MITAKOS European Union Trademark Information

On Friday, October 28, 2016, an european community trademark registration was filed for MITAKOS by PENNY-Markt GmbH . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 015984479. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The correspondent listed for MITAKOS is Matthias Humborg   of   REWE-Zentralfinanz e.G. Domstr. 20, Köln, DE 50668 . The MITAKOS trademark is filed in the category of Meats and Processed Food Products , Staple Food Products , Natural Agricultural Products .
Word Mark: MITAKOS
Status Date:
Thursday, March 23, 2017
Application Number: 015984479
Filing Date: Friday, October 28, 2016
Registration Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Type of Mark: Figurative
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: Yes
Filing Language: Germany
Secondary Language: Not Available
Last Applicant/Owner:
REWE-Zentralfinanz e.G.
Domstr. 20
DE 50668
Logo Design Information
Design Feature:
(1) Other representations of the sun, suns stylized
(2) Sun with rays constituted by flames or wavy lines, sheaves of lines or bands
(3) More than two circles, inside one another, spirals

Classification Information

Class Code: 029
Class Description: Meats and Processed Food Products
Goods & Services: Meat; Ham; Bacon; Fish; Poultry, not live; Game; Game; Shellfish, processed; Offal, in particular liver, tripe, rennet; Charcuterie, in particular salami, black pudding, sausages, sausages in batter, sausage meat, small charcuterie items for aperitifs; Meat products, in particular tinned meat, luncheon meats, salted and dried meat, meat broth, preserved meat, salted meats, meat preparations, lard; Liver pâtés; Poultry products; Fish products, in particular fish fillets, preserved fish, salted and dried fish, salted fish, fish fingers, smoked fish, fishmeal for human consumption, caviar; Marine animals, in particular crayfish, herrings, lobsters, tuna fish, shrimps, prawns, salmon, spiny lobsters, oysters, crustaceans, mussels, sardines, anchovy, sea-cucumbers; Salads of meat, fish, poultry and game; Meat extracts; Broth concentrates; Frozen, preserved, dried, cooked, crystallised fruits and vegetables; Processed fruits; Fruit preserved in alcohol; Fruit pulp; Fruit salads; Fruit salads; Fruit chips; Fruit-based snack food; Cooked, preserved, frozen, candied and dried fruits; Fruit slices; Fruit peel; Preserves; Apple purée; Processed coconut; Raisins; Dates; Figs; Cranberry sauce (compote); Olives; Olives, preserved; Frozen, preserved, dried and cooked vegetables, in particular lentils, gherkins, tomatoes, carrots, onions, peas, beans, artichokes, broccoli; Pickles; Piccalilli; Canned fruits; Canned vegetables; Sauerkraut; Foodstuffs of fermented vegetables; Fruit and vegetable paste; Fruit paste; Fruit purees; Tomato purée, For cooking; Tomato juice for cooking; dips; Delicatessen salads made of vegetables or salad leaves; Fruit and vegetable salads, including the aforesaid goods being in ready-made or packaged form; Potato products of all kinds, namely French fries, croquettes, fried potatoes, pre-cooked potatoes, potato fritters, potato dumplings, rösti, croquettes, potato pancakes, crisps, sticks, potato flakes; Semi-prepared and prepared meals, namely meat, fish, poultry and game dishes, soups (including instant soups and soup mixes); Casseroles (stews); Dried and liquid ready meals consisting of one or more of the following goods: meat, fish, vegetables, prepared fruits, cheese; Jellies, in particular meat, fruit and vegetable jellies; Gelatine for food; Isinglass; Alginates for food; Weed extracts for food; Toasted laver; Mushrooms, preserved; Soya beans for food; Edible birds' nests; Jams; Compotes; Fruit spread; Marmalade; Fruit jellies; Jellies; Pectin for culinary purposes; Eggs; White eggs; Powdered eggs; Yolk of eggs; Snail eggs; Pollen; Silkworm chrysalis, for human consumption; Milk and milk products, in particular drinking milk, goat's milk, flavoured milk, condensed milk, milk beverages, milk predominating, whey; Milk based drinks; Skimmed milk; Fermented milk; Smetana [sour cream]; Buttermilk; Soya milk [milk substitute]; Curd; Yoghurt; Fruit yoghurt; natural yoghurt; Yoghurt with chocolate or added cocoa; Non-alcoholic mixed milk beverages 9milk predominating); Yoghurt smoothies; Kephir [milk beverage]; Milk cream; Whipped cream; Curds; Fruit and herb quark desserts; Kumys [kumyss] [milk beverage]; Desserts, mainly of milk and flavourings, with gelatine and/or starch as binding agents; Preparations of glucose for use as substitutes for cream; Powdered milk for food purposes; Flavoured milk powder for making beverages; Cheese products, In particular soft cheese, Blue cheese, Cheddar cheese, Cheese preparations, Cream cheese, Cottage cheese; Tofu; Evaporated milk; Coffee creamer; Butter; Butter substitutes; Coconut butter; Cocoa butter; Clarified butter; Buttercream; Peanut butter; Fat-containing mixtures for bread slices; Spreads of edible fats and edible fat mixtures; Margarine; Edible oils and fats, in particular fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; Olive oil for food; Sunflower oil for food; Sesame oil; Groundnut oil; Palm kernel oil for food; Palm oil for food; Colza oil for food; Corn oil; Coconut oil; Coconut oil and fat [for food]; Bone oil, edible; Suet for food; Prepared nuts, namely salted and unsalted nuts, in particular almonds, peanuts; Bouillon, in particular bouillon being stock, extracts, concentrates; Soybean paste (vegetable spread); Chickpea paste (vegetable spread), sesame seed paste (vegetable spread); Animal marrow for food; Dried fruit; Glazed fruits and vegetables; Glazed fruits, Fruit slices; All the aforesaid goods included in class 29, including in frozen or preserved, sterilised, homogenised or prepared form.
Class Code: 030
Class Description: Staple Food Products
Goods & Services: Coffee; Coffee beverages with milk; Cappuccino; Espresso; Decaffeinated coffee; Other beverages containing coffee; Artificial coffee; Chicory [coffee substitute]; Coffee extracts; Coffee essences; Coffee flavorings [flavourings]; Coffee (Unroasted -); Instant coffee; Instant beverages containing coffee; Coffee in coffee pads; Coffee in whole-bean form; Including all the aforesaid goods (where possible) in prepared form; Tea, in particular instant tea, iced tea, infusions, not medicinal, tea pads, teabags, tea-based beverages, the aforesaid goods (where possible) including being pre-prepared; Cocoa; Cocoa-based beverages; Cocoa-based beverage powders; Cocoa mixes; Chocolate beverages, the aforesaid goods (where possible) including being pre-prepared; Sugar; Glucose for food; Rice; Rice-based snack food; Tapioca; Sago; Chocolate; Chocolate goods; Marzipan (including as raw mixture); Nougat; Marzipan and nougat products; Dessert bars; Marshmallows; Marshmallows; Butter caramel (toffee); Mixtures for bread slices, in particular chocolate creams, nougat creams, made principally using sugar, cocoa, nougat, with added milk and/or fats; Bonbons made of sugar; Lollipops; Chewing gum for non-medical purposes; Lozenges [confectionery]; Confectionery, in particular fruit jellies, liquorice, pralines, including filled, stick liquorice; Sweetmeats (candy), in particular caramels, sweets made with cocoa, peppermints, fruit sweets, ice sweets, gums, milk sweets; Confectionery, in particular peanut confectionery, fondants (confectionery), almond confectionery; Mint for confectionery; Sugar-free desserts; Flour and preparations made from cereals, in particular wheat flour, potato flour for food; Rusks; Hominy; Baked goods, in particular bread, (including unleavened bread), bread rolls (including filled), baguettes (including filled), bagels (including filled), croissants, flatbreads, pretzels, crispbread; Pizzas; Sandwiches; Tabbouleh; Pastries and confectionery, in particular buns, pasties, cookies, cakes, tarts, gingerbread, muffins, doughnuts, brownies, crullers, macaroons, biscuits, in particular butter biscuits, crackers (including the aforesaid goods in dough form); Cake mixes; Cake dough; Decorations for cakes [edible]; Gluten for food; Oat flakes; Maize flakes; Cereal-based snack food; Popcorn; Husked whole grain cereals, in particular rice, wheat, oats, barley, semolina, couscous, rye, millet, sesame, corn and buckwheat, including the aforesaid goods in the form of mixtures and other preparations and processed goods, in particular wheat bran, wheat germ, corn flour, husked barley, barley meal, crushed barley, muesli and muesli bars, consisting predominantly of chips (cereal products), milling products, pearled barley; Bread-crumb flour baking yeast, sweets and chocolate articles; Halvah; Cereals; Cereal preparations; Malt for human consumption; Malt extract for food; Maltose; Farinaceous food pastes, In particular pasta, Turnovers, Spaghetti, Macaroni noodles, Ravioli, Vermicelli [noodles], Lasagne, Pizza crust, Prepared pizzas, Quiches; Desserts, mainly consisting of pasta; Leaven; Dried and liquid ready meals, mainly consisting of pasta or rice; Spring rolls; Sushi; Capers; Savoury baked goods, in particular crackers, cereal chips and other snacking articles, namely fruit, vegetable and coconut chips; Tacos; Nachos; Tortillas; Farinaceous foods; Pancakes; Waffles; Jellies; Gruel, with a milk base, for food; Candy for food; Caramels; Blancmanges; Custard (the aforesaid goods also being in the form of instant mixtures); Groats for human food, in particular oatmeal; Prepared mixtures for pastry, namely for prepared desserts, prepared baking mixes, prepared pie crust mixes; Soya flour; Soybean paste; Pasties, in particular poultry, game, fish, meat and vegetable pasties, including the aforesaid goods being pies; Gravy and meat juices; Meat gravies; Dumplings; Essences for foodstuffs, except etheric essences and essential oils; Royal jelly; Glucose for food (not for medical purposes); Gluten for food; Food starch; Starch for food; Potato flour; Ices, in particular sorbets, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, ice cream drinks, ice cream cakes, ice cream mixtures, ice confectionery, powders for ice cream; Honey; Bee glue; Treacle, maple syrup; Icing; Yeast; Baking powder; Sodium bicarbonate; Salt; Cooking salt; Salt for preserving foodstuffs; Celery salt; Meat tenderisers for household purposes; Thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs, in particular for charcuterie; Edible ices; Vinegar, in particular beer vinegar; Mustard; Sauces (condiments), In particular tomato sauces; Fruit sauces; Tomato ketchup; Dressings for salad; Marinades; Mayonnaise; Spices, in particular cinnamon, curry, vanilla, saffron, turmeric, ginger, aniseed , star aniseed, cloves (spice), pimentos, peppercorns, allspice, pepper, seasoning mixes, in particular weeds (condiment), chow-chow (condiment), chutneys (condiment), soya bean paste (condiment), relish (condiment); Nutmeg; Sweeteners (Natural -); Seaweed [condiment]; Horseradish [relishes]; Flavourings, in particular baking flavourings, for beverages and cakes, the aforesaid flavourings not including essential oils, flavourings manufactured from fruits; Chocolate-coated fruits and vegetables; Ice; Chocolate-coated fruits; Sugar-coated fruits and vegetables; Sugar-coated fruits, Fruit slices; Fruit sauces; Soya sauce; Barbecue sauce; Steak sauce; All of the aforesaid goods in class 30, including in frozen or preserved, sterilised, homogenised or prepared form.
Class Code: 031
Class Description: Natural Agricultural Products
Goods & Services: Agricultural products, not included in other classes; Horticultural products, not included in other classes; Forestry products, not included in other classes; Grains, not included in other classes; Live animals, in particular live fish, poultry, pigs, live shellfish, in particular mussels, lobsters, spiny lobsters, crayfish, sea-cucumbers, oysters; Fish spawn; Egg laying poultry (Preparations for -); Fruits, in particular berries, apples, melons, citrus fruit, grapes; Marc; Pulses; Coconuts; Coconut shell; Copra; Cola nuts; Fresh vegetables, in particular potatoes, onions, beet, leeks, rhubarb, sweetcorn, chestnuts, fresh olives, beans, lentils, peas, cucumbers, pumpkins; Vegetable seeds; Grass seeds; Seeds for fruit; Nuts (fruits), in particular almonds, peanuts, cola nuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds; Mushrooms, fresh; Truffles, fresh; Mushroom spawn; Salad, in particular lettuce, lamb's lettuce, chicory (salad); Garden herbs, fresh; Seaweed for human or animal consumption; Chestnuts, fresh; Roots for food; Sugarcane, bagasses of cane; Eggs for hatching, fertilised; Seeds, Live plants and natural flowers, In particular trees, Bushes, Seed germ for botanical purposes, Vine plants, Nettles, Bran, Pimentos; Wreaths of natural flowers; Christmas trees; Flower bulbs; Seeds for flowers; Plant seedlings; Flowers, dried, for decoration; Plants, dried, for decoration; Dried plants; Natural turf; Natural turf; Plant products and plant components, namely bark coverings, trunks of trees, unsawn timber, undressed timber, wood shavings, cork, mulch, palms (leaves of the palm tree), pine cones; Barley; Grains [cereals]; Oats; Hay; Hops; Hop cones; Rye seed; Wheat; Locust beans, raw; Malt; Cocoa beans, raw; Raw linseed; Residue in a still after distillation; Foodstuffs for animals, In particular bran mash, Rice flour, Algarobilla, Straw [forage], Meal for animals, Peanut cake for animals, Grains for animal consumption, Lime for animal forage, Strengthening animal forage, Dog biscuits, Yeast for animal consumption, Bran mash for animal consumption, Edible chews for animals, Mash for fattening livestock, Beverages for pets, Bird food, Foodstuffs for cats; Supplementary feeds; Foodstuffs for animals based on protein; Distillery waste for animal consumption; Edible chews for animals; edible bones and sticks for animals; Cuttlebones; Pets (Aromatic sand for -) [litter].

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