advisory services relating to medical apparatus and instruments; Providing medical advice in the field of weight loss; Make-up consultation services provided on-line or in-person; Advisory and consultancy services relating to the use of agricultural and horticultural fertilizers; Consultancy and information services provided via the Internet relating to pharmaceutical products; Medical assistance consultancy provided by doctors and other specialized medical personnel; Advisory and consultancy services relating to the use of manure in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; Advisory and consultancy services relating to the use of fertilizers in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; Advisory and consultancy services relating to weed, pest and vermin control in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; Technical consultation in the fields of feeding and raising fish, shrimp and other farm-raised marine life; Artificial insemination services; Artificial insemination of animals; Providing medical information in the field of dermatology; Dermatological services for treating skin conditions; Hygienic and beauty care; Beauty care for human beings; Animal beautician services for dogs; Beauty salon services; Animal beautician services; Animal beautician services for cats; Services of a hair and beauty salon; Human hygiene and beauty care; Hygienic and beauty care for animals; Providing information about beauty; Health farm services [medical]; Spray tanning salon services; Pet beauty salon services; Rental of machines and apparatus for use in beauty salons or barbers' shops; Providing information relating to beauty salon services; Provision of public bath facilities for personal hygiene; Psychological examination; Psychological counseling; Services of a psychologist; Preparing psychological profiles; Psychological assessment services; Psychological testing services; Psychological diagnosis services; Psychological care; Psychological treatment; Psychological testing for medical purposes; Psychological counseling of staff; Personality testing for psychological purposes; Psychological assessment and examination services; Conducting of psychological assessments and examination; Providing psychological treatment; Psychological therapy for infants; Preparation of psychological reports; Provision of information relating to psychology; Occupational psychology services; Individual and group psychology services; Preparation of psychological profiles for medical purposes; Psychological counseling services in the field of sports; Music therapy for physical, psychological and cognitive purposes; Physiotherapy; Anti-smoking therapy; Music therapy services; Occupational therapy services; Heat therapy [medical]; Counseling relating to occupational therapy; Occupational therapy and rehabilitation; Voice and speech therapy services; Speech and hearing therapy; Health care relating to relaxation therapy; Providing laser therapy for treating medical conditions; Medical assistance; Medical services; Home-visit nursing care; Animal grooming services; Emergency medical assistance; Dental assistance; Health care relating to homeopathy; Home health care services; Geriatric nursing; Health care relating to fasting; Health care relating to chiropraxis; Home nursing aid services; Hospice services; Outpatient and inpatient care services; Medical and healthcare services; Assisting individuals to stop smoking; Information services relating to health care; Respite care services in the nature of home nursing aid; Rental of medical and health care equipment; Providing medical information; Respite care services in the nature of nursing aid services; Health care in the nature of health maintenance organizations; Health care services offered through a network of health care providers on a contract basis; Nursing, medical; Pediatric nursing services; Nursing care; Nursing home services; Providing information relating to nursing care services; Mental health services; Providing mental rehabilitation facilities; Personality testing [mental health services]; Personality assessment services [mental health services]; Beauty care; Beauty consultancy; Skin care salons; Cosmetic and plastic surgery; Beauty care of feet; Colour analysis [beauticians' services]; Facial beauty treatment services; Cosmetic body care services; Beauty care services provided by a health spa; Beauty treatment services especially for eyelashes; Consultancy in the field of body and beauty care; Cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic services; Consultancy provided via the Internet in the field of body and beauty care; Body piercing; Removal of body cellulite; Cosmetic treatment for the body; Therapeutic treatment of the body; Application of cosmetic products to the body; Body piercing services; Weight management services; Body waxing services for the human body; Cosmetic facial and body treatment services; Cosmetic treatment services for the body, face and hair; Airbrush tanning services for the human body; Medical services for the treatment of conditions of the human body; Medical services for the diagnosis of conditions of the human body; Psychiatric consultation; Medical counseling; Nutrition counseling; Agricultural consultancy; Veterinary advisory services; Advice relating to dentistry.

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